The 10 Best Hunting Sunglasses in 2023 – The Ultimate Review

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hunting Sunglasses

What equipment do you need while out for hunting? Firearms, ammunition, hunting boots, trail cameras, camouflage clothing, tree stands, and the list goes on. Did you miss something? Yes, it’s a pair of hunting sunglasses.

Out of all the hunting gears, the sunglasses are the most important pieces of hunting gear. But which one will be best to protect our eyeballs? Well, here, we are going to review 10 best hunting sunglasses that are best at protecting eyes while hunting.

While hunting, we realize the guns force, the consequence of the explosion inside the firearm’s chamber. What’s more, this explosion happens not precisely at a safe distance from your face! Also, a few guns eject hot shells at significant speed.

And, you will also face the harsh outdoor breeze, flying objects, troublesome tree limbs, and other environmental factors. That’s why you need the best hunting sunglasses! So, read this review to get your next pair of hunting sunglasses.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Hunting Sunglasses

1. BLUPOND Sports SunglassesDurable metal frames construction, Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, Polarized light-neutralizing lenses, 100% UV protection, Integrated nose pads, Rubberized support system.

2. Oakley Men’s Fuel Cell SunglassesFlexible Polycarbonate Frames, Plastic lens,10% light transmission, Lenses are prescription ready, Dual lens polaric ellipsoid geometry, Metal icon accents frames.

3. Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses100% UV protection coating, Multiple nose pad options, Lenses are prescription-ready, Composite frame and lens, Available in different colors.

4.Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses100% UV protection, 100 % polarized, 20% thinner than average Polarized glass, 22% lighter than the ordinary polarized lens, Provides the best clarity in material, Encapsulated mirrors are scratch-proof, Made in the USA.

5. Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Non-Polarized Iridium ShieldO-Matter stress-resistant frame, 100% UV protection coating, Three-Point Fit holds lenses, Non-polarized Iridium, Plastic frames and lens, Includes case.

6. Costa Del Mar Zane SunglassesHand built and backed for life, 100% UV protection and Polarized, Patented technology offers better clarity and color, Exclusive 580P Technology, Available in multiple colors, Made in the USA.

7. ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor 2X Deluxe KitTri-Tech Fit Crossbow Frame, Hi-Def Copper Lens,100% UVA/UVB protection, Includes zippered hard case, and instruction booklet, Perfect for outdoor activities.

8. Costa Del Mar Cortez Sunglasses580-Polycarbonate lenses, Co-injected bio-based nylon frame, 100 % polarized, Comfortable fit, Limited lifetime warranty.

9. Venture Gear Overwatch Tactical SunglassesSunglasses style and metal hinge, Soft nosepiece and rubber temple tips, Anti-fog, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, 99% UVA/B/C protection, Passes High-Velocity Impact Standards, Available in different style and color.

10. Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized SunglassesAcuTint polarized lens system, Hard coated for scratch resistance, Lightweight and durable, Crystal gunmetal frame with copper lens, 100% Protection from Harmful UVA and UVB Rays, Polarized lenses.

1. BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses

Best Hunting SunglassesThe seven-layered lenses of Blupond sunglasses will be a perfect fit for any outdoor sports. These sunglasses guarantee the better performance that you deserve during your challenging activity. Universal fit design with a unique frame resist lots of squashes and drops during any outdoor activity.

Besides, the Blupond sunglasses offer you a polarized lens at a low price. It also filters harmful UVB, UVA, and UVC rays and keeps your eyes safe. For its Light-Neutralizing technology, it enhances your field and range vision. You can use these sunglasses for various outdoor activities and sporting.

The Polycarbonate made shatterproof, and color-tinted lenses help to view your target clearly at all times. It is well designed for maximum comfort and wearability. For its super-light, ultra-thin semi-polarized lenses along with integrated nose pad make these sunglasses so precious to any outdoor sports lover.

The Blupond sunglasses are available in six different colorways. Also, you will get a Complementary Accessory Set including Sunglasses pouch, and Glasses clip for, Screwdriver for minor adjustments, Microfiber cleaning cloth, and Gift box. The entire package to keep you active and ready for any outdoor activity or sports.


2. Oakley Men’s Fuel Cell Sunglasses

Best Hunting SunglassesThe Oakley Men’s Fuel Cell is the perfect combination of art and technology. Fuel Cell Plutonite keeps your eyes safe from UVA, UVB, UVC, and unsafe blue light up to 400 nm. Its High Definition Optics (HDO) technology, Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry, prolongs clarity for peripheral view, exceeding the optical standard.

The frame design and lens curvature offer side protection and durability. You will get maximum comfort with a perfect Three-Point Fit. For the security and all-day comfort, the O-Matter stress-resistant frame material is handy and lightweight.

The Optical precision and impact resistance of the lens satisfies the optical and basic impact standards of Z87.1. Its HD Polarized-Minimized glare technology provides 99% polarization efficiency.

Two glasses from pure Plutonite, along with Iridium lens coating, make your vision so apparent to any light condition. The Fuel Cell lenses guarantee you more protection against varying speeds of objects.

This product is come up with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses from +2.00 to -3.00 combined powers. Considering the construction, comfort, performance, and design, The Oakley Men’s Fuel Cell will be the best hunting sunglasses for any outdoor sports and activity.


3. Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses

OakleyThe Oakley Radar Path is the most famous Sunglasses among the outdoor sports lover for its Clarity, Comfort, and Protection. It offers you a secure, custom fit, as well as desired performance. Oakley’s Three-point fit enhances comfort and grips the lenses in exact optical alignment for superior clarity.

For all-day comfort, lightweight 0 Matter Radar is useful – lens materials of pure Plutonite filters out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC.  Radar satisfies the impact protection, optical clarity standards of ANSI Z87.1.

For its semi-rimless design, it doesn’t block a downward view.  For extending the sharp vision around the lens periphery, the patented Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry is very much useful.

The lightweight, flexible nylon frame resists damaging stresses, which can save you from high-mass and high-velocity impact. Multiple interchangeable Unobtainium nose pad is available for a secure fit.

Scratch-resistant, and shatterproof Plutonite polycarbonate lenses increase durability and performance. Reflective Iridium coating reduces glare in a different light, and improve optical clarity and contrast.

The Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses offers you two sizes of interchangeable nosepieces, also available in different colors. Considering its performance, comfort, and protection, it will be an excellent fit for your next outdoor sports and activity.

4. Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses

Costa Del MarCosta Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses is the perfect option for an angler, Voyager, and beachcomber. The Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses comes with the best quality lenses. Besides, the Costa 580 polarized lenses block HEV and UV light and also filters harsh yellow light to enhance the color.

The polarized lenses offer you the maximum performance to clear vision during any outdoor sports. The frame, composed of lightweight TR-90 nylon, make this sunglass extremely durable. Incredibly, this sunglass reduces the glare and keeps your eyes safe from strain.

Its 580G light-wave glass is 22% lighter and 20% thinner than the regular polarized lens, offers to block 99.9% of glare. The lenses are made of a superior type of plastic, which enables it to resist scratch, so you don’t need to replace it anytime soon.

Sunglasses from the angler line are necessary equipment for wearers. Also, this sunglass comes up with a carrying case and a soft cloth. For the entire performance of the Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses, there is no doubt, and this will significantly fit for your outdoor activity.


5. Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Non-Polarized Iridium Shield

Best Hunting SunglassesOakley Men’s Radar Ev Non-Polarized Iridium Shield is a fantastic sunglass, and very comfortable to use. This sunglass prolonged range of view in the superior peripheral region. Radar Ev offers you maximum contrast and enhances clear visibility.

With its revolutionary design, the upper field of view is enhanced marvelously. The 0 Matter frame provides you excellent all-day protection and comfort. If you love cycling, running, and sports, this model is perfect for you. Don’t need to worry about the fall of these sunglass when working out.

The Plutonite lenses offer you maximum UV protection and clarifying unsafe blue light up to 400 nm. Its three-point fit holds lenses in accurate alignment and lessens pressure points, which provides a comfortable fit. The non-polarized Iridium coating gives you 100% UV protection.

Amazing architectures with outstanding durability along with excellent performance, you can use it without any hesitation. For its strength, performance, clarity, and security, you can pick Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Non-Polarized Iridium Shield sunglass for any adventurous sports or activity.


6. Costa Del Mar Zane Sunglasses

Best Hunting SunglassesThe Costa Del Mar Zane sunglass is one of the most fabulous sunglasses for fishing.  The polarized polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof, cut surface glare, and enhance clarity. It filters out unsafe yellow light, and eyes can pick up more green, blue, and reds.

The slip-free nylon frame provides you all-day comfort and protection. Costa Mirror 580 technology offer you high-performance, and available in blue and green mirrors, gray, copper, and green mirrors.

Costa’s exclusive 580P technology makes this sunglass lightweight, enhances optical quality, and comfortable. This sunglass is very durable, perfectly fit, and lightweight. It guarantees you the best performance for spotting fish in deep water.

The patented technology offers you the best clarity and color enhancement. The Costa Del Mar Zane sunglass is perfect for seafaring or any water experience. The plastic lenses are exceptionally light and an excellent fit for the lake, ocean, or anywhere.

This product comes with a nice case and available in different colors. Considering its performance, gorgeous outlook, price, and effectiveness, you can pick these sunglass for fishing, skiing, and other outdoor activity.


7. ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor 2X Deluxe Kit

ESSThe ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor designs the first spectacle frame use with communication devices and ear cup hearing protection. The suppressor frame is suitable for all Crossbow lenses.

Introducing The Z-Bend Geometry, the frame’s ultra-thin temples arm lessening the outcome on the padded seal of ear cups and keep noise out. The slim temples eliminate the hot spots and the pressure points that generally occur while the usual eyewear is worn under ear cups.

The Crossbow Suppressor 2X Deluxe Kit comes up with the Ultra-thin Crossbow Suppressor frame along with a clear lens, the interchangeable smoke grey lens, microfiber pouch, zippered hard case, flannel lens sleeve, and Crossbow instruction booklet.

Tri-Tech Fit Crossbow frame along with Hi-def copper lens, make this sunglass extraordinarily durable and comfortable. It comes with three lenses: a clear, a yellow, and a smoke.

The package is including with clear, dark glass, and cleaning cloth. For your convenient outdoor sports and activity to enhance superior vision, this sunglass will be a great fit.


8. Costa Del Mar Cortez Sunglasses

Costa Del MarCosta Del Mar Cortez Sunglasses is well known for its super clear view, incredible sun protection capacity, all-day comfort, and durable construction. The co-injected bio-based materials make these sunglasses flexible and sturdy at the same time.

During your adventure all around the world, it can hold their own. This sunglass is very comfortable to wear, no need to worry about falling off. The blue polarized mirror provides you the best clarity on the offshore and the open water. This product comes up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Costa’s 580 polycarbonate offers you the all-day wearability, scratch-resistance, and pure, clear vision. This sunglass guarantees you, the 100% UV protection for maximum safety of your eyes. Incredibly, Costa Del Mar Cortez Sunglasses reduces eye strain and kills reflected glare, which makes your vision so clear.

For keeping your eyes safe from sunlight, this sunglass is incredible. Considering the performance, durability, comfort, protection, and price, you can pick these sunglass for any outdoor activity and sports without any hesitation.


9. Venture Gear Overwatch Tactical Sunglasses

Best Hunting SunglassesIf you are an outdoor enthusiast, the Overwatch Tactical Sunglasses are for you! They have a stylish look with a durable metal frame. Their anti-fog polycarbonate lenses ensure safety from the impact of debris and filter out UV light.

Besides, the lenses have passed the High-Velocity Impact Standards of MIL-PRF 32432. The Rubber temple tips and soft rubber nosepiece make this sunglass comfortable for all-day use. The Venture Gear Overwatch Tactical Sunglasses is built for the wildest environment.

This sunglass will provide you permanent side protection, full eye coverage, and resistance against high impact.  By considering the durability, performance, stability, and comfort, this sunglass will be an excellent fit for hiking, fishing, skiing, running, and many more. They are available in three different colors Bronze, Forest Gray, and Silver Mirror.


10. Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses

Best Hunting SunglassesThe Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses is most popular among anglers. Acu Tint polarized lens color system offers you perfect color contrast without distorting natural color. It also reduces eye strain, sharpness visual perception, and eliminates glare.

The Polarizing filter helps to soak up horizontal glare with the least color distortion and reduce eye fatigue. The lenses are constructed of six to seven layers. Indeed, this product is highly committed to delivering a high-quality visual experience.

This Nitrogen sunglass offers you the maximum blockage of glare from the hot summer sun. The Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses is exceptionally durable and lightweight. This sunglass is suitable for fishing, shooting, skiing, sporting, and many more outdoor activities.

Despite the low price, the quality and the performance of this sunglass is incomparable. The package is come up with a limited one year warranty.  The outstanding style and excellent fitting capability, well structured, and clarity make this sunglass perfect to choose.


Hunting Sunglasses FAQs

Can You Wear Sunglasses While Hunting?

Yes, you can. Many sunglasses are made only for hunting purposes. As eyes are one of our body’s sensitive parts, protecting our eyes should be prioritized while hunting. And the best way to protect your eyes is by wearing hunting sunglasses.

What Color Lens is Best for Hunting?

While you are on hunting, enhance your sight is like to be a gift. Therefore, colored sunglasses make a difference in improving eyesight. Such as-

  • For improving contrast and depth perception, yellow and orange color is the best.
  • For low contrast and near-dark situation, bright yellow is best.
  • If your target is in the jungle, then vermillion color hunter sunglasses is best.
  • Also, purple is best for enhancing the background of a tree, and gray color helps to reduce the sun’s brightness.

Why Do Hunters Wear Yellow Glasses?

Yellow color enhance the contrast of the background and also blocks haze. So most of the hunters find this color comfortable to wear. Overall, this color is better to get an accurate shot on the target. For this reason, it’s common among hunters.

Are Yellow Lenses Bad for Your Eyes?

If we look at one thing for a long time, the blue light-emitting from that thing strains our eyes. Yellow light blocks that blue light and reduce haze; for this reason, our eyes fill comfortable. It reduces strain, and eye fatigue, so yellow lenses are suitable for eyes.

How Can I Tell a Glasses Are Fake or Not?

The only way to identify glasses is to see if there is any distortion in the glasses or not. You can see for the glasses’ side; if there is distortion, then the glasses are fake, and if not, then it’s pure glass. There are many other ways, but its the best and quick possible way.

What Should I Inspect When Purchasing Hunting Glasses?

Grasping the target with the eye is a vital skill in hunting. Hunting is only possible if the target can be seen correctly. Therefore, glasses are often worn when target shooting. In addition to the better detection of the target, these also serve to protect the eyes.

Lens Color

You need to consider the light conditions, the background, and the target’s color before choosing the lens color. Many hunters often use red, violet, yellow, or orange lens colors as these color filters can help improve the pane’s visibility. In the end, however, the selection of the respective glasses color depends on individual perception.

Anyway, many manufacturers provide hunting glasses with interchangeable lenses. You can exchange the hunting glasses colors depending on the requirements. For example, it may make sense to use a different color in bright sunny weather than in rainy and cloudy weather.

Cross Dominance

It is also possible for hunters with cross dominance to attach a cover for the corresponding dominant eye on hunting glasses. That means the eye does not have to be closed. Depending on the shooting style and eyesight, a relatively small adhesive strip can help.

Side Cover

Some hunters also attach side protection to their hunting glasses. It is particularly common with trap hunters. Although the side flaps are available from the optician, you can also easily make them yourself.

For example, the packaging of a cartridge box is suitable for this. You need to cut out a suitably sized piece and use a hole punch or scissors to make two holes for the glasses temple. If you tend to sweat while shooting, you should protect the paper again with adhesive tape.


Hunters who also use visual aids in everyday life should accordingly wear glasses for target shooting. However, not all “everyday glasses” are suitable for this. For example, glasses with small lenses are generally just as unsuitable as varifocal glasses. Also, the highest sharpness in regular glasses is often in the optical center of the lens.

When shooting, the shooter is more likely to look through the upper part of the glasses. Thus, the glasses frame can interfere with small glasses, or the glasses are not optimally sharpened at this point. As a result, hunters can’t achieve maximum visual acuity.

Hunting glasses either cover the entire surface of the spectacle lens, or the point with the highest sharpness is placed where the shooter can see through when aiming. The same lens strengths are often used for everyday glasses. On the contrary, glasses for target shooting usually start above the eyebrows.

There are various solutions for choosing the right visual aid on the shooting range:

Contact lenses: Anyone who wears contact lenses in everyday life should try them when shooting. Corresponding hunting goggles can then optionally be worn over them for better vision and protection.

Hunting glasses with double lenses: If you want to change your hunting glasses lens color frequently, this solution can save you the costs of grinding the individual pairs of lenses. The colored hunting glasses lenses are used without strength.

A pair of colorless glasses is attached between the eyes and the colored glasses using an adapted holder. The colorless lenses are cut according to the individual eyesight. Since the colored lenses don’t need adjustment, this is an inexpensive alternative. However, reflections can sometimes occur due to double glazing.

Hunting glasses with prescription lenses: Anyone who regularly pursues hunting and is willing to invest money can wear hunting glasses with their eyesight. In this case, the lenses are cut in the desired colors according to the prescription. It gives them a clearer view than the other variants presented.

Safety: Depending on the discipline, you can expect to be hit by a splinter. Wearing protective goggles is, therefore, a safety measure when hunting. Beginners often find that when the shotgun is opened, the cartridge is thrown out uncontrollably by the ejector. Thus, you have to protect your eyes with safety goggles or shooting glasses.

Which Accessories Support the Aiming Eye?

A side panel protects against the incidence of light from the side and blocks out events in the immediate vicinity. Also, it offers a mechanical protective effect against particles and repeated cartridge cases. A cover for the second eye makes aiming more comfortable.

The second eye can be kept open under the cover. Closing the second eye would enlarge the pupil of the aiming eye, which would lead to blurring. For pistol shooters, iris diaphragms are incredibly helpful when aiming at the target.

The variable viewing hole replaces the rear sight on rifles, for example. With this iris diaphragm, contrast and depth of field can be set very precisely. A color filter helps the aiming eye in different light conditions. The color filter can be easily mounted and dismantled with special mounting clips.

How Costly Are the Hunting Glasses?

The price also depends on whether the hunting glasses are required for protection or particularly high accuracy. Hunting glasses for protection are available for relatively low prices. Shooting glasses for better accuracy tend to be a bit pricey. And the prescription glasses may require a surcharge due to its adjustment. However, such high-quality hunting glasses are more likely to be used by professional hunters, which means that the inexpensive models are sufficient for hunting.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting Glasses?

With hunting glasses, targets are perceived even more precisely. Hunting glasses protect the eyes and enable spectacle wearers to wear their conventional glasses under the shooting glasses. These glasses have polarized or mirrored lenses that protect against glare. The only drawback of the hunting glasses is they are pretty expensive.

What is the Most Significant Fact About Hunting Glasses?

The significant fact is these glasses are different from regular glasses. When it is about the shooting, regular glasses with lenses never work because you can never look straight through the lens’s center. Therefore, the spectacle lens is not adapted to the shooter’s line of sight when aiming in every position and is unsuitable.

When Should You Use Hunting Glasses?

Hunting glasses with improved accuracy are used in most cases for long-range or ground shooting. These glasses are more used for protection. For example, in clay target shooting and protect against falling splinters.

Are the Colors of the Glasses Intended for Specific Lighting Conditions?

When buying hunting glasses, consider the following tips about lens colors:

It is best to wear clear glasses at dusk or in the early morning. They are also particularly suitable for indoor areas such as at the shooting range. Yellow lenses are the best choice in cloudy, foggy weather. Red, orange, and purple glasses are designed for clay pigeon shooting.

With purple lenses, the orange contrast of the clay pigeon with greenish backgrounds increases to the eye. Dark-tinted hunting glasses have the effect of sunglasses. So you shouldn’t just buy your favorite color here, but also pay attention to its benefits. Keeping that in mind, you should select the best hunting glasses for you.

Final Thoughts

In addition to protecting your eyes, hunting sunglasses can also increase your shooting accuracy. Specific lens colors can enhance your perception and increase visual efficiency. These are some excellent advantages to have good quality hunting sunglasses.

Here, our experts researched and covered ten best hunting sunglasses with an in-depth discussion of each item. We hope you found it helpful and choose the best hunting sunglass for you!


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