The 10 Best Internal Frame Backpack in 2023 – Our Top Selections

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Internal Frame Backpack

Choosing the right backpack is very important for your wildness adventure or hiking. A backpack which works as luggage depends on what kind and how much gear you need to carry with you on the outdoor trip.

The days are gone when backpacking consisted of strapping on a huge external frame and lumbering through the way of the trip. Now, carrying an internal frame lightweight backpack allows you to cover more miles using less energy and makes your backpacking way more fun.

It is the very first pieces of gear that you need to get before the trip. You may find it difficult to purchase a backpack as it can make a difference in where you can go and how easily you get there. Again, the best internal frame backpack is not cheap.

As it serves you for many trips, so it is an investment to add to your gear list that lasts for a long time. We have made a selection of best internal backpack that makes your outing truly comfortable as well as enjoyable and also summarized their ergonomic features with pros and cons to make your buying easier.

Our list also covers suitable options for all budgets and trip from short overnighters to longer treks.  We hope, considering the review you will be able to select the right one that meets your need very well.

Quick Answer – Internal Frame Backpack

1. High Sierra Long Trail Backpack

2. Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

3. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

4. Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

5. Teton Sports Fox Internal Frame Backpack

6. WASING Internal Frame Backpack

7. AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

8. Mardingtop Internal Frame Backpack

9. Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack

10. Techkey Internal Frame Backpack

Tips for First-time Backpack Buyers

This is not mandatory that your backpack has to be quiet expensive, but it is a big investment in your outdoor gears indeed. Whatever pack you bought, you will probably be stuck with it for the next trip you make.

So, for the first backpacking trip, it will be better for you to borrow a backpack from someone if it’s possible. This way, you will be able to understand what features you need and what is not.

While choosing the backpack, it is also important to consider that which one will be easy to carry for you over hours on the trip.

Why Internal Frame Packs

Internal frame backpacks are regarded as the most popular backpacks than external backpacks. Most internal backpacks are made of load-bearing materials like aluminum.

They are designed in a way that feels like a part of your back and transfers the weight to your hips. An internal backpack allows more freedom of movement and it is also more compact, form-fitting and secure to your body.

They hold the load closure to the body which makes them more stable. The slimmer and sleek profile is less likely to catch on branches, brush or rock faces.

Internal frame packs have a compact structure integrated with back layers to give it form and structure. They have no framing support visible from the outside. They can bear a large amount of weight and provide flexibility to the body movement.

Reviews of the Why Internal Frame Packs


1. High Sierra Long Trail Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackHigh Sierra long trail pack is an Expedition-style frame pack for multi-day climbing or hiking. It’s voluminous capacity and comfort will appeal to you when you want to carry large loads for a long time.

It achieves volume by segmenting space and extending itself in all dimension – horizontally, vertically and to the front. It contains a sleeping bag compartment with zipper separator and two small vertical half zippered water holder side pockets.

The pack has two spacious adjustable front and rear zippered pockets to accommodate variable collar extensions and removable. But it does not contain any hip belt pockets.

It has a huge compartment that you can easily fit your bear canister into it. It’s two substantial removable stays can be removed and set alongside.

The bottom compression straps can be used for external sleeping pad storage. It has two front pockets. The outer pocket is small with vertical zipper and the inner pockets are large with a semi-circle zipper and an interior pouch for rain gear.

It contains solid molded foam back with air channels for breath. The shoulder strap and hip belt are generously padded. The rectangular lumbar pad is comfortable and good sized indeed.

A self- tensioning sternum strap which combines a non-elastic strip with an elastic to limit the stretch. It also has a removable shoulder strap “media pocket” on the left strap which is perfect for your cell phone.

The hook and loop trekking pole straps that located on each side make the adjustments very simple. An attachment point for the load lifter strap is located behind the top of the shoulder straps which can be used if the harness is adjusted significantly lower.

It provides a huge sleeve which extends to the bottom and both sides of the pack. The plastic inner pockets liners are quite water-tight. The sleeve is useful for storing wet gear and keeping it separate from the dry compartment.

The most interesting item in the backpack is asymmetric loops for ice ax and trekking pole attachment. It offers one large loop on the left and two small loops on the right side. The quality and “fit and fish” of this backpack is excellent.


  • Ergo-fit shoulder harness, molded foam back and airflow channel.
  • The back waist and cushion are very comfortable.
  • It provides extra weight distribution.
  • Perfect for multi-day hikes.
  • Comfortable and durable.


  • Buckles of the pack can be stronger.


2. Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackTeton sports explorer pack is an internal frame backpack which is suitable for carrying heavy loads for 2-5 days trip. This is an ideal backpack for those backpackers who need plenty of room for their equipment.

This backpack can be specified in three words – spacious, affordable and easy to use. The height adjustable harness system allows people from 5’1” to 6’4” to wear comfortably.

Its length can be adjusted from 19” to 23”. It has 4000 cubic inches of capacity which equate to 65 liters. Its internal frame with two bendable aluminum stays for maximum support.

It features a built-in air circulation system to keep the wearer cool in hot weather. This pack provides a sleeping bag compartment on the bottom and 6+ various pockets and pouches for storage.

It has the total of four compression straps to cinch down your pack. It provides shoulder straps, hip belt and lumbar support, are all padded for comfort.

This pack comes with its rainfly and gear loops on the upper and lower part of the pack. It provides the contoured harness and hip belt for added comfort.

The hip belt can be adjusted up to 28” to 70”. Its hydration sleeve large enough to carry up to the 3-liter bladder. This bag measures 32” X 18′ X 12” and weighs approximately 5lbs.

The backpack shell is made of 600 deniers squared nylon ripstop and 600 deniers PU coated nylon. This backpack is available in two colors- metallic silver and navy blue. This is a unisex pack which can be used by both men and women.


  • Rain fly cover
  • Harness adjustable system
  • Unisex pack
  • Built-in air circulation system
  • Spacious and easy to use


  • Buckles easily broke
  • May face problems with zipper and adjustment Velcro.


3. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackTeton sports scout backpack is a unisex internal frame backpack with 55 liters of volume. Its adjustable harness provides seamless fit for anyone between 5′ to 6’4”.

It provides shoulder straps, lumbar support and hip belt to provide decent comfort. It’s thick and well-padded structure also attached a rain cover inside the Velcro pocket at the bottom of the backpack.

This is a highly versatile pack that both newbies and veterans can use it. It gets its name from its 3400 cubic inches storage capacity which is equal to 55L.

This pack is outfitted with aluminum stays, shoulder straps, padded waist and more compartments. This backpack is usable for 2-4 days trip.

It is fully adjustable on the waist and torso with thick padding on all straps. It is easy to adjust the weight properly. Its torso allows changing with different size.

It offers a few large compartments inside the backpack including a sleeping bag compartment and a water bottle compartment. It contains several gear loops and mesh pockets as well.

This pack is made of 600D diamond ripstop or 600D oxford canvas. It is very resilient to scrapes and scuffs. This backpack is sturdy and durable enough to survive the everyday wear and tear as well. This is a functional, versatile and affordable backpack for you.


  • Fantastic ability to adjust the bag with your height
  • Keeping gears organized
  • Fairly water resistant
  • Affordable and quality pack
  • Three different color option


  • It is not very large to hold weeks supplies.
  • Sleeping bed compartment is relatively smaller than others.
  • It has no hydration bladder compartment, only provides hydration bladder.


4. Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackMountaintop is one the best affordable budget backpacks available in the market. It manages to impress with both features and price. It is made of nylon which offers four major features to you.

First one is separate bottom compartment with divider to store wet or dirty stuff. The second one is 8 level adjuster to make it highly adjustable with different sizes.

And the rest one is hydration access on the side of the pack. Hydration system contains 3L compatible. It also provides a built-in rain cover on its pocket to keep the pack dry from the rain.

It has many compression straps. There are a total of 8 compression straps to compress and secure your load effectively.

It provides you zippered access at the front that you can flip it easily as well as get into the main compartment. Its six compartments make it perfect for the travelers and campers. It comes with a hydration system to store water and a lower compartment for storing boots or other muddy items.


  • 8 level adjuster to accommodate various torso size
  • Hydration compartment has 3L water capability.
  • Bottom compartment with divider for shoes and dirty stuff.


  • No detachable hiking pack.


5. Teton Sports Fox Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackTeton Sports Fox backpacks is a huge backpack that comes with plenty of features which you may find on expensive backpacks. It is a comfortable backpack which provides comfort and adjustability to the backpackers.

Its vast space and features make the user able to fit all the equipment and stuff that required for a hiking trip. It equipped with a top-loading main compartment, a sleeping bag compartment and the Fox includes two hideaway side pockets with an expandable front section.

The shoulder strap height can easily adjust to accommodate a broader range of torso length. Its contoured shoulder, hip pads and lumber ensures a comfortable trip.

Shoulder straps added chest strap, D rings and water tube clips. It also offers a rainfly and hydration system as well. It is slightly heavy but sturdy and durable enough for long and rugged trips.

Its large compartments can be accessed from top or bottom. It has built-in rainfly and weather guard zippers to face any weather. This provides excellent back support with cushioning. This is also great for your first backpacking indeed.


  • Integrated rain cover
  • Harness adjustability
  • Study and durable
  • Offers great features
  • Well designed


  • Zippers and shoulder strap breaks fast.


6. WASING Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackWashing internal backpack is a lightweight backpack weighs just 3.5 pounds. It has a 55 liter capacity with a great fit for both youth and adults. It offers five different color options- yellow, red, green, dark blue and light blue.

Its single countered aluminum frame bar easily adjusted to the back shape regardless of body shape. Its molded foam back panel keeps you comfortable and fresh all the time.

This pack is made of durable, water-resistant ripstop polyester. It’s built-in rainfly keep the backpack dry during rain showers. Regarding its 55 liter capacity, this pack is big enough for multi-day and weekend tours.

This is a top loading pack which offers extendable collar that can add 5 liters of volume to have much stuff. It also has a zippered bottom compartment with divider.

The main compartment has a huge water bladder sleeve and hose port on the side close to the shoulder strap. The pack has many zipper side pockets to store stuff.

Though this backpack has some lacking padding in critical areas, it has many excellent and useful features too. It has a very fresh look also. This will give you a big bang for backpacking buck.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Cool looks
  • Numerous pockets
  • Rain cover
  • Different color option


  • Not enough padding
  • Problems with buckles


7. AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackAmazonBasics backpack is designed to hold a laptop, a camera and their respective accessories. This internal frame backpack with 75L capacity is made off durable polyester. It measures 26 inches long.

Though it has limited space for hiking items, it has a rainfly to keep the camera stay dry and functional during inclement weather. It has a water-repellent exterior coating for light rain also.

It provides adjustable straps, padded shoulder straps and open cell foam lumber pad, a large sleeping bag compartment, ample storage pockets and multidirectional compression straps.

Adjustable straps and padded shoulder straps give a comfortable fit to you. Again, open cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels also provide back support and airflow. It also best suited for the day hike through scenic landscaping. This pack is ideal for hiking and camping.


  • Large sleeping bag compartment
  • Waterproof exterior coating and waterproof cover
  • One year warranty


  • Not well designed for long trecks.


8. Mardingtop Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackMardingtop internal frame backpack is a water-resistant tactical backpack which holds up to 60+10 L. This is made of 600D polyester included with rain cover and YKK zipper.

It has two detachable side pockets that can carry plenty of camping or survival gear. You can hang tools, sleeping bag, trekking pole and other accessory using its molle design.

It also provides a padded and detachable waist belt which can be fit within 49″ waist.


  • Two detachable side pockets
  • The waist belt can be fit within 49″


  • Some people don’t like the military backpack.


9. Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackMountaintop backpack is the best guarantee of a fruitful outing activity. This pack with an attractive design is made of nylon. It boasts some features that everyone looks for in a backpack.

It can support 65L volume capacity by its sturdy internal frame. It can adjust itself to different torso sizes with an adjustable back length function that makes it suitable for people of different ages and sizes.

It makes the back more comfortable and makes easy to carry the load. Backpackers need not scare off bad weather as mountaintop pack contains quality waterproof materials.

It also provides some compression straps that allow you to tie other gears or stuff like the sleeping bag and hydration system. This backpack has a versatile design which ensures a comfortable use as well.


  • Height adjuster allows different length
  • Padded straps provide maximum comfort
  • Large interior volume capacity


  • No sleeping bag compartments
  • No additional rain cover


10. Techkey Internal Frame Backpack

Best Internal Frame BackpackTechkey internal frame backpack is a mixi backpack which is made of high-quality waterproof material. This is a breathable pack which provides strength and long-lasting performance.

It features adjustable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge padding that helps to release the stress from your shoulder.

It offers one main zipped compartment on the top and two zipped side pockets to hold your basic hiking stuff such as a compass, map, light and medical supplies.

It also provides an expandable collar with zipper on the bottom of the pack that can be increased the capacity of the main compartment up to 5 liters. This backpack has designed especially for the Mountaineers.


  • Expandable collar increases capacity
  • Multi-compartment
  • Waterproof materials
  • Comfortable padding


  • No hydration system


Things Should Be Considered

When selecting a backpack, keep this factors in minds

Backpack Capacity

Capacity is the main factor in choosing a backpack. Capacity depends on two things. One is the quantity of gear or stuff and another is the duration of the trip. Considering this, we need to select the pack which meets our demand.

Backpack Features

Backpack features many facilities such as rain cover, hydration compartment, boot compartment, etc. Backpack features are the deciding point for purchase. The backpack that features various facilities which are required on your trip will be perfect for you.


It is impossible to avoid sweating when carrying a hiking backpack in the summer. Some backpacks designed in a way that integrated with the competent ventilation system. Again some packs have breathable mesh resting on the back which leaves a space between backpack and your back to flow air.

Backpack Access

Most of the people avoid those backpacks which fold open like a suitcase. Backpacks which is fitted with side zippers are the best choice for backpackers. It is advisable for not to choose those packs which have large opening access on the top.

Straps and Padding

Best internal frame backpacks are fitted with load lifter straps. They can lift heavy weight without putting pressure on your shoulder. Again padding over the straps feels comfortable as well. Well-padded straps never hurt.

Rain cover

An integrated rain cover is the key feature that a backpack needs to have. A backpack without rain cover becomes a burden in the bad weather conditions. To avoid the hassle before buying the backpack put these things into the consideration to get a right backpack for you.

Final Words

Internal frame backpacks are also suitable for both hunters and hikers. They are designed in a way that they can transfer the load to the hips to keep you stable on uneven land as well as off-trail terrain. But all internal frame backpack is not equally facilitated.

There is a lot of differences between the backpacks which are available on the market. So, if you are looking for a new one, we suggest you go through our reviews and compare with counterparts. Ensures that the backpack you are buying is of excellent quality as it does not fall apart in the middle of your adventure.


10 Best Internal Frame Backpack


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