Best Places to Cycle Around the World

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

There is no doubt that cycling is a great hobby and exercise. Cycling is environmentally friendly too. You may become too much bored by cycling on your very familiar routes every day. To change the taste of cycling and enjoy some different views of nature, you can take a tour of other various places in the world.

There are a lot of places where you can go cycling. You will get dedicated bicycle lanes in some cities. After reading this article, you will get some ideas about those cities. Those places are best for cycling around the world.

Best Places to Cycle Around the World

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of supernatural beauties. The Otago Peninsula is an excellent place for cycling in this country. This is an ideal place for cycling in New Zealand.

It doesn’t matter that you are an expert cyclist or a beginner, you will find some great views of the ocean and terrain which will provide you much comfort too. This is the perfect place near to Dunedin where you can find a breathable condition to focus on your biking.


Ireland is a European country. Here you can enjoy your biking but not like Otago Peninsula. In this place, you will have to enjoy the beauties of some pitstops through your way.

Cycling in this place is more enjoyable in summer rather than in other seasons. You can bike through some towns like Ennis. You will get a chance to enjoy your cycling through some beaches here. If you make a plan to visit this country, you can make a plan too for cycling here if you are a cycle lover.


The capital city of Denmark is an excellent place for cycling. You can call this place heaven for cycling. Her, you will find some great roads and new bridges which are specially made for bikers.

There is a bicycle route named Havneringen Ring which allows the bikers for cycling around the inner harbor.  About 62% of people use a bicycle here in their daily movement.


You can also call Netherland as heaven for cycling. There are several bicycle-friendly cities here in this country. Utrecht is one of those cities. This small city has invested a significant amount of money in making its urban areas bicycle friendly. Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherland, is also a great place for bicycling.  Here you will get some bicycle-friendly routes.

United States of America

If you want to taste the great experience of biking on an island, then you can have a visit to San Juan Island of the USA. This island is situated in the state of Washington. While cycling on this island, you will be able to see the variety of sea life in the Pacific Ocean.


Cuba is a country of natural beauty. In this island country, you’ll find some great routes for cycling through seashore and cliffs. This unique country will provide a great taste of cycling in its great cycling friendly cities like La Farola.


Canada is another great place for cycling. You can enjoy the most beautiful sites while biking in the city of Cape Breton which is located in Nova Scotia. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of roaring sea if you come for biking here in summer.

There is another different route where you can enjoy the taste of biking through the hills. Thousands of people come to Cape Breton every year to enjoy the full taste of cycling.


It doesn’t matter whenever or wherever you are cycling, the main fact is you are enjoying this or not. If you go for a ride in nice weather and able to see some great views of nature, your trip will be more enjoyable.

In the city of Mont Ventoux of France, you will get such a great kind of cycling-friendly site and weather. You will enjoy cycling here in summer and spring.

Great Britain

There are some places which are created especially for cycling. There you can feel the taste of cycling and enjoy the beauty of nature. In Great Britain, there is such a place named the Isle of Weight.

This is a dedicated trail for cycling. There you will find flat, accessible trails as well as challenging hills. Now you will find some great places to stop there for a break.


If you want to drive your bike through the heaven of Cherry Blossom, then you must have to go to the Sun Moon Lake of Taiwan. There you can enjoy a relaxing trip to cycling in the spring. You will remain refreshing in mind by watching the sceneries of this lake.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

The places described here in this article are great for cycling. Without these, you may go to the Great Divide Mountain Route which is another dedicated route for cycling situated in the border of the USA and Canada.

This route is perfect for those cyclists who are fond of overcome the challenge and feel the adventure. The route has started from New Mexico State of United States and ended in the Alberta state of Canada. This is the longest cycling route in the world.


A great cycling route in the Asian region which contains full of adventures, you can go to Karakoram Highway. This route is situated in the border of China and Pakistan. This is the highest road for cycling, and its length is 4000 kilometers. From this highest route, you will be able to see the beauty of glaciers and mountains.

Final Words

Cycling is a great hobby. And this hobby becomes more enjoyable if you can drive your cycle through a new route which has some extra-ordinary beauties beside the route. It will keep your mind refreshed and let you feel the unique taste.

There are many places in the world for this purpose. But the routes described here are the best route. So, whenever you get the chance to visit these countries, don’t miss the opportunity to have pride in these places.


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