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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Police Handcuffs

The Best Police Handcuffs Review: Handcuffs are simply a device to restrict the arms of a detainee by linking two bracelets around each wrist. They are straightforward in design and purpose and only intended for temporary use.

If you are a law enforcement officer, a pair of good-quality handcuffs is essential to do your job. Choosing from the available handcuff modes on the market is a tough job because some are garbage and some types of handcuffs stand out from the rest.

After spending some time to look at the best police handcuff reviews, you can move towards the specific model to make your purchase.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Police Handcuffs

1. Smith & Wesson M100-1 Chain HandcuffsDouble Spring Lock, Satin nickel finish, Double Push Pin Lock.

2. VIPERTEK Double Lock Police Edition HandcuffsWelded chain links, Standard Cuff keys, Double Lock.

3. Smith & Wesson Model 100 Chain Link StandardCarbon steel structure, Smooth ratchets, Nickel-plated.

4. Peerless Handcuff Company, Hinged HandcuffLarger inside perimeter, Spun rivets, Folds flat.

5. VIPERTEK Double Lock Police Edition HandcuffsNickel coated finish, Double Lock, Heavy-duty steel construction.

6. MTECH USA MT-S4508 Series Double-Lock HandcuffsCarbon steel body, Double Lock, A set of keys included.

7. Peerless Handcuff Company Chain Link HandcuffSpun rivet construction, Nickel finish, Additional two keys included.

8. VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Hinged HandcuffsTriple hinged design, Double Lock, Black Finish.

9. Under Control Tactical Best Police HandcuffsMatte black finish, Steel structure, Two keys included.

10. Ace Martial Arts Supply Professional HandcuffsBrushed silver coating, Double locking mechanism, Steel chain link.

Reviews of the Best Police Handcuffs

No matter the situation and purpose, there are a few types of handcuffs that you will want to know about. Here we have arranged a list of ten best police handcuffs from different renowned manufacturers.

Our experts have discussed the positives and negatives with more detail information. Before making your decision, you can consider one from the list we have discussed.

After reading about each handcuff and their pros and cons, you will be able to pick one without hesitation. We hope you will be ready to go on using your pair for years.

1. Smith & Wesson M100-1 Chain Handcuffs

Best Police HandcuffsThe most popular police handcuff around the world is Smith & Wesson. Nickel plated carbon steel M100-1 handcuff a fantastic product. Its carbon steel provides more strength and Nickel plates offer a corrosion resistant surface.

It double locks helps to prevent tampering. Its satin Nickel finish makes it shiny, and handcuffs appear cloudy. Its double lock is solid, and its mechanism is very smooth.

It has a good metal shape. Solid, durable construction, as well as smooth functionality, makes it popular. This handcuff is very easy to grip.

Its slot lock double locking mechanism makes it sturdy. You do not need to worry about handcuffs from being more tightened. During double-locked handcuffs will not be tightened.

Its pivots slide 3600 very smoothly. Its chain links help to operate smoothly. It is very easy to operate and smooth for functionality. This handcuff is a very long lasting product. For its lightweight, it’s very easy to work with it. For swift cuffing, it will be the best choice for you.


  • Double Spring Lock
  • Double Push Pin Lock
  • Perfect sturdy cuffs
  • The pivots slide is 3600
  • Very durable and Lightweight
  • Weight: 10 ounces


  • Major nicks in the single strands
  • Deep scratches in the double strands


2. VIPERTEK Double Lock Police Edition Handcuffs

Best Police HandcuffsIf you are searching for a Professional Grade Handcuffs, VIPERTEK Double lock steel Handcuffs would be a good fit for you. It has both single or double lock option.

For its welded chain links make the handcuffs easy to work with. Sturdy and steady black double locking steel allows you to lock cuffs easily.

No need to worry about tightened on the wrist. Its standard police size cuff keys will work on Smith & Wesson, Hiatts and Peerless brands. Its steel made chain works very smooth.

This is very durable police handcuffs. The unlocking system of it is very smooth and easy. It will be comfortable to fit with the wrists. For its amazing black color, it looks very nice.

The locking mechanism is very comfortable. It’s a very good set of cuffs. Construction of this handcuffs is very solid and study. You can use this handcuffs for swift cuffing without any hesitation.


  • Heavy Duty Solid Steel
  • Available for both single or double lock option
  • Cuff keys are standard police size
  • little spike on the top of the key
  • Comfortable fit to the wrists
  • Awesome black color


  • Double lock might be difficult to use
  • Does not fit around the largest wrist


3. Smith & Wesson Model 100 Chain Link Standard

Smith & Wesson Model 100 Chain Link StandardThere is no need to describe Smith & Wesson handcuffs. It is made-up from the best quality carbon steel. It is manufactured with heat canned internal lock works provides smooth ratchets for swift cuffing.

Its excellent double lock system helps to prevent tampering. It has 22 different locking positions. Nickel plating helps to protect from corrosion, and it is wear resistant.

The Smith & Wesson Model 100 chain works very nice for its smooth ratchets feature. The double locks help to prevent tampering.

These handcuffs fulfill the standards which are required for police equipment. It is an excellent quality handcuffs. Operating with its double lock mechanism is straightforward.

Considering its price and sturdy construction, it will be great fit your demand. No need to concern about security measurement of it.

The melonite finish makes it gorgeous to look. It is solidly constructed and excellent wrist restraint tools. Overall, it is very suitable for swift cuffing.


  • Manufactured with heat-treated internal lock works
  • Patented double locking system
  • Includes 2 keys
  • Nickel plated
  • Handcuff color: Melonite, Silver


  • Double lock might be difficult to use
  • Peerless Handcuff Company, Hinged Handcuff, Model 801P, Hinged Handcuff


4. Peerless Handcuff Company, Hinged Handcuff

Peerless Handcuff Company Hinged HandcuffThe Peerless Handcuff Company is making quality products for over thirty years. They are one of the trusted manufacturers of handcuffs in the market.

The Peerless Model 801 offers additional restraint by more successfully restricting hand and arm movements. These are excellent quality and stand out.

The Model 801 features all sturdy steel construction, tumbled edges, spun rivets, and smooth single strand action. It offers 10% larger inside perimeter then the chain linked Model 700.

They always go on straight and are easy to put. Besides, the National Institute of Justice approved the Model 801P. This handcuff includes two keys. This is a made in the USA product.

They are available in black, nickel, blue finish, orange finish, pink finish, yellow finish, and red finish. The Model 801 folds flat for compact storage. With the purchase, you are getting a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • All steel construction
  • Hinged design provides additional restraint
  • 10% larger inside perimeter than the Model 700
  • National Institute of Justice Approved
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacture defects
  • Made in the USA



5. VIPERTEK Double Lock Police Edition Handcuffs

Police HandcuffsThis professional grade handcuffs are the top-rated chained handcuffs by Vipertek at a low price. These sturdy and dependable double locking handcuffs are made of heavy duty steel.

They have welded chain links and a silver nickel coated finish. These handcuffs are not merciful and not a toy. If you are buying these for kink, you better go with something a bit more gentle.

They feel heavy and of good craftsmanship. They will work without flaw, and the price is also very reasonable. The double lock feature allows you to prevent the captive from closing the cuffs tight on the wrist.

They will not accidentally over tighten on your wrists, and they have the double locking feature. The included standard police size two keys will work on Peerless, Smith, and Wesson, and Hiatts brands. Overall, these cuffs are very impressive for the quality and price.


  • Heavy Duty Solid Steel
  • Double Lock
  • Silver Nickel Coated Finish
  • 2 Standard Police Cuff Keys ( Included)
  • Professional grade handcuffs


  • Keyholes face opposite directions
  • Does not work with other keys


6. MTECH USA MT-S4508 Series Double-Lock Handcuffs

MTECH USA MT-S4508 Series Double-Lock HandcuffsThe Mtech has been manufacturing high-end tactical gears for many years, and these handcuffs are the outcome of their dedication and commitment.

The MTech USA MT-S4508 Series is one of the surest ways to ensure the safety of the person on both sides of the cuffs. These are made of heavy-duty carbon steel or heavy-duty aluminum.

They could be an excellent collection to your self-defense arsenal. They are heavy because the metal is very sturdy and strong. The loops are small, perfect for individuals who have small wrists.

The Mtech USA  MT-S4508 Handcuffs was ideally built for law enforcement personals to have a reliable pair of handcuffs. These are double-lock handcuffs cuffs and come with two keys.

They come with two keys, and you can lock them in two different ways. They are available in black, silver, matte silver, nickel silver, pink/silver. Considering the price and quality, you can’t get better.


  • Made of carbon steel
  • Double-lock handcuffs
  • Includes set of key
  • Reasonable price
  • Available in different color


  • Not bad for the price
  • These are smaller than normal handcuffs


7. Peerless Handcuff Company Chain Link Handcuff

Peerless Handcuff Company Chain Link HandcuffThe Peerless Handcuff Model 700 is very popular in the market for its durability and smooth operation. Spun rivet construction makes this product sturdier.

Its smooth single strand action makes these handcuffs perfect for efficient cuffing. The NIJ approves model 700. Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects makes these cuffs very effective.

Smooth hinges added extra solidity of these products. Nickel finish makes this product very charming. The rivets are in very good shape. The design of the cuffs is very classic.

The double locking function is easy to access. The locking mechanism with an additional two keys provides strong security. Its push pin double locking with beautiful design is fit for any professional work.

It will be very effective for heavy duty and ensure high security. These cuffs are sturdy and work very smoothly. No need to worry about its security measures.

You can easily choose these handcuffs both for your professional and non-professional works. Considering its classic design and strong locking mechanism, it will be an excellent buy for you.


  • Smooth single strand action
  • spun rivet construction
  • Approved by the National Institute of Justice
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Additional two keys


  • Finishing is not looking very beautiful
  • They weigh a bit heavy


8. VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Hinged Handcuffs

VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Hinged HandcuffsThe VIPERTEK Professional Grade Handcuffs are certainly a perfect buy for your tactical training or personal defense. They are real handcuffs, not a toy.

These Professional Grade Handcuffs are heavy duty and super strong. They are sturdy steel made, dependable triple hinged, double locking.

The double locking feature allows you to prevent the prisoner from closing the cuffs tight on their wrist. They are greatly appreciated and always a common choice amongst many like-minded people.

Triple Hinged Professional Grade Handcuffs feature the black finish, and they include two cuff keys. They feel a lot better than the higher end brands.

They are the totally heavy duty and when you have got them on you cannot even twist your wrist and get them off. While wearing them, you cannot take them off with the key, and it takes a second person. They are available in black. Overall, great quality for the price!


  • Heavy Duty Solid Steel
  • Triple Hinged
  • Double Lock
  • Includes two cuff keys
  • Black Finish


  • Bigger than the standard handcuffs
  • Not all keys unlock the cuffs


9. Under Control Tactical Best Police Handcuffs

Best Police HandcuffsIf you are looking for serious handcuffs instead of a toy, these handcuffs are for you. These steel handcuffs are made specially to protect yourself on a daily basis.

These professional grade handcuffs are made to handle the demands of police, military, CIA and special black ops. These handcuffs feature heavy-duty, rugged and durable construction.

They are 100% steel and are forged to the absolute highest standards to ensure you 100% secure locking. They are the real thing!

Their bulletproof double locking key system ensures you that your detainee won’t get away. They are the one of the strongest in the market and made to absorb abuse and heavy-use, just like the professionals.

They also used Matte Black finish for long-lasting performance. They are of very compact and convenient size of 0.32 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches and will work very well for your pocket, tactical gear bag, or purse. The handcuffs are extremely strong while weighing only 9 ounces each.


  • 100% all steel handcuffs
  • Bulletproof double locking key system
  • Includes two keys
  • Awesome Matte Black Finish
  • Item weighs 9 ounces each


  • A bit thinner than the higher end brands
  • Do not fit the bigger wrist


10. Ace Martial Arts Supply Professional Handcuffs

Ace Martial Arts Supply Professional HandcuffsIf you are looking for Professional handcuffs than Ace Martial Arts Supply Professional will be perfect for you. It’s made of from stainless steel that makes cuffs very sturdy.

Double locking mechanism with two keys makes these handcuffs very solid and professional. These handcuffs are the perfect choice for self-defense purposes.

Its double locking mechanism helps to avoid injury to prisoners. Its additional two keys feature is suitable for Actual Law Enforcement or Security concern.

Its Brushed silver coating offers charming finish and provides more durability along with corrosion- resistance. No need to concern about its security measures.

It’s very easy to work with these handcuffs. Additional locking pin helps the chain from being too tightened. The construction of these handcuffs is very solid, and the locking system works properly.

Its grab the attention in the market for its excellent design and quality. This also is an excellent choice for your Halloween costume. Considering its price and quality, it will be the great product for you.


  • Stainless steel chain link Handcuffs
  • The secure double locking mechanism
  • Includes two keys for unlocking the cuffs
  • brushed silver coating
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • Available in silver and black


  • The key slots are on opposite sides
  • Very heavy but too small


Types of Handcuffs

If you work for the State security forces and bodies, then you are familiar with all kinds of handcuffs. Military forces and cops use this piece of equipment to deal with suspects. Different security forces use various handcuffs, so manufacturers come with a wide variety of police cuffs.

That’s why you get to see different variations in the market while selecting a pair of handcuffs. To find out your desired one from numerous options, you need to consider several factors.

First, you need to think of what type of security activity you will perform using handcuffs. Then, you should look forward to checking other features. Below, we will briefly describe those key features along with handcuff-types and guide you on how to choose the best professional handcuffs based on your needs.

Hinged Handcuffs

These types of handcuffs are the most used by police officers, due to their higher degree of security. Thanks to the rigidity of this type of security handcuff and the design of its structure, which causes the wrists to be much closer, the detained person has a very low mobility index.

These two factors make this type of police handcuffs especially suitable in cases of transfers of detainees since it almost completely makes it impossible for the person to be released from prison.

Chain Handcuffs

Contrary to what happened with the previous type, the rings are not separated by a hinge, but by a chain whose length can be more or less long.

These types of safety handcuffs are typically cheaper, but also more insecure than hinged handcuffs. Therefore, they are the best option if you carry out less risky security work as a security guard or in citizen security.

You should bear in mind that in both cases, the time you have to hold a person is not long, so a handcuff like this can be very useful.

One of the best examples of this type of product is the standard nickel-plated handcuffs with safety, which has up to 20 different closing positions to facilitate your work.

Bar Handcuffs

Bar handcuffs work as same as the hinged handcuffs. Police officers use such handcuffs while transporting prisoners.

The drawback of these types of handcuffs is they are harder to carry as users can’t fold them. So, when it is time to apply pain-compliance techniques, officers use bar handcuffs.

Waist Chain

Although it isn’t a type of handcuffs technically, cops use it for added security. By using it, officers can reduce the suspect’s mobility as they can’t bring their hands higher or lower. As a result, the chance of violence and tampering get reduced.

Disposable Restraints

Sometimes police officers need to arrest more than one person. At that moment, they face up with a shortage of handcuffs.

As a solution to this problem, they use disposable restraints. These are easy to carry, and officers use them when they need to arrest multiple persons.

Police Handcuffs FAQs

How Many Handcuffs Does a Policeperson Carry?

Most police officers carry one set of handcuffs. But some officers who work in uniform patrol units carry two sets of cuffs.

Hinged Vs. Chain Which Handcuffs is Better?

In terms of security, hinged and chain cuffs, both are better. But if you need to deal with folks who don’t want to be handcuffed, then chain cuffs will be a handy solution. It is because these are easier to put on during a fight.

Can I Legally Carry Handcuffs?

In the USA, Only Law Enforcement Officers can carry handcuffs in public places. They use cuffs when they need to arrest a suspect. Civilians aren’t allowed to do so.

Can Civilians Buy Handcuffs?

Although handcuffs are in use by Law Enforcement Officers, anyone can purchase this stuff legally. But one can’t own handcuff keys as they are universal and restricted for civilians.

Are Handcuff Keys Universal?

Most certified handcuffs keys are universal as long as officers keep their cuffs clean and well lubed. These keys won’t work on the other types of handcuffs like bondage handcuffs.



Final Words

There are quite a few choices for quality handcuffs. All the handcuffs mentioned above are sturdy, secure and high-quality. Before making the decision, you need to consider some factors.

The types of people you are going to place them in, your budget, the brand, and the model, etc. We hope, this best police handcuffs article helped you with useful information. Because we have also considered the above factors while making this list.



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