The 10 Best MTB Wheels in 2022 – Ultimate Reviews

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best MTB Wheels

Upgrading your existing wheels with a new wheelset will improve your ride.  This is the most critical change that a biker can make. Bike wheel not only enhances the performance of your bike but also provides faster acceleration.

A set of best MTB wheels adds better seed control and improve the performance. Wheels weight, stiffness, and rim width can affect other parts of a bike; either in a good way or worse way. A new wheelset is also the most expensive upgrade than other bike parts.

That’s why you need to research the market before buying one. Here, we are making things simple to guide you to find the best MTB wheels within your budget. Read on to know more.

Quick Answer – MTB Wheels

1. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

2. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

3. Superteam 50mm Clincher Wheelset

4. VCYCLE Nopea Road Bike Carbon Wheelset

5. Superteam Basalt Braking Surface Wheel

6. WTB STP i25 Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike

7. Mavic Aksium Road Wheel

8. Skyway Tuff II Wheelset

9. RC3 Rim MTB Mountain Bike Wheel

10. StaTru Silver Alloy ATB Hub Front Wheel

Reviews of the Best MTB Wheels

Money spends on wheels worth twice than spending in other parts of the bike. Do you want to add better acceleration while reducing weight?

Are you confused about the features that you should look for finding the best MTB wheels? Well, in that case, we are always here for you. We have designed our article with ten best MTB wheels along with all best features.

We believe our collection will guide you to find the best MTB wheel to make your riding faster than before. Without wasting our precious time let’s start with the review.

1. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Best MTB WheelsWhen we are talking about the competition, Superteam Carbon Fiber bike wheels is more than anything which are available in the market. The lightweight and robust design help this wheelset to grab the first place in our list.

The 23mm wider wheel has more extensive rim profile that evenly response with higher tire pressure. It allows the tire to provide supreme traction and brilliant air volume while riding for a long time.

The rim depth is 50mm where the brake line has a width of 14mm. The material used in this wheelset is Toray T700c full carbon fiber which is lightweight enough.

The 1565g wheelset is highly designed for the road bike and racing bike as well. All the Superteam bike wheels pass the EN quality test which assures the quality. There is twelve layer carbon on brake track and six layers on rim body.

The wheel can endure the max 120kg weight of biker and 125psi tire pressure. So you can state that these are quite strong and powerful than other general wheels.

In a word, this Superteam bike wheel is indeed a better choice for any professional biker. What’s more noticeable is how these wheels are providing the quality product within your budget.


  • Good braking surface
  • A sturdy carbon fiber material
  • Lightweight
  • Wider rim profile
  • Stiff
  • Smoother finish
  • Comfortable to use


  • As they are lightweight; there is a chance of fallen while traveling against the wind


2. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Best MTB WheelsQueen bike wheels are famous for their smoother carbon braking surface and lightning fast engagement. This is the first customized wheelset in the list which you can customize according to your taste.

Customized wheelsets are way better than any fixed wheelset. They are one of the most lightweight wheelsets as the overall weight is only 1565g excluding skewers.

The material of the wheels is Toray T700c full carbon fiber with a clincher type rim. The rim has enough width to endure the ride for a long time. Though the wheels are lightweight, the 50mm rim depth will offer the aero benefit.

It has 12 layer carbon on brake track and 6layer carbon on rim body. This wheelset can endure the max weight of 120 kg with a maximum 125psi tire pressure. The rim is enough stronger to cope with the braking pressure.

Similar to the previous one, Queen Bike wheels go through EN quality standard test. Also, they allow you to change the tire easily in case of a puncture. Indeed the installation is so simple here as well as the price.


  • Easy installation
  • Quality carbon material
  • Powerful rim
  • Can endure more weight and pressure
  • Lightweight wheel
  • Last for long


  • Carbon clinchers are a bit heavier than tubular counterpart


3. Superteam 50mm Clincher Wheelset

Best MTB WheelsWhen we are talking about the stiffness than no one can beat this wheelset. This Superteam Wheelset is quite similar to the first one but a bit heavier than that one.

They can withstand against the air at high speed while remaining stable at a time. This clincher rim has a 3k matte finish with a wider size of 700×50mm wheels. Rims colors are customizable.

This Superteam wheelset is compatible with Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed. They are made of carbon fiber Toray where the rim body has six layers of durable carbon fiber.

The other accessories include brake pads and black release skewers. The most attracting part of these wheels is the stylish outlook. Also, they are bit heavier so it can endure 125kg weight and 125psi pressure.

If you often travel through rough terrain, then these wheels are definitely for you. They allow you to change the tire frequently without any damage. Beside, acceleration here is impressive, and they don’t fall even in extreme wind. They also won’t exceed the budget at all.


  • No bend in the rim even in rough terrain
  • Brilliant acceleration
  • Perfect weight
  • Quality material
  • Good braking
  • Customizable
  • Affordable and stylish outlook


  • Not very stable in a crosswind


4. VCYCLE Nopea Road Bike Carbon Wheelset

Best MTB WheelsVCYCLE design their wheelset especially for the racing bike because they have all the capability to bear extreme pressure. These wheelsets are heavily weighted and highly efficient than others.

It has a basalt braking surface which is highly temperature resistance. With the increased speed, it can reduce the probability of burning. They have the most excellent braking power as well as braking effects.

The Novatec black road hub is durable and lightweight. It has a single hub last for a long time under normal usage. They are compatible with Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed/

The 23mm rim with UD matte finish is good enough for use in any competition or training. The carbon fiber material makes the wheelset lighter and gives better stability even after extra weight.

The nipples easily lock into the spokes while proving maximum grip. You can easily replace the damaged nipple with a new one. The skewers on the wheels have high intensity and provide long service life.

With some extra-ordinary features, the price is also a bit higher than the previous ones. However, you can be sure with their longevity and sturdy construction.


  • High temperature resistant
  • Smoother basalt surface
  • Finest braking power
  • Durable wheels
  • High intensity
  • Provide uniform airflow
  • More stable


  • A bit pricey but it worth for the features


5. Superteam Basalt Braking Surface Wheel

Best MTB WheelsIf you are a lightweight ride or if you want much finesse on the rough terrain, then this wheelset is a perfect choice for you. The features are quite similar to the other Superteam wheels, but this one is lighter than others.

With a slight change in rim depth, these wheelset provides the same facilities. This wheelset has basalt braking surface which fits with any tire.

This carbon fiber wheel has 12 layer carbon on brake track and six layers on rim body. It means that the carbon layer protects the wheel from scratched and muds.

They are compatible with any Shimano speed, and it can endure much pressure. They have all the necessary accessories similar to other Superteam wheels.

These wheels are easily manageable because of the lightweight. Also, one can easily install each part of the wheels. They are available at a low price.


  • Truly lightweight
  • Quality finish
  • Easy installation
  • Well shaped rim
  • Lower price
  • Fast acceleration


  • The rear hub is a bit loud


6. WTB STP i25 Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Bicycle

Best MTB WheelsA perfect choice for the marathon, cross country, and trail rider is brought to you by CyclingDeal. The first hand-built wheels with a versatile profile design for every rough terrain.

This tubeless wheelset is compatible with Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed. A 6 bolts disc brake includes a lightweight hub. The bearing used here is well sealed which assure the stability in any condition.

The inner alloy rims are a bit wider than others. This wheelset is developed with Topeak Ergon Mountain bike professional team that’s why they fit any bike.

Additionally, the spokes in the wheels are fully extended by pushing machine. Which means they will not extend even after using for long. Also, this set includes Tyres, front &rear wheels, Tubes, Hubs, and quick release.

In a word, this wheelset is a complete package for your next cross-country ride. The exciting part of this wheelset is that it compensates your budget.


  • Hand-built wheels
  • Compatible with any model
  • Wider rim
  • Tubeless ready wheelset
  • Quality control
  • Smooth and sealed bearing
  • Easy to set-up
  • Extremely budget friendly


  • A bit noisy bearings


7. Mavic Aksium Road Wheel

Best MTB WheelsThe wider rims are more dynamic than, the thinner one because they provide smoother air flow between the tire and the rim. Mavic Aksium wheels follow this concept.

Mavic is known for their high-quality wheels which won’t empty your pocket. They offer an affordable option for the riders who are looking for a reliable and wider rim.

This new wider wheelset can accommodate the tire up to 32mm width. It has a separate inner tube that will easily hold the air while riding in full speed. The premium QRM sealed bearing ensure the smoother and faster rolling.

Its UB control braking surface has improved stopping power. The wheels feature a fast rolling hub which spins with straight pull spokes. It ensures the improved stiffness and strength.

This wheel is made of aluminum where the alloy has been used for brakes. The aluminum pads provide an efficient and reliable braking system.

Along with the wheelset, you will get a pair of tire and tubes. In a word, this design is robust for high mileage and easy to maintain even after the extra weight. The price is less than others.


  • Wider rim shape
  • Premium smooth bearing
  • Compatible with a wide range of tires
  • Tough construction
  • Improver stopping performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Control braking surface


  • The overall weight is a bit heavy


8. Skyway Tuff II Wheelset

Best MTB WheelsThis original Skyway wheelset is specially designed for BMX racing and freestyle. Tuff II wheelset is widely used for its simple and sturdy construction.

If you have your old school bike and want to upgrade then these wheels are for you. This free wheelset is made of carbon fiber with a clincher type tire. The built is sturdy enough that can endure any extreme condition.

Its sealed cartridge bearings made the wheelset extremely bombproof. The front hub has a spacing of 100 and rear hub has a spacing of 110. The overall 20″ wheelset is lightweight enough to handle them.

This set is an excellent option for school kids as they are stable and sturdy. Also, this is worth buying because of its versatility. Indeed it’s a great deal at a reasonable price.


  • Worth buying
  • Versatile wheelset
  • Simple yet sturdy construction
  • Durable and stable
  • Fits any model


  • Some people face difficulties while fixing an axle


9. RC3 Rim MTB Mountain Bike Wheel

Best MTB WheelsNothing has a much bigger impact on your mountain bike rather than the wheels. Upgrading your bike with a lightweight and aerodynamic bike wheels is an easier way to increase the bike performance.

This carbon fiber wheelset is exceptionally lightweight so easily manageable. This 26 inches wheelset is suitable for Disc Brake hubs, and the performance is superior to the ball hubs.

The wheel comes with a quick release and tapes. The double circle wheel features Kentucky which works for the strengthened and the spokes provide the faster acceleration with 24 holes.

It is compatible with Shimano 8, 9, and 10 speed where 7 speed needs a washer. The overall stylish and straightforward, the sporty outlook would attract anyone.

The cleaning and maintenance are so easy that you can enjoy the daily ride. Also, they are available at a meager price.


  • Lightweight
  • The durable carbon fiber material
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stylish, sporty outlook


  • Narrower rim than other comparable wheels


10. StaTru Silver Alloy ATB Hub Front Wheel

Best MTB WheelsStaTru bike wheel is made up from high-quality silver alloy material. The features and design match the old mountain bike perfectly. StaTru experts repeatedly tested the wheelsets for durability and longevity.

The expert riders from around the world have appreciated this StaTru wheels. The average mare rider will feel comfortable with this 26″ wheels. The silver aluminum material makes it lighter and reliable.

They have STW ST1 single wall 36h rim and alloy front bearing hub that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. The quick release axle is another important feature that every professional rider expect from a quality wheel.

The spokes come with Universal Chrome Plating which makes it shinier. Also, the QR has a chrome lever with black plastic at the end of the skewer.

The hub, spokes, and rim all are made of silver aluminum. Overall, it’s an excellent replacement for any road bike. This is probably the lowest priced wheelset in our list. So, it won’t be the waste of your money at all.


  • Highest quality aluminum alloy
  • Severally tested for longevity and durability
  • Shiny silver color parts
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Comfortable size


  • The ball bearings are a bit tight
  • Rim tape is missing on the wheel


Final Words

Whether it is about upgrading your or buying a new mountain bike, you can never ignore the importance of the best wheels. A perfect set of wheels can endure all the load while riding in rough terrain.

They allow you to enjoy a smoother and better riding experience. You can never compromise with the quality when it comes to choosing the wheel within your budget. So, there is a proper balance between the budget and quality.

We hope our collection of ten best MTB wheels have met all your requirements. We have done our job now it’s your turn to choose the best MTB wheels that fulfill your needs.


10 Best MTB Wheels



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