The 10 Best MTB Chain Lube in 2022 – Top Picks For Active Bikers

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best MTB Chain Lube

If you are a bicycle enthusiast, then it must be essential for you to keep the moving parts of your bike smooth – especially the chain, which should be well-lubricated. It is compulsory to prevent the dirt and grime from getting in, seal the gaps in the chain and all other things that are negatively affecting your bike performance.

When it comes to keeping the bike operating smoothly and efficiently, you need the best MTB chain lube. Some people think that existing household oil will do the job, but they won’t work for long.

Chain lubes are designed especially for the bike to ensure the constant movement. You can be sure about that the chain lube is a must-have item for the mountain bike maintenance. You must be looking for the best MTB chain lube that’s why we’ve put the top ten MTB chain lubes in this article.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best MTB Chain Lube

1. Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

2. White Lightning Clean Ride – Chain Lube

3. Pro Gold Products ProGoldProLink Chain Lube

4. Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

5. Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant

6. ProGoldProlink 16-Ounce Spray Chain Lube

7. Park Tool CL-1 Synthetic Blend Chain Lube

8. Finish Line Ceramic WET Bicycle Chain Lube

9. Bike-Aid – Drislide Multi-Purpose Lubricant

10. Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube

Reviews of the Best MTB Chain Lube

Since chain lubes are better at handling the dirt and dust that your bike may experience during the ride, so they reduce long-term wear and tear. They assure the best performance while saving your money and time on maintenance.

So, your bike will be there on the road for long where it belongs. Our objective is to assist you our best so that you can properly maintain your bike and enjoy the ride.

Our listed lubes will help to maximize the life of drivetrain components so can enjoy the smoother and better ride. So, scroll down and read on to find the details about our ten best MTB chain lubes.

1. Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

Best MTB Chain LubeFinish Line Dry chain lube is one of the well-known lubricants that works great in a variety of conditions. Many athletes use this lube to maintain their bike in dry and dusty environments.

Though it is considered as a best dry lube yet, it holds up well in moderately wet conditions. A wax-like protective synthetic film keeps your chain clean by not absorbing an excessive amount of grime and stain.

The added Teflon fluoropolymer minimize the pedaling friction and repels moisture. So, your bike can withstand rides up to 100 miles.

This incredibly versatile lube is a top choice among on-road and off-road cyclist. In addition to using lube in the chain, it can be used on shifters, derailleurs, cables, and brakes.

It reduces wear on sliding and rolling surfaces and penetrates chain bushings. If the lube goes on wet, then it sets up in dry in a paste-like consistency

In a word, it resists the dirt and ensures long-lasting performance. Finish Line dry lube is available at a compatible price.


  • Highly effective and durable
  • Prevent the dirt and stain
  • Versatile lube
  • Good value for the money
  • Weather resistance
  • Last for a long period
  • Ease of use


  • Not so easy to apply due to water-like viscosity


2. White Lightning Clean Ride – Chain Lube

Best MTB Chain LubeWhite lightening has a good value proposition that sheds dirt’s while you ride. It comes with a 4-ounce drip and dropper bottle so that you can lubricate the parts precisely.

This chain ride creates a dry wax film on the chain with a non-oily layer that can attract the dust. It includes a formula where self-cleaning action is activated by any dirt and grime that comes in your way.

Apply the lube in a fresh and clean chain then the wax film coating will spread out. It will create a protective shield around your chain and gears.

Bike’s chain and gears will perform better that will last 2 or 3 times longer. The more you use this clean ride lube, the more effective it becomes. This easy to apply lube is available at a reasonable price.


  • Sheds the dirt smoothly
  • Self-cleaning action
  • Easy-to-apply
  • Doesn’t creates an oily layer
  • Affordable
  • Durable and effective


  • It can absorb dirt if you don’t leave it to dry


3. Pro Gold Products ProGoldProLink Chain Lube

Pro Gold ProductsProLink chain lube is a thin-boiled lubricant from Pro Gold products. It’s the best option for the regular cyclist who often rides in rough terrain.

This lube is petroleum based which is a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons and naphtha. The lubricant comes in an attractive small bottle which provides the ease of use.

ProLink features metal friction reducing technology that assures smooth shifting and a quiet drivetrain. This dry lube will form a thin layer over the bike parts.

This layer will repel moisture and will prevent corrosion in the chain. It can shed mud and abrasive while riding in dusty place. It works best in cable and derailleurs as well. This small yet effective chain lube is available at the lowest price than the above two.


  • Easy to apply
  • Best for a smooth and noiseless drive
  • Metal friction reducing technology
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Sheds dirt and muds but repels moisture
  • Versatile
  • Lowest priced


  • Thin layer won’t last for long, but it is worth.


4. Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish LineFinish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube is the first wet chain lube in the list by Finish Line. This wet-style lube is highly recommended for the extreme wet conditions.

It keeps the parts wet while assuring the maximum performance over long distance. The lube formula includes high viscosity synthetic oils, water-repelling polymer, and advanced anti-wear additives.

This is one of the most well-founded water-resistant lube of Finish lines. Though they are water resistant but provide ultimate rust protection in harsh environments, if you want to get equal performance in the dry condition, then make sure to wipe the excess formula from the chain.

Finish Line assure the proven performance up to 100 miles of muddy and foggy road. The lube helps the chain to endure hi-torque pedaling over the uneven road.

The clean and non-toxic oil reduce the chain wear. You don’t need to pay much money to buy this robust wet chain lube.


  • Reduce the chain wear
  • A useful formula in the lube
  • Water-resistant
  • Resists foggy salt
  • Durable than dry lube
  • Repels moisture


  • Not very useful in dry condition
  • Sometime attract the grime which it shouldn’t.


5. Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant

Best MTB Chain LubeRock n Roll Gold chain lube is one of the extreme lubricant available in the market. The lube formula goes deep into the chain and traps the dirt. It is equally effective in both road and mountain bike.

This versatile chain lube can be used in rough terrain and track, where most of the free runners love to ride. This multifunctional lube serves the mountain bike in two way.

It lubricates the moving parts to run smoothly while improving efficiency. Also, it helps to clean the regions where it is being applied, when energy is provided into the components, the dirt, and dust float into the surface so you can wipe it all off.

The lube creates a protective membrane down inside the chain that seals the dirt. It can assure you a smooth ride with no creaky sounds that may break concentration. You’re getting this at a meager price.


  • Versatility
  • Multifunctional lube
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Reduce squeaky sounds
  • Clean the moving parts easily
  • Good valued lube


  • Not very durable; wear off quickly but tolerable for the price


6. ProGoldProlink 16-Ounce Spray Chain Lube

Best MTB Chain LubeProGold says Prolink chain lube stands against all the odds by not letting the dirt and grit stick into the chain. It helps to improve your bike performance in both wet and dry condition.

The lube formula will not build-up and get tacky over the chain or other moving parts. It creates a thin and shiny surface that sheds mud and abrasives.

In wet condition, it repels moisture and keeps the chain smooth to ensure a corrosion-free ride. It effectively reduces friction and wears at your chain and cable.

When you apply the lube it clean and lubricate the parts as you ride. Also, keeps the drive train area clean and seamlessly drag-free. This is available at a low price so that your bike will provide a consistent ride.


  • Won’t get tacky
  • Sheds muds and abrasives
  • Repel moisture
  • Water-resistant
  • Allow break-free performance
  • Reduce the annoying noise
  • Easy to use
  • Lubricate easily during the ride


  • Spraying the oil may spread over the area that wasted much oil.


7. Park Tool CL-1 Synthetic Blend Chain Lube

Park ToolPark Tool is considered as a leading manufacturer in bicycle maintenance products. They use all new technologies and solutions in their products.

Similarly, synthetic blend chain lube is one of their effective lube that works great in any condition. It includes PTEE and a proprietary blend of oils that goes deep into the chain.

In dry condition, it penetrates perfectly to clean the dust and prevent them from re-entering. The lube makes the surface smoother which reduces frictions of your bike.

In wet condition, it repels moisture and protects parts from rust and corrosion. This way, your bike performance enhances greater than before.

This synthetic blend lube works equally excellent on cable, spoke nipple, derailleur, and brake pivot. The solution will last for an extended period to provide you with an optimum experience. This is probably the lowest priced chain lube in our list.


  • Effective blends of oils
  • Works great in both condition
  • Reduce friction
  • Penetrate dust and muds
  • Repels moisture
  • Versatile lube


  • Some claims that the cap doesn’t fit perfectly; so the lube leaks
  • A thin solution so need to wipe off the excess lube


8. Finish Line Ceramic WET Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish LineCeramic WET chain lube is the most effective and famous cycling lubricant of Finish Line. Because they use the highest quality ingredient in this chain lube. Also, it’s an excellent valued lube for the money.

This wet-style lubricant consists of a Nanoplatelets of boron nitride and micron particle of the fluoropolymer. It builds a ceramic coating on the frictional surface which enhances smoothness for an extended period.

You will undoubtedly feel the smoothness as it reduces the annoying noises. Ceramic Wet stays for long in the parts, so you get the maximum drivetrain efficiency. Indeed, it’s an ideal option for hi-torque pedaling in harsh condition.

This is also water-proof that stays wet and provide maximum performance. So, it can be used in MTB, cycle-cross, road, and track racing. Like the previous one, the price is modest compared to others.


  • Most effective in the world
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Reduce drive train frictions
  • Water-proof
  • Assure a smooth and quiet ride
  • Completely repels water


  • A bit oily that attract the small grains


9. Bike-Aid – Drislide Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Best MTB Chain LubeLet’s make everything glide with this Bike-Aid Drislide. Bike-Aid barge into the smallest specs of the chain and creates a dry layer of moly.

The molybdenum-disulfide solution works excellent in lubricating control cables and lever pivot items. The lube solution is petroleum based which is water-resistant.

It creates a unique dry film on the metal surface that won’t attract dust. This is equally resistant to fog and muds that don’t allow rust and corrosion.

This lubricant can be applied on brakes, nuts, gear cable, and other metal parts. In extreme winter, the lube will prevent the cable freeze-up because it works great from -20oF to 7500oF temperature.

Also, it repels the moisture and keeps the parts rust and corrosion-free for long. What else bikers expect from a lube! It has everything at a reasonable price.


  • Strong molybdenum-disulfide solution
  • Effective petroleum layer
  • The unique dry film won’t attract dirt
  • Rust and corrosion-proof
  • Versatile lube
  • Multi-functional


  • A bit clumsy to use


10. Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube

Best MTB Chain LubeSquirt long lasting dry lube has some unique properties that make it exceptional to use in any cycling condition. It uses an advanced solution that offers you a better lubrication and cleaner chain for long.

This wax-based lube is blended from some particular type of waxes. It provides a unique smooth texture that requires less time to apply. It doesn’t need any cleaning or de-greasing.

In dusty location, this wax-type lube even won’t attract the little grime. The Squirts composition keeps the grime buildup considerably less. The excess wax layer will get expelled by the chain automatically.

The lubricant sticks to the chain for long so that you can enjoy a break-free ride. Also, the continuous application of the wax lube will make the bike run smoother than before.

It will highly expel the water build-up, and it will make the chain rust-proof. Above all, you are getting this exceptional lube at a very reasonable price.


  • Requires no cleaning and degreasing
  • 100% safe wax-base lube
  • Keeps the chain cleaner
  • Better lubrication
  • Durable performance
  • Keeps away the grime and dirt
  • Easy to apply


  • In extreme dusty condition, it requires re-apply
  • Can’t properly reduce friction


MTB Chain Lube FAQs

How Frequently Should I Use MTB Chain Lube?

If you want your bike’s chain to last longer, you need to clean and oil bike’s chain yearly. According to experts, bikers should clean the chain and apply lube after they complete riding 100 to 300 miles. By doing so, they can take good care of the bike’s chain to last for a longer time.

Is Wd40 Useful for Applying to the MTB Chain?

WD40 isn’t lubrication. Instead of that, it is a de-greaser, which job is to remove the lubricant from chains, cables, etc. if you intend to clean your MTB chain for re-lubrication, you may use WD40 as this product is fine for cleaning.

What Kind of Chain Lube Should I Apply on My MTB?

Every cyclist should use both wet and dry lubes. They can use dry lubes in the aridest condition, and they can use wet lubes in almost all conditions. Using both types of lubes will provide benefits, such as the longevity of the chain, etc.

How Long Does an MTB Chain Last?

Generally, MTB chains last for an extended period. They will support you anywhere from 500 to 5000 miles. But it depends on how you ride. If you ride occasionally, your bike chain will last for years. And if you ride quite often, it will last for months.

What is the Correct Way to Apply Lube on the Bike’s Chain?

You need to apply lube several times of the week if you ride the bike very often. Of course, you will be benefited if you clean and lubricate your bike’s drive chain. It is recommended that every cyclist should clean and lubricate their bike’s chain at least once every month.

Is It Necessary to Lubricate the Bike After Washing It?

You should lubricate the bike chain when it squeaks. Try to apply lubrication after wet rides; it will prevent your chain from rusting. Besides lubricating the chain, you should apply lube to the lever pivots and barrel adjusters. It will help them function properly.

Final Words

Above all, lubricated chain will operate with less resistance whether you are riding at the wet or muddy condition. If you haven’t oiled your bike chain yet the do it now to reduce the frustration.

In this article, we tried to provide the best depending on your bike condition. It might be difficult for you to choose one of these ten best MTB chain lube since all of them are within your budget so you can but many for your family and friends.

If you have any quires or suggestion about MTB chain lube, then share with us in the comment box below. Wrapping up for today, we will be back to you with another exciting topic.


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