The 5 Best Ice Augers in 2023 – For an Utmost Ice Fishing Experience

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Ice Augers

Ice fishing is not only for fun and entertainment, but it is also used to gather food. However, before you should decide on doing such activity, you need to consider many factors. You should have sufficient body strength to deal with the temperature, as you have to encounter several feet of ice.

Aside from that, you need to have the equipment to make your ice fishing productive. You may want to have the best ice augers to start with.

Quick Answer – Ice Augers

1. Eskimo Quantum 43cc Power Ice Fishing Auger

2. ION 40V Max Electric Ice Auger

3. Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger

4. Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

5. Strikemaster Chipper Lite Power Auger

Reasons why should need an ice auger?

The layer of ice beneath your feet should be tolerated since it may have a thickness from one to three feet, though depending on where you are located. After you have found the best spot for ice fishing, you need to dig a lot of holes.

You cannot just do it manually, for it may be hard and of course, cold. The most powerful tool designed to punch and dig holes through thick layers of ice is an ice auger. It is on the top of the list when considering the crucial equipment to be geared by many fishermen during winter.

However, not all ice augers are effective that is why people, most especially those who will be trying the sport for the first time, find it hard to select the best among the rest.

You will probably be lost since there are many options that you can find and you may end up getting what you don’t need. That is why it is important to know first what to look for before you should decide on buying it.

1. Eskimo Quantum 43cc Power Ice Fishing Auger

Best Ice AugersYou can choose between the two blade sizes- eight and ten inches- available for the Eskimo Quantum. It is suitable for anyone since it is 42 inches long and it is right for an average height.

Its Viper engine ensures high performance with a drilling force of 8,000 RPMs. This ice fishing auger will allow you to punch through the thickest ice layers.

Its handlebars are also made with foam grips which make sure that you will have the maximum comfort. Aside from that, it is designed to let you control the throttle using your fingertip. It can also be operated easily delivering 43ccs of power. It is made with a built-in primer button for quick starting.

It is a gas type of ice auger and its gas tank is transparent which makes you aware if it is needed to be refilled. However, its pull cord is said to be made with low quality despite having the high-compression motor.


  • Comes with two blade sizes
  • Ideal for an average height
  • High drilling force
  • Can be used in the thickest layers of ice
  • Handlebars with foam grips for maximum comfort
  • Throttle can be controlled using the fingertip


  • Gas type ice auger, heavier compared to the manual
  • Pull cord is not made with high-quality materials


2. ION 40V Max Electric Ice Auger

Best Ice AugersSince it is only 21 pounds, it is considered as lightweight and you can easily carry it anywhere. This is perfect if you want to constantly change positions or if you have to walk for long distances. Its handlebar is made with a wide space, which makes its operation easier.

Its trigger button is large, designed to make it comfortable to use. Its entire structure is made out of steel materials which makes it durable.

It means that it can be used for a long time. Its blade is eight inches, so you can punch through holes that are big enough allowing you to catch as many kinds of fish.

The auger’s length is longer since it is 34 inches long. But it can still be extended up to 12 inches long, which means that its length has a total of 46 inches. This kind of auger uses battery, but it is packed with the battery charger which makes charging easy and fast.

It is an electric type of auger, designed to provide you with maximum performance. It is reliable and powerful while being fast. It can push up to 40 holes, which are 2 feet deep for a single battery charge.


  • Lightweight, perfect for carrying long distances
  • Trigger button for comfy use
  • Can dig up to 40 holes in one battery charge
  • Can be adjusted up to 46 inches, ideal for all height


  • Battery charging is required so that you can use it again


3. Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger

Best Ice AugersIt is worth considering the Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger if you are looking for an excellent quality product.It is efficient for ice drilling as it features Chrome-alloy Stainless Steel Blades, which ensures that you can drill a hole quickly, saving you more time and energy.

It is also coated with powder paint, reducing ice accumulation. It can be carried easily since its grips are made with a soft rubber. It is also ergonomic, which will allow you to use it easily. It can be adjusted up to 57 inches to ensure that all fishermen sizes are accommodated.

There are also several blade sizes so you can choose upon your preference. You may want to catch larger fish, so you must drill a bigger hole. It is also designed in a way as to prevent your back from being strained and to save your breath.


  • Excellent quality materials
  • The hole can be drilled quickly; you can save time and energy
  • Coated with powder paint for ice accumulation reductions
  • Soft rubber grips for easy carriage
  • Can be extended up to 57 inches, for all height
  • Various blade preferences


  • It may be heavier, since it is longer
  • Manual, need to control it by yourself


4. Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

Best Ice AugersJust like the above mentioned, this kind of ice auger is also made with high-alloy carbon steel blades for easier drilling. It is also coated with powder paint that reduces ice buildup. Its handlebar can be adjusted up to 57 inches, which is ideal for all heights, most especially for those who are taller.

However, it is just lightweight, being six pounds so that you can carry it in long distances easily. Its grips are equipped with soft rubber, increasing comfort and at the same time, its handle system is designed in a way that focuses on ergonomics.

It means that it is user-friendly so that you can use it easily. There are three blade sizes available, so you have the discretion on what to select. Choosing the right manual auger for you would increase control and comfort.


  • Made with high-alloy carbon steel blades for easy drilling
  • Powder coated paint to reduce the buildup
  • Adjustable up to 57 inches, ideal for all heights
  • Lightweight, only six pounds
  • Easy grip with soft rubber
  • Designed focusing on ergonomics
  • Selection of three blade sizes


  • Though you can control it since it is manual, you may find it hard to use most especially when drilling thick and strong ice layers


5. Strikemaster Chipper Lite Power Auger

Best Ice AugersThe Chipper Lite Power Auger is just one of the best equipment from StrikeMaster. It is ideal for drilling thicker ice layers since it is a powered auger. It has a 32cc engine producing 1.5 horsepower, which is just right to dig on the thick layers of ice.

It is equipped with a transmission that is the US made, ensuring that you will be provided with a reliable performance. The gears within are treated with heat and are made of steel.

Its blade is also made of steel with polymer gear castings. Although it is lightweight, it does not compromise its power given its two best features- the long filament high-impact handles and the overall design. It drills new holes and even reopens previous holes.


  • Made of good engine, ideal for thicker ice layers
  • US made the transmission, ensuring durability
  • Gears are made of steel
  • Powerful even if lightweight
  • Less noise


  • It is a gas engine, so it is heavier


How to Choose an Ice Auger

Best Ice Augers

In order to determine the right ice auger for your wants and needs, you need to know the basic types of augers. The most popular choice is the manual auger. It can be utilized by anyone, from neophytes to pros, since it is easy to use.

Besides, it is mobile enough that you don’t need to know more about how it will function since the way it is handled depends upon you.

Aside from that, it can be quieter compared to its gas counterpart that would not scare the fish away. You may want to know the Ice Fishing Basics: Drilling Ice Fishing Hole with Hand Auger.

There are cases when the manual is more expensive compared to electric and gas types of ice augers. It is an ideal manual ice auger if its blade is sharper, which means that you can easily dig holes. It should also be durable so that you can use it for many times.

However, you cannot just manually punch through holes, most especially when you are constantly moving around or when the ice is so thick. You may use electric or gas augers.

Both of them are known for effortlessly and quickly drilling holes, which will help make your work faster and easier, saving more time and energy. But, it may be heavier than the manual and it requires constant repairs and maintenance. You may want to watch Ice Augers Compared.

Final Word

There are many ice augers that you may find, but you can select that which could fit your needs. Perhaps, Eskimo Quantum 43cc Power Ice Fishing Auger is the best-selling in the market, though it has its own unique pros and cons.

It may drill holes through ice layers easily since it is operated by gas, but it may be heavier and less comfortable to use. This is ideal if you want to stay in a place.

You have the discretion on what to use, just consider the many factors so that you can decide what is best for you. Ice augers are essential equipment to start ice fishing, so you must not take it for granted. Having the right one will make your ice fishing experience fun. So, happy fishing.


10 Best Ice Augers



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