The 10 Best Police Body Camera in 2023 – The Definitive Review

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Police Body Camera

With the time the amount of threat of hacking and spying is increasing worldwide. Due to this reason, the police department also increases their utilization of multi-technology. Unlike other police technology, body camera serving the law department and public accountability function.

It helps the police for documenting different criminal activities, police misconduct, and misuse of force. The camera filmed the interaction between the informer and third party without his awareness.

The police body camera combines with facial recognition. So that it can quickly capture the clear picture of the opposition, besides this, it can record the words, location, surroundings, and deeds at a given time.

These cameras are so small that can easily be clipped to police officer’s uniform or in the headset. If you are here to looking for the quality police camera, then you are in the right place.

Here you will find thousands of body camera available in the market from different brands. Choosing one among this vast collection is hard in reality. Here we have come up with the top 10 best police body camera. Read on to know more.

Quick Answer – Police Body Camera

1. MIUFLY 1296P HD Waterproof Police Body Camera

2. SAFEVANT 1296P HD Police Body Camera

3. R-Tech Infrared Night Vision Police Body Camera

4. Pyle Premium Portable Body Camera

5. Transcend DrivePro Body 10 1080p HD Video Camera

6. CEESC Police Security Body Worn Camera

7. CEESC Police Body Worn Camera

8. Firstrend 1296P HD Body Camera

9. Meknic Portable Security Guards Police Body Camera

10. GZDL Police Body Camera

Reviews of the Best Police Body Camera

Our primary goal is to use our excellent to save your time and money that you may waste while buying junks. Before making a list, we have checked some factor that is important for body camera.

For example- lenses, weight, clips, battery life, switches, status light, video quality, push to talk and pre-record option. All of them reached our expectation that is why we are presenting them to you.

If you don’t agree with our selection, then you are most welcome to try out the camera yourself. We believe that you too will get the same result. Without wasting your valuable time let’s start with the review.

1. MIUFLY 1296P HD Waterproof Police Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraMIUFLY 1296P earned our top spot because of its robust design and powerful audio-visual data recording features. This ultimate security gadget with Full-HD body offers excellent security for the security department.

The camera comes with a 2 inch LCD monitor that allows you to watch previous recordings. With this LCD you can capture a picture while recording video. You can easily store all the captured video for future with 32GB of memory.

With its long battery life, it let you record footage for up to 10 hours continuously. So you can attend multiple shifts without worrying about the battery. During an emergency, you can set a password for information safety. All the recorded file stay safe in a rush, so there is no chance of the data being stolen.

The owner can only delete the recorded video, pictures, and sound recordings. They can be removed just using a computer via USB cable. MIUFLY can easily attach user ID, time, data stamp, and GSP co-ordinates into recorded videos.

The camera doesn’t have any camera lens included, so you need to purchase an external auxiliary camera. Besides, the recorder automatically starts once it detects any activity. The price is also within range.


  • Full-HD camera
  • 32GB large memory
  • Long battery life
  • Password for safety
  • Wide LCD monitor


  • No camera lens is included.


2. SAFEVANT 1296P HD Police Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraSAFEVANT body camera includes latest video and audio technology with reliable performance. They are widely used in prosecutors, armed police, and law departments.

This body-mounted recorder includes an accurate HD recording with four resolution choice. It provides 140o broad angel view with 16 times digital zoom option for clear image.

The camera is so easy to operate with the simple touch of a button. Its high-security infrared LEDs allow the recording even in night time.

This best police body camera can provide clear footage from 22 feet distance in pitch-black darkness. A 2″ LCD will enable you to check the image and video later.

The built-in battery allows the video recording up to 7+ hours at 720P and audio recording up to 8+ hours. The camera features IP66 protection level that provides water and shock resistance.

So, you can easily do your duty even in the rainy season. Its built-in 32GB storage allows you to store pictures, recording without worrying about running out of space.

You can easily transfer, share, and delete the information on the computer via USB cable. Above all, the price is also reasonable compared to the previous one.


  • A multi-functional recorder
  • Easy to operate
  • It can record in night time also
  • Longer battery life
  • Built-in storage
  • Inexpensive body camera


  • Need to recharge the battery frequently


3. R-Tech Infrared Night Vision Police Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraThis high definition body-mounted video recorder from R-Tech is made with the needs of law enforcement. It provides a 32 GB built-in storage that allows for hours of footage.

A wide 140-degree angle lens allows the more extensive picture coverage. A rotating alligator clip includes with the camera for ease of use. , an alternative clip to use the camera in desk and car dock.

A 2″ LCD monitor shows the footage in live or later. The most exciting part is that the recording starts with a single touch. The camera includes a battery that runs for a long time for up to 10 hours. The dual high-intensity infrared LED to allow the recording in Pitch-Black darkness.

Also, a USB cable is given for the file transfer, share, and delete through the computer. A charger is included with the package to recharge the battery. The price is also reasonable at a time.


  • Rugged police-style body camera
  • Wide angle view
  • Long battery life
  • Provide recording in night


  • Managing files from body cam to computer trouble sometimes


4. Pyle Premium Portable Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraThis compact premium video recorder is perfect for personal worn that provides visual evidence when needed. It is specially designed for the law enforcement officer to capture the unexpected moment.

This multifunctional Pyle premium portable body camera is lightweight, compact, wearable, and versatile. You can take advantage of micro HD memory slot of built-in 32 GB memory with additional 16GB memory.

The camera is equipped with a splash-proof and water-resistant casing. It is constructed with rugged and durable material that withstand extreme weather. So, it’s an excellent choice for outdoor recording.

The rechargeable battery allows you to record video up to 8+ hours. The camera with built-in microphone and speaker can record audio up to 10+ hours.

A button-activated night illumination used to record video even in low-light. A 2″ LCD monitor with a speaker ensure that you can watch the footage.

From three resolution option, you can enjoy selectable recording. Each resolution works at different view angle. On top of that, the price is meager compared to high body cameras on the list.


  • Micro SD card slot
  • Water resistance casing
  • Rugged and durable
  • A large digital LCD
  • Longer battery life


  • Instead of resolution option image quality is a bit poor than other


5. Transcend DrivePro Body 10 1080p HD Video Camera

Best Police Body CameraWhether it is daytime or night, Transcend DrivePro body camera is the trustworthy friend of police officers and security guards. The camera has a 130o viewing angle with an aperture lens that ensures all the important details of actions.

The infrared LED will automatically turn on in the low-light to ensure unbreakable shooting. This sturdy design is shock and water resistance so you can shoot safely.

Additionally, it has a quick snapshot function, 360o rotating clips, Velcro holder for easy and secure deployment. A unique Lenspen’s pen includes for effective cleaning of the lens.

Cameta microfiber cleaning cloth gently removes fingerprints and spots. An extra precise design memory card reader provides with the camera. You can easily transfer files to your computer.

The additional camera case is so light, compact, and flexible that you can carry it like other digital devices. This case keeps the moisture and abrasions away from the camera body.

Also, it features a zippered front storage pocket with built-in belt loop to store the camera. This exclusive package is available at a bit high price compared to the others in the list.


  • 360o rotating clip
  • A high sensitivity image sensor
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Built-in battery
  • Quick snapshot, loop recording function
  • Collect evidence both in day and night


  • The speaker is a bit loud and cracked


6. CEESC Police Security Body Worn Camera

Best Police Body CameraHere comes another versatile body worn camera by CEESC. The camera comes with an all in one package that can assist you without interruption.

Like others in the list, it has a 2″ LCD monitor, 120o wide-angle view, 3200MP HD camera, and a built-in 32 GB memory card. Apart from that, the camera includes a push to talk function.

PTT allows the user to connect to the walkie-talkie via cable through PTT port. A red laser light beside the camera lens to find the center of the lens and the objects.

Unlike other, an HD infrared LED with a white LED alarm for night vision. The camera has a motion detector that is used to record motion objects.

Moreover, the camera is drop-resistant that can tolerate drop from 2 meters. Because of the water-resistant body, it will accompany you whatever it is rain or snow. The recorder allows you to pre-record and delay recording.

Also, a remote controller, backup battery, and a big 360o rotating shoulder clip include with the package for your convenience. Best of all, in spite of all these new features, the price is within range. So go, get your one!


  • Support external walkie-talkie
  • Emergency alarming function
  • Drop resistant so durable
  • Water resistant
  • Strong security


  • The remote control only works from 1-2 feet distance


7. CEESC Police Body Worn Camera

Best Police Body CameraSimilar to previous CEESC body camera, with a slightly larger viewing angle and battery life. This camera is ideal for police to work outside, also as a sports action camera and dash cam in the car.

The camera allows the recording even before you turn on the video button. Also, it continues recording even after you stop the button. This pre-recording and delay recording option prevents interrupting during recording.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, you can continuously record for about 12 hours. Also, a high-resolution 170o broad view allows the precision of objects. A remote controller includes with a key ring for easy accessibility.

A loop recording option for the new record even after the memory is full. This camera is so lightweight and user-friendly that ensure comfortable carrying. Infrared night vision works with a red laser for accurate capturing. An addition clip is attached to lock with cars or anything.

All of these operations start with a single button press. Instead of some advanced features, the price is a bit low compared to the previous one. This might be because of some missing features here.


  • Longer battery life
  • Extensive angle view
  • Waterproof body
  • Single button operation
  • Remote controller for ease of use


  • The remote controller not always effective
  • The clips are not tight enough


8. Firstrend 1296P HD Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraFirstrend includes a large number of latest audio and video processing technology to their body camera. They can timely record video, collect evidence, and reproduce scene pictures.

These cameras are perfect for security guards and police officers. Its body mounted recorder has four resolution choices with 140-degree wide angle view.

With 16 times digital zoom option, you can capture the moments clearly and widely. Because of the infrared LED light, you can shoot the objects up to 22 feet away in pitch-black darkness.

A built-in battery allows video recording up to 7+ hours and audio recording up to 8+ hours. The camera body is water and shock resistant, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. In a word, it can endure any environment.

You can easily transfer the footage from 32GB memory card to your computer through a USB cable. The deleting operation can also be done only considering law enforcement needs. After all, the price is reasonable like others.


  • Durable and water-resistant body
  • Versatile operation
  • A high-resolution camera
  • Ensure privacy and security
  • Reliable performance


  • The battery life is not extended as required. Need to recharge repeatedly.


9. Meknic Portable Security Guards Police Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraMeknic is always providing each customer with a high-quality product for the years. They are optimizing their electronic product features with the change in technology.

Meknic Q3 body camera is an essential gadget for private security firm and bodyguards. This camera features a 170o lens with 1296P resolution.

A vast number of video and audio can be stored as evidence in 64GB built-in memory location. A rechargeable battery includes that provide about 8-10 hours of recording time.

The camera is anti-drop and water resistance, so it allows the rush use in any weather. A 360o rotatable clip is attached for easy installation.

The infrared LED to provide the night time shooting, and with its 2″ LCD you can easily watch them later. The monitor also allows you to view the live footage for an emergency.

The camera lens identifies the face within 6 meters distance and human body within 15 meters. Once the video is recorded, then you can easily transfer them using USB data cable to a computer.

The overall function is one touch button operation. The price is also reasonable, so you do not have to worry about the budget.


  • Large memory space
  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Anti-drop and water resistance body
  • One-touch operation
  • 360o rotatable clip


  • The instruction booklet is confusing to understand


10. GZDL Police Body Camera

Best Police Body CameraAn extremely tiny and easy to be carried anywhere mini portable camera is brought to you by GZDL.This body camera comes with a lot of new features than all others in the list.

It is widely used in law enforcement for a variety of functions. The first unique feature is the Wi-Fi Hotspot remote control that supports smartphone app distant view and control.

Through the Wi-Fi connection, you can monitor any incident from anywhere. The camera provides the error-free transmission to your smartphone.

A wide-angle night vision is equipped with a high-intensity infrared LED. The LED capture the footage from 30 feet distance even in pitch-black darkness. The laser portion is quite more extensive than other in the list.

A car bracket is provided to attach the camera with the car glass. If you are a travel blogger, you can also use it while traveling. Apart from that, it has a motion detector that can detect any surrounding object that is in motion.

Also, the camera has a local micro SD card that supports memory up to 128GB which is not included. With the rechargeable battery, you can record for hours. In spite of all these new features, the price is low compared to all others.

It supports multi-language for the user from many countries. In addition to this, the camera has a lot of other features that cannot be described in the review. Without wasting time thinking twice go and check the store.


  • Wi-Fi hotspot remote control supports smartphone app.
  • Interference-free transmission
  • Wide angle view lens
  • Clear night vision
  • Strong motion detector
  • Support multi-language for all


  • Had to buy SD card separately
  • Infrared is not automatic; it needs manual start


Final Words

Undoubtedly, body camera is becoming the ideal gadget for police officers with the change in technology. As it allows to collect reliable evidence of an event though wearing on your body.

So, it is essential to choose the best police body camera among all available in the online store. We hope, we have succeeded in our attempt to overcome your confusion. Now it is your call to match your needs with the desired product features.


10 Best Police Body Camera



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