The 10 Best Ski Wax in 2020 – Experts Recommended

Skiing is a challenge with several forces that go against you on the slope of a mountain. If you want to see you on the hill with your ski then waxing them is necessary to enhance your glide and protect your ski base against these frictional forces.

Waxing not only preserves your skis but also adds control and safety. In short, Wax on skis is as essential as oils in your car engine. Again, speed is a factor for racers that can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Ski wax has designed for racers to give their skis or snowboard faster-gliding properties that opponent will never come close to them. There is no alternative of waxing skis to enjoy faster and smooth skiing.

Why to Use:

Waxing is a process of polishing different chemicals which is undeniable to enjoy faster and smooth skiing. It is an application method that helps to glide faster over snow by repelling water and preventing snow from sticking to the bases.

Wax is easy to apply as ski bases soak up wax like a sponge. Bases exposed oxygen, oxidize and become rough in the form of rust on steel. So a Lubricant layer is needed for performance as well as to protect from the base burn.

Wax protects skis from oxidation. Wax seals base to prevent harmful oxidation that slows glide. Gilding over snow releases wax to give a lubricant layer between base and snow.

Ski wax is an essential accessory for faster and smooth skiing. The right ski wax helps you to glide over snow at a great speed. It assists you to get control over skis and achieve maximum speed.

If you are looking for maximum performance and glide out your skies, then there is no alternative using wax over skis indeed.

Reviews of the Best Ski Wax


Best Ski WaxZUMWax is a suitable wax to use on skis. This wax tube is nice and thick, and so you can easily carry around with you. It has built-in cork on its applicator that makes waxing process effortless.

The cork is big and sturdy enough that its perfect formula won’t let you experience any problem during application. This is a hassle-free all temperature rub on wax which does not need any iron for the application.

You can easily apply this softer version wax by rubbing wax onto the base and buff it in using cork pad on the container’s lid. This rub on of wax with two-step application process provides you optimal glide with minimal friction.

It suited to a wide range of temperatures that you can use it regardless of the conditions. This 2.5 ounces lightweight wax can easily take place in your backpack or boot bag.

This 70 grams wax will last for many days of skiing. Its container features quick push up design for the on-slope application that makes you able to waxing your snowboard on the trip within a small period.

It is designed to last about half a day to a day at most. It feels like a fresh coat of wax. You can feel a massive difference when you start to use it.


  • Hassle free application
  • The range of air temperature is 10°C to -30°C
  • The range of snow temperature is 0°C to -30°C
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Iron-free application.


  • It lasts about half a day to a day at most.


2. Super HotSauce rub on

Best Ski WaxHotSauce is one of the most reliable wax for the racers. This fast, smooth and all temperature wax which is perfect for your skis. You can confidently use this wax whether the condition is hot or cold.

It has developed with a unique microencapsulation formula that works in all temperature and weather conditions. It gives you faster snowboard experience to preserve fun while skiing.

It also gives you control as well as safety on the riding or skiing. Super HotSauce ski designed for all types of skiers of all skill levels, weather and temperatures.

While riding on water, it works by changing the structure of the water that you have created and gives you extra speed, control, and safety.

This wax is designed to provide improved board performance and control over skiing. We hope this snowboard wax will help you to take your skiing experience to the next level.


  • All temperature ski wax
  • Easy to apply
  • Provide great control over body and safety.
  • Long lasting


  • It flakes quite a bit more than other during scraping.


3. Purl Ski/Snowboard Wax

Best Ski WaxPurl ski wax is one of the best ski wax across the market. This snowboard wax has a broad operating range from 5ºF to 35ºF.

This all-weather microcrystalline wax is ideal for those who used to travel regularly to different climates with fluctuating temperatures. It provides superior durability to make your skis fast as far as possible.

It is an all-rounder wax which is suited to recreational skiers with no need for race level speed. It is an eco-friendly ski wax which is free from perfluorochemicals (PFCs) that causes harm to the environment.

This wax comes with a 1LB block which keeps your ski waxed all the season. It also comes with an ultrafine buffing pad that makes it simple to apply the wax.

The wax’s bold purple color buffs clear onto your snowboard through ultra-fine buffing pad. You can enhance your skiing regime by considering the Purl Ski wax.


  • Microcrystalline ski wax.
  • PFC free
  • Enough to keep your ski waxed all season
  • Broad operating range
  • All temperature wax


  • You may face difficulty with it in spring conditions


4. Hertel Wax All Temperature Fast ski wax

Best Ski WaxHertel Fluorocarbon wax is best all temperature option for competitive snowboarders. It can work in all weather conditions.

It has a broad temperature range of 6ºF to 52ºF and fluorocarbon additives that repel water molecules in wet snow conditions. It increases glide and ensures faster speed.

This white colored wax doesn’t stain your clothing or ski. It can reduce surface tension on the base of your skis. So it can be used for base preparation as well.

This wax has unique formulas that you can easily apply them either hot or cold weather condition. Each application lasts up to seven days, and so this 12-ounce block can use for months. This wax is best for you to advance in sports. Try them and enjoy an excellent ski experience.


  • Fast, smooth and all temperature wax
  • Gives more control
  • Temperature range from 6ºF to 52ºF.
  • Easy to apply


  • The application is slow.


5. Demon Hyper X Wax

Best Ski WaxDemon hyper X wax is a universal blend that you can experience the full thrill of skiing by applying it. It’s premium proprietary blend guaranteed fastest snowboarding on the mountains.

It’s a universal wax which works well at any temperature. This premium wax is made of premium ingredients that provide long-lasting results which ensure optimal performance at any temperature.

This wax is perfect for all racers which offers you many speed runs. This excellent block wax is ideal for pro snowboarders to get the worth use of this wax in the entire season.

It has a great value in that it is easy to apply and also smells well. It is durable enough for a couple of day’s riding. It does everything that you need for ski wax. This stuff goes like butter which does not cause any harm in trying out.


  • Smells pretty awesome
  • Can use in all cold temperatures
  • Enhance your glide


  • Melt very quickly.


6. ZUMWax Ski/Snowboard RACING WAX

Best Ski WaxZUNWax Racing is an appropriate selection for speed-obsessed skiers who prefer slightly warmer temperature. It’s a 100% hydrocarbon racing wax for all skis and snowboards.

It has 100% performance paraffinic hydrocarbons and no fluorocarbon ingredient in the blend. This wax is also able to improve the glide in the humid conditions.

This no-frills wax is a reliable one that lasts for months depending on how often you ride. This wax snow temperature ranges of -4 °C up to -12 °C Or 25 °F up to 10 °F.

This wax is an excellent option if you plan to indulge in winter sports in milder climates. It works great on the wet snow where others prevent you from enjoying.

It repels water and stops big lumps of snow from getting stuck to the base. There is nothing more frustrating with this wax to enjoy the outing as usual.


  • Improves speed
  • Best for humidity and wet snow
  • Fluorinated wax


  • Can be a tad sticky on powder.


7. All Season Ski & Snowboard Speed Wax Kit

Best Ski WaxAll season ski wax have covered all the things that you get from different kinds of wax. This is a hassle-free all temperature rub on wax with two-step simple application process.

It improves board performance and provides long-lasting results as well. Again we love the scented options that add some fun to the waxing process.

It is the pack of five individual waxes including orange, vanilla and berry. Each wax has own unique aroma. Its air temperature range is 10 °C to -30 °C or 50 °F to -22 °F and snow temperature range is 0 °C to -30 °C or 32 °F to -22 °F.


  • Well scented
  • Include every wax you could ever need.
  • All temperature wax


  • The choice in cold wax could be better.


8. ZardozNOT wax

Best Ski WaxZardoz Not is the best alternative way that offers you fantastic performance as compared to traditional hot wax treatment. It does not contain any toxic, fumes, silicone.

You can use in any snow condition. This wax works well on unwaxed bases and best for the racers. This is a  100% fluoropolymer as well as non-toxic and odorless wax.

This wax is an alternative of traditional iron-wax waxes. It comes with a pocket puck applicator that makes it easy to apply. It is epic and specially designed to repel water.

It put a light Teflon coat on your board that prevents to sticks anything on the base. If you have got a need for speed and are dealing with the wet condition then Zardoz Not wax is what you have been dreaming.


  • 100% liquid Teflon fluoropolymer
  • Can be used any snow condition
  • Non-toxic and No fumes
  • Best for the racers
  • Long lasting.


  • It works well in warm conditions.



Best Ski WaxWinkwax new removes the surface dirt and also reduce the old wax in just seconds. It is used for hot condition waxing. Its unique formula helps you to maximize your time on snow by reducing old wax and dirt.

Family skiers can maintain their ski gears using this non-toxic formula. This wax is derived from 100% bio-based solvent free non-toxic formula which protects the environment.

It prepares your skis base for a better wax absorption. It is a cleaner paste which is also easy to apply. Using a wipe or paper towel and rub it over the ski base makes you ready to go skiing.

This is not a wax remover and contains no messy wax dripping. With this wax, you can take care of your skies in a better way.


  • Removes surface dirt and old wax
  • Contains materials from plants
  • Non-toxic formula


  • Won’t dry out your base.


10. Maxiglide XC Quick Wax

Best Ski WaxMaxiglide XC is the original rub-in performance coating for ” wax-less” ski bases. It is made from an exotic blend of natural oils and waxes. It prevents icing up and provides perfect glide in wet snow as well.

It keeps snow from building up underfoot while skiing. It is non-flammable and does not produce any fumes. This wax is for all waxless and skate skis.

It is a multi-purpose sports wax which you can apply to bike chains, baseball spikes as well as snowboards. It can be used in all temperature and snow condition.

This is an excellent wax for all skis particularly waxless skis. It is easy to apply with the butterfly sponge applicator and it lasts all the day long. This is a quick & easy coating for waxless cross country skis indeed.


  • For waxless and skate bases
  • Improve glide in wet snow
  • For all temperature and snow conditions


  • It requires new coating after day’s use.


Things Should be Considered

1. Ease of Application: It refers to the application process that how easy it is to apply them in the ski bases. The wax application comes in two form. One is rubbing and another is via waxing iron. Some wax stuck at one application process and others let you choose. Wax durability depends on the application process.

2. Ease of Removal: It refers to the process of getting the stuff off of your skis. Once wax dried, it requires a lot of scraping to get it off from the ski. It is recommended to wait until the wax has entirely run its course before removing which makes much easier to get off.

3. Speed and Performance: Wax on your skis glide over the snow with less friction. Without waxing your snowboard dries out and the bottom of the board stick to the snow. Wax helps you to protect skis and gives you faster and smooth ride.

4. Climate Versatility: Selecting wax depends on weather conditions as well as temperature. So it is essential to find the right wax that can stand all the temperature and stick with it. Again you also need to figure out the weather predictions for choosing a right wax for a better ride.

5. Wax type: There are many kinds of wax like hydrocarbon wax, molybdenum wax, fluorocarbon wax. Each of this waxes is designed for specific weather conditions. Wax material matters on friction reduction and board speed.

Final Words

Ski wax is an essential accessory for faster skiing. From beginners to racers waxing on skis is a necessary part of equipment care. Regular use of wax provides you to glide and turn easily on riding. It also seals your base to prevent harmful oxidation and reduce friction.

Whether you are experienced or novice, it is essential to select ski wax for a better ride. In this article, we have given you information on best ski wax. Hope, taking all into account it will be easy for you to select the right ski wax which goes with your skiing area and weather conditions.


10 Best Ski Wax


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