The 10 Best Hunting Backpack in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Elk Hunting Backpack

Are you fond of hunting? Do you feel excited whenever you hear about hunting? Well, as you are very much attached to hunting and want to go out for hunting, you will be in of a best hunting backpack.

Best hunting backpack allows you to experience all the excitements in hunting. For every the single purpose in hunting, the hunting backpack lets you survive and accomplish your tasks.

As backpack is so much necessary for hunting, we will be discussing best hunting backpacks reviews. We tried to pick some hunting backpacks for Elk hunting and also for Deer and other animals. Some are an even better performer as bow hunting backpacks. The list and further discussions are given below.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Hunting Backpack

1. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

2. Eberlestock X2 Hunting Bag

3. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

4. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

5. Tenzing TZ 6000 Hunting Backpack

6. Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

7. Tenzing TC SP14 Shooter’s Pack Hunting Backpack

8. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

9. Allen Pagosa Daypack

10. ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack

Reviews of the Best Hunting Backpack

Here, I am showing top ten hunting backpacks so that you can find the best one for yourself.

1. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

Best Hunting BackpackThis USA made the product has earned lots of popularity in recent years. Whether you are a bow hunter or a rifle hunter this product is pretty much suitable for you. When you take a look at this backpack the first thing you will see is that its color.

The color matches with wildlife and nature. This product is absolutely water resistant. So, nothing to worry if the weather is not so good as your equipment will be safe inside this backpack. It also has built-in rifle holder and a hip pocket to carry a pistol.

There are also load lifter straps in the backpack. So, you can adjust the straps according to the weight of your equipment and make your shoulders less stressful.

And apart all these, there is also molded foam system is present that can let your back relax even if you carry lots of stuff and meats.


  • Built-in meat shelf present. So that hunter can carry meat separately and hunt quite comfortably
  • Waterproof. That is why all the equipment can be carried safely during hunting
  • Multipurpose hunting pack. It helps you to carry this pack for any kind of trip and journey.
  • Color combination matches with natural skin color.
  • Waist pocket available to carry small pieces of equipment and can be put out easily.


  • The water bladder is not integrated.
  • The common quality fabric is used to make this product.
  • All the straps and other pockets are not well decorated than other hunting packs if you compare.


2. Eberlestock X2 Hunting Bag

Best Hunting BackpackDual hydrogen compartments made this best hunting backpack pretty popular amongst the hunters. Not only this, the compression straps are built in and it will rapidly give you many advantages.

The big surprise for you is that it has Flex chassis. Flex chassis can be used as a seat anytime for your comfort. You can gain access to your tools very easily if you are carrying this backpack.

There is a tubular aluminum index frame which is unique. The attractive part is that hunters can carry lots of small things and tools to make their journey quite smooth. Compound bows can be carried without any damage in the backpack.

No buyer has complained about its size as it is smaller than other popular hunting packs. Because many hunters have the opinion that the smaller and better load carrier the pack is, the better hunting time you will enjoy.


  • Small in size but can carry pretty much things
  • It is waterproof. It makes you pretty much tension free if the weather is wet.
  • It has the variety of colors. So you can choose your own favorite.
  • Easy access to the materials can be gained as the pockets are pretty well decorated.
  • Excellent bow and rifle holder to free your arms.


  • Not preferred for long distance trips.
  • Carrying heavier loads lets your hip feel some irritating pain.


3. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

ALPS OutdoorZA supportive and helpful backpack for hunting. Durability is its main key feature. The body is made of Nylon fabric. It has several pockets so that you can keep every type of equipment separately and when the time comes you can easily put the out from the pack.

Organized gears are pretty much favorable to hunters. That is why this bag is used for several purposes. It has clip style holsters so that you can detach them anytime from the main body.

It has spindrift collar that is pretty much handy in jungle tours. It has many extra elements and Side lashing system is one of them. It can be used when the back is removed.

It has Hydration port that makes this backpack H2O compatible. The backpack is durable and this is the reason why it lasts longer than other bags. It can survive many natural obstacles as the fabric quality is pretty much high.


  • Durability is pretty. Much acceptable as the fabric quality is not compromised.
  • The frame is quite reliable. It makes the infrastructure of the product stronger.
  • All the features are well organized which makes it pretty stylish too.
  • H2O compatible backpack. It makes this product quality much stronger.
  • Commander freighter frame integrated. That gives a good look at the product.


  • It has no water resistance system.
  • The rain cover is missing in the pack.
  • You cannot use this pack as a separate pack alone.


4. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

ALPS OutdoorZThe unique H-frame design gives an extraordinary look to the backpack. You can use this backpack to carry heavier loads and many kinds of stuff as you require.

It also has an expandable section that gives the user an extra facility to carry as many things you can without any bounds. Aluminum is integrated into the inner structure to make it stronger.

The wings and drop down pocket let you carry your arms safely. You can carry your bow in zip pocket so that it remains undamaged. As hunter finds comfort so that they can focus on their target, they prefer a comfortable hunting pack.

So this product lets your back muscle relax a lot. When you carry many gears and stuff, you have a possibility of having the strain on the shoulder. But ALPZ Outdoor pack makes this problem invisible as it is pretty much comfortable to carry.


  • Large space is its biggest quality. As you travel you need many gears along with you and this pack is capable of carrying all the stuff you need.
  • The expandable pockets are used to secure your arms and weapons.
  • Contains additional room of 1200 cubic inches that lets you carry some extra gear.
  • The rain cover is included for the protection from rain.
  • Clip style holster pocket is present with rain cover.


  • You can only use it if you have a longer torso.
  • A crossbow cannot be carried with this product as it is not designed for it.


5. Tenzing TZ 6000 Hunting Backpack

Best Hunting BackpackThe attractive [art of the backpack is it has fully adjustable torso suspension. It has two rigid aluminum frame stays. The number of compartments is 20 which are pretty much handy in hunting.

It also has a separate sleeping bag compartment. The weight is still pretty much average. It has the facility of expanding space to 6013 cubic inches. The channel air-cooled back pad gives you physical comfort.

It also has padded hip support so that your muscle stays away from spraining problem. You will find many zipper pockets both inside and outside of the pack. All compartments you will see are well organized so that you can carry your gears without any problem.

You can detach the front compartment from the main body and use it as a fanny pack. A breathable zippered compartment is present to ca1rry hauling meats separately in hunting.


  • It has the frame which has a lashing system that made this popular in the market.
  • The padded waist belt is integrated into the main body for extra facility
  • Clevis pin attachment is available in the product.
  • A rain cover is included. To protect from the bad weather.
  • It also has to fold out a bow and gun carrying boot.


  • Fabric quality is quite average.
  • Too many pockets sometimes make the user annoying.


6. Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

Best Hunting BackpackThe intex frame of the backpack provides comfort and flexibility that is pretty much important while you are on a hunt. The key feature of this backpack is its ability. It fits with your torso well.

It has a ladder system to enable you to adjust it simply. Some built-in pockets outside of the bag will let you carry GPS system and another electric device.

These pockets are structured so well that your hands will gain access easily to these pockets when you need your tools. The pack9 we are now discussing is pretty much light as it weights only around 6lbs. it has Gunslinger 2 style lid that can be used in various ways.

You will find 4 internal sleeves which are quite impressive. An extra bow carrier part is included in the main body to give hunters extra facility. Rifle scabbard is also a facility of this hunting pack.


  • Specially designed to be quiet while you are on a hunt.
  • Hunters will have comfort using this 6back as much as they need.
  • The backpack is quite stable. Lasts long too.
  • 50-liter capacity provides a lot of positive facts in hunting.


  • Much uncommon fact but it happened. Chest strap starts failing after using the pack for sometimes.


7. Tenzing TC SP14 Shooter’s Pack Hunting Backpack

TenzingA perfectly designed backpack which ideal for the shooters. The first thing that will attract you is that it has folded rain cover. You can fold it inside when you don’t need this.

Hydration compatibility is significant. The system can hold 2 liters of water that will keep you away from dehydration.

An interesting part of this backpack is you can use your firearms even when it is strapped with the bag.

So, you can save few valuable times in hunting. Another amazing feature of this bag is you can use this as shooting rest. Sounds new but it is true.

When you find a target pretty far and close to the land you can use this lying and put the gun in the bag. Not only rifles but crossbows can also be carried when you have this backpack.


  • Foldout rain cover available. It made the design quite creative.
  • Plenty of pockets available. That is why you keep your stuff in separate spaces.
  • Usable as rifle rest. Helps you not to carry any separate rifle rest.
  • Waist belt gives a comfort zone to the users when the backpack is carried.


  • As the matter is concerned about overnight trips, the pack is not comfortable at all.
  • The bag has no waterproof system to keep the gears safe from rain.


8. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZYet again, another excellent product form ALPS OutdoorZ. The fanny pack of the bag can be expanded to day pack. You can find an H2O port in this expandable day pack.

The meat carrying system is excellent as you can carry meat in a substantial amount. Not only these, also the color combination of the backpack is eye-catching. It can be called the most versatile backpack yet in the market.

1100 cubic inches is not a small space which this pack provides extra space. This five in one backpack lets you have various facilities. You can transform anything into anything.

It sounds awkward but true. Hunters concern a lot about bows and its safety. This product provides full safety to the bow during the hunting trip.

Waist belt and pathfinder jointly help the hunter to avoid shoulder injury when heavy stuff are put inside the backpack.


  • Contains user-friendly feature.
  • You can customize it to both fanny and day pack.
  • A convenient choice for bow hunting without any doubt.
  • Durability is very much praised. Nothing to doubt about this matter.
  • Any types of gears can be carried at the same time as it has much room inside.
  • Bow friendly.


  • It not preferable for game hunting
  • The weight is always not bearable for the hunter as the product is heavier than other products.


9. Allen Pagosa Daypack

Best Hunting BackpackWhen you look at this product for the first time you can see that the fabric which is used is different. It helps to maintain silence when you are sneaking closer to the target. And all the credit goes to the fabric quality.

High-vis lining and zipper is integrated into the system which helps you to find equipments in low light conditions. It has adjustable shoulder straps that can help your shoulder feel relaxed.

As Hydration topic matters a lot when the talk is about hunting, Pagosa pack has dual bottle holding Hydration system. Adjustable waist belt of this pack which can be adjusted up to 52” helps to put some pressure away from the shoulder and transfer it to hip.

Another amazing feature of this best hunting backpack is its back support panel. It has air circulation system that allows getting comfort.


  • Comfort enhancing feature is incomparable as this facility is maintained with prime focus.
  • The backpack is so quiet that your movement won’t create any kinds of sound.
  • Back support panel available.
  • Sternum strap for stability is present.
  • Padded shoulder straps to prevent shoulder injury.


  • Outlook is average.
  • Water resistance facility is average.


10. ALPS OutdoorZ Falcon Hunting Pack

Best Hunting BackpackAs we all know ALPS as a brand that doesn’t disappoint a customer, so we are putting light on another product. In long walks and runs, vented back panel system of your backpack can provide comfort.

This Falcon backpack has well architected vented back panel system. The waist belt has the feature of clip style holster to use it anytime when you need. It also has a dual directional frame.

You can enjoy the facility of drop-down pocket for weapons. As like other good backpacks, Falcon has the padded waist belt that allows distributing the whole weight.

You can use the built-in rain cover when you go out in rainy season. Webbing loops for lashing make this backpack more helpful in the journey.


  • The dual directional frame is in6tegrated for heavy load carrying.
  • Shoulder straps are present to prevent shoulder injury.
  • Drop down pocket allows your bow or rifle to be carried safely.
  • Very much light. Helps hunters to sprint.
  • Front and main pocket are large.


  • Pockets are not organized perfectly.
  • Support straps are comparatively weak.


Buying Guide of Hunting Backpack

Before you buy a backpack for hunting by reading the reviews and benefits of some top backpacks, you need to know some important points. These important points will let you think about an ideal bow hunting backpack.

When you will be able to know that which backpack is ideal for you to accompany in hunting, you can determine yourself to buy the best backpack that can ease your hunting time.

Here, I am putting some information about an ideal bow hunting backpack that you need to know.

Types of Backpack

First of all, before buying a backpack, you have to determine that which type of backpack you want to buy. Nowadays in stores and online sites, you will find many types of hunting backpacks.

It depends on your duration of adventure or hunting. As a backpack for two to three days trip won’t be same as the one for a week’s trip. Make sure you are buying the correct size and condition’s backpack that can make your trip comfortable.

Size of Backpack

Size matters a lot. When you buy a backpack it means you are going to put all your necessary pieces of stuff inside the bag safely. As you know the number of your stuff you need to fix the size of the bag you want to buy.

If you can’t carry all kinds of stuff then the trip will not be that much enjoyable. So, remember what you are buying and the things and their size you want to put inside of the backpack. People often create this mess as they just remember to maintain the quality of the bag and totally forget about the size.


You should only buy that product which makes you feel comfortable. When your mind is set to buy a best hunting pack, you need to know which product is much more comfortable when you carry the backpack along with you in hunting.

As we are now talking about comfortability, shoulder straps matter a lot here. When a backpack has a pair of quality maintained straps, it can be worth buying.

No matter how much stuff you carry, as long as the backpack lets you feel comfortable and make your body movement flexible you will have nice hunting experience.

Water Resistance

All hunting trips are not same. Even times are also not same. Category of trips and journeys also change when the season and location change.

So, as you know which place you are going and what type of weather is going there, you buy a backpack exactly for that kind of weather and place.

If you go out in the rainy season, you need water resistant backpack so that all your equipment doesn’t get wet at all. Even humid conditions also make an impact too. So remember to maintain the fabric quality that is used to make the backpack.


If the weight of the backpack is heavy to you then you will feel uncomfortable to move here in there quickly. As you are going for hunting, you need to have a quick reflex.

So your whole body needs to be much more flexible while you are on a hunt. But it is really meaningless if you carry a backpack that is heavy and quite large to you.

You can call that a sack (not for all actually) rather than calling an ideal backpack for you. That is why always try to keep that in mind that you have to only those bags which have adjustable straps and have tolerable weight as you will be putting more into that after buying.

Hunting Backpack FAQs

Why Should I Use a Hunting Backpack?

Some people use traditional backpacks while hunting, which is a bad practice. Professional hunters always try to use the right hunting backpack lest they should face up with difficulties. While out in the woods, they might encounter many issues that they have never expected. This may include rain, injury, or not having enough space to carry hunting gear. So, to avoid such problems, avid hunters use hunting backpacks. It ensures optimal comfort and makes hunting more enjoyable.

What Color Hunting Backpack Should I Pick?

Based on the expert’s recommendation, hunters should choose the backpack color that suits well with 90% of their clothing. If you wear clothes of different colors like white, grey, blue, and black, you should select a black or navy blue hunting backpack. You can also choose a maroon, red, or teal color backpack if your wardrobe’s color scheme is more adventurous.

What is the Appropriate Hunting Backpack Size?

In essence, it entirely depends on how long you will be out in the wilderness and which type of hunt you will do. If you plan for a short trek, then a 40 to 50 liters hunting backpack will suit your needs. Generally, this type of backpack comes with enough room for your gears, clothes, and other accessories. On the other hand, if you want to spend a week or more on hunting trips, you should purchase a bigger and stronger hunting backpack.

Which Backpack Frame Should I Select?

Hunting backpacks contain two types of frames. One is internal, and another is external. The inner frame provides better support; it reduces the chance of catching environmental obstacles like branches, rocks, etc. on the contrary, the outer frame offers to carry heavier loads. It is ideal for trekking in the field with less or no obstacles. So, you need to choose the frame-type as per your needs.

Is It Necessary to Have a Waist Belt in My Backpack?

A waist belt is a must-have feature, and you should check it while choosing a hunting backpack. It provides added support while carrying heavy hunting gear. That means it is a lifesaver, and you shouldn’t avoid or ignore this feature.

Final Words

When you go out for hunting, you need 100% preparation to get a good hunting trip. You will be in need of many types of equipment not for hunting animals but also for personal needs such as a compass, dry foods, water bottle, GPS system and many more.

So a backpack which will be with you while you are on a hunt plays a game-changing roll, to be honest. So you have to decide and judge your wants and demands properly. Then you will be able to find a perfect bow hunting backpack that will accompany you on your journey.

We have highlighted top ten best hunting backpacks above so that it can be easy for you to choose the best one for you and your hunting trip. As the backpack puts a huge impact, it’s up to you and your choice whether you will get the impact positively or not.


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