The 10 Best Kayak Gloves in 2023 – Recommended By Experts

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Kayak Gloves

You are heading toward a mysterious river, and your hands are getting cold. The whole situation is tremendously dangerous. If you are passionate about kayaking, then you must have faced such situations.

Kayakers always have to aware against hypothermia, whatever is the weather. Your hand protection must be your priority while planning for a kayaking trip. That means you need a pair of quality kayak gloves.

The best kayak gloves have to lightweight, durable, and comfortable enough. As it is all about water, so your selected gloves have to be entirely waterproof. Leaving home without taking properly waterproof gloves may leave your hand open to blisters and wounds.

Such a situation could ruin your trip, as you’ll find it hard to move your kayak. So finding the kayak gloves may seem easy, but in reality, it is not that easy. That’s why we are here. We’ve gathered a list of best kayak gloves, on which you can trust. Let’s know more about them.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Kayak Gloves

1. Trideer Paddling Gloves

2. Warmers Barnacle Half-Finger Paddling Glove

3. Warmers Sun Paddling Glove

4. Sea to Summit Solution Gear Eclipse Paddle Glove

5. Promate 3mm Neoprene Scuba Dive Kevlar Gloves

6. NRS Men’s Boater

7. Brace Master Sailing Gloves

8. NRS Skelton Gloves

9. NRS Womens Axiom Gloves Closeout

10. Twinshells Sailing Gloves 3/4 Finger

Reviews of the Best Kayak Gloves

If you are among them who love to spend hours in the water for kayaking, then you need to battle against nature. Nature is really unpredictable, so you need to be fully prepared for any uncertainty.

Whatever is the weather, the best kayak gloves can keep hypothermia at bay. The market is full of heavier and poorly constructed kayak gloves. So, make sure that you are purchasing one that is built for more rigid temperature, breathable and provide a better grip.

Also, check the glued seams that can lock moisture out. We’ve considered all these features in our selected best kayak gloves. Read on to know more about them.

1. Trideer Paddling Gloves

Best Kayak GlovesThe Trideer gloves are dedicated to all those outdoor enthusiasts. This Trider Gym glove has enough strength and endurance for facing any weather condition.

This versatile glove fits perfectly for both men and women of all ages. It includes a 4mm silicone rubber in the palm and thumb for better grip. This area is perfectly cushioned to assure better support.

The gloves are designed with a three-piece silica gel that assures better flexibility and comfort. The back side is equipped with cowhide; which provides unique texture.

The reinforced dual-channel seams assure optimum durability. The breathable mesh in entire gloves helps moisture and heat to get away. Besides, the pair is abrasion resistant, and your hand will not feel any shock.

The fabric used in the finger portion helps to reduce friction. It assures you get the maximum comfort in long kayaking days. The gloves are also very easy to put on and off.

It helps to reduce the chances of any accidental injuries in the finger, palm, back of the hand and the wrist. The price is reasonable as well. Check the store before it is out of stock.


  • Better grip
  • Prevents injury
  • Easy to put ON/OFF
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Complete protection
  • Shockproof
  • Perfectly seamed
  • Superior durability


  • Velcro under the wrist feels awkward
  • Not perfectly fitted in every hand


2. Warmers Barnacle Half-Finger Paddling Glove

Best Kayak GlovesIf you are a regular kayaker, then you might know there is no better material when it is about water. The Warmer Barnacle understands how much kayakers should provide full motion in hands and fingers in kayaking.

These half-finger gloves allow your hand to move freely. This high-quality glove is made from the combination of neoprene, Lycra, and terry cloth. The “Barnacle” grip on the gloves make them unique than others.

It is reinforced at a certain point that offers maximum grip. Nothing is annoying than dropping the paddle again and again. This silicone “Barnacle” tactile make sure you are getting the better control over the paddle.

The gloves are perfectly seam and stretchable so you can quickly move your hand. The palm, wrist, and finger area is well-cushioned that prevent the chances of an accident.

Besides, it is so lightweight that provides a skill-like feel while assuring better control. The mesh lining makes them breathable and keeps your hand dry.

The pair includes a strap for adjusting correctly. In a word, these Barnacle gloves are the best option at an affordable price. You should try them for the next kayak trip.


  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Great grip
  • Proper breathability
  • Superior protection
  • Soft skin-like feel
  • Better control
  • Lightweight design
  • Well-constructed


  • Too big for women with small hand
  • Seams quality might be an issue


3. Warmers Sun Paddling Glove

WarmersAnother Warmer collection in our list which should be a “must-have” in your backpack for the next trip. The sun glove not only protects your hand from water effect but also protect from the harmful UV rays.

This sun glove is equipped with Lycra material which is a type of elastic fabric. That means, they are perfectly stretchable, you get the freedom to move your hand as you wish.

The single-layered back side of the gloves protects your hand nicely. The poly suede palm and thumb area keep your hand cool. The half inches finger designs are flexible enough with an enhanced grip on the paddle.

Moreover, it is so perfectly cushioned that reduce the amount of shock. Apart from kayaking, you can even use them for fishing or electronics work.

They are available at a silver color which is visible even in the low light. It is so perfectly seamed that will protect your hand from blisters and harmful sun rays. All you are getting at an affordable price so check them out.


  • Quality Lycra material
  • Stretchable
  • Protect from sunburn and blisters
  • Flexible
  •  Enhanced grip
  • The ability for different activities
  • Shock resistance


  • Get slippery after using for long
  • Not durable enough


4. Sea to Summit Solution Gear Eclipse Paddle Glove

Sea to SummitThe most lightweight option in our list. The Eclipse gloves not only protect you from the sun rays but also protect your hand from those long paddles.

It seems and feels so thin and lightweight, but they are equipped with double layer material. This soft, supple material is a combination of Spandex shell, synthetic leather, and neoprene.

The palm area is made from synthetic leather with a contoured double layer to endure rough usage. It helps to maintain better contact with the paddle. The thumb and palm area is separated from the back side.

They are perfectly seamed in every joint, so there is no chance for leakage. The mesh lining assures the breathability and comfort for extended wear. It includes UPF50+ that protect your hand from sun rays.

Unlike others, it has a 2mm neoprene cuff that assures better flexibility in the wrist area. This comfy glove is so comfortable that you’ll feel like wearing nothing. The price is also reasonable as well.


  • Superior sun protection
  • Better flexibility
  • Double layered material
  • Prevent blisters
  • Proper protection
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable straps
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Optimum grip


  • Not a good option for cold weather.


5. Promate 3mm Neoprene Scuba Dive Kevlar Gloves

Best Kayak GlovesThe first full finger gloves in the list are brought to you by Promate. Promate is a trusted brand in this industry for manufacturing quality diving and kayaking gears.

This Kevlar glove is equipped with 3mm Neoprene fabric. The material is durable and flexible enough that can endure extreme pressure of long kayaking day.

Its palm area is constructed in a way that makes them tear resistant. This Kevlar palm area provides a secure grip in any water-sports activities. Also, it is entirely scratch-resistant.

The Kevlar palm is wrapped with the fingertip; which protects your finger from any fatigue. The gloves offer complete protection and keep your hand warm in extreme cold condition.

These gloves are pre-curved that offers excellent fitting. It is also so comfortable to wear them ON and OFF. Besides, it features a Velcro wrist strap to keep your hand in place.

Apart from these, this glove is correctly glued and blind-stitched. It assures maximum strength and adjustability for everyone. This pair of fabulous gloves can be used for both recreational and professional kayakers. The price is also within range.


  • Solid build
  • Durable construction
  • Offer warmth
  • Tear resistant
  • Secure grip
  • Complete hand protection
  • Comfortable to wear ON/OFF
  • Secured fitting
  • Adjustable Velcro strap


  • Not flexible enough; little hard


6. NRS Men’s Boater

Best Kayak GlovesAnother lightweight option for the men kayaker which ticks all the boxes of best kayak gloves. This NRS Boater glove offers maximum dexterity in any uncertain condition.

It is specially designed for warm weather kayaking, boating, and any other water activities. This glove comes with ¾ finger design which makes then extremely breathable.

The back side of the glove is smooth and stretch-resistant. It has a fleece panel on the upper side of the thumb which is a lifesaver sometimes. Like when you have sweat dripping from your forehead, it helps to wipe out.

Along with a very light backside, it includes a tough synthetic leather palm. The palm area assures excellent comfort and non-slip grip so that you can roughly hold the paddle.

Additionally, it protects your hand from sun rays and blisters. A quality Velcro strap secures the gloves. This extremely lightweight gloves will help to concentrate on the route being stress-free. Also, you are getting them at a reasonable price.


  • Very light
  • Tough palm with fantastic grip
  • Stretch-resistant
  • Flexible enough
  • Optimum control
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable
  • Cost-effective


  • Only good for warm weather; not suitable for cold weather
  • Not effective for fiberglass paddle


7. Brace Master Sailing Gloves

Brace MasterBrace Master gloves are popular as an all-rounder glove. You can use this Brace Master Sailing gloves for all kind of water activities. One pair of gloves is equally useful for all.

It is made from soft leather which assures the maximum flexibility in rough use. Unlike others, it comes with an extended finger coverage without fingertip to maintain the air flow. This super quality glove features a reinforced palm.

The palm area includes a second layer made from rubber which assures the better grip. The upper part of the gloves consists of a breathable material which is scratch-free as well.

It also helps you to stay cool while wearing them. The process of wearing and taking off is so easy that it takes no times. You’ll get different sizes and colors of them, choose a suitable one for you.

Lastly, the nylon stitching on every edge make them durable and also maintain a perfect fit on your hand. A Velcro strap in the wrist will assure the secured fit. They are available at a compatible price with the features.


  • Soft leather material
  • Ultimate protection
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multi-functional
  • Durable
  • Easy to take ON/OFF
  • Better stitching
  • Breathable material
  • Different color option


  • The size runs small; way undersized
  • A bit challenging to take ON/OFF due to size fact


8. NRS Skelton Gloves

NRSA completely different design of kayak gloves in our list by NRS. This NRS Skelton gloves are an ideal option to use under the hot tropical sun. It assures all kind of protection that you need for a rough adventure.

It is made from H2Core rashguard material which is extremely lightweight. These Skelton gloves understand the unreliable nature of the water. This one is another open-finger design with maximum dexterity.

Unlike others, it includes silicone dots on the palm with improved grip. It helps to hold the paddle for long without slipping. The gloves feature an Amara synthetic leather patched on the first two fingers.

This patch is used for a more precise holding operation like shedding line while fishing. These gloves include quick-drying features to keep your hand for long day kayaking.

Besides, they are breathable as well. It has a paired snaps to keep the pair of gloves together while storing or washing or drying them. This probably the lowest priced option ion our list till now.


  • Unique design
  • Synthetic leather patches
  • Silicon dot on the palm for extra grip
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Nicely constructed
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Maximum dexterity
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Proper sun protection


  • It doesn’t provide a better grip.


9. NRS Womens Axiom Gloves Closeout

Best Kayak GlovesThese NRS gloves are designed primarily for women kayakers. This Axiom gloves will literally protect your hand from both sun and wounds. The open finger design helps your finger to use for touching small objects.

It is equipped with a combination of nylon and spandex blend. These fabrics are incredibly lightweight and breathable. The upper part of the gloves has a soft mesh lining which assures proper air circulation.

The gloves include a synthetic leather palm with built-in optimum grip. It is so nicely cushioned that protect your hand even after rough use. Unlike others, the palm area includes an additional silicone grip pads for better grip.

The thumb has the same material as the palm area. The edges of the gloves are smoother to avoid any fatigue. Additionally, a low profile strap for securing the better grip.

Like the previous one, it includes a wrist pairing snap for attaching them in pair for easy storage. Indeed, it’s a great addition in the backpack for all women kayaker out there. Grab your one now as the price is meager.


  • Quality material
  • Bright design
  • Adjust securely
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Proper air circulation
  • Optimum grip
  • Smoother upper part


  • Not good for cold weather


10. Twinshells Sailing Gloves 3/4 Finger

Best Kayak GlovesTwinshells brings a unisex design for professional kayakers to make their journey enjoyable. The design and material combination is entirely different than the others on our list.

The gloves feature a grey synthetic leather palm with double protection. It assures the better grip and dual control over the kayak paddles.

The backside of the gloves is equipped with black panel 4-way stretch cloth for natural movement. This stretch cloth is seamed with a grey Amara to wipe out extra sweat on your face.

In each wear-zone, it has double stitching for assuring durability. The synthetic Amara in the thumb area to have better control over objects. These Twinshells gloves are equally breathable and comfortable to wear.

However, a robust adjustable Velcro strap is included for assuring the perfect fit. These versatile gloves are equally effective in all kind of water activities. The last gloves in our list are probably the lowest priced option for all.


  • Robust construction
  • Perfectly seamed
  • Optimum control
  • Maximum protection
  • Flexible and excellent grip
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Elastic cuff
  • Perfect fitting
  • Great durability
  • Multi-purpose


  • Not perfectly fitted in small hand


Kayak Gloves FAQs

Do Kayakers Need Kayaking Gloves?

Yes. Kayaking gloves are essential to keep your hands comfortable during kayaking. These gloves are specially designed with non-slip fabric on the palm side that allows you to hold the paddle with a tighter grip. Like regular gloves, these gloves also protect your hands from blisters and keep your hands dry and warm in the cold weather conditions.

What Things Should Be Considered to Purchase a Pair of Kayaking Gloves?

A pair of kayak gloves is very crucial to protect our hands during kayaking. While choosing a pair of kayaking gloves, we need to consider several things in our minds. Here is some consideration that will help you to get the right pair of kayaking gloves for sure:

  • Thickness
  • Fingerless or Full-finger glove
  • Palm Grip
  • Fabric
  • Waterproof 
  • Breathability
  • Perfect fitting

What Are the Types of Kayak Gloves?

The choice of style totally depends on one’s preference. When it comes to choosing a pair of Kayak gloves, usually, you will find two style options available in the market. They are-

Fingerless: It is quite similar to MTB gloves in which fingers are exposed. It allows you to tie or grab things like-water bottles, bags, and zipper very well. Overall, it provides the same protection as full-finger gloves except finger covering effects. Indeed, it is a good option for summer kayaking.

Full-finger gloves: As the name says, Full-finger gloves offer entire hand covering, including fingers. Full-finger gloves are best suited for cold weather conditions to keep your hands warm during kayaking.  

When to Use Kayak Gloves?

As the name suggests, kayak gloves are usually used during kayaking. 

While kayaking, they are very helpful to protect our hands from blisters and cold weather conditions. Besides, they offer a firm grip on the palm to hold the paddle with a tighter grip. In fact, kayak gloves also protect our hands from sharp objects yet.

How Do You Prevent Blister for Kayaking?

The only way to prevent blister while kayaking is by using a pair of kayak gloves. A good pair of kayak gloves is very beneficial to reduce friction as well as prevent the blisters yet.

Final Words

What to look for a pair of best kayak gloves? Well, consider whether they are well articulated and of course don’t compromise with your skill. However time you spend in the water for kayaking, you should have the best one.

We believe that all our listed kayak gloves can endure all uncertainty and you’ll get proper protection. Wrapping up for today by leaving the rest for you, choose the right one that matches your needs. Will be back to you with another interesting topic.


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