The 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 600 Dollars in 2022 (Review)

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best Mountain Bikes Under 600

The Best Mountain Bikes Under 600 Dollars Review: Mountain bike riding offers a great life experience for both the older and also the kid riders and the fun is even better if you have a sturdy and classy ride.

Whether you are just getting started in this sport or you an accomplished rider you need an affordable mountain bike that will offer the best rite of passage to the sport of mountain biking.

Selecting the ideal best mountain bikes under 600 dollars might be tricky if you are fresher in this sector since you deserve the best value for your money.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 600

1. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

2. Merax Finiss 26 Inch- 21 Speed Mountain Bike

3. Diamond Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

4. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual- Suspension Mountain Bike

5. GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension- 26 inch Mountain Bike

6. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

7. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike

8. Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle

9. Vilano 26″ MTB Ridge 2.0 – 21-Speed Shimano

10. Vilano Blackjack 3.0- 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

Review of the Best Mountain Bikes Under 600 Dollars

Although mountain bikes are under the same banner, the purpose and type of each bike are quite different. Mountain bikes have specific riding styles and terrains.

An informed buyer can choose the ideal bike that is durable and offer the best biking adventure. Here we have the necessary information to guide you when buying a best mountain bike under $600. This will guide to make the best choice and enjoy value for your money.

1. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bikes Under 600The mountain bike is constructed with Schwinn Aluminium frame with full suspension and it is rust resistant. This offers sturdiness to the bike while it is still lightweight.

It is built with the trustworthy 24-speed Shimano Altus and Shimano EZ-Fire (Trigger Shifters, the bike allows the biker to shift easily between speeds for different terrains.

The bike has dual suspension, Aluminium frame suspension and the Suntour suspension fork, which allows it to be used in any terrain and different purposes. This also makes it easier to ride the bike as it offers more control and better traction, making it ideal for new riders.

With the Pro Max Front disc brakes combined with the rear alloy V-brake, safety is improved as slowing down or stopping is easy, crisp and very smooth in all conditions.

With alloy laden rims and bladed spokes, together with a standard-sized 26-inch tire which exhibits excellent grip, skidding is minimized and the bike can be used even in rainy conditions.

At an affordable cost, the bike is economical and offer value for money. The bike is also very easy and quick to assemble or set up once delivered.


  • It retails for a low price making it very economical.
  • It is of dependable quality and excellent design.
  • Powerful, efficient and highly responsive brake mechanism.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Seamless and smooth shifting between speeds.


  • Fine tuning may be needed which may require it to be taken to a bike shop.
  • The saddle is a little bit uncomfortable.
  • It lacks a water bottle holder.


2. Merax Finiss 26 Inch- 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bikes Under 600Merax Finiss 26 Inch- 21 Speed Mountain Bike represents style, power and a bike that has everything you need to make your riding adventure fun. It’s a Hardtail mountain bike that is less than 600 dollars with a touch of class and versatile.

Impressive performances, durability, versatility, fashionable style and quality components make this mountain bike the best for any beginner rider.

This MTB is designed for any rider who loves to feel good on the road and has a sense of style. It has a 26-inch wheel with a tune-able suspension that gives you a nimble feel and good acceleration.

The bike is 85% assembled meaning only a small part of joining needed before taking a ride. The Shimano EF 51 and 21 Shifters makes it easy to ride, and it also comes with dual mechanical brakes system.


  • It has an impressive gear system
  • It’s a popular multipurpose bike
  • It’s quite stylish and fashionable
  • Has the latest rear and front mechanical discs brakes system
  • Comes with the advanced and latest aluminum suspension fork with mechanical lockout


  • For better performance, you need to add some tuning
  • You need to replace the added seat and pedals


3. Diamond Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bikes Under 600This is the most modern mountain bike that consists of a unique rigid frame with a frontal fork and shock-absorbing suspension. The framing is complete on butted 6061-T6 aluminum’s frame and 29-inch wheel with formed integrated tube and down and top tube.

It has thicker and more great tires and wheels designed to provide better absorption and more robust to the shock when riding over rough terrains.

Diamondback overdrive is one the popular mountain bike wheels 29er. It makes the ideal bike for cross-country, and cyclocross riding since the wheels use clincher style and its 29 inches tall.

This mountain back has an SR Suntour suspensions fork that gives you great fun while riding through the harsh terrains. It’s also classy making you feel good as you ride along.


  • It comes with the necessary assembly tools, making it easy and faster to assemble
  • It is aesthetically appealing
  • It has full suspension frame built with aluminium alloy
  • It has strong 29 inches wheels
  • It has a butted aluminum frame of 6061-T6


  • You need to buy kickstand since it’s not part of standard accessory.
  • You need to have a pump to fill the tires with air since they are flat during the time of purchase.


4. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual- Suspension Mountain Bike

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual- Suspension Mountain BikeThe Gravity FSX mountain bike has the best and full suspension, and it uses the single pivot technology. It has a frame made of an Aluminium lightweight hydroformed which enhances its durability and performance.

The frame is also designed to withstand different forms of body weights hence making it ideal for light and heavy riders. It has a unique disc brake, Tektro Novela which is known as the best braking system in the industry.

The braking system provides the quickest stopping power to ensure the rider is safe regardless of the weather.

The Gravity SFX is the most versatile bike in the market and used by riders for endurance racing and XC. Its SFX1.0 benefits from creative spec change and geometric adjustments making it bother faster and lighter on the trail.

This bike is designed to turn your ordinary day trip into a fantastic and extraordinary experience with its 29 inches wheel. The bike is good for fun, workout or even commuting.


  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Easy to operate Shimano Shifter
  • Rear and front Disc brakes
  • Has a sturdy and durable frame
  • Light and strong double wall rims


  • It needs frequent maintenance
  • It requires joining of various parts to make a mountain part


5. GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension- 26 inch Mountain Bike

GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension- 26 inchGMC Mountain bike comes with a dual-suspension and a floating beam suspension that is designed in a mated way to zoom suspension forks with a spring or elastomeric technology. It’s a sturdy and beautiful bike.

It comes with a perfect geometry that prevents the rider from getting back pain and its designed for any rider who is has a sense of performance and class. It’s a 21-speed mountain bike that features a strong aluminum frame and full-suspension.

The bike has the aluminum wheelset with high-flange alloys hubs and a classy V-shaped rim profile. Has a rear and front premix disk brakes that work super great even in the most adverse conditions.

Also, its drivetrain winds up using the durable aluminum, and it’s available in a matte blue and black colors giving the rider to choose the best according to their taste and preference.


  • Great stopping power with its Dual Promax disk brakes
  • It’s a 21-speed bicycle
  • Has a durable aluminum frame and full-suspension
  • Comes with 26-inches wheels making it perfect for an averaged body rider
  • Comes with a micro shift shifters push


  • The instruction manual is not clear
  • You need to replace the pedals and seat post


6. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain BikeThis is a quality mountain bike that doesn’t hurt your wallet. The bike is constructed with 6061 (T_6) aluminum frame, not only making it lightweight but also very sturdy.

This bike comes with 27.5-inch wheels. With 24 Shimano Altus speeds, the biker can change them according to their desire or terrain they are on.

Also, the bike has a plushy 4-inch SR XCT Suntour suspension fork which absorbs bumpy terrain for better control, complete fun, and less fatigue when riding through rough terrains.

Safety also is guaranteed with the Tektro Aries Mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors. This offers reliable and safe stopping power in any terrain.

The bike has a reasonable price and for any bike enthusiast out there, considering the cost and benefits, this Overdrive bike doesn’t disappoint.


  • With 24 speeds, it offers a wide range of speed options for any terrain or going uphill.
  • It is constructed with trusted 6061 T6 aluminum alloy frame making it sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Amazing gear shifters for fast, smooth and seamless gear shifting.
  • Super fantastic and responsive brakes.
  • The SR Suspension fork offers 80mm suspension for smooth rides


  • The handle grips are a little abrasive on delicate hands. Wearing padded gloves sorts this out.
  • The seat also is uncomfortable for long rides.


7. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bikes Under 600This is among the greatest bikes you can get under 600 dollars. The bike frame is made of sturdy 6061 T-6 aluminum which makes it lightweight, high durability and offers total endurance for the roughest of any terrain or conditions.

The Diamondback Overdrive ST bike features the Shimano Altus EF 51 speed shifters. This offers 24 speeds for the biker to choose from according to preference, the terrain, or conditions.

The Suntour suspension which provides up to 80 mm of suspension, riding over rocks, roots or bumpy terrains is smooth and comfortable.

The bike has a powerful and strong braking system that can come to a complete instant stop if needed. By having the ever dependable Tektro mechanica disc brakes, the biker is in control and his/her safety is not in jeopardy.

It has a Shimano rear derailleur and front derailleur drivetrain for easy and smooth gear shifts. Also, the bike has 27.5-inch wheels which easily make them roll over obstacles in its path. Having such large wheels offers wonderful handling, traction, and stability when riding. This helps in preventing accidents.

The bike is delivered 85% assembled; hence finishing its assembly is easy and quick. It retails at a reasonable price and for such a price this is a dependable and excellent bike.


  • The bike has durable double wall alloy rims for strength and durability.
  • The Tektro Aires disc brakes are reliable and work in any weather conditions.
  • It has 24 speeds making it fast and able to tackle more terrains.
  • It is constructed with butted aluminum frame making it lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Suntour suspension provides 80mm of excellent suspension.


  • The saddle is uncomfortable.
  • The handle grips have rough-textured finishing which are uncomfortable and hurt hands when riding.


8. Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle

Schwinn Men's High Timber BicycleThis quality bike is made of highly durable and strong steel alloy. This makes it durable and long-lasting. It is specifically designed for big-bodied riders. Despite being made of steel, the bike weighs only 47 pounds.

It features a front SR Suntour suspension fork which increases control and helps when cycling downhill. The bike is manufactured with linear-pull brakes making it efficient when stopping abruptly. They offer strength, better control, and handling when riding the bike.

The Schwinn high timber bike is built for speed as it has 21 gears made with Shimano components and features SRAM shifters.

The derailleur is perfectly effective and ensures fast and smooth gear switching. The bike also has 29-inch wheels, making it easier to pass obstacles that would normally stump bikes with smaller wheel diameter.

The rims are made of quality, strong and durable alloys that make ensure smooth rides and that the wheels don’t bend. It is fitted with awesome tires which can take on any rough terrain available.

The bike has raised handlebars and a quick-release adjustable saddle, to offer a very comfortable riding position. This bike does not require much maintenance.


  • Built to handle any terrain.
  • Very lightweight considering it is made of steel.
  • It has SRAM shifters for seamless and smooth gear shifting.
  • It retails for a low price.
  • It is made with a sturdy and very good-looking design.


  • It’s a bit high for short riders.
  • Some riders may prefer mechanical brakes and more speed than the 21 available.


9. Vilano 26″ MTB Ridge 2.0 – 21-Speed Shimano

Best Mountain Bikes Under 600The bike’s frame is made from quality double-butted aluminum, composing aluminum, silicone, and magnesium. This configuration increases durability while decreasing weight up to 15% of standard frame configuration. This offers easier control, maneuvering, and handling while increasing stability and rigidity.

The bike features a mechanical disc brake system which ensures rapid slowing or sopping abilities thereby enhancing safety. It can work safely in any terrain and conditions without any hitches.

This bike features a 26-inch suspension fork alloy with a lockout system. Suspension lockout allows the rider to switch off suspension when riding on normal flat road surfaces that don’t require suspension.

The rims of the bike are made from magnesium alloy, making them significantly lighter and with improved structural integrity. These alloy rims also offer better grip with disc brake systems when compared to normal steel wheels.

The bike features a Shimano EF-51 Easyfire7 speed shifter with 21 speeds. The bike also has a Shimano Tourney TZ50 and Shimano TZ30 rear and front derailleurs respectively, for easy and seamless gear shifting.

This awesome bike arrives partially assembled and with the instruction manual. The price is also reasonable for an impressive entry-level mountain bike.


  • The available suspension fork with the Lockout feature makes this an outstanding bike.
  • The bike features premium mechanical brake system enabling optimum stoppage.
  • Double-walled alloy rims for excellent handling and durability.
  • Shimano EF-51 Easyfire7 speed shifter with 21 speeds offers easy, smooth and seamless gear shifting.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy for excellent maneuverability, handling, and control on any terrain.
  • It is available for a low and economical price.


  • It ships disassembled and required tinkering and some time to assemble. However, it comes with a complete step-by-step guide.
  • It is an entry level bike. Not fit for advanced riders.


10. Vilano Blackjack 3.0- 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

Vilano Blackjack 3.0- 29er Hardtail Mountain BikeFor those riders who enjoy riding off the road, the Vilano Blackjack 3.0- 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike with 29-inch wheels is your partner.

It’s a Hardtail bike constructed with aluminum frame of the highest quality, and it has a double wall of alloy rims.

The bike boasts of 24 speeds that make it moves faster than any other standard bike, and it has 29er wheel and discs brakes of dual mechanical. One of the most sporty and comfortable bike for any rider both beginners and experts.

This is a trail-capable bike that gives you a controlled and smooth ride. The MTB has Shimano components that are durable and an 80mm front suspension forks with lockout giving you the best feeling riding ever.


  • Mechanical Disc brakes
  • Double wall alloys rims
  • Easy to install
  • Integrated brake lever and shifter
  • Very light in weight


  • It needs a bit of tuning
  • It has uncomfortable grips


Buying Guide of The Best Mountain Bikes Under 600

Mountain bike is an excellent companion, and they offer various adventure fun both off and on the road, but we also have others which are versatile to be used for other purposes.

When deciding on which mountain bike to buy you need to consider various factors that give you the power to obtain the ideal MTB for the right use and longevity.

Types of Mountain Bike

We Have Three Critical Types of Mountain Bike, and They Include:

Full suspension/Dual-Suspension

These bikes have a suspension connected to their rear and front wheels. The full suspensions help in the absorption of the impact from the trails, improving the traction and reducing any effect on the rider resulting in comfort riding.

Hardtail Suspension Bike

The Hardtail mountain bikes have suspension only in the front, and they have less moving parts making them lighter and less expensive to maintain.

Hardtail bikes have a front suspension mechanism that allows them to be locked creating an efficient fully rigid bike. The light in weight and stiff nature of mountain bike with Hardtail suspension makes them ideal for less challenging cross country and trails.

Rigid Suspension Mountain Bikes

These are mountain bikes without suspension. The lack of suspension on rigid mountain bikes limits their potential usage making them ideal for more natural trails and the wheels provides the needed comfort.

The rigid mountain bikes offer the best option for beginner riders who want to tackle the more open trials and in more straightforward ways. They are light in weight and easy to maintain.

Frame Material

Mountain bikes are either made of aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, titanium or combination of any of these materials. Each of the content comes with its characteristics that affect the weights, cost, comfort and the general bike feel.

When buying a mountain bike, you need to pay particular attention to the kind of frame material since this determines the durability of the material.


It’s the most frequently used frame material in most of the modern mountain bikes, followed by carbon fibre. Aluminum makes the bike stiff and light.

They also have excellent power transfer and adding different butting of frame tubes makes the bike stronger and thick. Buying a mountain bike with aluminum frame offers the best solution for riders choosing to seek for performance and value.

Carbon Fibre

This frame material is used on mountain bikes that need unique frame shape and tube profiles since it’s easy to mold into any given shape.


A Groupset of mountain bikes comprises of drivetrain and brakes which is known to be the bike engine room. The drivetrain has chainrings, Cranks, cassette, chain, shifters and derailleur.

The MTB drivetrain has a closed circuit that propels the bike to make it more durable, efficiency and makes it shifting performances to increase while its weight decreases. The best drivetrain is ones made of high-quality alloy.

The two most important and common brakes are the hydraulic disc brakes and the cable operated disc brakes. Most of the best mountain bikes under 600 dollars are made of hydraulic system brakes making them reliable, lightweight, and of low maintenance system.


Gearing plays an essential role in any mountain bike; we have the 29er and 26 er. A 29er gear is more advanced and best for beginner’s riders since it’s more enjoyable to ride on loose terrains and bumps.


Every rider wants an MTB that they can assemble very fast and most come with well-detailed instructions. Follow the guided manual and join the mountain bike according to the given direction, some have their collect tools but others you need your home tool to assemble.

We have some mountain bikes which are 85% assembled, and only a small portion needs to be joined by you, relax and let your hands work out your MTB.

Remember, you don’t need a professional to assemble the mountain bike you can do it in the comfort of your garage or compound and enjoy your first ride.

Personal Preference

The verdict is still on a personal level on the kind of mountain bike they love. Some rider prefers class, style and cool bikes while others are more concerned about the bike features like material and speed. When it comes to choosing between a 29er and a 26er the final decision will lie on the person riding style.

For the riders who love quick moves that are easy to handle the 26er makes the best companion but for the rider who likes maneuvering through the rough terrains and racing up the mountains, they need to consider the fantastic 29er.

Personal preference plays a vital role in the person riding the bike knows the kind of feel and adrenaline they want during their adventure. Personal preference can actually let you know what kind of a bike suits your personality. This will, in turn, ensure you get the perfect bike that also suits your preference.

Mountain Bikes Under 600 FAQs

Is an Expensive Mountain Bike Really Worth the Money?

Expensive Mountain bikes tend to feature high-quality components to deliver the best performance.

So, considering this fact, it is clear that expensive mountain bikes are worth the money, and users can go with these bikes if they have no budget problem.

27.5 Vs. 29er, Which is Better?

In terms of acceleration, 27.5-inch wheels are faster than 29ers. But 29ers are more efficient on longer rides. Thus, which one is better entirely depends on how you want to ride.

If you wish to experience fast acceleration, you should choose 27.5-inch wheels. On the other hand, for the long ride, 29ers will be a great choice.

Should I Select a Full Suspension or Hardtail Mountain Bike?

If you want to ride on technical trails, you should choose a full-suspension bike. On the contrary, if you are low in budget and want to ride bikes on smother trails, you need to select the hardtail bike.

What Wheel Size is Best for Mountain Biking?

The 27.5” wheel can be an ideal choice as it has many benefits. It delivers good acceleration compared to other wheels.

Not only that but the 27.5”-wheel also allows you to experience a smoother roll even on some technical trails.

Are Lighter Mountain Bikes Faster?

A light mountain bike can save a few seconds while riding on trails. But if you want to go faster, you need to spend more money to upgrade your mountain bike.

You can start by improving wheels, shedding bodyweight, etc. By doing so, you can achieve a fast pace while riding your bike.



Final Word

Most of the riders want mountain bikes that will serve their trail purpose and affordable. They want to hit their riding experience with joy and pride of the mountain bike they are riding will give them the fun they deserve.

The best mountain bikes under 600 dollar are well designed to provide a lifetime companion regardless of the nature of the ride. They can walk with you for years, enjoying various riding experience and making life full of fun.

They have super quality features and materials that give value for your money and an MTB to enjoy even with your fourth generation. Choose the best mountain bike according to your taste and preference.



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