The 10 Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope in 2023 – Top Rated

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope

A tripod is a three-legged portable object used for ensuring the stability of may devices. As it balances the weight of the tools, it is suitable for hunting, bird watching, target shooting, and other similar activities.

Most of these tripods can support heavier and larger devices than themselves. They are usually made of Aluminum or Carbon-fiber. The light-weight Carbon-fiber tripods are easier to carry while the Aluminum tripods come with higher durability.

When we go on hunting, you usually face trouble to see the prey because of their deliberate moves. Mounting the spotting scope or binoculars on a tripod can help us to overcome this problem. They provide the hunters with a reliable and sturdy base for attaching scope while prohibiting vibrational instability.

As a result, you will be able to capture clear, well-defined, magnified, and focused pictures of the target. So, if you love hunting, you must carry the best hunting tripod for spotting scope as your hunting gear.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope

1. Manfrotto 055 Carbon Fiber Tripod

2. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Tripod

3. RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod

4. SLIK Sprint Pro II Tripod

5. Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod Series

6. Manfrotto 190XPRO Aluminum Tripod

7. Vortex Optics Summit Tripod Series

8. Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod

9. Vortex Optics High Country Tripod Series

10. SLIK Mini Pro DQ Tripod

Reviews of the Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope

Getting the best hunting tripod for spotting scope among thousands of options is not an easy task at all. If you don’t have any idea of a good tripod, choosing the right one will be both confusing and time-consuming for you.

First of all, you should make up your mind about what properties your tripod should have. Then consider checking the required features as well as the construction, material, height, and weight of the tripod. Pick some of the best products which work best within your budget.

Check the user’s review, compare them to each other, and in this way, you will find the best one for you. In this article, we are presenting the details on the best hunting tripod for spotting scope for your further consideration.

1. Manfrotto 055 Carbon Fiber Hunting Tripod

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting ScopeThe premium Manfrotto 055 is a 4-section tripod consisting of the lightest materials. The aesthetic carbon fiber design delivers a 19.84 lbs load capacity. Its 100% carbon fiber legs come with a Quick Power Lock system.

The leg locking design offers the highest strength and rigidity to the Manfrotto tripod for spotting scope. It provides easy and quick adjustability of the 4-section legs by single-hand operations. As a result, it requires a small set up time. It also prevents vibrational instability and stabilizes the mounted devices on it.

The versatile tripod features a 90-degree column along with four leg angles. Therefore you can extend it both horizontally and vertically without any disassembly of the orientation. Such incredible characteristic allows the column to reach anywhere you need. It also has an upper disk with rotating bubbles design for precise framing.

The Manfrotto tripod for spotting scope weighs only 4.6 pounds, so it is portable and easy to carry. The upper casting of the tripod features a link connector for simple link attachment. Due to the easy link attachment capability, you can attach any device, LED light, flashlight, and other accessories on it within a few seconds.


  • Premium carbon fiber construction for maximum rigidity
  • Easy accessories attachment
  • Quick single-finger operation
  • Upper disk design with rotating bubble
  • 90° column system


  • Loose balance if you place it high off the ground


2. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting ScopeThe Vanguard Alta Pro tripod features 26mm long, 3-section legs which are made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. The sturdy legs come with easy-release buttons for fast adjustment.

So, the users can set them to 25-degree, 50-degree, and 80-degree angles depending on the requirement of low-angle photography. The rubberized feet with Quick flip locks and retractable spikes result in super stability and flexibility.

It implements the Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) technology for delivering more control to the users. Because of it, the users can move its hexagon-shaped central column from 0 to 180 degrees in both horizontal and virtual positions.

It is integrated with Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) System. It allows quick repositioning of the central column within a few seconds and keeps the Vanguard tripod stable at the same time.

Its smooth SBH-100 ball head comes with bubble levels and a quick release plate. The fluid-like ball head can move in all directions. It includes a removable accessory hook for attaching accessories conveniently.

Besides, you will get an anti-shock ring and a magnesium die-cast canopy. Last but not least, you will also receive a carrying case as part of the package.


  • 3 section rubberized legs with quick-flip leg locks
  • 360-degrees rotating SBH-100 ball head
  • rotates 360 degrees and includes quick release plate QS-39 and bubble levels
  • Fast vertical and horizontal positioning by the MACC system
  • Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) design for repositioning the central column safely.
  • Includes accessory hook, magnesium die-cast canopy, and anti-shock ring


  • Loose quick-release locks on the leg extensions


3. RetiCAM Tabletop Hunting Tripod

RetiCAMWhen it comes to versatility, this one hardly has any competitor. It is coupled with standard 1/4 tripod mounts for attaching DSLR, digital cameras, spotting scopes, and other devices. Its quick-release mounting plate makes the attaching and detaching process less time-consuming.

The aluminum construction made the product robust, sturdy, and durable. You will be surprised to know that, the 1.5 lb tripod can endure a maximum of 6.0 lb load. It is a durable table top tripod for spotting scope specially designed for a table set up of devices.

The tripod also has multiple features, including bubble level and extendable center column. It features 20mm-diameter geared center post which ensures easy height adjustment. You can extend the tripod up to 19-inch tall.

It is coupled with a three-way pan head. It enables you quick positioning of the camera in any direction. RetiCAM MT01 table top tripod for spotting scope includes one QR plate along with some additional plates.

You can also purchase them separately. It comes with a durable carrying bag for carrying it and convenient storage. All of these fantastic properties bring it in the list of the best hunting tripod for spotting scope.


  • Tabletop tripod with 1/4 tripod mounts
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Equipped with quick snap leg locks,
  • 3-Way pan/tilt head, quick release mounting plate
  • extendable center column,
  • A carrying case is included
  • Light-weight, ergonomic design, 6.0 lb payload


  • The tension-setting process on the handle is troublesome


4. SLIK Sprint Pro II Hunting Tripod

SLIKIf you want a ball head tripod with light-weight and ergonomic design, go for the SLIK Sprint Pro II tripod. It comes with an all-metal ball head as well as a quick-release mounting system for spotting scope or other equipment.

So, mounting or dismounting anything is a matter of a few seconds. This compact ball head is adjustable and allows single lever operation for smooth movement of the devices. With its dual rubber gripped you can accurately position the camera in both vertical and horizontal positions.

It’s aircraft aluminum construction makes the SLIK tripod for hunting extremely durable. This 2.1 lbs tripod has a load capacity of 4.5 lbs. The SLIK SPRINT manufacturers designed SLIK speed release leg locks which never snap back at the users while locking. Opening and closing the leg lock can be done quickly by one finger operation.

Its 3-position leg locks can lock to adjust any leg at 15, 40 or 70-degree angles. You can place all leg of the SLIK tripod for hunting independently at three different angles. In this way, it delivers maximum stability on an uneven surface. It can be lowered up to 6.7 inches off the ground and extended up to 64.4-inch for efficient any angle photography.


  • Maximum 20mm upper leg diameter
  • SLIK speed release leg locks
  • Extendable up to 64 inches
  • Three adjustable angles for positioning on the rough and uneven platform
  • 4.5 lb load capacity


  • Plastic flimsy legs with loose foam grips on the upper legs


5. Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting ScopeThe Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod is capable of handling any situation with the most reliable performance. Its anodized legs are highly durable. They are integrated with a 3-way pan/tilt head. The quick-release pan/tilt head works as solid support for adjusting the viewing angle.

The customers can control both pan and tilt operations using only one hand. It also gives them a choice between picking both vertical and horizontal plate alignments. You only need to twist the handle in the counter-clockwise direction for freeing the movement of the pan-head.

After coming into the required position, lock it by turning the handle clockwise. As the feet are rubberized, it prevents vibrating or falling on uneven surfaces. It combines with flip lever leg locks which can set up the tool rapidly.

Besides, it helps to adjust the hight within 24.6 to 67.1 inches. It has a balance hook which is responsible for carrying the extra weight of the center column. So, you will achieve great stability even in a windy environment.

The 4.4 lb vortex tripod is portable and can tolerate 10lbs load. You will get a carrying case with the product. Above all, the authority provides an unconditional lifetime warranty to the user, unlike most other tripods.


  • Robust anodized legs with 3-way quick-release pan head
  • Rubberized feet for great stability
  • Flip lever leg locks for rapid height adjustment.
  • Extendable up to 67.1 inches
  • Carry case, balance hook and a quick-release plate are included


  • Needs a heavier quick-release lever


6. Manfrotto 190XPRO Aluminum Tripod

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting ScopeThe model is coupled with three-section aluminum legs which deliver excellent stability for both short and long lenses. The setting up process of the legs is less time-consuming due to the new QUICK POWER LOCK (QPL) feature.

With the ultra-fast QPL technology, deploying and adjusting any camera support has become easier than ever. The ergonomic locking system allows opening with one hand. The one-hand operation also made its new patented 90-degree column accessible at any time.

The 190 Manfrotto tripods for spotting scope have a total of four leg angles for maintaining its extraordinary stability in any condition. Its rotating leveling bubble will help you position the tripod more accurately on the uneven platform with an accurate view.

Its thick textured rubberized legs are adjustable as well as provides smooth and secure movement. As it enables the vertical column to swing to the horizontal direction, the shooting flexibility automatically enhances.

It features an easy link plug for connecting the tripod with accessories. You can adjust the tripod height from 53.2 inches to 63 inches. The light-weight products weigh only 4.4 Pounds. But it can take a load of a maximum of 15.4 pounds.


  • Instant set up with the Quick Power Lock System
  • Easy Link plug for mounting accessory
  • Built-in accurate and moving bubble level
  • Q90 Column for rapid positioning facilities
  • Adjustable leg angle


  • cheap plastic leveler is easily breakable


7. Vortex Optics Summit Hunting Tripod

VortexThis is a field-packing hunting tripod for spotting scopes. It comes with a 3-way pan head for quick set up and adjustment of the viewing angle. It offers the users to select either horizontal, vertical plate alignments for efficiently using in the camera.

Each vortex tripod leg is extendable up to five sections. You can increase or decrease the size up to 35.56 cm and 138.43 cm respectively. It supports one-hand operation so that you can control both pan and tilt operation using only one hand.

Move its handle counter-clockwise for making any adjustments and freeing the movement of the pan head. Then move the handle clockwise to secure its position. The package contains a carry case, a balance hook, and a quick-release plate.

The plate should be attached to the capturing equipment. Another innovative characteristic of the tripod is its adjustable lock angle. You can select any of the three angles for setting each leg.

As a result, you can place them in your desired position with maximum flexibility and greater stability. It also helps in reducing the height of the tripod while operating with leg locks. Overall, the versatile vortex tripod is a perfect combination of height, weight, rugged construction, and functionalities.


  • Light-weight and compact field-packing tripod with telescoping legs
  • 3-way pan head for precise adjustments
  • Multiple leg angles allow for accurate positioning, flexibility, and stability
  • Integrated with twist leg locks, balance hook and Split center column
  • Includes carry case and quick-release plate


  • Not good for larger scopes


8. Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod

BushnellThe Bushnell 784030 is a stand-up scope-spotting tripod works as an effective viewing platform. It is equipped with durable aluminum legs. You can adjust them independently to numerous heights and angles.

In this way, you can achieve maximum comfortability and great stability while observing the movement of your target. It features a three-way pan/tilt head and a big mounting interface as well. The pan/tilt head leads the way of setting up the tool rapidly.

It comes with three padded foam leg cushions which guarantee protection against unfriendly weather conditions. The rubberized leg tips are super-durable due to its corrosion-resistant finish.

The product includes a sliding center column having a tension control system. You can increase the tripod-height up to 50.3 inches without extending the column. On the other hand, if you raise the column too, it rises to 63 inches tall.

The compact and portable tripod is designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. This 5.5 lb tripod has the highest load capacity of 11lb. It works the best with 45mm to 70mm lenses for spotting scopes.


  • 63-inch maximum height
  • Heavy-duty and independently adjustable aluminum legs
  • 3-way pan/tilt head along and big mounting platform
  • Maximum comfortability with padded leg cushions
  • The slicing center column can be extendable up to 61 inches


  • No level indicator, storage bag, clear manual


9. Vortex Optics High Country Tripod

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting ScopeThe Vortex Optics High Country Tripod is a light and portable hunting gear. As it weighs only 2.2 lb, you can easily fit in in your backpack. In spite of the small size, its compact design, quality, and performance have won the user’s trust and reliability.

You can fold it down to 15 inches and extend to 52.3 inches. You can do it by raising or lowering the central column and securing its position. The vortex tripod provides angle and length controlling facility according to the customer’s need.

The angle of each leg can set in one of the three positions individually. Each leg contains four sections. You can adjust their height by unlocking the flip levers. It is equipped with a compact ball head for better visibility.

It helps you to reposition the head for changing the viewing angle. You can do it by turning the adjustment lever counter-clockwise. When the ball head comes to your desired position, secure it by turning the lever clockwise.

It includes a quick-release plate which lets you connect any device, scopes, or light to the tripod. You will receive a carrying case with which the product can be stored and carried safely.


  • Small size and compact design
  • Multiple leg-angles with flip lever leg locks
  • Extends from 15 inches to 52.3 inches
  • Comes with a ball head, case, and quick-release plate
  • Texturized rubber feet prevent slipping


  • Shakes a lot after extending the tripod legs entirely


10. SLIK Mini Pro DQ Tripod

Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting ScopeThe Slik has been producing and manufacturing high-performance and light-weight tripods since 1948. SLIK Mini Pro DQ Tripod is an extraordinary creation of the company. The product weighs just 0.77 lb. As you can see, it is only suitable for low-height photography.

This SLIK tripod for hunting can be folded to only 8.1-inches so that you can fit it in any place. It can be raised to 8.9-inches. The rapid center column can extend 1.75-inches hight for performing some quick minor adjustments of the tool.

It contains twist legs locks for securing the angle and position of the legs separately. They are also used for freeing the current conditions of the legs. The Rubber feet perform non-slip operations on rough and smooth surfaces.

The little product eliminates unwanted vibrational movement resulting in a clear image. It has an all-metal compact ball head offering facilities for accurate movement of the camera and stability.

Its single-knob operation makes the head’s ball free instantly for positioning the angle of the camera. It is coupled with a quick-release plate which allows rapid attachment and detachment of the accessories and devices from the tripod.


  • 8.9-inch maximum height
  • Rubber Foot with two leg sections
  • Twist leg locks for securing the angle and position of the legs
  • Easy high adjustability by a rapid center column
  • Only 0.77 lb weight


  • No quick-release plate


Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope FAQs

Are All Spotting Scope Tripods Universal?

All spotting scope tripods aren’t universal. It is because tripods have lots of types. That means you will find different types of spotting scope tripods on the market. All of them don’t come with the same features, especially when it is about tripod-head.

Is a Ball Head Tripod Ideal to Use?

In essence, it depends on some facts. If you tend to spot moving objects, a ball head tripod will be good to go tool. And if you capture static subjects such as landscapes, etc. a ball head tripod won’t be suitable for you. In that case, a pan head tripod will be ideal to go with.

Is It Safe to Use a Tripod Deer Stand?

If you consider some factors, you will find the tripod deer stand completely safe. This piece of equipment is convenient to get in and out. It is stable and comfortable to sit and move in all directions.

How Much Budget Should I Consider While Purchasing a Tripod?

It depends on your needs. Generally, you will find both expensive and cheap tripods on the market. But experts recommend users to think about the quality of the tripod rather than considering the price. Anyway, a high-quality spotting scope tripod price ranges from 75 up to 300 dollars. So, you have to choose one according to your budget, but you shouldn’t forget checking the tripod’s quality.

Can I Change My Tripod Head?

Of course, you can change the tripod head. Most high-quality tripods allow you to change heads. If your tripod features a pan-tilt head, you can change it to a ball head. For that, you need to unscrew the tilt head and replace it with a ball head.

How Can I Know if My Tripod Will Suit My Spotting Scope?

After placing the spotting scope on the tripod, you need to have the viewfinder at your eye level. And the tip of the head of your tripod should be at your jaw level. If your tripod doesn’t feature head, you need to make sure that the tripod’s legs end at your shoulder level. If everything gets matched, it will surely fit your spotting scope.

Final Words

These are our top recommendations of the best hunting tripod for spotting scope you can ever find on the market. The ranking is based on lots of research, user reviews, and personal experiences. Each of them has unique features, different functionalities, advantages, and some disadvantages.

Read them carefully and think about whether they can be beneficial to you or a waste of money. It is essential, because you may regret buying the best heavy tripod if you needed a light one. We hope these guidelines will help you to find a tripod which satisfies most of your needs.


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