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best mountain bike saddle bag

Many of us are fond of cycling. It is great to go far from home by cycling. To have a nice and wonderful time by cycling, you just need some tools and gears for yourself.

Your tire might leak, or your break might work slowly. You cannot be sure that you will not face such problems. To be precautious about these problems you have to carry some important that can instantly fix your bike. But now the main question comes.

How are you going to carry those tools and gears? Obviously, you are not going to carry a backpack for this purpose. The answer is you need Best mountain bike Saddlebags to carry those tools and gears.

Mountain bike tool bag is not only for carrying tools for repairing. It is also for carrying small stuffs of yours such as wallet, phone, key, map, tissue paper, etc.

It helps you to have a great time riding on your cycle and travel to a place to experience something new. Or you can even use this type of waterproof bike saddle bag with your cycle to travel to such places where you go regularly. For example, school, office, playground and many more.

So, we are going to have a discussion on ten best saddle bags that you can buy without your doubt to carry your essential tools during cycling. Here are ten best mountain bike saddle bags which have most of the facilities that a cyclist wishes for.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Saddle Bag

1. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

2. Topeak seat pack Packs saddle bag

3. BV Bicycle Y-Series Bike Saddle Bag

4. AmazonBasics Strap-On Saddle Bag

5. WOTOW Bicycle Outdoor Saddle Bag

6. Social Ride Cycle Co. Bike Bag

7. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

8. Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

9. Topeak seat pack Aero Wedge Packs

10. Timbuk2 Bicycle Seat Pack

Reviews of the Best Mountain Bike Saddle Bag

1. BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

best mountain bike saddle bagWe all know that bicycle saddle bags can be used for many reasons. One of them is to carry small tools and gears. So that you don’t have to find difficulties during riding your bike.

BV USA has brought a bag that can help you carry maximum numbers of tools that you need on a ride. Not just this, you can also carry some dry snacks and your mobile phone inside the bag.

You can easily get access into the bag as the design is quite user-friendly. The pocket’s mouth is pretty wide. You can easily put your stuff inside. And you can also put them out easily.

The stitching of this bag is great. That is why the bag is durable. The fabric is also quality maintained. This product fits on every bicycles seat and seat post. That is why it is secured to carry items inside it.


  • Mesh pocket system integrated so that you can easily get access to your gears.
  • Large and medium size bags can be expanded to carry more gears.
  • Strap on mounting helps to fit the bag with seat easily.
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective trim gives you safety while riding on the night.
  • Tail light hanger allows you to attach backlight for extra safety purpose.


  • The straps behave unusually after many uses.
  • The zippers are not fast and smooth as it should be to put in or out gears quickly.


2. Topeak seat pack Aero Wedge Packs saddle bag

best mountain bike saddle bagTopeak doesn’t disappoint its customers. This saddle bag of the company is one the best good looking bags in the market. It has enough space inside to carry your small tools so that you can use them when you need.

As an ideal product, it also allows you to ride your cycle safely during the night. It has such features that you can get extra safety facility to avoid any fatal accidents during night riding.

It has a click system mounting integrated. Because of this, you can easily mount the product. The inner structure is also suitable for carrying all types of gears.

The manufacturer has kept the fact of gears safety issue in mind while designing the product. From Velcro to zipper, you will hardly find any defects that can cause you trouble.

Even the zippers are quality maintained. Many companies ignore the zipper fact as mounting is the main fact in saddle bags. But still, the manufacturer has integrated quality zippers.


  • 1200 Denier Nylon is used to make the product.
  • Teflon coating is also present to add extra durability.
  • Reflective strip added on the rear.
  • Medium and large size products inner space can be increased.
  • Internal mesh elastic pouch is added to secure gears that are going to be put inside.


  • The fabric is not fully water resistant. If the product stays for a long time in the rain, then there is a possibility of the stuff inside getting wet.


3. BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

BVThis product of BV ensures the durability lot more than other products. If you are an old rider, then you will surely know that a product made by this company always assures all types of facilities.

From your safety issue to the mounting system, all demands can be fulfilled by this product. To carry a bit larger tools and big screen mobile phones, this product is perfect.

It has much inner space. It also ensures your safety at night. Tail light hanger lets you hang a backlight so that you can be safe while cycling at night.

You will also have the freedom to choose the perfect size for you as the product has few size options. As far as the mounting is concerned, this product can fit any seat post easily and perfectly. The straps hold the post strongly and keep the product stuck with the place where you tied it up.


  • Has enough space inside, doesn’t let you carry a backpack for a larger tool.
  • Tail light hanger is available on the back. Gives you the facility to use tail light for cycling at night.
  • The high-quality reflective material is used so that you can be safe and visible.
  • Big zippered opening mouth allows you to put your stuff inside easily.
  • Mounts well and doesn’t make any noise.


  • The extra small size is very small and doesn’t allow you to put in most of the gears.


4. AmazonBasics Strap-On Wedge Saddle Bag for Cycling

AmazonBasicsIf you are looking for a saddle bag that is small in size and also compact, then this product is the one you should buy for yourself. This saddle bag is for carrying small necessary tools that you should always carry when you are cycling.

It is not like other bags that allow you to carry different types of gears for different purposes. Another amazing part of this bag is its material. The material used to make this bag can resist water and keep your stuff inside dry.

That is why you can even put your electronic devices such as mobile phone inside this bag while you are facing a wet weather during cycling.  Even you can safe at night too.

The product gives you the opportunity to mount a rear light so that you can be visible cycling by others on the road. It really ensures your safety and lets you travel freely.


  • The reflective strip is added across the back to make you visible.
  • Also has a mounting loop that allows you to add a rear light so that you can be safe cycling at night.
  • Velcro strap mounts and click together buckles facility let you attach the product with the seat post.
  • Doesn’t let the weather put the effect on gears inside.
  • The material is quality maintained and weather resistant.


  • Once the product is attached with your seat post, the zippers will be a little tough to open or close.
  • Have to face a little bit of problem while attaching if you are small road bike rider.


5. WOTOW Bicycle Repair Set Bike Outdoor Seat Saddle Bag

best mountain bike saddle bagThis saddle bag is for those who travel a lot far from home and have a very rusty journey. Because this saddle bag has much space to carry most of the essentials that you need to travel a long distance.

It also comes with some tools that are very much important on the long trip. These tools help you to fix your repair your bike during the journey. That is why you don’t need to carry such tools or buy them.

After putting those tools inside, you still have more space to put your other stuff such as keys, ID card, wallet and much more.

You must be thinking that the product is larger too and that is why it can store many products. But the truth is, the structure and the design of this product are fantastic. The structure makes this product compact and easy to attach with any cycle’s post.


  • The integrated 14 in 1 tool, tire levelers, and chain hook can help you solve many problems of your bike.
  • Aerodynamic wedge shape allows you to put your most of the kinds of stuff inside.
  • Auxiliary mesh pocket integrated.
  • Takes less time to mount and can be released easily.
  • The tools given with the product can be used separately for other purposes too.


  • The hex wrench given with the product is very delicate and less durable.
  • The fabric of this bag is below average.


6. Social Ride Cycle Co. Bike Pouch Under seat

best mountain bike saddle bagThis Social Ride Cycle Co. assures you to use the latest and stylish product on your journey or ride. The saddle bag they are providing has the unique and significant design.

Not just that, you can choose the colors of the product. The color choosing option is very rare in most of the saddle bags or pouches. This product doesn’t just maintain design; it also makes sure you stay safe while cycling.

It is made of quality fabric. That is why you can use this bag in a worse weather. It keeps the gears inside protected from the negative effects of the weather.

So, you can put your mobile phone or other electronic accessories inside the bag whenever you see the rain is coming. The blend of Polyester also makes this product durable.

You can attach this pouch with your even if are going for a rough journey. It can endure them all. But the main thing about this pouch that you should know is, this backpack is eligible for carrying small tools and gadgets than you might need if your cycle faces any problem.


  • A reflective strip integrated so that your presence can be noticed by other people on the road.
  • Tail light strap lets you integrate a rear backlight so that other vehicles can avoid you from tackling.
  • The polyester blend makes the product durable.
  • Water resistant.
  • Can be attached easily with the help of snap-in buckles and Velcro straps.


  • The stitching is not durable. It fails to endure any hardship.
  • Not all types of gear can be carried inside this pouch.


7. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

BVWe all are familiar to the name BV. The specialty of the product of BV that we are going to talk now is durability level and weight. The product is much more durable than other products in the market.

If are a regular rider and go to rough places like mountains or jungles, then you can have a very good service from this product for a long time. This product has just one size.

It is eligible for carrying small tools and personal kinds of stuff such as wallet, ID card, pad and many more. Though space is not quite big, but can still carry the tools pretty easily inside this product.

The product is compact and very much lighter than other similar products. The patented designed zippered opening system helps you to get access to your stuffs easily. The mounting system for this product is pretty much simple.

You can easily attach it with your seat post. The stuff that you put inside the backpack stays safe under your seat and you can out them out whenever you wish for.


  • Strap-on mounting system helps you attach the product perfectly.
  • A mesh pocket is located inside to keep smaller things safely.
  • Reflective trim integrated so that you can ride safely at night.
  • Taillight hanger is integrated so that you can add a backlight for added safety.
  • Easy to attach or detach the pouch because adjustable Velcro strap system is available.


  • A little bigger stuff like spare tube cannot be carried inside this bag.
  • The stitching is below average.


8. Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

IberaTriangle frame bags are large in size. You can carry bigger stuff inside this pouch. Riders often use this product so that they can easily reach their gears whenever they wish for.

This product is also durable. Many of you might have a doubt that it might obstacle your paddling or other gears. But the construction of this bag is totally different.

You can easily attach it to the top tube of your cycle. You will feel no such difficulties at all. This product minimizes the chance of wind resistance.

The product is eligible for carrying the essential tool for cycle, snacks, your personal items, spare tubes and many more. To get access to the main compartment you need to use the top zipper.

And you will also get a slim outside pocket so that you can carry so stuffs separately such as papers, tissues, mobile phone, keys and many more.


  • Reflective trim helps you to get detected by other vehicles on the road, and you can keep yourself safe from fatal accidents.
  • The product is water resistant. No effect of weather will reach your stuff.
  • Even the smallest of the size has a capacity of 3 liters. And the large size has 5 liters.
  • Have internal pocket to keep smaller things safely.
  • The product will not get in the way of other gears or your body parts.


  • The straps are below average. Straps stitches are bad. Even the company assures nothing positive about it.
  • The zippers open from back to from which is not friendly when you are cycling.


9. Topeak seat pack Aero Wedge Packs

best mountain bike saddle bagWell, what we wish from a saddle bag? Durability? Easy to use? Sufficient space? You can have all these facilities in this product. This product is made of quality material.

We all know Topeak never uses average materials. That is why you can expect fabulous material from this product. As there is quality material, you can also expect durability from this product.

You can use this product on regular basis. You can even carry this in bad weather situation too. The product is also easy to use type. You can easily mount and dismount it from your bike.

If you need to park your bike, then you can quickly dismount the bag from the bike. Thought the bag seems small; still you can carry lots of things inside it.

As there is an expansion zipper, you can unzip it to expand the inner space to carry larger items. It also keeps you safe when you are cycling at night.


  • Click system type mounting system helps you attach the bag easily.
  • Reflective strips help you to become visible in dark.
  • You can also add backlight on the back of the back.
  • Expansion zipper integrated for increasing space.
  • Zippers are user-friendly.


  • The fixer part is not user-friendly. Doesn’t fit perfectly.
  • Is not perfectly compatible with small road bikes.


10. Timbuk2 Bicycle Seat Pack

best mountain bike saddle bagTimbuk2 offers you a pouch that can use for random traveling and cycling. There are some fixed tools that you must carry while you are cycling to go to a far distance.

There is only one pocket where you can keep all your necessary tools inside. Ballistic Nylon makes the product more durable. We all know that nylon is a very strong fabric.

It is also durable and doesn’t fail easily. That is why you can easily use this product for many years, and you will always get its hundred percent even after a few years.

It has a single zippered opening system. That makes easier for you to use this pouch as you can easily unzip and zip the mouth. There is much space inside to carry a tube, pump and other large equipment inside. this product can be attached with your bikes seat post and saddle rails.


  • The structure of the product is strong and provides service for a long time.
  • Made of tough ballistic Nylon. Makes this durable too.
  • The backlight can be attached for extra safety.
  • Can be removed quickly whenever you want.
  • Weight is lighter and user-friendly.


  • There is no inner pocket to keep smaller things separately.
  • Buckles are made of normal plastic.


Mountain Bike Saddle Bag FAQs

What to Look for in a Saddle Bag?

If you need the best mountain bike saddle bag, you might check out the following factors very well. They are-

  • Shape and size
  • Storage Space
  • Aerodynamics
  • Material
  • Compatibility
  • Adjustability
  • Waterproof
  • Safety

 Are Bike Saddle Bags Worth It?

Yes. When you are out on your mountain bike, a saddle bag is essential to carry a few spares and tools along with you. They offer convenient storage to carry your cycling gears, repair kits, glucose or energy drinks, and other essential items during cycling.

Which is the Best Size to Consider When Buying a Saddle Bag?

Including 3-regular sizes such as- small, medium, and large, saddle bags are available in different sizes. However, the choice of saddle bag size usually depends on your tour item. Although large saddle bags are convenient to carry many things, they can affect the pedaling yet. However, medium-size saddle bags are the most versatile option to carry any tour items.

Should I Buy a Waterproof Saddle Bag?

The choice between waterproof and non-waterproof saddle bags overall depends on the things that you will carry inside. Actually, the waterproof feature is not mandatory for saddle bags. Usually, most of the saddle bags are made of leather or nylon, which are not waterproof. Although most of the things in a non-waterproof saddle bag remain fine even after the bag gets wet, waterproof saddle bags are best for mobile phones and clothing. However, if you buy a water-resistant saddle bag, it would be best for long and solo rides.

 What Are the Essential Items to Carry in a Saddle Bag?

The choice of things that you would carry into your saddle bag usually depends on your personal preference. Here are some essential items that we recommended you put inside your saddle bag when you are going for a bike ride.

They are-

  • IDs
  • Mobile Phone
  • Multi-tool
  • Patch Kit
  • Small Nail Clipper
  • Presta to Schrader tube valve adapter
  • Valve extender
  • Zip ties
  • Tore levers
  • CO2 inflator and Canister
  • Spare Tubes

Final Words

In fine, all we can say is that sometimes secondary pieces of stuff are as important as the mandatory ones. Just like you need a cycle to enjoy cycling which is a mandatory thing. But along with this mandatory thing you will also need the secondary stuff.

Yes, the tools and gears. Because without them, you cannot have a nice and safe journey by cycle. So, to get a hundred percent from your cycling, you need to have a nice saddle bag. Without a good one, it will be difficult for you to carry all the necessary tools and keep them safe. That is why always try to buy the best one.


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