12 Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

Camping is an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors in a tent, letting you travel to spectacular places and not have to pay the earth to see them. To enjoy a getaway with Mother Nature, modern outdoor equipment makes outdoor life so much more pleasurable and simple.

There is nothing more liberating than getting your camping gear together and heading away from the hassles of the city, and the best part is that you can actually take some creature comforts with you.

Here are my 12 favorite products for camping that will help take your camping experience to the next level as far as luxury, so that even the novice camper won’t be intimidated by ‘roughing it’ in the big outdoors.

Here are the 12 best products to make camping more comfortable:

1. Standing Room Family Cabin Tent

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Being comfortable at your campsite starts with this good luxury, lightweight tent that is capable of standing up to all kinds of conditions. This large 8.5’ of the head-room tent with the waterproof ceiling is perfect for a couple or for a family.

Made from heavy-duty 150D weather-proof polyester, the standing room tent is capable of housing all your camping equipment, coming with 4 storage pouches as well.

The tent comes with 4 doors and 2 zippered skylights so it’s nice and breezy on a hot day. The screened doors and windows zip tightly shut and the tent has a tub style floor to ensure it is completely enclosed.

2. Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Coleman is an all American company that has been creating great outdoor products since the early 1900s.

Weighing just over 9 pounds, the Coleman camping coffee-maker with stainless steel carafe is a must-have to get every day off to a good start. It requires no cords or stove, and with its propane cylinder, the 10 cup coffee maker will brew a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes.

With its InstaStart feature, you can get your coffee pot going without the need of a match and also in windy conditions. The coffee-maker can run for a little over 4 hours on one cylinder and the filter basket can easily be removed for cleaning.


3. Radiate Portable Campfire

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Nobody wants to be without warmth, hot water and light around the campsite, and an awesome portable campfire is a must! The Radiate team has incorporated 100% recycled soy wax and 100% recycled paper pulp, bringing campers the ideal portable campfire.

It provides 3 hours of burn time with a nice sized flame, it is environmentally friendly, it is waterproof and windproof and it also doubles to keep insects away.

If the wind changes direction, instead of a lot of smoke and stinging eyes, you just feel a blast of warm air – totally pleasant on a cool evening. It is non-toxic, has very little smoke and soot and once lit, it requires no upkeep. When you want to put your Radiate fire out, you simply slide the lid on and relight it whenever you require it again.


4. Aluminum Folding Table

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Particularly lightweight, Campland brings you this super simple aluminum camp table that can be assembled without any tools in a matter of seconds. It becomes a meal prep area by day and a card-games table by night.

The easy to transport, lightweight table with overall dimensions of 35.83L x20.31Wx17.32H weighs a mere 10lbs and can cope with goods weighing up to 66lbs. For uneven ground, the 4 legs can be independently adjusted to varying heights. The table comes with a carrying bag, is easy to wipe down, is water-proof, stain-resistant, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


5. Propane camp stove-oven range

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Camp Chef makes sure that there will be no need to rub 2 sticks together to eat well while camping out in the wilds. The portable 3,000 BTU/hr oven heats to 400° degrees to bake and cook all kinds of treats. Two oven racks are removable. There are adjustable heat-control dials.

There are two 7 500 BTU burners and the oven-stove is powered with a 1lb propane can, allowing the oven to cook for up to 5 hours. Weighing just 35 pounds, you can enjoy a hot meal and some baking in camp and on hikes.


6. Blow-Up Air Mattress

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Exhausted muscles crave comfort at night, and with a comfy blow-up, puncture-resistant airbed from Etekcity, camping gets a luxurious touch.  The blow-up air mattress with a built-in electric pump will provide you with an hour after hour of sweet dreams.

Getting yourself comfy for the night with this inflatable bed is going to be easy peasy. The bed’s dimensions are 75 x 39 x 18” and cater for weights up to 550 pounds. It is made with an extra thick 0.4mm non-toxic PVC with a waterproof flocked top.

The excellent welding ensures the air mattress is totally airtight. It takes just 3 – 5 minutes to inflate or deflate the bed. The power cable stores away in a built-in compartment. The comfy mattress comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support.

7. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair

Best Products to Make Camping More ComfortableBest Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Nobody wants to sit on the grass or a stiff bench when they are outdoors camping. For the most comfortable, not to mention ergonomic lounge chair, look no further than the Timber ridge zero gravity lounge chair.

This chair will have you feeling like you’re floating in space, with its large degree of recline. Named one of the best ergonomic zero gravity chairs by Ergonomic Trends, this is definitely the chair you will want to bring to your next camping trip to fully relax and immerse yourself in nature while sipping a beer or two.


8. Portable Travel Toilet

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

No need to dread heading into the bush when nature calls with a special portable camp toilet from Playberg. The portable plastic toilet, measuring 17 W x 16 D x 14 H’’, allows you lightweight comfort while you are knee deep in nature. The easy to carry toilet comes with a handy toilet paper holder and a removable cover which seals in odor.

You can use the toilet with 8 gallon toilet waste bags. However, if you prefer, you can take out the bucket within the toilet, so that it is open to the ground, dig a hole and use the toilet in this manner, covering up the hole after use of course.


9. Camping Clothes Closet

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

If you’re on an extended camping trip, you don’t want to look like a bundle of washing. Whitmor offers a useful, easy to assemble, no tools required, free-standing garment organizer with a trendy fabric cover with zipper.

The closet comes with a heavy-duty, lightweight, coated steel frame. Your clothes can be neatly stored away in your tent and be clean and safe from dust, moisture, and insects.


10. Portable Radio, Flashlight and Phone Charger

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

This versatile hand cranked and self-powered AM/FM/NOAA solar weather alert radio comes with a 3 LED, 140 lumens flashlight as a bonus. Add to that the addition of a very useful power bank phone charger.

You don’t want your cell phone dying out on you, and Esky makes sure of this with USB and Micro USB ports to easily charge your gadgets. Light as a feather, you can have this gadget attached to a lanyard or carry it in your pocket.


11. Portable Mini Fridge

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

No more food going bad with this rugged, portable top-opening AC/DC tri-voltage fridge-freezer from Engel. The Engel runs on 12-Volt dc, 24 Volt dc, and 120 Volt dc.

Engel fridge freezers are low on power consumption, they’re lightweight, durable and reliable. For all your outdoor trips, this small camp fridge promises to keep certain foodstuffs fresh and frozen.

An Engel MT-series fridge/freezer with Swing Motor Compressor can go with you on all your travels, drawing 1 to 2 amps per hour.

Running on battery power, the coated steel outer case fridge with its heavy-duty handles has a temperature control and wire basket. Plug it into both AC and DC at the same time, and see it automatically switch to DC when AC is no longer working.


12. Portable Generator for Campsite

Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

With this silent 155Wh 42000mAh portable generator you can make coffee, cook a meal in your cooker, have light and simply have a camping trip you’ll want to repeat. Measuring 7.67 x 6.73 x 3.54″, the small generator is an ideal emergency power backup for camping.

The generator only weighs 3.48 pounds, so it’s perfect around camp, for in your car or in your backpack. Comes with two 110V AC outlets and different ports. You can recharge it by means of the sun, car or power outlet. The generator also doubles as a bright LED flashlight with blink mode.


Final Words

Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, and of course, having the right gear can seriously improve the level of comfort you enjoy. To make sure your days and nights are easy and comfortable, these 12 camping enhancements that are portable, foldable, cord, and tool-free, some electricity free, lightweight, and robust are all guaranteed to ensure you can relax and enjoy a fabulous break.


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