The 10 Best MTB Handlebars in 2022 – Selected By Professionals

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best MTB Handlebars

Only a biker knows how important the bike gears are! Many bikers have fallen in great danger because of the low-quality gears. Nowadays a lot of bikers is in all over the world, and bike riders are gradually rising day by day.

Even though a lot of bikers are riding the bicycle for their health and relaxation, but most of the bikers aren’t concerned about the good gears.

Although all equipment is essential; a good handlebar is the most vital part of a bike. This is why; we have brought some best MTB handlebars to make your journey great and a long hassle-free riding.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best MTB Handlebars

1. RaceFace Atlas FR Riser Handlebar

2. FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminium Handlebar

3. Sunlite MTB Handlebar

4. RaceFace Respond Riser Handlebar

5. RXL SL Carbon Fiber MTB Handlebars

6. Origin8 Urban-Pro Riser Handlebar

7. Jessica Acekit Lightweight Bicycle Handlebar

8. Pure Fix Riser Handlebars

9. Origin8 ProSweep MTB Handlebar

10. UPANBIKE Trekking Mountain Bike Handlebar

Reviews of the Best MTB Handlebars

The handlebar is not only your steering method, and also they support your weight symmetrically.  Even though the best MTB handlebars are a personal choice, and everybody has different options on width, rise, sweep, and colors also.

So please read these review, and it will help you to reach your decision. Now you can swap your handlebars with these best handlebars to get more comfort and technical precision.

1. RaceFace Atlas FR Riser Handlebar

Best MTB HandlebarsThe Race Face Atlas Riser Bar is appropriate for a drastic freeride and downhill rides. It is incredibly designed with super quality material, which is extremely strong especially for FR and DH rides.

It is constructed from a cold drawn and seamless air alloy materials. It has an interior taper to enhance potency and durability, but the adding extra weight and this unique patented design will make your front end strong and durable, so your front end would not flex.

The amazingly designed ultimate-low and utmost-wide riser mensuration decrease cockpit height and this beautiful design make it invincible and also lower the front part for a wild invective ride.

The Race Face Atlas Riser Bar will set your mind tension free, and your trip will be hassle-free, and you would never be disappointed while you are at severe FR or DH Race riding in any type’s environment.


  • Perfectly usable for FR/DH
  • Super Quality materials, made from Cold drawn and seamless Air Alloy
  • Never flex and lightweight
  • Especially for the intense ride
  • Affordable than its super quality construction


  • Pretty precious


2. FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminium Alloy Mountain Bike Handlebar

Best MTB HandlebarsAn excellent looking Handlebar, which comes with practical, innovative design and construction. This is a kind of a great bar from creators who are pre-eminently specialist to this type of product design and building.

This is an excellent bar by its high quality and durability. This handlebar is very hard to flex so that you can go anywhere for any types of riding. It will give you an extra strength by its super feature while riding.

The great Handlebar is noticeably lightweight as well as looks fantastic. This is an ideal bar for tackle lover and who loves serious riding, and especially for FR/DH.

You will never lose your confidence for its optimum strength and durability. It has fixed convenient marks on both sides so that you wouldn’t make a blunder when you’re rebuttal it.

This handlebar is super advantageous for DH, 4x and enduro rides all over the world. This riser bar is shockingly same price range against from its competitor but noticeably ahead by quality.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Super shock absorption power
  • Great quality with great design
  • Super strong and durable
  • Perfect for races, and gives you more control


  • No noticeable drawbacks yet


3. Sunlite MTB Handlebar

SunliteThis is another excellent MTB handlebar for bikers, and who are keen to buy an affordable but quality handlebar, so this is ideal for you. This design is really eye-catching and extremely strong by its super quality construction.

This handlebar is mainly for those, who are looking for a more relaxable casual ride, and even the grievous speed race downhill mountain rambles.

When many bikers have realized they had a problem with their existing handlebar, then they commute the handlebar on the bike, and they have gotten a great result after swapping with it.

The Sunlite MTB handlebar provides the adequate strength, and you will get the necessary power to refuel you. It gives all of those advantages, which you are looking for in an ideal handlebar.

It is also patented with 3.5 rises that help with back pain for a lot of bikers by reducing the squeeze on the lower back. This handlebar is affordable, lightweight, reliable, and durable.  It will enhance your riding experience, and you will be satisfied to use this lightweight aluminum construction handlebar.


  • Affordable but the quality is noticeable.
  • Strong, durable, and gives more control
  • Lightweight and commutable handlebar
  • Aluminum construction, which helps to grow your confidence
  • Provides efficient strength


  • Needs to a bit careful of extreme drastic use


4. RaceFace Respond Riser Mountain Bike Handlebar

RaceFaceThe Handlebar has come with great width, and the rise is a perfect feel and position. The diameter of the handlebar opens up the cockpit a little bit and feels impressive for turns.

The bar is so durable and lightweight and never gets flex. This handlebar is fairly meant for the AM / DH mob where bike riders needed the power of a fatter bar at the stem.

This great handlebar inherently keeps your wrists straight with a bit wind up the interior, but not much more. The Respond bar is made from aluminum alloy, so it very difficult to flex.

This bar works equally well for any rider, such as the AM rider, DH rider, and the FR rider. The respond wide Handlebar is designed for those who are keen to go for a harsh ride.

The Race Face Respond handlebar has constructed with cold-drawn seamless air alloy material which makes it strong, and extremely durable. It will help you for putting your controls and hands in just the right direction for relaxing and safeties.


  • Perfect for AM, DH, and also for FR
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Extremely durable and rise option
  • Very hard to flex, and clean graphics
  • The cold-drawn seamless air alloy material


  • There is no more color option


5. RXL SL Carbon Fiber MTB Handlebars

Best MTB HandlebarsRXL SL specializing in the handlebar production, and gives the professional support service, to keep their good reputation in the industry. RXL SL handlebar is impressive for its nice feature.

It has produced excellent work, with new high tech materials. The bar has a great matte finish so that it looks fantastic. The bar comes with full carbon construction, and it is lightweight.

It has a standard width, and pretty looking’s too. The bar works great for its unique patented design and excellent quality. The handlebar has designed to meet ergonomic, and it increases comfort and gives easy rides.

The handlebar generates excellent strength and durability while riding and you will get a more comfortable ride. The handlebar has a simple outside design that made the bar more convenient, beautiful, and cool.

It has little sweep back, but it doesn’t have a noticeable upsweep. The bar is pretty flat across the top. The handlebar is lighter than any aluminum bar, and it suits the bike perfectly. It is strong, sturdy, and durable.


  • It is lighter than any aluminum handlebar
  • Markings on the both side
  • The width suits with bike perfectly
  • Designed to meet ergonomic
  • Full carbon construction


  • Little wide
  • It does little sweepback


6. Origin8 Urban-Pro Riser Handlebar

Best MTB HandlebarsThe Origin-8’s Pro Urban Riser Handlebar is the superb bike gear. This handlebar is incredibly strong and crafted from lightweight, sturdy 6061-T6 aluminum and generates a heads-up 50mm rise which is excellent for observing an eye on your encirclements.

This bar has a skinny wide, so you will have no interruption while riding to your way. It has some color variations, so you are free to choose your desired one. This bar is perfect for the harsh ride and invincible for off-road ridings.

This Bar has an innovative design which distributes your weight symmetrically, and it will help you to place your hands in multiple ways for much more control and relax.

It has also come with some impressive specs such as laser-etched graphics. The bar patented with double butted aluminum alloy built.

This bar is perfect for any trail like all rise mountain handlebar. You will be glad, and you would be able to notice a massive difference if you install this handlebar as soon as possible.


  • Noticeable lightweight but very sturdy and durable
  • Gives more control and comfort
  • Impressive easy steering
  • Great design, affordable, and very efficient
  • Pleasant looking’s, and laser-etched graphics


  • Black color may be disappointing to some users


7. Jessica Acekit Lightweight Aluminium Bicycle Handlebar

Jessica AcekitThis is one of the finest handlebar ever made. This excellent quality handlebar comes with incredible feature and technology. It will meet your demand and satisfaction with its superb quality and superb performance.

It has launched with DB tube technology, and its thickness of the pipe wall symmetrically distributed according to the distribution of force.

This bar is made from a1 quality aluminum alloy material which is compared to the traditional bar but gives much better performance. This fantastic bar is noticeably lightweight and provides excellent strength and power.

This great featured bar has the standard diameter and length so that it will fit with your existing bike. It is easier to install the stem and cut the tube because of its both sides are marked clearly.

This bar is suitable for XC/AM/FR ride, mountain bike, and it is integrated with standard molding and logical angle, so it generates high power and excellent efficiency.

The great looking bar comes with some color variations, and it has patented thermal heat transfer painting application with clear installation guide.


  • Made from the finest aluminum alloy material
  • Standard diameter and length
  • Clearly marked with both sides
  • Lightweight, strong, durable, and great looking’s.
  • Easy to install with clear installation guide
  • Thermal heat transfer logo technology for the sexy look


  • Grips and stem not included
  • If you look for a heavy handlebar, so this is not for you


8. Pure Fix Riser Handlebars

Pure FixThis is another excellent riser handlebar for bikes. It is the 42 cm alloy riser perfect handlebar with great features. This bar achieved the ISO standard.

This bar has the stem clamp diameter and also break clamp diameter. The design of the bar is excellent. It produces the extra strength, and you get more comfortable.

The design of the bar is also appropriate for your hand placement, and it will help you to the quick handling. This riser handlebar for the fixie, track and road bikes, and it will make your ride perfect.

In this handlebar, bar tape is not included. This great bar is constructed by reputable pure fix bicycles in California. This bar has come with some color option for your satisfaction.

The bar is designed to all-around performance and relaxes. This riser bar is affordable in price so that you can have it quickly. It is also commutable with your existing handlebar, and easy to install the stem.

This simple fix riser bar strong and durable and it generates excellent strength and power. It has the perfect wide and very simple look, so you fell livelier while riding.


  • 42 cm alloy handlebar provides great strength
  • Designed by reputable pure fix cycles in California
  • Affordable than its superb quality construction
  • ISO standard Stem clamp and brake clamp diameter
  • Built to all-around performance
  • Smooth design and simple looks


  • Bar tape is not embodied


9. Origin8 ProSweep MTB Handlebar

Best MTB HandlebarsThe Origin8 Pro-Sweep MTB Handlebar is a kind of a straight bar, and perfect for all-around performance. This straight bar works well with your bicycle and provides more power efficiency and power.

It works better with SRAM twist shifters. The bar has the precisely right wide, and can easily be cut. This handlebar has made from quality 6061-T6 Tubular alloy construction.

It is durable enough so you won’t down when the extreme heat is on. This bar is perfect for strong or burly riders, who are tensed a bit about the bar’s strength. It had excellent durability and patented with easy riding style. The finishing of the bar as well that gives it a superb quality look.

This bar is pretty lightweight but exceptionally well even for drastic rides, and whatever you are thinking about to apply to it. This bar looks great and works by its unique, innovative feature.


  • 6061-T6 Tubular alloy construction
  • Worked well for any application of riding
  • Provides well steering
  • Affordable than its quality and performance
  • Lightweight, durable, and generates extreme strength
  • Excellent for commuter rides


  • Little Wider
  • Who needs more rise, this bar is not for them


10. UPANBIKE Trekking Cycling Mountain Bike Handlebar

Best MTB HandlebarsThis is one of the great looking handlebars and also known as trekking bar. The butterfly handlebars are generally seen on European touring bikes. It is also famous all over the world.

This nice looking handlebar has come with high quality features and technology. The design of the bar is fantastic, and it can decrease your back pain.

It is proven that the model can reduce the back pain and gives you more control and relax while riding. You can exchange your bar with it but the question.

This bar is also proving popular with the people makings their self encroachment bicycles. This amazing handlebar has launched at a great price.

It is tough to flex and has the phenomenal control and comfort from the various hand placement. This is kind of a quality handlebar that especially made for the long run, and the sponges seem superb quality.

You will get a great feel with this super comfy bar, and gets everything closer. This fantastic-looking handlebar offers various hand positions, and this is appealing for bikers who are keen on spending more time.


  • It has a wide variety of hand positions
  • Great quality material provides the long run
  • It looks cool and appealing for the cycling enthusiast
  • 1 pair sponge handlebar with grip
  • Appropriate for mountain bike, Road bike, and most of the bikes
  • Reduce fatigue on your arms, shoulders, and back pain


  • Use dish detergent to install the foam
  • a little stiff


MTB Handlebars FAQs

What is the Ideal Width for MTB Handlebars?

The ideal width for MTB handlebars is between 750 to 800 nm. Some cyclists prefer below or beyond that width. However, as with the trend, the mountain bike handlebar’s width has started to rise.

Should I Choose the Carbon MTB Handlebars?

Carbon handlebars have lots of benefits. They are as strong and durable as aluminum bars, and they are lightweight. If the handlebar’s weight is your priority, you should opt for carbon handlebars. The only drawback of the carbon bars is they tend to come at a high price.

Are Wider MTB Handlebars Better Than Traditional Bars?

Of course, wider is better when it is about MTB handlebars. These bars provide riders more control and better positioning. As a result, they can be more stable while riding.

At Which Height Should MTB Handlebars Be?

You need to position your MTB handlebars as high as your seat, or you can set it above your seat’s height. By placing at that position, you can ride upright. And if you set handlebars lower than your seat, you will put more stress on your arms, wrists, and neck.

How Can I Shorten My MTB Handlebars?

First, you need to remove the handlebars from the bike. Then, remove all accessories from the bars. After placing the handlebars, you should measure the appropriate width. After that, make marking where you will cut. If you have aluminum handlebars, you need to use a pipe cutter to make an even trim. For carbon handlebars, you must use a hacksaw that features a tungsten carbide blade.

You should now place the bars on a bike stand and make sure that they are parallel with the floor. Try to use a lock-on grip as a guide because it will ensure a straight cut with a hacksaw. At this point, you should make smooth strokes for a clean cut using a hacksaw. After cutting down, you can put your handlebars back on your bike. Anyway, if you aren’t a professional, you shouldn’t do it yourself. Instead, find a bike shop to get your job done.


Final Words

The handlebars on your bike are one of the most necessary things. A biker applied a lot of force to the handlebars. In this perspective, you should buy the best quality or best MTB handlebar because of your riding safety.

The handlebars we have depicted above not only have to support your weight as you ride through all kinds of severe places, but they also have to be relaxable to use.

Please read the mountain bike and handlebars review carefully and buying guides, and it will help you to chose your desired bar, and will be helpful while installing. Hope for the best ride and comfort.


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