The 10 Best Ice Fishing Rods in 2019 – Experts Top Selections

The anglers who love ice fishing, they know it is the time to have fun with the weather! They know it is more challenging to do fishing on frozen lakes compared to summer fishing.

And every angler knows how important it is to have the right rod. But getting a quality, comfortable and high-performance ice fishing rod is not that easy.

Over the past several years, the ice fishing rods have gone through countless upgrades, and the market is full of models of different qualities and performance.

Today, we are going to read about ten different, high-performing best ice fishing rods. Let’s have a closer look to have a clear view of the items.

Reviews of the Best Ice Fishing Rods

Winter is not an impediment for many anglers to fish. But they need the best ice fishing rod to get most out of it. Considering the qualities and materials, it is hard to separate and distinguish the best one rod.

Before making the decision, you need to consider your personal preferences and needs. Here we are talking about ten best ice fishing rods available today.

We have talked about the merits and demerits of each product to help you. You can also do it yourself if you want to save your time you can read this review article to take your decision easily.

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik

Best Ice Fishing RodsThis ice fishing rod is one of the best ice fishing combos for the price out there. It is durable, smooth and works very well. It is also sensitive enough to feel some softer perch bites, as well it has a nice backbone to land bigger fish.

If you are searching for a solid, durable ice fishing combo, this one is the perfect option! For the saltwater fishing applications, the GX2 comes in a wide variety of models.

There are four pack rod style options are available. For the beginners, Shakespeare offers several combo packages that only adds a few dollars.

The Ugly Stik is known for its strength and durability. Shakespeare released the GX2, new generation of the Ugly Stik in the summer of 2013.

Ugly Stik GX2 is the improved version of the original one that combines the heritage and tradition of the manufacturer.

This fishing rod offers improved components, better balance for a lighter feel, and eye-catching design for a more modern look. Overall, this one is an incredible fishing rod for sensitivity, strength, and backbone.


  • Genuine Ugly Stik blank
  • Ugly StikGX2 spinning rods
  • Ported aluminum spool for lightweight and added durability
  • 20 size spinning reel with one ball bearing
  • EVA handle with the twist-lock reel seat
  • Highly responsive fiberglass tip


  • You may need to tighten up the rod and the reel occasionally
  • Minor issues with construction quality


2. Fenwick AETOS Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsIf you are searching for a brand new rod that allows you to concentrate on your performance, the Fenwick Aetos ice fishing spinning rod might be just the right choice.

The Fenwick AETOS ice fishing rod is convenient, lightweight, and user-friendly. It is built with quality materials, and you can use it under a variety of circumstances.

Considering its price and quality, this light ice fishing rod is worthy of your consideration. It is also an affordable choice when you are on a budget.

The Fenwick AETOS is a versatile, sensitive enough and capable of excellent performance. The high modulus solid graphite blanks, hidden handle design reel seats, carbon fiber hoods, a combination of TAC and cork handle construction, stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts, all these features made this fishing rod highly usable alternative for a pro angler.

This rod is available in five sizes ranging from 18 to 30 inches. After analyzing the user feedback and considering the features, we have concluded that it would be a great choice that worth every penny.


  • High modulus solid graphite blanks
  • Combination of TAC & cork handle construction
  • Hidden handle design reel seats and
  • Carbon fiber hoods
  • Stainless steel guides and inserts
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • A little stiffer in the tip
  • Poor packing


3. Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsThe Fenwick Elite Tech is a serious ice rod for pro anglers. The Fenwick Elite Tech Ice rods with the high modulus graphite blanks particularly designed for ice fishing.

It also gives you the best grip even the most rigid conditions with the ergonomically shaped cork and TAC handles. The best construction materials ensure durability even in the harshest winter conditions.

The high modulus graphite blank comprises smoked stainless steel frame guides amid zirconium oxide inserts to decrease overall weight while handling adverse conditions placed on ice fishing equipment.

When the bite is soft, you need to set the hook hard and quick, and this rod is for you. The Fenwick Elite Tech ice fishing rod features a down locking reel seat amid a stainless steel hood.

It eliminates the need to tape the reel with the rod which gives anglers less worry on the ice. The rod is available in different lengths and powers with a fast fishing action.

This fishing rod needs to be in the collection for anybody serious about ice fishing. Overall, the Elite Tech is the ultimate rod for ice fishing.


  • 100% high modulus graphite blanks
  • Stainless steel guides with Zirconium oxide inserts
  • Down-locking reel seat
  • Ergonomically shaped cork & TAC handles


  • Eyelets are a little small


4. St. Croix Avid Jigging Series Ice Fishing Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsWell made, lightweight, perfect stiffness and sensitivity for jigging – the reviewers used these words to describe this ice fishing rod. These rods are designed particularly for jigging spoons, ice jigs, and other popular walleye jigs.

It is made with precision-taper solid carbon blanks with super-sensitive carbon handles, This Avid Ice Jigging rods by St. Croix will deliver absolute control and sensitivity.

This rod is made in the USA with domestic and foreign materials. This fishing rod features Kigan stripper guides which are lightweight, low-profile running guides.

It is quite stiff for the most of its length with a rapid drop off in stiffness toward the tip. It has tape on reel seat for excellent sensitivity and flexibility in spotting the reel without giving you a “handful of hardware” feeling. This rod is great for ice fishing mixed species and sizes. Three different lengths are available.


  • Precision-taper solid carbon blank
  • Super-sensitive carbon handle
  • Kigan stripper guide with low-profile, lightweight running guides
  • Available in three different lengths
  • Designed specifically for jigging
  • Made in U.S.A


  • A little stiff for small panfish jigs


5. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsThe rod is very sturdy, and the balance is also good. The material and manufacture ensured a very smooth rod. Like all Ugly Stiks, this ice fishing rod is super sensitive and super tough.

Ugly Stik Clear Tip design gives you the added sensitivity for the lightest bite, but it has enough backbone for the occasional bass or catfish. The eyes are in right alignment.

The reel mounting location also works great on different sized reels. This Shakespear ice fishing rod is going to be your new favorite. The Ugly Tech construction gives a combination of graphite and fiberglass for more durability and long-lasting performance.

It also features new one-piece stainless steel guides to reduce insert pop outs.  It comes with enhanced cosmetics for a more modern look and available in three different lengths.


  • Combination of Graphite and fiberglass
  • New one-piece stainless steel guides
  • Extra strength and added sensitivity
  • Durable and lightweight EVA grips
  • Enhanced cosmetics for a modern look
  • Available in three different lengths


  • Poor customer care
  • You may receive the wrong one!


6. Piscifun 4 Pieces Travel Spinning Fishing Rods

Best Ice Fishing RodsThe Piscifun spinning rod blanks are lightweight, very sensitive and they also provide with great bending strength. The advanced construction process creates a double-helix configuration of the materials for structural reinforcement.

The 4-Piece design of this fishing rod is easy to put together. The size is ideal for carrying around with the backpack. A multi-purpose hook keeper provides you to snug in a drop shot weight, spinner bait, rigged worm,  or crankbait.

This 6’6” Medium and Fast Action Spinning Rod performs great with 8-17LBS braid, fluoro, mono, or super lines and 1/4-3/4OZ Lure.

High-quality Ceramic Guide sets provide maximum casting performance and sensitivity. The 24-ton slit carbon core gives perfect action and sensitivity while the layer of 8-ton E-glass delivers incredible strength and flexibility.

Its integrated power transition offers you one piece rod performance. The consistent and smooth taper removes flat and dead spots in the blank which helps you feel the tiniest bite.

This fishing rod also includes one braided fishing Line free of cost. Overall, excellent spinning ice fishing rod for your various fishing trip.


  • 24-ton slit carbon core with 8-ton E-glass layer
  • 4-Piece design
  • High-quality Ceramic Guide sets
  • A multi-purpose hook keeper
  • Includes one braided fishing Line free
  • Available style 6’6”


  • Not that much sturdy, perfect for small bass, panfish, etc.


7. SUPOW Fishing Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsThis mini fishing rod looks like a pen. It easily fits in your backpack or pocket. Very easy to carry and lets you enjoy fishing anywhere. It is also very lightweight, compact and convenient.

The manufacturer used the popular material for its construction. Aluminum alloy shell and carbon fiber pole body offer long-lasting performance and make it looks beautiful.

This rod allows 5 sections telescoping range between 8 – 39 inches. You can also adjust the length according to your needs when you are fishing. It is compact and easy to use. If you don’t have experience, you can easily use it.

This fishing rod comes with a fishing reel made of Aluminium Alloy Brass. There are 4 ceramic ring guides that can effectively protect the fishing line. You are also getting baitcasting reel involved in the package.

It has the weight capacity between 2-3 pounds. The manufacturer also offers a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Definitely, it is an essential gear for your ice fishing!


  • Stainless Aluminium Alloy Shell Material
  • 5 Adjustable Length Range
  • 4 Stainless Steel Rod Guides Design
  • Baitcasting Reel Included
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • 45-day money back guarantee


  • Sometimes the line gets tangled up on the spool
  • Materials are not that much sturdy


8. Schooleys 6224 CDR-30 Arctic Blue Ice Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsThe greatest asset of the Schooleys 6224 CDR-30 ice fishing rod is a very sensitive tip. The tip acts like a 10-12 inch spring bobber even the smallest bobbers cannot compete with the spring bobber tip of this rod.

This Rod is ultra light for fast action and includes a hook keeper. The cork handle provides comfort and eases while holding the pole. It is one of the finest rod available in the market.

The Arctic Blue Rod by Schooleys comes with comfortable a cork handle and reel rings. Its blank is light blue featuring a fluorescent red tip for high visibility.

It is very flexible, easy to see in less light conditions, and can work for some larger sized fish. The rod is great for panfish, it is not that much sturdy, and you need to store and transport it carefully. Overall, this rod is a great ice fishing gear.


  • Arctic blue ice rod
  • Fluorescent red tip for high visibility
  • Includes a cork handle and reel rings
  • Includes a hook keeper
  • Cork handle provides comfort


  • This rod works OK!


9. Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsThe Cherrywood Series is conventional in length and well-made fishing rod. The Cherrywood HD Spinning Rod Series features Berkley’s HD Hybrid blank design for unparalleled strength and sensitivity.

This rod offers SS304 guides which are 55% lighter and twenty times more robust than traditional aluminum oxide guides. The full cork handles are for added comfort and grip.

It also features a quality uplocking graphite reel seat amid black nickel stainless steel cushioned hoods. The Cherrywood HD by Berkley is sensitive enough to detect the slightest bite, and it is durable enough to handle the large fish.

It looks good, excellent price and perfect length what you want! This is a  great rod with the good hook set. This fishing rod is available in two different lengths.

You can also use them with the jaw-jacker set up; they will work great. This rod offers a full range of sizes and actions, and this is perfect for your next ice fishing adventure.


  • 100% fiberglass blanks
  • Durable rod finish
  • Full cork handles
  • Graphite sliding ring reel seat
  • Stainless steel guides and inserts
  • Available in two different lengths


  • Works great for small fishes


10. HT ICM-24 Iceman Medium Spin Ice Rod

Best Ice Fishing RodsThe HT Iceman rods will work better than other pricey models available in the market.  The specialty of this fishing rod is, they are lightweight and straightforward.

They are specially designed for ice fishing. They are good for catching or having fun with loads of small fish. With having tip included two eyelets, they are the simplistic model available.

This fishing rod weighs 9.6 ounces only. This Iceman rod is loaded with Shimano spinning reels with 8 pounds fluorocarbon line, you can easily tangle with rainbows and arctic char up to 24 inches and then some.

This medium spin ice rod is durable, and they will provide you with long-lasting performance. The pro anglers who used this rod, always recommend this fishing rod. Overall, this fishing rod worth the small asking price.


  • Durable materials
  • 24 inches medium spin rod
  • specially made for ice fishing
  • Item weighs 9.6 ounces


  • Good for catching smaller fish


Final Words

That concludes our list of recommendations for ten best ice fishing rods that you can buy. After testing, researching and reading reviews of other customers we have made this top ten list. We hope these ten will fulfill your requirements of ice fishing.

Though they are not without faults, we know they are the best out there. Besides, you can also do the research works on your own. We think this review article help you, as we have done the job for you. Just pick one of the items mentioned above, you will be happy with the purchase.


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