The 10 Best Kayak Cart in 2020 – Top Picks For Active Kayakers

You cannot just carry a heavy kayak to the river without any help, can you? Well, some of you can. That doesn’t mean you will bring a kayak all the time on your shoulder. It is discomforting. Only a kayak cart can make this task simple for you.

Today, in this article we are going to present ten best kayak cart of the present time. A kayak cart is a vehicle that is used to carry a kayak. This is a handy vehicle not so expensive as well. You can surely get one within your range.

In the following list, we will show you several types of kayak carts. Some of them are universal, and some are specially designed for a specific boat.

We will provide an honest review so that you can learn both the strong and weak side of each product before buying.

Quick Answer – Kayak Cart

Product NamePrice
2. C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart
3. Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart
4. Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart
5. TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001((B)) Deluxe Boat Kayak
6. Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Kayak Cart
7. Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley
8. Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley
9. Kayak Cart Dolly Wheels Trolley
10. Bonnlo Boat Kayak Canoe Cart

Reviews of the Best Kayak Cart

Shopping for a best kayak cart is not an easy task as it seems. The market has wide a verity of kayak carts. Not all of them are worth buying. Most of them are useless for the price. The humongous options often make people confused especially the novice people.

That’s why they usually end up with a piece of shit and get disappointed. The purpose of this article is to give you reviews on some best kayak carts of the present time so that you never get cheated. Let’s start the crucial part of the article:


Best Kayak CartThe very first product in this list is the TMS CART, considered as one of the best in the market today because of its fantastic construction and outstanding performance.

The cart is more extensive and broad enough to fulfill your need. It is an all-purpose cart made of solid metal frame and foam bumpers that enhances the durability noticeably.

The cart comes with 120lbs of capacity that means it can handle any kayak comfortably. The 12ft long tiedown strap is also included for keeping the kayak secure and correctly in the place.

The loading and unloading seem more comfortable than ever with the 9-1/4″ H Spring-Loaded stand. The wheels are large and roll smoothly across any surface including sand and gravel.

The assembly is easy and quick. The TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley surely is a fantastic option for the price. Try without any fear!


  • 150lbs of maximum capacity
  • Comes with 12 ft long tie-down strap
  • Sturdy metal frame ensures durability
  • Foam bumpers keep the Canoe/kayak hull safe
  • Easy to store and transport


  • The tires smell terrible at the beginning. Over time the smell will disappear


2. C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart

Best Kayak CartIf the capacity of the above product seems insufficient for you, no worries, we’ve another one that will surely fulfill your need. Yes, we are talking about the C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart known as a heavy-duty trolley cart for its incredible built quality and immense capacity.

The cart offers a maximum holding capacity of about 300lbs. The assembly is more comfortable without the need for any tools, and it can break down to seven pieces for easy cleaning and storage.

The versatile cart is adjustable and supports several types of the kayak. It will not slip as it rests on high-quality rubber pads. Your kayak will stay in the right place with a standard strap.

Compared to all the other options here, this kayak has the highest capacity. If you want to carry two kayaks or a kayak with tons of equipment, this is the right kayak for you. The wheels can perform better in any terrain, no matter whether the terrain is rough.


  • Easy assembly without any tool
  • 300lbs of maximum capacity
  • Lightweight but solid construction
  • Comes with a puncture-free wheel that can move smoothly in any rough terrain
  • Has high grip rubber tread included
  • Stable to use


  • A bit pricey


3. Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

Best Kayak CartMalone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart is the third entry on our list. It is another excellent option of the present time with robust construction and fantastic performance.

This best kayak cart can hold a maximum of 200 pounds. Don’t you think it is impressive? You can carry almost every type of kayak on this cart.

You can put a loaded kayak on the cart without having any issue. The cradle where you can put your boat has oversized padding that will keep your kayak safe by preventing damage.

There is stabilizing locking kickstand included on the kayak and also has a long strap to keep the kayak in the right place on the go.

The Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart is a universal kayak carrier. The flat-free wheels are large and removable. The product will leave you satisfied that’s a promise!


  • 200 pounds loading capacity
  • Solid frame support any types of canoe or kayak
  • Has an oversized padded frame included that protects the boat on the go
  • Features locking kickstand for stabilizing
  • Tie down straps are included to keep the kayak secure


  • Relatively expensive


4. Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart

Best Kayak CartThe Malone Xpress Scupper Kayak Cart is specially designed only for sit on top kayaks or the kayaks with scupper holes. If your kayak is not this type, you should consider something else other than this cart.

The kayak cart is made on a robust platform with two height scupper holders that are adjustable. The design of the Malone Xpress Scupper is simple than other kayak carts available in the market.

If you remove the wheels, it is almost entirely flat. Maximum weight carrying capacity of the cart is about 200 pounds. Besides, it will let you adjust the pressure with a friction screw.

Overall, the Malone Xpress Scupper Kayak cart is one of the best for carrying any seat on top kayak with scupper holes. The wheels are large and run smoothly over any terrain.


  • Works with any seat on top kayaks
  • Simplistic design
  • Large wheels that run over any terrain smoothly
  • Adjustable width
  • 200-pound loading capacity


  • Ideal only for sit on top kayaks


5. TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001((B)) Deluxe Boat Kayak

Best Kayak CartLooking for a kayak cart that can run smoothly over any terrain? The TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Kayak Cart is your solution. The fantastically build wheels of the cart will let you run the vehicle over any terrain without any problem.

The product is made of a solid metal frame. Thus, it offers a maximum of 120LBS of weight carrying capacity. The cart features foam bumpers on each arm.

The bumper will perfectly protect your canoe and kayak from any unexpected impact. There is a sturdy double-leg kickstand included that will let you load quickly without any issue.

Overall, the TMS Cart is one of the most excellent options for the price. It is everything one desires from a kayak cart. I can proudly declare this one is one of the best choices of the present time. Admittedly, it will fulfill your demand.


  • 120 LBS of maximum capacity
  • 12 Ft long tie-down strap included
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Solid Metal frame with foam bumpers on each arm to protect your Canoe / Kayak hull
  • Sturdy double-leg kickstand included for easy loading


  • The strap doesn’t stay tight


6. Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Kayak Cart

Best Kayak CartThe Hobei Heavy Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart is the epitome of quality carts. It is made of top quality stainless steel materials. The cart can withstand a maximum of 150lbs of weight. You can carry any kayak in this weight range.

The assembly is simple than ever, and the wheels are sturdy. The cart can run over any rough terrain without any problem. Also, they are removable in case you need.

The price of the Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart is reasonable for such quality. We are quite sure that you will love to have them for carrying your kayak. The cart will defiantly serve its purpose.


  • Solid construction with top quality stainless steel
  • Easy assembly
  • Strong wheels run smoothly over rough terrain
  • 150 lbs of maximum loading capacity
  • Wheels are easy to remove


  • Not good on the sandy surface


7. Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley

Best Kayak CartThe Bonnlo is one of the trusted names in this field. For several years they are making and selling top quality kayak carts. Their products are solidly built with quality materials, and they sell those products at a reasonable price.

The Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart is an example of their fantastic class. Solid aluminum frame and foam bumpers make the product way more convenient than many other options in the market today.

The foam bumpers will keep your kayak or canoe protected while carrying. The cart offers a maximum of 165lbs of carrying capacity. It folds down easily for convenient transportation and storage.

The 10″H spring-loaded stand will keep cart popped up onshore for quick loading out of the water. The strap that is included with the cart will help you to fasten your kayak properly while carrying. Overall, it is an excellent product at this price range.


  • 165 lbs of carrying capacity
  • 12-inch big beach balloon tires included that runs excellent over any terrain
  • Fantastic over sand
  • Easy assemble and disassemble without any tool
  • Comes with two 12 Ft Tie-down strap
  • Quick loading with a 10″H spring-loaded stand


  • It takes some time to place a long kayak


8. Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley

Best Kayak CartThe Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley with No-Flat Airless Tires Wheels is another excellent product for the price. It has everything one wants from a kayak cart.

The built quality of the cart is incredible with the highest grade materials. It is designed to last and serve you better for years. The maximum capacity of the kayak cart is 165lbs.

You can easily transport kayak and canoe within this range. Also, there are foam bumpers included on each arm that will keep your kayak or canoe safe while carrying.

The cart folds down easily for storage. It comes with two bungee cords, hook and 12 ft spare Tie-down strap. You can securely carry the kayak with the belt.

There is a 10-inch spring-loaded stand included for quick loading out of the water. The price of the product is reasonable. You can give it a try for a fantastic experience.


  • 165lbs of carrying capacity
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Solid construction with high-quality materials
  • Foam bumpers included keeping your kayak and canoe safe
  • Easy to load with spring-loaded stand


  • The design of kickstand is not good enough


9. Kayak Cart Dolly Wheels Trolley

Best Kayak CartWith fantastic construction quality, The Kayak Cart Dolly Wheels Trolley offers a capacity of 165lbs. It is sturdy and defiantly a long lasting model. The product is corrosion-resistant. There is a cam buckle tie down strap included securing the kayak, canoe or any small boat.

The ten-inch all-terrain pneumatic tires are fabulous. They serve the purpose by rolling smoothly over any surface.  There is foam cushion on the bars to protect the kayak or vehicle from bumps, scratches and other abrasions.

For storage, you don’t have to worry anymore. It folds flat easily for transportation on your car, truck, van or SUV. When folded the size is tiny. You can store the cart anywhere you wish.


  • 165 lbs of carrying capacity
  • Solid construction with top grade materials
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Has foam cushion on the bars
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Not suitable with bigger kayaks or canoes


10. Bonnlo Boat Kayak Canoe Cart

Best Kayak CartThe BonnloBoatKayak Canoe Cart Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley Transport is the last entry in this list, not the least. Like all the above products, this too also comes with solid construction.

The durable aluminum frame with foam bumper makes it way more convenient than most of the products in the market. The maximum capacity of the product is about 165lb.

You can carry kayak/canoe within this range. The tires are large and solid rubber made that roll smoothly across the sand, gravel and many other surfaces.

The Kayak cart is easy to assemble without any tools, and it breaks down quickly as well. Meaning, transportation, and storage is not a problem with this product. For quick loading out of the water, the cart has 10″H Spring-Loaded stand included.


  • 165 lbs of carrying capacity
  • Solid aluminum frame with foam bumpers
  • Comes with full solid rubber tires that roll smoothly across sand and gravel
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • 10″H Spring-Loaded stand included


  • Kayak slip off sometimes


Final Words

The primary purpose of the kayak cart is to make your life easier by carrying heavy kayaks. If you have the right kayak cart in your hand, you don’t have to lift heavy weight anymore. But the question is how to determine which kayak cart is ideal for me?

For that you need to consider the following: You should know the type of your kayak and the attachment method of the cart. This two must match with each other.

  • Secondly, the wheels must be large and ideal for running smoothly over any terrain
  • The frame must be durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Adjustable width facility is the recommendation
  • A best kayak cart must be roomy to carry the kayak and several other kinds of stuff

If you consider those aspects, you will notice all of the above best kayak carts meet the requirement of being the best. You can have one from the list without any doubt.

This is the time to leave. We will get back to you soon with other outdoor product reviews, tips, and tricks. Feel free to comment you have anything to know.


10 Best Kayak Cart


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