The 10 Best Small Tactical Backpack Under $50 in 2023 (Review)

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Small Tactical Backpack

The Best Small Tactical Backpack Under $50 Review: If you are often going on short trips or a regular office going guy, you would like to carry a best small tactical backpack rather than a big one. These small backpacks are a handy product in many sectors.

It can even be used in daily tasks, like caring ipads, books, clothes, sunglasses and other necessary stuff you want to keep with you all the time when you are out of the home.

As we are finished talking enough about subjects before buying a perfect small tactical backpack, let me show some best small tactical backpacks in the current market.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Small Tactical Backpack

1. REEBOW Tactical Sling Bag

2. SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

3. Military Rover Shoulder Sling Tactical Backpack

4. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

5. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

6. Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag

7. TOPQSC Military Tactical Rucksack

8. Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Backpack

9. REEBOW Tactical Military Small 3 Day Assault Pack

10. GOWARA GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

1. REEBOW Tactical Sling Bag

Best Small Tactical BackpackAs we all know that Reebow is a well-renowned name in the tactical backpack market, this product is also an eye-catching performer in the market.

The main attraction of this backpack is its attraction which is made of Polyester. The bag has water resisting ability. Items that you need for your daily basis can be carried inside this backpack.

This tactical sling pack has a large Velcro pad in both concealed main compartment and back compartment. Not just these, you can also use this as an assault backpack as you can carry one or two handguns and ammo too.

It has the single shoulder strap which is pretty much adjustable. You will also find few smaller adjustable small straps so that you can carry the bag easily here and there.

These small straps can divide Even all the compartments spaces. The unique design of this sling backpack has made this one the top choices of buyers.


  • Water resistant. So, no problem if rain or storm is going on outside.
  • Made of 600x600D Polyester. It makes this sling pack much more durable.
  • Can be used as an assault bag in military groups.
  • The sewing is good in quality. Durability is confirmed.
  • Made of unique design that gives the opportunity to use this in any sectors or journey.


  • The zippers are not as good as other parts of the bag. The company has not given any strong commitment about this matter.
  • The buckles and other plastic parts are not that much good. It’s pretty simple.


2. SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

Best Small Tactical BackpackThis imported extremely well-designed backpack is made of Polyester. This polyester fabric helps to let the bag survive for a long time.

Your eye will be stuck in the front pocket with the zipper because it is pretty much uncommon these days as manufacturers are trying to integrate something easy to use, not durable.

This backpack is an ideal product for regular and continuous using. It also has stylish foam back with several air channels so that you don’t face any kind of problem while carrying this bag. The company has focused on your comfort and included yoke-style adjustable padded straps.

As it is said before that tactical feature is a common feature in our backpacks list, this backpack has the feature of tubing port for accessing hydration bladder pocket and Molle webbing as tactical features. The stretchy side pockets can hold any water bottles to save you from dehydration in a long journey.


  • Lifetime warranty is given by the manufacturers.
  • The backpack has the capacity of carrying 24.2 liters weight without any hesitation.
  • Polyester fabric makes this product water resistant.
  • Adjustable sternum sliders are integrated for users comfort.
  • Multiple air channels included so that air can pass through your back and backpack.


  • Electronics pockets are not well installed and it can cause trouble too often.
  • Hydration port sometimes comes in no use at all.


3. Military Rover Shoulder Sling Tactical Backpack

Military Rover Shoulder SlingThis small tactical backpack is ideal to use anywhere.  This unique tactical sling backpack can be used as Daypack or EDC pack.

When the matter comes to durability, the product sure is durable as it is made of strong and durable 600D polyester which makes this backpack a long lasting one.

What you need in daily basis can be carried inside this backpack easily. If you look at the backpack closer, you will see a large Velcro pad which is in concealed main compartment and compartment.

It is a great performer as a pistol range bag. When you use this as assault backpack, you will be able to carry maximum two handguns and much ammo for the trip or mission.

The shoulder strap of this backpack is both comfortable and adjustable. This backpack is an ideal example of backpacks for the regular user. You can carry any types of stuff as per as your need in this bag.


  • Made of durable 600D polyester. Durability is acceptable.
  • Can be used as assault backpack in military teams for fighting purposes.
  • Two smaller straps are integrated so that user feels comfortable while using the product as small military rover sling bag.
  • The main shoulder strap is padded and feels comfortable while carrying the bag.


  • It can only be used as cross body shoulder sling bag.
  • The sling is not positioned and designed perfectly.


4. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR As always, Reebow Gear has brought an exceptional product in backpack market. This backpack’s capacity is 34 liters. You will be thinking that it is a large bag as per as its capacity is. But actually it is a small tactical backpack.

This small military tactical backpack is made of high-density fabric. The fabric makes the backpack strong, long-lasting and durable. It is also water resistant too.

The backpack is double stitched. This is the reason why it is pretty much durable. Heavy duty zippers are integrated here. It has comfortable padding back area so that users can carry it flexible.

Shoulder straps are quite good. The shoulder straps have Ventilated mesh padding system. The most amazing part of this backpack is it can be used for several purposes.

So, you can call it a multi-tasking backpack. This backpack also has Molle system which makes this more helpful.


  • Made of high-density fabric which makes this durable and water resistant.
  • Utility stile cord pulls integrated into this backpack.
  • Zippers are long-lasting, and durability cannot be doubted at all.
  • Molle system integrated.
  • The backpack Hydration compatible.


  • Arm straps are not that large in size. So, not eligible for all kinds of customers.
  • Compression straps are not 100 percent useful. These straps are not durable at all.


5. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

Best Small Tactical BackpackThis backpacks structure is an ideal one. It is small and weights light. The outdoor pack can be used for multipurpose. You can customize it as per as your need.

It can be used as chest bag, first aid kit bag and also handbag. This product is made of high performing fabric, 600D polyester. As it is double stitched, you can use it for your daily needs.

Double zip closure is integrated here. When you will be using this as a handbag, you will find the durable padded handle. There is a Velcro on the back pocket so that you can carry this backpack with your hands.

You will find clips on both sides so that you can switch it to both left and right side while carrying as per as your body comfort. As the backpack is manufactured for multipurpose, it is designed elegantly so that it can suit any types of environment.


  • Multiple internal pockets are integrated into this backpack. Three external compartments can be found also.
  • Made of 600D polyester fabric for appraisable durability.
  • The weight bearable for all types of customers.
  • It has Humanized design.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • The sewing is not good. It might tear after several uses.
  • The zippers might start to break if you use this much frequently.


6. Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag

Best Small Tactical BackpackThis tactical sling backpack has free tactical USA flag patch. 600D polyester is used to make this backpack. That is why it is water resistant and pretty much durable.

You will find a Velcro in the concealed back compartment. The amazing part of this backpack is you can use this for carrying pistols.

When you will use this as assault backpack you can carry one or two handguns and lots of ammo. Equipment you use for your daily basis can be carried easily in this backpack.

There is one shoulder strap which is adjustable according to your demand. The backpack is double stitched so that it can give you service for several years. It has comfortable padding back area.

You will also find two smaller straps so that you can use this as small military rover shoulder sling backpack. The inner space of this backpack is quite satisfying as 14 inches laptop can be carried also in this back without any hesitation.


  • Molle system is integrated.
  • Made of 600D polyester fabric for better durability.
  • Can be used as assault backpack in the military forces.
  • Front load Compression system Y styled strap is integrated for customer’s satisfaction.
  • The satisfactory level of your body, while you are using the product, is perfect.


  • The positioning of the pockets are not that much decorated as it should be.
  • Good quality maintained zippers are not used to make this product.


7. TOPQSC Military Tactical Rucksack

TOPQSC Military This multitasking backpack worth buying. It can be used in wet weather too as it is made of waterproof Oxford fabric. You will find this product in two sizes.

One is small which is perfect for small children too, and another one is the medium size which is suitable for hiking, camping, and many more purposes.

Both of the sizes can carry lots of equipment as the small one can carry 30 liters and the medium one can carry 45 liters. The Oxford waterproof 600D fabric is pretty much durable and much practical in every outdoor situation.

The anti-scratch system of the fabric is well renowned in the market. An interesting fact about this backpack is that it is suitable for carrying any types of electronic device.

And for your satisfaction, this backpack has interlayer for keeping the computer safe. To keep your back dry all the time, the pack includes breathable mesh backing facility.


  • Made of Oxford waterproof fabric which makes this backpack dry even in wet weather.
  • Anti-scratch system helps the bag to increase its durability.
  • The backpack has nylon straps which are adjustable.
  • Side compressor straps to reduce the feel of the weight.
  • Breathable mesh backing helps to keep the back dry all the time.


  • Cannot carry the load for a long time because it may get torn off.
  • Its color is not the actual ACU type.


8. Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack

Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent This backpack is the ideal one for hiking purpose. But you can use this for other purposes too. The strongest part of this product is its fabric.

The fabric used to make this backpack is 900D fabric. Which is pretty much decent as waterproof fabric? The main compartment is large in size. This compartment can be expandable.

The main compartment has interior mesh enclosure for carrying small equipment. The middle chamber has small zippered pouches to carry small gears. These two compartments are not the only two.

You will find three more compartments to use, one is small and the other two are medium. Zippers are with paracord pulls which help you to zip and unzip the bag easily.

The stitches of the backpack have maintained quality and have earned lots of reputation. The straps of the pack are pretty much flexible, and you will feel no pain if you carry the bag for a long time.


  • The waterproof facility is available as 900D material is used as fabric.
  • Large spaces inside to carry even bigger stuff for the journey.
  • The zippers have maintained good quality.
  • Numerous Molle loops integrated for user’s satisfaction.
  • The product is well stitched and maintained good quality.


  • Molle loops are not that much big to provide excellent service.
  • The inside stitches are not as good as the ones.


9. REEBOW Tactical Military Small 3 Day Assault Pack

Best Small Tactical BackpackThis superb military backpack has the capacity of 34 liters. The high-density fabric is used to make this backpack. The fabric is water resistible. The bag is double stitched to increase durability.

Zipper quality is not negotiated here. It also has utility style cord pulls. Side and front load can be compressed in this product. You can include two and a half liters hydration bladder if you desire.

The shoulder straps have ventilated mesh padding system so that you can feel dry. You will also find Molle system in this backpack. It is a multipurpose backpack and can be used in any kinds of situation.

Molle webbing is also present for carrying extra gears in journey if you want. You can use this as assault backpack too. As it is for multipurpose, you will find the design pretty much handy.

The manufacturers have kept in mind the topic of your physical stability while using the product and integrated all the facilities so that users get no harm physically.


  • Waterproof facility integrated so that it can be used in all types of weather.
  • The capacity of the backpack is ideal, 34 liters.
  • You can integrate Hydration bladder system if you wish.
  • The shoulder straps are padded and care for your comfort.
  • Molle webbing to give you extra facility.


  • The backpacks water resistance facility is not good enough to keep the stuff dry inside.
  • The shoulder straps are sometimes small for few users. So, not suggestible for everyone.


10. GOWARA GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

GOWARA GEAR This tactical backpack has a better Molle system. And to maintain the quality as a small tactical backpack, highly 6denit has the capacity of 34 liters. The fabric used to make this backpack has high density.

This is the reason why it is water resistant and also durable too. The backpack is double stitched so that the durability gets to a higher level. The zippers are well architected in the bag.

It also has utility style cord pulls. You will find side straps for compression system. The backside is padded so that your back keeps dry all the time while you are carrying the backpack on your journey.

An interesting part of this backpack is, you can remove side straps and the waist straps if you wish to. So, it is pretty clear that this backpack is for multipurpose. But it performs really well as the military backpack. Thus the bag is capable of fulfilling your demands.


  • Better and handy Molle system to give better service.
  • Extra straps integrated so that you can use this as per as your need.
  • The capacity is 34 liters6. Which is ideal for a small tactical bag.
  • Water resistance system is integrated so that it can be carried in the rainy season.
  • Durability is above average.


  • The straps are not even average in quality.
  • Stitches are good but the fabric can disappoint you.


Buying Guide of Small Tactical Backpack

As you set your mind to buy a best small tactical backpack, you must know some points and issues before buying one.  Now we are going to put light on these subjects. The detailed information is below to help you buy the perfect small tactical backpack.


No matter which product you want to buy you will always be concerned about products durability. There is no reason for buying any type of backpack which cannot stand for 5 or 6 years.

It never matters whether you buy a travel bag or small tactical bag and even you use this regularly or once a year, the thing actually matters is the durability.

When the topic “Durability” comes for small tactical backpacks or any sorts of packs, it makes the topic more important. You must check the stitches of the bag before buying it. Because the stitches decide the quality of backpack.

The vital areas such as bottom area, strap areas stitches should be perfect. Not just the stitches, but also zippers and buttons can go wrong too.

Yes, it is also true that zipper can be changed not like stitches. But why you have taken so much pain when just a little bit of awareness can give you a long-lasting product without any pain of replacing any parts.


The more you want to be comfortable using the backpack the less you should be worried about the organization of the stuff you put in the backpack.

For that, you must know what your actual demand is. Because sometimes, too many compartments can create problems if you want to put a thing that is large in size.

But yes, it is also true that many compartments and pockets inside the backpack can help you decorate and organize your equipment and gadgets inside the bag. So determine what6 your actual demand is. Then you should look for a pack for you.


Now we are going to focus on a subject that is most important as per as my point of view. Yes, size is one of the most important things to discuss.

It might seem ironic as we already told you that the discussion is all about small tactical backpacks, right? For a second, think that you are in a hotel to eat something.

You ordered that quantity of food which can be eaten by you. But does that mean that the quantity which you ordered is also enough for others too?? It can be less or more, right?

Exactly the same thing happens in buying a small backpack. The company might tell you that the product is small in size. But it doesn’t mean that it is small for all the buyers. So don’t just listen to the company. Judge your opinions too and then decide.


If are willing to know an opinion of an expert, then he will definitely tell you to think for your flexibility in major. Know why? Because the product is obviously useless if the product hampers your flexibility while you’re using it.

When the matter comes to any kinds of the backpack, the issue of flexibility is mainly related to the main straps of the bag. If the strap is not capable of maintaining the weight of stuff properly, then you might have an issue of pain or muscle stretching.

In that case, the product is not eligible for you at all. Many tourists or survivors indicate flexibility and comfort first to have an enjoyable trip. The backpack is your trip partner in one thought.

So if your partner doesn’t behave cooperative, then you are in deep trouble. So judge all the subjects properly and then decide which quality or type of backpack you can enjoy your trip.

Small Tactical Backpack FAQs

Why Do I Need to Purchase a Small Tactical Backpack?

A small tactical backpack can handle a decent amount of loads. Its ruggedness and durability match the challenges for all outdoor activities. That’s why military persons and most outdoor enthusiasts prefer this kind of backpack while doing outdoor activities. Thus, its features are enough to draw your attention and can be the main reason to purchase.

Are Cordura&cordura Nylon Same Materials?

These materials are different from each other. Manufacturers use Cordura nylon to make sturdy yet lightweight stuff like the small tactical backpack. On the contrary, Cordura is used to build heavy-duty products. The significant difference between these two materials is Cordura nylon is less water-resistant than Cordura.

Is Polyester a More Worthy Material for Small Tactical Backpacks?

You can buy backpacks made of polyester if durability and strength aren’t your concern. This material is known for being a versatile fabric but isn’t rugged as nylon. People opt for polyester backpacks as they come at a reasonable price.

Do I Need to Check Out the Denier Number Before Purchasing a Small Tactical Backpack?

Denier indicates the thickness of individual threads in a fabric. The higher the denier count, the more rugged and durable the backpack will be. Therefore, it is essential to check out the denier count before selecting one small tactical backpack. Experts recommend people to up to 600D while choosing one.

How Often Should I Clean My Tactical Backpack?

Both manufacturers and professionals recommend users to clean their backpacks after every use. Although cleaning the small tactical backpack is different from cleaning the traditional backpack, you shouldn’t avoid washing. As you know, the better your take care of it, the more durable it will be.



Final Words

Finally, we have represented best small tactical backpacks under 50. These are eligible for any types of user. But before buying anything, it is always suggested that your mind and demands should be judged first.

Only then you will understand what kind of product you actually deserve. So, think first. Discover the market more and then you will be able to know clearly about a product.

As we represented ten small tactical daypacks including a buying guide to help you out, hope you will get clear knowledge about an ideal small backpack for you. Hope the discussion was helpful to you and best of luck.



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