The 10 Best Scuba Diving Mask in 2020 – You Can Buy

Diving brings the opportunity of exploring the natural beauty of the underwater world. If you desire to have a personal experience of underwater diving or in other word scuba diving, the first and foremost piece of equipment, you should have a scuba diving mask.

A scuba mask is the most essential and fundamental part of all the diving equipment. It allows you to see underwater beauty without feeling uncomfortable.

It works as a barrier between your eyes, nose and the water around you to provide clear and unimpeded views of your surroundings.

In this article, we have put together in-depth reviews for 10 best scuba diving mask to help you to decide which one is ideal for you in your budget.

We hope, whether you are looking for affordability or durability, these scuba masks will fulfill your requirements very well. Check out these masks to find the best one to keep you safe and comfortable on an underwater diving adventure.

Reviews of the Best Scuba Diving Mask

Choosing a scuba mask is not an easy task. Nowadays, there are many options regarding quality, design, and budget to buy a scuba mask. A quality scuba mask fits comfortably without leaking water inside and provides excellent visibility without fogging.

While purchasing a scuba mask, it is important to consider comfort and fit of a diving mask. You need to make sure that the mask should be made of high-quality materials to provide maximum leak prevention and perfectly fits you.

1. Prescription Purge Dry Snorkel Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskPrescription purge mask is a slim and low profile snorkeling mask with installed prescription lens and Promate Cobra snorkel. The mask with built-in purge and channel at the bottom of the skirt directs bubble away from your view.

The easy adjust buckles attaching on the skirt makes the swivel function more flexible to fit a wide range of face shapes. The soft shaped dimples on both sides of the nose pocket adjust the mask easily.

The snorkel comes with a submersible dry top with one way purge valve. The lens is made of tempered glass that creates a balance of internal stress and crumbles into small granular chunks while broken.

These granular chunks cause injury very light. The quick disconnect retainer design of this mask can easily accommodate snorkel from the mask.

It also features whistle housing to get attention, flexible silicone corrugated low section and pre-curved silicone mouthpiece.


  • Nearsighted/ Farsighted optical lenses
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • 100% dry whistle
  • 100% Dry Whistle Snorkel
  • Completely dry and leak-proof


  • It does not come with any carrying case or bag


2. Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskIf you are playing games with your kids in the pool or enjoying a vacation in the sea, then cressi panoramic wide view mask will give you an amazing experience that you never had before.

This diving mask is suitable for both kids and adult. The boxy lens allows you to see the things that are just right in front of your panoramic view as clear as you are looking from the front.

This scuba mask is designed to give you better visibility with great fit and comfort. The adjustable straps can provide a perfect wearer fit with your silicone shirt around the mask.

Its eye-catching translucent colors also let you outshine the brightest fish. This is a panoramic 4-windows mask with side windows that features peripheral vision, sturdy, lightweight frame, tempered glass lens, adjusting buckles and submersible dry top snorkel.

This low volume mask provides a wide field of panoramic view and also great fitted to your face. The submersible dry snorkel eliminates water entry when soft silicone mouthpiece and flex tube have submerged.


  • No leaks
  • Wide panoramic view
  • Snorkel stays dry
  • Great fit and comfort
  • Easy to clear


  • Silicone skirt can sit too low on some people’s upper lip


3. GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+ Frameless Dive Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskIf you don’t get enough of simple diving and watching through the lens of your mask, then GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ frameless dive mask will be your ultimate choice.

Its built-in GoPro camera mount allows you to shoot videos of the deep-sea world for sharing them with family and friends. It is one of the best scuba diving masks for divers keen on underwater filming.

It keeps your hand free and allows you to hold dive computers and dive lights on your hand. It features safety-tempered lens and low volume design to keep the mask close to your face for great visibility.

This frameless dive mask also features an ultra-soft silicone skirt to ensure best fitting that you ever had. It also comes with an aluminum thumbscrew and travel bag to make easy storing and attaching your go pro camera. This diving mask comfortably fits your face and offers a clear underwater view.


  • Ultra-soft silicone skirt
  • It also can include a mount for GoPro or camera setup.
  • Aluminum thumbscrew and travel bag


  • It may leak a very slight amount and can be filled with water


4. Cozia Design Snorkel Set with Snorkel MASK

Best Scuba Diving MaskCozia Design snorkel set with snorkel mask is designed with the newest technology which replaces the uncomfortable mouthpiece to enhance user experience.

It features double vents, top seal and a valve for draining water. This new snorkel set has advantages for both beginner divers and experienced snorkelers.

It provides a double ventilation system for unparalleled performance. It facilitates you to take breathe with the nose without having trouble and no leaking water.

This full face snorkel mask provides a 180-degree wide angle vision with a ventilation system that keeps the screen free from fogging.

This mask provides a valve at the bottom for draining a small amount of water that may enter into the mask without removing the entire mask. This is a great snorkel mask which provides a complete snorkeling experience to all the snorkel lovers and diving enthusiasts.


  • Provides 180-degree wide view
  • Dry snorkel top seal and drain valve
  • Adjustable swimming fins


  • Mask may leak if you don’t clear all hair


5. HEAD Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskHead Vu Dry full face snorkeling mask is one of the best quality masks for its great fit and comfort. This beautifully styled mask has designed for the divers who do not like to get water on their face or hates when their mask fogs up.

This full face masks aid swimmers to keep their face from getting wet. This innovative mask allows you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth.

The integrated dry top prevents water from entering into the top and provides a large field of clear view of the amazing aquatic life below you. This full face mask comes with two sizes.

These sizes depend on the length of your face from your chin to your eye level. If the distance is less than 4.5 inches, then you will prefer a small/medium size for you, and if the distance is greater than 4.5 inches, then you will need a large/ XL size mask. This mask is brightened by light colors as well.


  • Natural breathing
  • Wide lens for superior viewing
  • Silicone sealing skirt


  • There are no directions telling you to on/off snorkel snaps.


6. Cressi Panoramic 4 Window Dive Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskCressi Panoramic 4 window dive mask provides extra peripheral vision and lightweight than others. This molded fit mask with the 4-lens design is one of the best choices for sheer visibility.

It wraps around your head to give you a full view of surroundings without shadow. This dive mask is particularly recommended to the recreational divers who want a big view in a small package.

This mask lives up to its name. This 4 lens designed has two front lenses and two side lenses. The front lenses are joined in the middle by a seam which is barely noticeable.

The side lenses are parallel to the sides of your head. This window dive mask provides silicone strap with ratchet adjustments and a quick button release.


  • Ultra-clear lens design
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Super comfortable
  • Wide unobstructed field view
  • Fit a variety of face shapes


  • A little bit bulkier than others


7. Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask Full Face Set

Best Scuba Diving MaskNinja Shark has designed snorkel mask the most advanced full face mask to make your experiences best. This premium mask designed to provide the ultimate experience to your underwater.

It provides everything to you that enhances your snorkeling experience at the next level. This ninja shark also resolves two biggest issues such as- universal size and proper equalization.

It expands your viewing area by 20% with a 180-degree lens to offer you wider views and better peripheral vision and also offers anti-leak seal with durable silicone to keep water out of the mask and a one-way drain system at the bottom to drain the water back out.

The flexible nose section and improved fit increase breathability and usability. It allows you to touch your nose to equalize the mask properly. This full face snorkel mask fits heads and faces of all sizes to anyone aged from 12 and up.

It has an extra breathing chamber with twice ventilation of regular masks. Overall, this will bring a comfortable, safer, enjoyable and better underwater experience for you.


  • Non-toxic silicone
  • Maximum visibility
  • Free from CO2 build up
  • Anti-leak seal
  • One-way drain system at the bottom.


  • Can be leaked a little bit on your face.


8. TriMagic Snorkel Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskIf you love to have a full face snorkel then TriMagic can be your magic in water, which will give you enough value for money. It provides a removable GoPro mount where you can attach an underwater camera.

It allows you to swim as far as you want and aid to breathe naturally through your mouth and nose. It is made of a high-quality material such as- smell free medical silica gel.

This is an anti-leak and anti-fog mask which provides 180-degree view under the water. Its tubeless design prevents Gag Reflex to ensure the best full face mask snorkel experience for you and also features a separate breathing chamber which helps to eliminate fogging in longer diving.

The dry top of snorkel stops salt water from getting into you’re your mouth and also prevent gagging. This is indeed the best choice for kids.


  • Full face design
  • Easier and natural breathe
  • Anti-fogging


  • It is used for close to the surface of water not in deep water.


9. Promate RX Prescription Snorkeling Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskPromate Sea Slender mask features tempered glass lenses which creates a balance of internal stresses to provide safety. It crumbles into small granular chunks while broken.

These chunks are heavy and cause less injury. It is good for snorkeling. Promate prescription mask comes with crystal, liquid silicone injected skirt.

This low volume mask also features straps, swivel, and adjustable buckles, double edge comfort seal. It fits the medium face very well.

Its easy adjustable buckles directly attach the skirt to make swivel function more flexible and to fit a wide range of face shapes. You can easily equalize this mask through softly shaped dimples on both sides of the nose pocket.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy equalization
  • Flexible swivel function


  • It fits only on medium faces


10. X-Lounger Snorkel Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskX-lounger is a low-cost solution for people who need a full face snorkel on a budget. This is a high-end mask featuring 180-degree viewing window, silicone ending air seal, dry-valve snorkel tube and so on.

It provides a 180-degree panorama view and also allows for breathing through both your mouth and nose. It also has a detachable camera mount for camera setup.

It is made of non-toxic silicone around the edges to prevent the leak. The snorkel has a dry-top valve to prevent water when you are submerged.

You can also drain the water by raising your head if the water somehow enters into the mask. You don’t need to worry about any chocking of water.

Its foldable snorkel tube can be folded gently by pushing a button and the flat lens bring more reality scenes. X-lounger offers 9.3 inches snorkel tube to dive deeper underwater.

The separate inhaling and exhaling channels along with anti-fog coating lens prevent the mask from fogging. This dry valve makes it convenient to dive underwater for a long time.


  • Foldable snorkel mask
  • Panoramic large view
  • Easy to breath


  • It may not fit perfectly for every face


Final Words

When it comes to a scuba mask, everyone has different choices. Scuba mask becomes very popular with its various options to the divers. A top-rated scuba mask provides an amazing field of vision to enjoy the time in the water.

The choice of this scuba mask can make or break your dive experience to an extent. If you take care of your scuba mask, it will last for a long time. The scuba masks, we have reviewed here are used by divers all over the world.

After considering all the information, you will be equipped to make the best decision with a scuba mask. So, now get a perfect mask and get the perfect dive to enjoy the underwater world within your budget that you can afford.


Best Scuba Diving Mask


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