The 10 Best MTB Brakes in 2022 – Top Picks Review

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best MTB Brakes

You cannot imagine a bicycle without a braking system. As a bike rider, you know the importance of a right brake. A powerful braking system can help you to ride successfully at anywhere any situations.

A strong and powerful brake helps to stop you on a dime. If you wish to go for a tough and off-road riding, you must ensure first that you have a strong and durable braking system.

Otherwise, if you are interested in customizing your braking system as like as your choice, you have to search and purchase the best MTB brakes. In this perspective, we can help you to choose your desired bike brake.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best MTB Brakes

1. JGbike SLX M7000 Hydraulic Disk Brake

2. M820 Saint Disc Brake Set

3. Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake

4. Mountain Bicycle V-Brake – BR-T4000

5. TRP Spyke Alloy Mechanical Disc Brake

6. Sunlite Cruiser/MX Brake Set

7. Avid Shorty Ultimate Rear Cantilever Brake

8. Bike Brakes Mountain Bike V Brakes Set

9. Clark’s Cable Systems Rear Hydraulic M2 Brake

10. CYSKY MTB Mountain Bike V-Brake

Reviews of the Best MTB Brakes

There are a lot of brakes on the market, some are bad in quality, and some are the best MTB brake on the market. In that case, these articles will help you to reach your goal. We have discussed some of the great featured and innovatively designed MTB brakes in these articles.

There are many several choices available relying on your bike and the riding you want to do. We want to introduce you ten best MTB brakes such as V-Brakes, Cantilever, Caliper brakes, Disc brakes and you will decide, where you want to jump!

1. JGbike SLX M7000 Hydraulic Disk Brake

Best MTB BrakesThe updated Shimano SLX M7000 Disc Brake comes to make your ride spontaneous and you will be risk-free at your adventurous rides. The super featured brake comes with a lighter weight and amazing super strong durability to generate a hassle-free braking strength for all types of bike riding.

The updated Shimano has taken to run over this SLX M7000 Disc Brake and subsume an integrated chief cylinder that will make your cockpit to look sleeker.

It has also come with the fully-bled lever and even caliper which is not included with adaptors or rotors; as a result, you would be able to customize your setup independently.

It is designed for the toughest riding style, it has featured with short stroke servo-wave mechanism which will give you the quick pad engagement, and this is why you get great confidence.

It is the best I-Spec II version, involving the same mechanism with the shifter or driven group set, interchangeable reach the adjustable level, helps to switch your preferred side and it invented with the bleed spacer, 4 adapter fixing bolts 18.7mm; for shortening hose or execute an inner cable frame.


  • Super designed, durable and strong
  • You can customize it as your own
  • Compatible with all rides
  • Factory kit for your self-servicing
  • Affordable but quality assured
  • Highest longevity and reliable


  • Not enough fitting to trim the both assemblies


2. M820 Saint Disc Brake Set

Best MTB BrakesSaint hydraulic disc brakes are invented for a high performance that gives you ultimate ride at any types of nature. For the reason of outstanding design, you would feel above all else.

It is subsumed with the 4-piston, dual-diameter caliper capacitates more oil for heat management while retaining high modulation and progressing pad wear.

The amazingly featured Servo-Wave levers give you faster pad contiguity, free stroke coordination, and kit-free reach adjustment, everything allows you to a hassle-free riding and the perfect feel that doesn’t matter where you are.

There is no rotor included. The Brakes has built with Pre-bled and designed one way bleeding for smooth bleeds at any time. It has ceramic 4-piston calipers for extreme braking power and features the Ice Tech pads with radiation fins.

The Saint M820 Disc Brake includes Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism for faster action and a large scale of power. The disc brakes embodied 15 finger levers with efficient pivot and help to reach for adjusting. It is also featured with I-spec utility which permits you to mount I-spec shifters right away for perfect management.


  • Excellent braking power.
  • 4-piston calipers.
  • Generates great power and extreme controlling system
  • Affordable price than its quality
  • Designed for the toughest riding


  • A bit heavyweight


3. Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake

DeoreThe Shimano Deore mountain bicycle T610 V-Brake generates very strong and high-performance, provide high controlling braking system with 107mm long vertical cantilever arms and straight cable action construction generate great leverage with loads of mudguard decontamination.

Its side-mounted brake pads decrease pad to bend, easy to install and nicely adjust. It has the long-arm wriggle springs which generate a fast and veritable return action which flourish reaction and pad redemption.

The Deore V-brake enhances the power of the bicycle and the Shimano V-brake system at an affordable cost. The high performed V-brake design generates a powerful and accurate controllable braking system.

Its 107 mm Vertical cantilever arms and direct cable action construction provide a powerful leverage ratio with a lot of mudguard clearance.

The superbly featured side mount brake pads decrease pad to bend and make easy installation and fits of pads. The Long-arm twist spring gives a quick and definitive return action for improving great response and pad clearance.


  • Strong durable and reliable
  • Easy installation and great response
  • The ultimate brakes give you super control
  • Inspire you to extreme riding
  • Affordable against its super quality


  • Its separate not pairs


4. Shimano Mountain Bicycle V-Brake – BR-T4000

ShimanoThe Shimano BR-T4000 is another efficient V-brake kit for extreme braking and mountain biking. The brake comes with extraordinary stopping power and great controlling for riders satisfactions.

The V-brake is designed for very smooth braking and controlling, so bikers would be more relaxed while riding in any situations and any types of environment.

The brake has some innovative feature, such as, it has a mudguard which obstructs the dust and dirt collection. This construction helps the bikers for smooth riding and generates necessary power.

This design will inspire you to ride even in wet conditions, and you don’t need to hesitate to ride over on the dirt track.

If you want to upgrade your brakes to Shimano but you are not keen to spend more money, so these brakes are the right option for you.

These products are made from the best aluminum and alloy metal which help you to stop on a dime but adding any unnecessary weight to your bike.

These brakes are incredible and almost as tough as disc brakes, as but significantly cheaper than disc brakes. These superb V-Brakes are too easy to install.


  • The great Shimano V-Brakes is a reliable name on the market
  • Almost as tough as disc brakes
  • Affordable but the quality is best
  • Best quality, extremely durable, very light, and high longevity
  • It would be the best MTB brakes for you


  • Some additional tools needed for adjusting
  • Painted finish is not of great quality


5. TRP Spyke Alloy Mechanical Disc Brake

Best MTB BrakesIf you are looking for a great mechanical disc brake for mountain bikes or fat bikes, so this is absolutely for your desired product to switch from your old one.

This brake will give you the most reliable stopping power and a hassle-free ride as you dreamt. It has the dual-sided mechanical brake, so it incites both pads, and generates strong force.

For the reason of two pistons movements which simultaneously contact rotors, as a result, it provides the extreme braking power and modulation.

It has included snow and mudguards which are prevented from dirt accumulation. The brake comes with ramped ball bearings which will ensure you smooth pad engagement and increase the modulation.

The product has been integrated with a barrel adjuster, all mounting hardware, adapter, and rotor. The 160 versions integrated L3 (160R/180F) is to PM adapter. The greatly featured product in a 169g package perfectly works with any of the liner pull levers in the market.


  • Extreme powerful brakes and wide range modulation control
  • Effortless set-up and hassle-free maintaining
  • Dual-sided brakes produce smooth braking and controlling
  • One finger braking gives you much advantage
  • Works with any types of V-Brakes lever
  • The 160 is included the L3 adapter


  • A bit heavy
  • Available in black only


6. Sunlite Cruiser/MX Brake Set

Best MTB BrakesSunlite Cruiser/MX brake set is one of the most reliable names on the market. This brake set has come with all necessary kits. It has launched with for both sided braking.

The brakes set are made of alloy or steel which made the brake invincible, strong and durable. The brake set is available in either steel or alloy, so you can pick as you like.

The front and rear brakes have included the all-important kits, Such as lever, caliper, cable, and housing. These all are designed for extreme riding and any kinds of environment. You can install the brakes set very quickly, so, you don’t need to go to the bicycle house.

The available two versions of breaks sets have constructed of melt forged alloy and forged steel construction that makes these products powerful and gives great longevity. The brake set has standard reach as 65-90mm. These set would work on pretty good in any bike.


  • Cheap than its quality
  • It will work pretty much in any bike
  • Reliable, durable and has great longevity
  • Super easy installation processes, so never get bored with it
  • Melt forged alloy and forged steel construction


  • Little bit weighty
  • Need to be careful on the muddy track


7. Avid Shorty Ultimate Rear Cantilever Brake

AvidAvid Shorty ultimate brakes are the best cyclocross brakes on the market. It comes with some super feature which makes the brakes better than the other.

Avid Shorty Ultimate is good for any CX bike with cantilever brake. The brakes have no vibration. So you feel like cool while riding. Many users said that they have switched to Avid cantilever brakes but the use of disc brake.

The brakes have extreme stopping capacity, and you will get the great controlling while biking. The brakes also look very cool and work amazingly well.

The brakes have the super adjustment screw that will help you to avoid tightening the wire upon wear of the pad, and the adjustment screw also works as an opener for the break in case of a tire change and helps from de-mudding the inside of the brake.

The brakes have an engaging spring tension set-up that works well. The high-quality cantilever brakes have been made of aluminum which is really recommended for cyclocross use. The brake would also have to work in ideal chime with your hand and give you precise control.


  • Super quality, durable and extreme brake for tough riding.
  • Very lightweight, versatile and easy to use
  • Innovative design and can be set-up with the wide or narrow stance
  • Great stopping power gives you the ultimate safe
  • Affordable than its super quality construction
  • Open design helps the mud clearance


  • Some user said, a bit fiddly to set-up
  • You should order individual for both rear and front


8. Wake Bike Brakes Mountain Bike V Brakes Set

WakeIf you are keen to replace your brakes as the V-Brakes, so this product will refuel you to go on a new ride. This is a great quality product and easy to install and maintain.

You will be amazed by its super quality; on the other hand, the price is low. The integrated springs are solid and sturdy but very easy to adjust. It has launched with everything sturdy and durable so that you will get extra longevity.

The brakes have the extreme stopping power that will help you to unnecessary contact while riding. For the reason of open design, it will not accumulate mud.

The brakes work great and so far that stops you every time and will work flawlessly even for inexpert bikers. These V-Brakes are made from aluminum alloy and plastic.

These Brakes have the standard arch size which is 110mm. These V-Brakes are too easy to install and suitable for most of the use of V-Brakes bicycle.


  • Easy installation and will fit 99% percent V-Brake bikes
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Durable and robust product including the brake pad
  • Standard 110mm arch size
  • Quality materials; alloy and plastic


  • Please make sure your bike size before purchase


9. Clark’s Cable Systems Rear Hydraulic M2 Brake

Best MTB BrakesThis is another super construction disc brake on the market. It has come with the updated version and especially for biker’s satisfaction. The M2 disc brake has been constructed especially for the cycling lovers.

The brake generates high-level performance and high power for the cycling enthusiast. It has extreme braking power to the MTB and hybrid biker.

The brakes designed with twin-piston caliper which deliver the extraordinary braking performance and excellent control. It is designed for very tough weather and any types of environment.

A sleek and compact lever construction also supports it, this design provides the more efficient and reliable ride. The brake is perfect, and it stops on a dime.

It has an extra long hydraulic hose so that it will fit even in a large frame adult mountain bike. The two pistons hydraulic brake patented with 160mm rotor disc has made the products more powerful. The brake has produced with strong, refined and durable material that will appeal to every biker.


  • An excellent choice for cycling enthusiast with a great price
  • Great quality, heavy braking power
  • Extra long hydraulic hose and lever reach adjustment
  • 2 piston hydraulic brake and 160mm disc rotor
  • Launched with mineral oil fluid


  • The hose is a bit long
  • Needs little more time to set up


10. CYSKY MTB Mountain Bike V-Brake

Best MTB BrakesIf you are looking for a V-Brake set and wanted to upgrade the existing V-Brakes on your mountain bike, CYSKY V-Brakes is the ideal Brakes for you. It comes with for both rear and front brakes.

You should keep in mind; however, that this brake set is only the elements for atop the wheels and works off of subsisting brake handles which come with your mountain bike.

The constructions of these brakes are elementary and are meant to mingle embodied in your bike. They never stick out and are black, including the mount and brakes pads.

So for updating your existing brakes, these brakes could be your affordable solution. The brakes set are not only the affordable, but they have also made from high-quality materials.

The mounting frame is built of an aluminum alloy which is both lightweight and durable, so you don’t feel anxiety if you ever fall into a big crash and these brakes can stop on a dime.

These V-Brakes are different than the other V-Brakes, such as, the brake pads fit perfectly encircled against your wheel that is exactly what you are searching in a V-Brake.


  • Full V-Brake set with an affordable price
  • Quality assured and more longevity
  • Aluminum alloy made
  • It would be a great replacement for mountain bicycles
  • Easy to install and arch size is 107mm


  • Make sure that it will fit your bike before purchase


MTB Brakes FAQs

What is a Mountain Bike Disc Brake?

A mountain bike disc brake is a braking mechanism made with a brake lever, a steel rotor, and a rotor clipper. There are two types of disc brakes. They are-  

  • Mechanical and 
  • Hydraulic.

How Do I Make My Brakes Better?

For making your brakes better, you need to change the brake fluid. Besides, you need to flush the brake lines by fresh brake fluid. It would be best if you also cleaned your rotors and pads. If the brake feel is still unsatisfactory, you need to install a new set of pads and motors.

What Are the Components of a Brake System?

There are many individual components in a vehicle’s hydraulic braking system. The major brake system components are-

  • Caliper & Pistons
  • Lever
  • Hose
  • Brake Fluid
  • Brake Pads
  • Disc/Rotor

How to Choose the Best MTB Brakes?

Choosing the brakes for your mountain bike is an important matter. For choosing the MTB brakes, you can follow the below topics-

  • Rotor Considerations- To reduce weight and improve heat dissipation, the rotors are made in two pieces.
  • Disc Brake Pads- There are three kinds of disc brake pads in MTB. They are: sintered, semi-metallic, and organic.
  • Brake Modulation- Brake modulation means the ability to reduce the speed of clamping force on a disc precisely.

How Many Types of MTB Brake?

A bicycle brake prevents the bicycle from moving. It reduces the speed of the bike. There are effectively three kinds of bicycle disc brakes. They are-

  • Disc brakes 
  • Coaster brakes
  • Rim brakes


Final Words

For boosting control and confidence on the trail you need the best MTB brakes. We hope you have already picked your MTB brake from the mentioned list. Here our experts picked ten best mountain bike brakes considering the budget and other crucial features.

They also presented the pros and cons to help you as always they do make purchasing easy for you. Besides, you can read real customer reviews, they are also beneficial. Happy cycling!


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