The 10 Best MTB Crankset in 2022 – Experts Top Selections

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best MTB Crankset

A crankset is consists of one or more chain wheels attached to the crank arms which are connected to the pedals. Mountain bikers are connected to it through the pedals. It is an essential part of ant MTB, so it has to be strong, durable, lightweight, and a good value for the money.

If you’re looking for a replacement of crankset for your current MTB, then we’ve got you covered in this article. A new crankset provides higher speed, smoother shifting, and better efficiency. Before purchasing a new set, you have to consider some fact such as crank arm length, chainring size, and numbers.

We can understand how difficult it is for you to find out the best MTB crankset for your bike. That’s why, after days of research we’ve put up with the list to help you get the best MTB crankset. Read on to know more.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best MTB Crankset

1. SRAM Omnium Track Bicycle Crankset

2. SHIMANO 6800 Ultegra 11-Speed Crankset

3. SHIMANO 5800 Road Bike Crankset

4. Sram Apex 34/50 Compact Road Bike Crankset

5. SHIMANO FC-M640 Zee 10 Speed Crankset

6. SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

7. Shimano Altus M311 7/8s 175mm Chainset

8. SHIMANO Ultegra R8000 Standard Crank Set

9. SHIMANO Tiagra Double Road Bicycle Crank Set

10. SHIMANO M361 Hybrid Crankset

Reviews of the Best MTB Crankset

The choice of the crankset is determined not only by the type of your bike but also the riding you prefer. Gravity riders always look for the durable and lightweight crankset that can endure the jumps, drops, and stunts.

If you are a passionate mountain biker, then it becomes a critical decision that you need to make, especially when you have to choose from varieties of options at the market.

Below, we’ve demonstrated a list of ten best MTB crankset. They will boost your cycling speed, pedaling efficiency, and offer you smoother ability. Let’s uncover more details of the listed crankset.

1. SRAM Omnium Track Bicycle Crankset

Best MTB CranksetSRAM brings the first external bearing crank in the world for all-out velodrome racing. The Omnium track crankset is an excellent choice for both street and track performance.

The Omnium has a strongest and stiffest 7050-T6 alloy arm which is strong enough to bear all the pressure. It will support the bike even in rough terrain.

The arm is attached to a 5mm thick chain wheel which is designed for use with 1/2 × 1/8 chains. The chain wheel features 7075-T6 alloy with chainring bolts which will give your bike a classy look.

The bottom bracket is included with the chain wheel with external bearing cups. You can easily connect this to your bike. The overall weight of this crankset is 825g which is lightweight enough for a mountain bike.

This best MTBcrankset is painted black that can easily fit with any model. It doesn’t flex at all so you will feel like all energy produced by your leg go straight to the rear wheel.

In a word, this is a fantastic upgrade for any mountain bike. The price is compatible with the design and features.


  • Designed for all-out velodrome racing
  • Strongest and stiffest alloy
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish outlook
  • Smoother performance
  • Durable material


  • The price is a bit high


2. SHIMANO 6800 Ultegra 11-Speed Crankset

Best MTB CranksetSHIMANO is the established company in the production of quality crankset as well as other components for your mountain bike. This is perfect for all competitive riders and newbie cyclists who look for a crankset that is easy to handle.

It features a new front derailleur chain guide design that reduces the chances of chain drops. It has two built-in arm set that is fixed with the chain wheel. The arm set is made of durable aluminum that transfers the maximum power.

Enjoy the benefit of pro-proven Dura-ace technology that offers the ideal balance of lightweight and stiffness. Its 4-arm spider design put the pressure and strength when it’s needed.

Its Hollow glide chain rings assure the improvements in rigidity by removing the outer flex. They help to improve the shift performance even in rough terrain. The chainrings are compatible with Shimano 11 speed.

This crankset doesn’t include any additional bottom bracket as Hollow glide design has the sealed bearing interface. It ensures the smooth rolling and extended durability. This is available at a reasonable price.


  • Front derailleur chain guide design
  • Compatibility
  • The optimum power transfer arm
  • Lightweight
  • Smoother rolling
  • Compact chainrings


  • The crank arm may break in case of carelessness use as they are attached


3. SHIMANO 5800 Road Bike Crankset

SHIMANOThis updated Shimano 5800 crankset features a new four-arm HollowTech II design which is similar to the previous Ultegra. It assures the perfect balance of power transfer and lightweight rigidity.

This lighter and stiffer design features a reinforced construction around the chainring area. Its improved gear dimension enhances the overall performance.

An asymmetric 4-bolt pattern allows any standard chainrings to be run on the same chain arms. The crank arms are attached to the chain wheel that assures the maximum power transfer.

The hyperdrive chainrings feature unique tooth profile, pick-up spikes, and ramps that assure the smooth front shifting. Chainrings are interchangeable with Ultegra and Dura-ace which ensure the versatility.

HollowTech II assures easy installation, maintenance, and adjustments. It is compatible with Shimano 11 speed, and the bottom brackets are not included with the crankset. Also, the price is reasonable compared to the others.


  • Optimum balance of lightweight and stiffness
  • Improved gearing system
  • HollowTech II system
  • Reinforced construction
  • Chain arms provide better power transfer
  • Compatible
  • Versatile chainrings


  • This crankset is a bit heavy


4. Sram Apex 34/50 White Compact Road Bike Crankset

Sram ApexSram Apex is highly accepted by the professionals because of their long-lasting finishes. It offers maximum stiffness with minimum weight.

The crank arms feature cold forged alloy with laser-etched Apex logo. They are sharp and provides smooth shifting. Sram Apex uses PowerGlide chaining technology which is competition proven.

The long bottom bracket attaches both the crank arm to the chain wheel. This small chin wheel has a precise tooth profile and pick-up spikes.

It allows the crank arm with a lower Q factor than triple chainrings. The straight design requires little maintenance. This crankset is 890g weighted and comes at the lowest price compared to others.


  • Offers maximum stiffness
  • Cold forged alloy crank arms
  • Long-lasting finishes
  • Lower Q factors
  • Bottom bracket included
  • Simple design
  • Durability


  • The chainring is not as durable as the other parts


5. SHIMANO FC-M640 Zee 10 Speed Crankset

Best MTB CranksetThe ZEE crankset series is specially designed for gravity-time users by following SAINT technology. The extremely robust design assures the uncompromised performance in the free ride and downhill.

A reinforced steel axle is manufactured with the thick-wall aluminum construction. It adds the extra stiffness in the crankset, unlike others.

The steel axle increases the durability and strength of the crankset. This is 30% stronger than comparable trail cranks. The crank arm is attached with accurately aligned chain wheels which perform consistently.

This crankset is compatible is Shimano 10 speed that enhances confidence in the trails. It includes a BSA bottom bracket that helps the power transfer from the crank arm to wheels.

Moreover, it comes with a straight yet aggressive style. The overall construction is durable and strong. Unlike other Shimano crankset, it comes at the lowest price.


  • Robust design
  • Reinforced steel axle
  • Thick-wall aluminum construction
  • Consistency
  • Compatibility
  • Maximum strength and stiffness


  • The crank arm has a plastic nut which doesn’t fit properly


6. SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

Best MTB CranksetSRAM S300 is one of the stylish single speed cranks comes with a glossy black finish. It features the strongest and stiffest 7050 T6 alloy material with a sleek design.

The crank arm is cold forged of 6061 T6 alloy material that is light and strong. The crank arm is attached to a thick chain wheel with maximum teeth ring.

The design includes a GXP direct drive bottom bracket that follows Gutter Seal Technology. The bottom bracket is stiff and durable that enhance bike performance.

It is equipped with TSM power glide chainrings that assure smooth rolling. It has a black aluminum hard-anodized coating that prevents the rust.

The chain wheel design is straight and simple. Overall, this robust design is available at a reasonable price compared to others. Indeed it’s a great upgrade to any existing bike.


  • Lighter and stiffer
  • Straight and simple design
  • High-quality aluminum alloy
  • Durable bottom brackets enhance performance
  • Stylish outlook with a glossy finish


  • Chainrings bolts are glued, so you need to cut them in case of damage
  • They are a bit noisy


7. Shimano Altus M311 7/8s 175mm Chainset

ShimanoShimano Altus is a great deal for the budget-conscious riders and also for the entry-level cyclists. They are compatible with Shimano bike with 7/8 rear sprockets.

It includes a chain guard integrated design that will keep your chain into the perfect position. At the same time, it helps to keep your legs away from the chain while cycling.

The Altus features two arms with a different length of 170mm and 175mm. The chain case of the wheel is compatible with any design.

The bottom bracket is not included, so it requires 123mm bottom brackets to ensure effective functioning. This crankset is built to provide the precise shifting performance.

Though this weight is a bit heavy than others but manageable, the most exciting part is that this is probably the lowest priced crankset in our list. Go, grab your one before stock out!


  • Easy functioning
  • Compatibility
  • Lowest priced
  • Chain guard integrated design
  • Precise shifting performance


  • A bit heavyweight than others
  • Performance is not superior like others but worthy for the money


8. SHIMANO Ultegra R8000 Standard Crank Set

ShimanoAnother Ultegra edition in the list which might be the updated version of Dura-ace line. It is designed to assure optimized input and maximum output with excellent performance.

This crankset is mostly used by the athletes for the lightweight and optimum power transfer capacity. It has a wider gear pitch that increases consent between the chain and leading teeth.

An elongated crank arm with 4-bolt spider pattern provides a more streamlined and aerodynamic look. It has a Shimano HollowTech II type spindle interface that ensures smooth shifting.

It also has Shimano asymmetric chainring that fits the wheel perfectly. This Ultegracrankset provides the proper balance between lightweight and efficiency. So, you can enjoy a non-stop ride for an extended period.


  • Wider gear pitch
  • Very lightweight
  • Supreme performance
  • Efficient 4-arm construction
  • Streamlined design


  • The price is a bit high


9. SHIMANO Tiagra Double Road Bicycle Crank Set

Best MTB CranksetShimano Tiagra is here this time with a consistent and balanced crankset. It’s an excellent option for entry-level riding performance. Tiagra is equipped with an advanced technology ahead of Dura-ace.

This series assures the proper balance between stiffness and lightweight. It has a two-piece cap-free design similar to Ultegra which is easy to install.

The chainrings feature a properly placed pick-up pins with a correct tooth profile. It assures smooth and faster shifting. Also, the design is compatible with Shimano 10 speed.

It has anodized aluminum crank arms that can endure the maximum pressure. So get a faster ride by pedaling harder. The lightweight aluminum chainrings offer the unbeatable performance.

So, with this exclusive crankset, you can enjoy fluid shifting across different rough conditions. It is available at a compatible price. Indeed, it’s an excellent addition to your bike.


  • Simple yet sturdy design
  • Better stiffness
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient chainrings
  • Solid crank arms


  • The finishing is not perfect; not scratch-resistant


10. SHIMANO M361 Hybrid Crankset

Best MTB CranksetAnother low priced crankset in the list by considering the budget-conscious rider’s demands. This is a complete package of most inferior price product with additional high-quality features.

This compact design includes three chainrings with different teeth measurements. So, you can easily attach the crankset with any bike model. Both youngster and professional can manage the ride.

The chainring features a chainguard that keep the chain on the line to provide you with an excellent experience. That means your leg won’t get hurt by the tooth profile. The chainrings are replaceable.

The crankset includes a 175mm crank arm that is long enough to use the pedals comfortably. It also has an attached square bottom bracket that can endure any pressure.

In a word, it’s a great deal of all high-quality features at the lowest price. It is beautifully constructed with exceptional longevity as well as better performance.


  • Three different sized chainrings
  • A protective chainguard
  • Long crank arm
  • Compatibility
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • inexpensive
  • Better performance


  • Didn’t come with the nuts, so you need to find the match


MTB Crankset FAQs

Does a Crankset Play a Role in Letting You Ride Faster?

Crankset helps your bike to run faster. If you are a speed racer, you will find an advantage in using lighter cranks. But you should know that only crankset won’t make you ride fast. It depends on every part of your bike, including cranks, tires, wheels, hubs, pedals, and rings. All of these pieces of bike equipment will help you achieve maximum speed.

How Long Should a High-quality Crankset Last?

An ideal crankset will last for a minimum of four to six years. Some cranks have the ultimate lifetime of about ten years. However, if you choose a decent crankset, it will still provide you good service. What you need to do is to keep it clean and apply lubrication regularly.

Is It Good to Go With Short Cranks?

The benefits of using short cranks are many. Riders can achieve a lower aero bar position. As a result, knee tracking will be improved. Besides, they get the advantage of less leverage that will encourage a higher cadence. Thus, you make less exertion of force to run your bike.

Why Does Crankset Feature Numbers?

All cranksets come with numbers that indicate the number of teeth on chainrings. A high-quality set of cranks usually contain 53 and 39 tooth rings. On the contrary, some cranksets feature 50 and 34 tooth rings.

Can I Interchange Mtb Crankset With a Road Bike?

Of course, you can interchange MTB crankset with a road bike. But you need to make sure that the bb spacing is correct. Another way to use MTB crankset is to find a triple crank and take off the outside’s large ring. Although it will leave you with a 39-30 crank, it will work with your BB and FD.

Final Words

You’ve undoubtedly learned that a whole crankset includes the proper construction material, gear ration, chain ring numbers, crank arm length, and the bottom bracket compatibility. Keep these things in mind before buying the best MTB crankset.

If you don’t want to go through all the stress to find out a crankset for your bike, then go through our article. Make sure to choose one that matches your MTB. We believe that we delivered our promise. Now it’s your turn.

Do you have any different suggestion on MTB crankset that we forgot to mention? Or if you have any queries, then please make sure to share with us in the comment box below. We would be back to you with another exciting topic.



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