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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Scuba Gauges

Safety should be every scuba divers first choice, and there are no alternatives for assuring safety instead of using a dive computer. Diver computer can give you all the necessary information, but there is a chance of going wrong with them. Like, computer malfunction and a dead battery.

This is when a scuba diver needs a scuba gauge as a backup. This is one of the most crucial equipment that keeps you safe underwater. Scuba gauge will provide you with two types of information.

Firstly, the submersible pressure gauge tells you how much air left in your tank. While depth gauge tells you what depth you are at. So, getting the best scuba gauge will assure that your next dive will be safe and equipment will last.

So, you have to select the scuba gauge wisely and also need to research the market before buying one. Passionate scuba junkies here, we are here to make your life easier by choosing a right scuba gauge.

This article will walk you through a shortlist of 10 best scuba gauges that are on the top choice for their quality. Let’s start with the review.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Scuba Gauges

1. Cressi Mini Console PD2

2. ScubaPro Depth And Pressure Gauge

3. Mares Mission 2 Scuba Diving Console

4. XS Scuba Compass Module

5. Genesis Resource Pro Computer

6. Genesis Pressure Gauge

7. Promate Scuba Diving Wrist Depth Gauge

8. Oceanic SWIV Nitrox Pressure Gauge

9. Mares Mission 2C Gauge

10. TUSA Platina Analog Console

Reviews of the Best Scuba Gauges

We scoured the web and checked the reviews to find the best scuba gauge available in the market. As a result, we have been able to create a list that has almost no chances of failing.

You will be able to choose a combo scuba gauge with both pressure and depth gauge. They all are easy to read and use. In a word, you will get all the necessary information of scuba gauge before you obtain your ideal gauge. Let’s have a look over them briefly.

1. Cressi Mini Console PD2

best scuba gaugesThe Cressi Mini Console PD2 associates a Mini submersible pressure gauge with a depth gauge in one compact. This console boot is so easy to handle even when you are wearing gloves.

The mini-manometer SPG read the pressure dial from0to 350 bars. The instruments face for monitoring pressure is divided into three different color zone.

The area from 0 to 50 bar is highlighted with red, from 50 to approx. 200 is green, and 150 bars to end scale is blue. SPG’s front glass lens act as pressure relief like when pressure increase suddenly then the glass rises a little.

This way it allows the pressure to escape. The lightweight pressure gauge instrument is made of polycarbonate that ensures protection from scratches.

Where the depth gauge can cover up to 70 meters, it is also color coded like SPG for ease of readability. Color-coded this way from 0 to 20 meters green, 20 to 40 meters blue, and 40 to 70 meters orange.

Depth gauge has also maximum depth indicator to stop the divers to cross the limit. The overall function is so handy for logging the dive information. The price is also reasonable at times.


  • Easy to use
  • Small console compact
  • High-quality instruments
  • Ease of readability
  • Scratch and shock protection
  • Accurate SPG and depth gauge function


  • Sometimes small loop makes it difficult to attach to anything


2. ScubaPro Depth And Pressure Gauge

best scuba gaugesScubaPro always stays ahead of everyone for making backup instruments for recreational and experienced divers. This two gauge features a small plastic-case pressure gauge and oil-filled depth gauge.

They both mounted in an in-line console boot. This all-in-one console has a lower instrument compartment to protect the instrument face.

The boot has many lanyard attachments that keep the instrument in hand without harming environments. This Scubapro 2 gauge has an oil-filled depth gauge that readout from 0 to 200 meters.

Depth gauge has a bright red indicator marks to indicate decompression at 10’to 20’ with a safety stop. Also, the depth gauge has an MDI indicator, luminous dial for easy reading, and a temperature gauge with a readout from 20oF to120oF.

A double brass submersible pressure gauge with a readout from 0 to 6000 psi. Safety in low air with red reserve air zone display at 0 to 1000 psi. It also has the luminous dial for easy reading.

The pressure also includes a 7/16” paced 34.5″high-pressure hose. The Scubapro 2 gauge is a lightweight and compact console boot. It has a lanyard attachment bracket to attach is anywhere while diving.

Though the price is a bit high, it is acceptable according to the quality. Make your dive wonderful with this exclusive scuba gauge.


  • Lightweight and compound console
  • Impact resistance boot
  • Luminous dials for ease of readability
  • Durable and reliable


  • Price is a bit high


3. Mares Mission 2 Scuba Diving Console

MaresWhether it is a dive computer or scuba gauge, Mares is always committed to the divers. They always pay attention towards ergonomic design and material of scuba gears.

Its compact pressure gauge comes with a durable brass case and techno polymer lens. This lens has a luminesce dial used for easy readability. It can readout from 0 to 500psi with a safety red color coding at 1000psi.

Below this scale, it indicates that you are low on air. From 2000 to full scale it is green colored. SPG is nitrox ready to 40% oxygen out of the box.

The accurate oil filed depth gauge can readout from 0′ to 230′ with a maximum depth indicator needle. The depth gauge needle pushes the MDIN when diver meets maximum depth.

The depth gauge is also color coded for an easy read at a glance. Safety red color is visible from 0’ to 30’. The material used in Mares Mission 2 Scuba Console is shock resistance which ensures the gauge accuracy, grip in every situation.

It has multiple eyelets for connections of lanyard to keep the gauge close at hand. Moreover, the price is also reasonable compared to the quality and features. Check the store before stock out!


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Luminescent faces for easy readability
  • Multiple eyelets for attachment
  • Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Shock resistant


  • The design is a bit heavier


4. XS Scuba Compass Module

XS ScubaMany divers think that a compass is an ordinary accessory used in diving. They take it for granted and try to route with a poorly designed compass. As a result, end a frustrating event.

We would suggest them to use dual-purpose XS Scuba Compass Module. A luminescent display with a convenient side window used for gun-sight accuracy. It allows you to read the value from both top and side.

You can rotate the ratchet bezel on the top with thick neoprene gloves. The compass has a luminous dial that ensures quick work of compass direction in dim light.

This dial rests on a bearing with a strong magnet that works for quick response and accuracy. The compact module
is very compact with a vertical interior that allows various viewing angle.

The compass bezel has 30o numbered increment heading and mark for every 10o increment. The bezel has two indicators for alignment of the compass.

This liquid filled compass features a double rubber boot with a hose mount nut. You are getting this posh design at a very low price.


  • Highly accurate
  • Various viewing angles
  • 360o ratcheting bezel
  • Gun-sight accurate navigation


  • Needs to behold higher to read easily


5. Genesis Resource Pro Computer

best scuba gaugesA perfect all in one gear for divers to track the drive and keep them safe. The Genesis Resource Pro is an absolute companion of divers. It can easily operate in either imperial or metric measurements.

The device is automatically water activate, so you don’t have to worry about turning on. It can use for air/nitrox diving and has a gauge mode option.

The computer has a replaceable battery option, so you are allowed to experience the dive for a lifetime. In gauge mode, the pressure gauge can pressure up to 5000 psi.

Its luminescent color graphics allow you to read the pressure at a glance. The compass is designed for excellent navigation and allow top and side view. A thermometer is attached with a pressure gauge to measure temperature.

The resource pro has an intuitive operation and display that allow reading the number easily. The memory can hold up to 50dive information.

Its maximum operational depth is 330′ and will alert you for safety stop countdown at 40’.The computer has both bar graph and digital indicator nitrogen, oxygen limit, and accent rate.

All the instruments are protected with impact resistance rubber boot. The gauge face and compass card are luminescent for low light.

In a word, it’s a great choice for both beginner and experienced divers. As you are getting a lot of feature in one compact computer than obviously, you have to pay extra.


  • Digital and bar graph indicator
  • Exceptionally intuitive display
  • Best entry level computer
  • Safety stop countdown timer
  • Replaceable battery
  • Solid construction and durable


  • A bit tough to handle for larger design


6. Genesis Pressure Scuba Gauges

best scuba gaugesThis Genesis pressure gauge is specially designed for pressure count only. This gear is for those divers who are not interested in a combo gauge and need a pressure gauge at a low price.

This Genesis submersible pressure gauge can read up to 5000 psi. It has a high visibility graphics indicator. The bright red indicator indicates from 0 to 500 psi reserve air, orange from 500 to 100 psi, and blue from 1500 to 5000 psi.

For low light situation, it has a bright face. The SPG has a thermometer to measure the temperature. A shock resistant Bourdon tube mechanism is used for protecting it from shock and scratches.

The case is made from tough glass-filled Noryl. The gauge is completely protected by an impact resistant rubber boot which keeps them away from reef and steam line.

It also has a lanyard to keep it close to divers. Also, this lightweight gauge allows you to keep it in your diving backpack. The price is also reasonable. So give it a try.


  • Accurate pressure measurement
  • Colored indicator for added safety
  • Temperature measurement
  • Impact resistant rubber boot
  • Shock resistant mechanism


  • It could be better if they offer different size hoses


7. Promate Scuba Diving Underwater Wrist Depth Gauge

PromateAnother specific depth gauge is brought to you by Promote for scuba divers. This is specially used to measure the depth and to alert you when maximum depth crossed.

This underwater depth gauge is special for the strip with the gauge. So you can easily attach it on your hand and enjoy relaxing dive.

It can display the read up to 200’ or 60m with a maximum depth indicator. Between every 30’ reading it has a bright red color indicator. The gauge works accurately both in fresh and salt water.

The gauge has a luminescent face that ensures the visibility from each angle. The luminous dial reading is so large that is visible in low light. Also, an impact rubber is attached with the display to protect it from scratches.

The lanyard belt provides comfort in every situation. The overall gauge is compact, durable, and lightweight. Also, the price is reasonable.


  • Accurate reading
  • Sharp display of reading
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Too large to worn around the wrist


8. Oceanic SWIV Nitrox Compatible Pressure Gauge

Oceanic SWIVOne more pressure gauge in the list by Oceanic for diving in extreme condition. The design is so sturdy that can give accurate result anytime. Oceanic indicate their measurement in bars instead of psi.

This SWIV Nitrox Compatible Pressure gauge can measure from 0 to 400 bars. With a safety reserve, o 0 to 50 bars in red color-coded indicates the divers that they are in low air – a yellow color-coded from 50 to 100 bars for reserve requirement and a green color-coded from 100 to 400 bars.

I have a shock resistant bourdon mechanism furnished with a double Kevlar braided high-pressure hose. The hose features 7/8″ threaded end, and triple chrome plated marine brass fittings.

It has a 360o swivel for easy use. The gauge case is made from tough glass-filled Noryl with a double Lexan face. This face absorbs light and glows seven times faster.

It has an eyelet for attachment of the clip to keep it close to divers. The gauge also has a temperature gauge for temperature measurements.

In a word, this gauge is a must buy gear for diver considering all these facilities though the price is a bit high for a single gauge but worthy for the features. This compact gauge preferred for the professional divers.


  • Excellent for travel dive
  • Tough case
  • Red-tipped needle
  • Accurate and sharp reading
  • Ease of use


  • The price is a bit high


9. Mares Mission 2C Gauge

best scuba gaugesThis version from Mares includes a pressure gauge with a compass. As we said before, Mares is always up to the line for bringing new variation in their products.

The material used in Mare Mission 2C Gauge is highly shock resistant and provide a secure grip to use with any type of gloves. This pressure gauge provides a reading of 0 to 5000 psi with a safety reserve at 1000 psi of red color.

This red color alerts the diver that they are in low air. From 2000 to full scale is blue color coded. This 7/16” UNF neoprene jacket double braided pressure gauge has a 360o swivel and 36” high-pressure hose.

This pressure gauge is nitrox ready to 40% oxygen out of the box. This gauge is lightweight with only 9.88oz weight.  A ratchet bezel is attached with the compass heading with 10o increment and 30o indicator mark.

A side window with the compass heading allows the gun-sight use when the accurate heading is required. The gauge has a durable brass case and techno polymer lens.

The lens has a luminous dial that allows easy reading both day and night time. Its impact-resistant boot has multiple eyelets for attachment of clip or lanyard. This combo gauge is also reasonable and compact.


  • Strong brass case
  • Technopolymer window
  • Side view window for precise view
  • Protective rubber cover
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design


  • The compass itself is a little bit small


10. TUSA Platina Analog Console

best scuba gaugesThe TUSA Platina is a low profile and complete gauge package for both the experienced and recreational divers. It includes a pressure gauge a depth gauge, and a compass.

Anyone can easily handle the gauge as it provides continuous data in an easy-to-read format. This lightweight gauge includes a submersible pressure gauge with a reading up to 5000psi or 400bars.

The gauge respectively colors coded with red, blue to donate reserve air. It also includes a thermometer from 0 to100ofor temperature measurements.

This gear has a depth gauge with a reading up to 0 to 200 feet or 60m with two safety color coded of red and blue. At 10 feet depth reading, it indicates the minimum depth.

This depth gauge is furnished with a maximum depth indicator that follows the depth needle. This efficient TUSA Platina has a compass on the reverse side of the console. This back mount compass is filled with oil.

This compass has both top and side scan reading for accuracy. A ratchet bezel has 30o increment and 10o indicator mark. Both the gauge features a luminescent light storage dial for visibility in the dark.

This combo gauge is manufactured for the rigidity and standard performance. We would strongly suggest you take a close look over it. It won’t be a waste of money at all.


  • Versatility
  • Clear luminescent dial
  • Rugged construction of gauges
  • High visibility graphics
  • Compass designed for perfect navigation


  • The compass is bulky and doesn’t fit everyone.


Scuba Gauges FAQs

What Does the Scuba Gauge Mean?

Scuba gauge is also known as SPG in scuba diving. It monitors submersible pressure in water. When you dive underwater, it tracks your depth and air supply. Most scuba gauge offers two gauges; one will deliver you the data regarding how deep you are going, and another will read the oxygen supply in your tank. Both gauges feature needles that point to numbers corresponding to your dive’s depth and remaining oxygen in your tank.

What is the Gauge Pressure?

Gauge pressure in scuba diving refers to the amount of air left in your tank. A piece of equipment measures the breathable gas or air in a bar or psi. This equipment is attached to the oxygen tank. It warns scuba divers by providing information about the remaining air in their tanks.

Why Should I Use Scuba Gauges in Scuba Diving?

Scuba gauge is an essential piece of equipment as it monitors how much air is left in your scuba tank. There are lots of demerits of not using scuba gauges. As you know, the air-consumption rate differs from dive to dive. Thus, you can’t measure air pressure accurately without a pressure gauge. Besides that, you run the risk of running out of gas while you are underwater. On the contrary, if you have a gauge, you will get information regarding your dive, and you can keep yourself safe.

Is Scuba Diving Really Dangerous?

Scuba diving entails some risk, though. It can cause decompression sickness, air embolism, and of course, drowning. So, everyone shouldn’t go diving without the help of professionals. The best practice is to avoid scuba diving solely.

How Much Weight Should I Add or Subtract for Scuba Diving?

If you are men, you should add five to seven pounds if you want to dive in saltwater. In the case of freshwater diving, you need to subtract the same amount of weight. And if you are women, you need to add four to five pounds for saltwater diving and remove the same weight while diving in the freshwater.

Final Words

Well, there is an argument about using a dive computer or analog scuba gauges. Of course, scuba gauges stands ahead of everything as there are no chances of failing.

Scuba gauges are the best backup option for regular divers as opting the best scuba gauge assure that you get an accurate reading and now ready to enjoy the dive.

We tried to provide you with every single detail of our selection of 10 best scuba gauges. Now take your time to buy the right scuba gauge that meets all your needs. Remember one thing that a perfect gauge can save your life.

That’s all for scuba gauge. If you have any different choice or any confusion, then please let us know in the comment box. Have fun and stay healthy.


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