The 10 Best Panniers for Touring in 2022 – Reviewed by Experts

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best Panniers for Touring

And for a long distance tour, a cycle is good transport. By a bicycle ride, you can go for a long distance without doing any harm to the environment and staying very close to nature. But while you are going out for a tour, office, or school, you must have to carry some items with you which are essential.

A bicycle doesn’t have any extra space to take those items. But you can hold those in the best panniers for touring which can be attached on the carrier of your bike. Here you will find the best panniers for touring what are you searching for!

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Panniers for Touring

1. Ibera Bike Trunk Bag

2. BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

3. Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Bike Panniers

4. Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

5. M-Wave Bicycle Cycling Bag

6. UPGRADE OCT Bike Pannier Bag

7. ArcEnCiel Bicycle Carrier Rack Pannier Bag

8. BV Bike Panniers Bags

9. Roswheel 14892 Multifunction Bicycle Pannier

10. Femor Bike Pannier Bags

Reviews of the Best Panniers for Touring

Whenever and wherever you go for a ride outside you, have to carry your extra clothes, shoes, phone, keys, laptop or some other items.

A right pannier can hold an ample space to take all of these items but won’t make you imbalance on the bike. But there are a lot of panniers for touring that are available in the market.

All of them are not perfect to carry all of your essential products at a time. So, you have to spend the time to research and find out the best pannier for touring.

This is too much tough to find out the perfect pannier form the long list. To reduce your stress on spending time and money to find out the best pannier, we’ve given some reviews on the best panniers for touring that found in the online.

1. Ibera Bike Trunk Bag

Best Panniers for TouringCycling is a significant part of keeping health and environment clean and safe. When going on cycling with all of your necessary gears, the Ibera bike trunk bag can be excellent support for you. This bag is one of the great panniers for touring. This bag will allow to bearing your items easily and keeping going fast including comfort and style.

This bag contains large multi-compartments for carrying your must-to-carry items including inner mesh pocket. It has wide opening zippers that allow you for effortless access.

The Ibera bike trunk bag contains an easy and quick release mounting system that will allow you to install and release the bag within 3 seconds. The bag is reinforced and padded well to keep your fragile items safe.

There are padded shoulder straps too in this bag. This is a perfect bag for carrying books, groceries, a set of clothes, cycling gears and tools and more other necessary items for the outing.

This is only compatible with other Ibera racks. The dimension of this bag is 15x7x6 inches. This lightweight product weighs only 2.3 pounds.


  • Large multi-compartments
  • Inner mesh pocket
  • Quick release mounting system
  • Reinforced and padded well
  • Well, padded shoulder straps
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Zippers are weak
  • Seams may become undone


2. BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

Best Panniers for TouringThe BV Classic Bike Pannier bags are suitable for those people who are looking for a perfect bag for everyday off-bike use in work or school. You can easily carry your essential equipment in this bag such as books, outfits, water bottles, etc. It has some other features that made this bag great. This bag has come out with large zipper pockets.

These contain reflective trim and carrier handle on the top side. A zippered pocket on the front side too to carry small items like cell phone, wallet, snacks, mini tire air pumps, etc.

To ensure more pedal space while pedaling, it has angled pocket design. 3M Scotch Lite reflective trim also included in this bag to provide your visibility at night.

Its hooks are adjustable and can be fitted with most of the bicycle racks. There are four shelf straps and two height bungee hooks which can be easily adjusted while mounting.

This will secure your lower portion and provide you with better stability. For maintaining the easy access, it has a rigid back panel while on the bike or off the bike. The dimension of this bag is 13.4×7.9×11 inches. This lightweight bag weighs only 1.5 pounds.


  • Large zipper pockets
  • Additional zipper pocket on the front side
  • 3M Scotch Lite reflective trim
  • Four shelf straps hooks
  • Rigid back panel
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • Zippers made poorly
  • Seams are a bit weak


3. Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Bike Panniers

Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRakIf you are looking for a quite big and reasonably functional bag, then you can choose Iberia bicycle PakRakall weather bike panniers for touring. This is a greatly made pannier including rain cover.

This quick release pannier is fabulous.  Without any straps, you can attach and detach the bag within a few seconds using its smart, fast release system. This is also called a clip-on system.

This is compatible with most of the carriers. That means you can easily use this bag with other IberaPakRak Plus+, other top mounting PakRak bags even with nonIbera carriers.

For using with no-Iberia carriers, you will have to attach the carrier and adjust it on the bottom hook position. The bag contains a stylish design and multiple compartments.

The bag includes a top zippered pocket as well as two large inside pockets. These pockets will allow you to carry smaller items with a drawstring pouch for overflowing items too. Its elastic bands hold down flyaway buckle straps to provide a nice streamlined look with stylish design.

For securing bike panniers from side swing, it contains 3 point interlock system. The bag weighs only 2.25 pounds, but it can carry up to 19.8 pounds at a time. Its dimension is 16x6x12.5 inches.


  • Can be attached and detached in few seconds
  • Compatible to fit with most carriers
  • Stylish design
  • Top zippered pockets
  • Two large inside pockets
  • Rain cover


  • Holding handle is not comfortable
  • Top cover clips are sewn in the wrong way


4. Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

Ortlieb Back-RollerThe Ortlizb Back Roller city rear pannier is a classic pannier including a roll top closure with easy to use QL1 mounting system. This can provide you with great flexibility on the outside.

Ortlieb City rear is highly incandescent using 3M Scotchlite material reflectors to offer you increased safety even in the traffic. You can use this bag as one-sided or double-sided on your bike.

It contains an easy to mounted racks with up to 16mm diameter. 8 mm and 11mm sized two other reduction pieces also included for the rack diameter. This pannier is from Japan.

You can easily and quickly close the pannier across the top using its buckles with straps. This will allow you for quick access when you are using this as a commuter or waterproofing is not so critical.

Fasteners are on the opposite side of each other, and these will make your bike big blog baggage. It has double compression straps like carrying handles.

This is essential for commuters. But in this pannier, you may have to purchase belts as an add-on. Inner pouches of this pannier are large enough.

There have flat pockets and a small zipper pocket in this bag. You can easily carry your keys, wallet, sunglasses and other little kits with you using these pockets.


  • 16mm diameter
  • Easy t mounted racks
  • 8mm and 11mm inserts
  • 3mm Scotchlite material reflectors
  • Quick access buckle straps


  • Buckles quality is not well
  • A bit heavy


5. M-Wave Bicycle Cycling Bag

Best Panniers for TouringM-wave cycling bag is an excellent pannier for those people who are looking for an easy to attach and detach to take on the go. This bag will ensure the most stability when you are on the bike and carrying your essential kits.

It is available in 8 different colors. So, you can easily choose the perfect shade which you like. It has two clips on the top that allows you an easy attaching and detaching convenience.

Clips are paired with a loop. Using this you can strap to the bottom of your bike and enjoy the best stability. The bag contains a 3-piece pannier system which is ideal for cycling road trips.

It is made of 600D tear-proof materials. Its zippers are rainproof. That’s why you can smoothly go on your ride on a rainy or snowing day.

The pannier contains handy straps, and you can convert this pannier to a backpack. Topside bag of this pannier is of 13.5x18x8.5 inches. The side bag measures 14x13x7 inches.

These two bags have a distance of 7.5 inches between them. The overall dimension of this bag is 16x16x6 inches. The bag weighs only 5.73 pounds.


  • Easy to attach and detach
  • 600D tear-proof material construction
  • Much stability
  • Rainproof zippers
  • Can be used as a backpack


  • No smaller pockets
  • No padding to protect from vulnerable stuff


6. UPGRADE OCT ’18: Bike Pannier Bag

Best Panniers for TouringWhen you are looking for premium quality and ergonomic saddle bike bag, then you can choose this Kolo Sports bike bag without any doubt. This bike pannier bag is quality made, large enough to hold your essential items, much durable and waterproof. For heavy duty use, this bag is always ready to go with you.

It is a multifunctional gear bag. The kit is designed to satisfy you the most and to carry comfortably. Durable, high-quality nylon used to make this bag. This is waterproof enough to keep your items dry.

The bottom side of the bag contains double cushioning padded foam to ensure absolute safety. Kolo pannier bag is made to provide you with the most ergonomic and comfort on the go.

Equipping with two zippered pockets, it allows you to carry the most valuable small items like phone, camera, credit card, and others. There is an elastic drawstring bottle holder so that you bring water bottles easily.

On the top side, it has a handlebar. Using this you can convert this into a tote bag or can switch to a backpack using its durable Velcro straps. The bag is suitable for men, women or even children. Its dimension is 14x9x7 inches.


  • Multifunctional bag
  • Durable, high-quality Nylon construction
  • Waterproof
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Can be converted into a tote bag or backpack
  • Unisex useable


  • Doesn’t sag
  • Not so big


7. ArcEnCiel Bicycle Carrier Rack Pannier Bag

ArcEnCielThe ArcEnCiel is a leading brand on producing good quality bags. Its bicycle carrier rack is a great pannier to carry every necessary item on the go. The bag is made of Ultra durable Retro canvas materials and its sustainability, innovation, and excellence made this pannier great as well. This bag is rainproof, water resistant solid and durable.

Its built-in PE board technology made this bag shock resistant too. It contains a much adjustable capacity. The bag can hold up to 50 liters and a maximum 130 pounds of load. This is available in four different types.

Each bag contains handle design on the top. That made this bag very convenient to carry. Magic tapes have made it easy to install in your bike.

It has two belts on the top which are easily adjustable and allows you to bring more equipment to load. Extra wide light reflective leather at the back and side to ensure your safety in the traffic at night.

This pannier is suitable for most kinds of bicycles. And this is perfect and ready to go for a long journey with you. You will get one bicycle rear trunk bag and one rain cover included in this package and for totally free of extra cost. This bag weighs only 4.85 pounds.


  • Ultra-durable Retro Canvas materials
  • Rainproof and wear resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Four different types
  • Handle on the top
  • Wide light reflective leather


  • Designed poorly
  • No bottom support


8. BV Bike Panniers Bags

BV Bike PanniersThis newly designed pannier set contains stylish blue and orange colored accents throughout the pannier and zipper pulls. The bag is made for lighter weight and sturdy materials to ensure the maximum storage capacity.

With some other great features, the BV Bicycle Rear Pannier set can be the best choice for you on every day’s commute. The bag came out with sturdy detachable shoulder straps and rain cover.

You can use this pannier bag as a backpack while off-road use and keep your items dry even on a rainy day. It contains three point connections.

Two durable plastic hooks allow you to hook up the bag with your bike’s rack and push down to lock it into place. To secure the lower portion of the pannier and ensure better stability there have Velcro straps on the bottom.

Two smaller side pocket compartments are in this pannier, and these can be closed and released quickly using zippers. For additional security, there have buckle straps in the bag.

There is a built-in rain cover in a hidden compartment of the bag which can use in any weather. This pannier contains a tremendous capacity to hold items (14L). This very lightweight bag can is compatible with most of the bikes.


  • Made of lighter weight sturdy materials
  • Strong detachable shoulder straps
  • Two durable plastic hooks
  • Velcro straps on the bottom
  • Very lightweight


  • Hooks may break after few days use
  • Seams are not strong


9. Roswheel 14892 3 in 1 Multifunction Bicycle Pannier

Best Panniers for TouringIf you are tensed about choosing a good pannier bag to carry out your essential items, then you can give up your tension and take Rowsheel 14892 Multifunction bicycle expedition touring cam pannier.

The bag is capable of carrying your items even on a long journey with the most stability. Quick access to this bag made this great to attach with road or mountain bikes.

This bag is made of 1000D reinforce Polyester with PU coating. These made this bag most robust, durable and waterproof. Carrying capacity of this bag is large enough.

You can take a total volume of 37L at a time in this bag. The pannier is divided into two side bags. These side bags contain angled design to ensure you the most pedaling space.

Again, the velcro straps are used in this pannier for tool-free installation. This is compatible with most of the bicycles. You can quickly install and release this pannier on your bike.

Reflective handles and large reflective logos on both side of the bag increase the visibility in low light. This is lightweight pannier ensures your safety on the road. Its dimension is 15x15x2.5 inches and weighs only 2.3 pounds.


  • Made of 1000D reinforce Polyester
  • PU coating
  • Solid, durable and waterproof
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Angled design
  • Visibility in low light


  • The angled design may not work properly
  • Zippers are weak


10. Femor Bike Pannier Bags

Best Panniers for TouringBefore going out biking, it is essential to carry some essential gears with you. And so  Femor bike pannier bag is an excellent solution to this problem.

This waterproof pannier bag has a large carrying capacity which is specially designed for long distance bike riding. Its rear bag is made using premium quality strong and durable materials.

For this, the bag won’t be broken, and you can put clothes, shoes, phones, cameras and other essential items in it. Setting up this bag is effortless. You can attach and detach this within a second.

Angled pocket design of this bag ensures you much pedaling space. The bag contains a waterproof coating design to prevent compartments from water even on rainy days.

The rigid back panel in this bag made this pannier shock resistant. To make your night riding safe and secure 3M reflective strips design used in it. At the unfold size its dimension is 15x13x6.3 inches.

It can carry up to 40L which is large enough for long distance riding. It includes a bicycle rear rack bag and a user manual with this pannier. Its weight is only 4 lbs.


  • Premium quality strong and durable materials
  • Very easy to set up
  • Angled pocket design
  • Waterproof coating design
  • Built in the rigid back panel
  • Can carry up to 40L


  • Made poorly
  • May get caught with shoes


Panniers for Touring FAQs

What Are Bike Panniers?

A pannier is, in essence, a bag, a carrier that usually attaches to the bike’s rear rack. Cyclists use the pannier to tote lots of gears and make steering more comfortable. They are convertible; users can use the stuff as a backpack and a shoulder bag when not on a bicycle.

Generally, bike panniers are made of nylon or other fabric. There are various bike pannier types; some are built to withstand harsh environments while others are suitable for light carrying. In short, alongside bikers, others can also try panniers for touring to convey essential gears.

Can You Attach Panniers on Road Bikes?

Yes, you can attach panniers on your road bike. If your bike features eyelets, you can easily attach your panniers. And if it doesn’t come with eyelets, you need to use clamps. These will help you attach racks to your bikes. That means you have to purchase a rack with pannier frames. Also, ensure you have hose clamps as they will prevent slipping and keep your panniers in place.

Can You Attach Panniers on Mountain Bikes?

It is possible to attach panniers with a mountain bike. You can do it with the right equipment even though your bike isn’t designed to take panniers. What you need is to have eyelets on your mountain bike. You will notice that some mountain bikes tend to feature threaded frame eyelets appropriate for pannier attachment. Anyway, if your bike doesn’t have eyelets, you can try alternative options such as installing a rack with a pannier frame.

What Size Panniers Do You Need?

It entirely depends on your bike trip. If you intend to go for a long bike trip, you need to use large-size panniers. And if it is a short touring, you can use two panniers of 15 x 10 x 5 inches. They will help you store and convey clothing, a few books, and other accessories.

Can Most Bike Panniers Hold a Backpack?

As you know, bike panniers are designed to carry gears and to be attached with bike rear rack. So, most bike panniers can’t hold a backpack regardless of that these are suitable to use as a backpack. There are numerous convertible panniers that riders can use as a backpack, shoulder bag, etc.

How Many Bike Panniers Should I Use?

Though many bike tourers are manufactured to carry four panniers for touring, that doesn’t mean you have to use all four panniers. If you do so, it will be challenging to ride the bike comfortably. Again, if you don’t use many bags, you can’t carry many things for a long bike trip. Thus, there is no exact answer about how many panniers you should use.

Mainly, depending on the tour’s length, you should decide on the pannier use. That said, based on expert’s guideline, if a rider plant to be on the road for one week or less, then he/she should carry two panniers. And of course, for a long bike tour, riders should use four panniers to carry essential items.

Final Words

When you are thinking to go on a ride for a longer period, office, or school, you must have to carry some essential items with you. That’s why you need a back pannier bag. A good pannier can hold a lot of items. The products described here can hold up more things and provide much stability while you are on a ride.

Besides, these can ensure your safety while you are cycling in traffic at low light. From a lot of panniers that found in the market, we’ve found out these panniers. We hope, these reviews will help you enough to buy the best panniers for touring for your upcoming tour.


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