Best Places to Cycle in Europe

Last Updated on August 18, 2020

People love to travel. Some people move to escape their monotonous life. Again some people go out to discover new customs and cultures. So, there can be many reasons for roaming, but the only purpose of traveling is to enjoy the outdoors.

And for that, avid travelers use the bicycle to engage more deeply with the destination. By watching the jaw-dropping scenario, they embrace the beauty of nature. And also they always choose the best places where they can travel by cycling.

Best Places to Cycle in Europe

When it is about cycling, Europe is the first choice of most bicyclists. Because Europe has some of the best places around the world to cycle. And these places offer awe-inspiring routes to travel.

Besides that, in many locations, there are also bike rentals to provide bicycles to tourists and travelers. That’s why cycling in Europe has become popular in recent years.

So, if you are a passionate cyclist and want to travel in some of the best places of Europe, then we recommend you to check our list of the top 10 best places to cycle in Europe.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has a perfect route for cyclists, and the way is always in the priority list of the most adventure enthusiast. Because it offers riders the beautiful scenario of Copenhagen while cycling.

Besides that, there are inexpensive bike rental ports throughout the city for a casual ride. Docking stations strategically placed in metro stations for travelers and visitors.

These bikes can be booked via a smartphone. However, if you want to take a break from cycling, then there are a botanical garden and an open-air museum.

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is a dream place for the cyclist. Because it has a combination of flat and hilly terrain, stunning scenery, and plenty of cultural sites. In Budapest, there is about 200 km of bike routes and one of the roads is the EuroVelo Nr.6 bike route.

It crosses the city along the Danube River. And if you want a little more of a challenge, then the Buda hills will be a great choice. Overall, this can be your next place to adventure.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is one of the most famous cities for cycling in the world. In a town of 800,000 people, there are approximately 880,000 bikes, and most of the trips in Amsterdam are made on bicycles.

For that, city officials are planning to provide more bike-parking facilities. However, there are numerous cycle paths available in the city. And Utrecht, as well as Eindhoven, are also known for their bike paths.

Again you may ride through the countryside to see some historical sight like the windmill and tulip. Overall, it has some fantastic cycling routes to explore.

Ghent, Belgium

Many Flemish regions are following the method of the Dutch border. As a result, these reigns are becoming more adaptable to cyclists. And Ghent has some excellent cycle paths like the other cities of Belgium.

Most of these routes are near the riverside. You can embrace the beauty of the river while cycling. And there is also a bike rental service so that the visitor doesn’t miss the opportunity to ride across the countryside. In one word, this place is very peaceful with the absence of cars, and you will surely love to ride there.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is becoming favorite day by day to the cyclists for its picturesque. And for that, the city has a scheme named the VCub cycling program. This program attracts tourists and offers citizens an eco-friendly alternative to their daily commute to work.

Besides that, the city has a network of 1,545 bikes across 139 docking stations which are affordable at a great price. And you can also navigate the city on your effort. Overall, Bordeaux offers the maximum facility to the cyclist, and you may also check its routes to enjoy the best adventure.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has comparatively the longest route than other cities of South Africa. You need to ride through Smitswinkel ascent, Cape Point Nature Reserve, misty cliffs, and Chapman’s Peak.

Besides having essential roads, it also offers effective services. The region has a large community of cyclist named “Life-Cycle Week.” Their primary purpose is to provide facilities that are related to the bicycle.

Not only they offer support but also they celebrate a healthy lifestyle and freedom of movement during 3-12 March. By arranging events and cycle races, they pay tribute to the riders. And anyone can join the community to explore Cape Town.

Dolomites, Italy

A mountain range of northern Italy is known as the Dolomites. The area is over 300 km. In here you will find lots of cycling routes and places to explore. These routes are rarely very flat, and they go up as well as down.

You need to ride through Falzarego, Valparola, Sella, Campolongo and PassoPordoi. And with that, you will witness the divine beauty of the Dolomites.

Besides, there is an alternative region for cyclists who want to take a short distance tour. And for that, they have to travel through Bormio via Gavia to Mortirolo which is a 24 km route. Overall, the Dolomites is also an excellent place for the riders.

Morzine, French Alps

Morzine is known for its mountain pedigree and is also ideal for cycling. Morzine offers the cyclists some particular routes such as Avoriaz (14 km), Col de Joux Plane (11km), Col de la Ramaz (16km), and Col de la Joux Verte (15km). These roads are varied with plenty of flat and undulating stretches as well as hairpin-laden climbs.

Morzine also has excellent accommodation for the tourist, and so there are lots of hotels and chalets. And most of them are set up to welcome and serve the cyclists. So, it won’t be a wise decision to ignore Morzine French Alps.


Portugal or the Portuguese Republic is situated in the west of Spain. It is covered with beautiful places along with various cycle routes. And for that Portugal is becoming popular in recent years to the adventurers.

One of the most famous places in Portugal to cycle is Alentejo.  In Alentejo, you will find a natural park which is the largest coastal park in Europe. You will see one natural beauty after another by riding through Porto Covo to Burgau.

You will also meet the cork forests, rice fields, and orange groves during the tour. Overall, Portugal is also a suitable and fantastic place that you may choose for cycle riding.

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube is considered as one of Europe’s first and most popular cycle path. The path begins in Passau which is a town of Germany. And it continues through Austria to Vienna. The length of the route is about 230 miles. The Danube offers the riders to travel through almost ten countries by cycling.

Cyclists can see the natural wonder of Austria, the Baroque Palaces of Vienna and also can use the thermal water of Budapest to ease aching of limbs. Overall, every cyclist will love the Danube Cycle Path as it offers long route along with intense sightseeing.

Final Words

Cycling is an excellent way to travel. Again Europe and cycling go quite well together. And in recent years bike culture is flourishing in Europe. So, authorities try to provide maximum facilities to the travelers and riders.

As a result, tourists feel safe and comfortable to ride in Europe. The routes, lane, terrain everything, matches the requirements of an adventure enthusiast. So, undoubtedly these places are perfect for every bicyclist.

Although all of the mentioned places don’t suit beginner riders, they are the best places in Europe to travel. Hope, you may choose one of those places to cycle and end your trip with vivid memories.


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