The 10 Best Hog Hunting Lights in 2023 (Review) – For Night Hunting

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hog Hunting Lights

The Best Hog Hunting Lights Review: For night hunters, it is imperative to bring a far-reaching bright light for safe and efficient hunting. These light help you to see further as well as do not scare away your target. Various lights are used for hunting different animals.

For example, you should use red lights while targeting coyotes as it is less noticeable to them. But hogs have stronger green color blindness compared to red color. So if you are looking for the best hog hunting lights, green lights will be the right choice for you.

These hog hunting lights offer more color contrast at night, so appropriate for detecting deep color animals like hogs. As our eyes are more sensitive to the green light than other lights, it enables us to see better. Besides these lights provide excellent brightness as well as focusing capability up to a long distance. So you can easily find the hogs and precisely shoot them.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Hog Hunting Lights


Best Hog Hunting Lights

1. Orion H30 Predator Premium Hunting Light

  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Cree XP-E2 Green LED
  • Impact and Waterproof

Best Hog Hunting Lights

2. WindFire Green LED Hunting Light Set

  • 350 lm bright green beam
  • Alloy Metal Construction
  • 250 yards focusing range

VASTFIRE 350 Yard Zoomable CREE

3. VASTFIRE 350 Yard Zoomable CREE Flashlight Kit

  • 1000 lumens beam

  • Noiseless click functionality
  • 20 mm Picatinny weaver rail Mount

Nitecore P30

4. Nitecore P30 Hunting Light

  • 676 yards visibility

  • Green and red filter
  • Complete hunting kit

Best Hog Hunting Lights

5. Comunite 501B Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight

  • Non-slip design
  • 1000 lumens output
  • Air-craft grade aluminum structure

Best Hog Hunting Lights

6. Ulako Green Light Hunting Flashlight Torch

  • 350 yards focusing range
  • Single-mode zoomable flashlight
  • Shock and waterproof design


7. WINDFIRE WF802 Predator Hunting Light

  • 350 lumens beam
  • 6061T Aluminum

  • Quick-release

Elusive Wildlife The Kill XLR250

8. Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250

  • 500 yards visibility
  • Aluminum structure
  • Triple mode brightness

Best Hog Hunting Lights

9. ULTRAFIRE Green Hunting Flashlight

  • 650 lumens beam
  • 100 degree wide angle
  • 256 yards lighting distance

Best Hog Hunting Lights

10. VASTFIRE 350 Yard Green Hunting light

  • Single-mode light
  • 2600mah Lithium battery
  • Adjustable focus

Reviews of the Best Hog Hunting Lights

The performance of a hunting light entirely depend on its focus, range, beam, and other properties. You should also consider checking the mounting system, battery life, and weather resistance. Besides, don’t forget to check the material quality, construction, as the durability and functionalities of the light rely on them.

According to these properties, we researched a lot of products and finally found some incredible hunting lights. Let’s explore the advantages, disadvantage, and other details of the best hog hunting lights we have picked for you.

1. Orion H30 Predator Premium Hunting Light

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe Orion H30 Predator light implements the latest Cree XP-E2 Green LED technology. As a result, it emits pure red or green lights without any degradation resulted from filtering.

Animals who are not sensitive to green or red light, you can use it for aiming them. You can spot coyotes, fox hogs, or varmints with the green or red reflections from their eyes without alerting your prey.

The bright beam of the light can focus up to 273 yards. It can provide a maximum of 300 lumens brightness. It offers versatility to the users with a total four brightness levels- 6 lm, 50lm, 190 lm, and 300 lm.

The battery can last for 120 hours, 17hours, 5 hours and 4 hours respectively according to the brightness levels. You will get a rechargeable battery, charger, scope mount, rail mount, barrel mount and Remote Pressure Switch included in the package.

The product is shock and impact resistant. It also prohibits water penetration so that you can hunt in the rain without any tool protection. This quality light is robust, heavy-duty, and durable. You will also receive a warranty of 10 years while buying it.


  • Reachability up to 273 yards
  • Adequate green light with LED technology
  • Versatility with multiple brightness levels
  • Logn battery runtime, battery life, and warranty
  • Integrated battery, charger, scope mount, rail mount, barrel mount, and Remote Pressure Switch


  • You have to use extra equipment for separating the flashlight from the scope.


2. WindFire Green LED Hunting Light Set

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe WindFire Green LED Light is considered to be one of the best hog hunting lights to the professional hunters. The green light is generated by a Cree green LED. The 100-percent pure green light is completely loss-free as it doesn’t get filtered by any lens or filter.

It can travel from 250 to 300 yards allowing to see the hogs, coyotes, fox, pigs from fa distance. It provides 350 lumens brightness to give a clearer vision of the target without bothering them.

The package contains one18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery, one charger along with the Green hunting light flashlight. The battery operates within 3.7 to 18V. It also comes out with a Barrel mount and dual switches.

The barrel mount consists of Alloy Metal. It is designed to attach it with flashlights and laser. The tail-cap On/Off push-button switch enables you to start or stop the device. And the other is a pressure switch which ensures ergonomic efficiency.

You can easily mount it on hand pistols, shotguns and, rifles with mounting tools. The hunting light is made of 6061T Aluminium with a water-resistant finish. Such durable construction makes the light highly long-lasting.


  • Up to 250 Yards focusing range
  • Includes Green hunting light flashlight, barrel mount, pressure switch, rechargeable battery, and its charger
  • No filtering system which results in beam loss
  • 350 lumens brightness with Cree green LED
  • Easily mountable on mounting platforms


  • The lights are heavier than similar products


3. VASTFIRE 350 Yard Zoomable CREE Flashlight Kit

VASTFIRE 350 Yard Zoomable CREE Nothing can be better than a zoomable gear for hunting in the darkness. The VASTFIRE CREE green flashlight fulfills the needs. It has the zooming in and zooming out capabilities of 200 and 250 yards respectively.

As a result, you can get both larger and smaller vision of your target standing in the same place. With 1000 lumens brightness, the single-mode CREE LED hog light delivers the highest accuracy of detecting the target.

Its high-quality aluminum alloy construction guarantees durability as well as provides waterproof and shockproof properties. It is integrated with a momentary coiled pressure switch which features noiseless click functionality.

You will get a free lifetime warranty of the switch. If the switch break or doesn’t work, mail the authorities. They will send you a new one as soon as possible. It features a 20 mm Picatinny interface which serves as a mounting platform.

The adjustable flashlight operates by a 18650 rechargeable lithium battery which can last up to 2.5 hours. You will get the battery, charger and a cylinder for using a 3 AAA battery as the part of the package. It also comes with a carrying case for carrying and storing the light safely.


  • One mode hog light with 1000 lumens brightness
  • 250 yard zooming out and 200 yards zooming in capability
  • The momentary coiled pressure switch with a free lifetime warranty
  • Includes carrying case, battery, charger, and Picatinny weaver rail mount
  • The battery lasts up to 2.5 hours


  • No adapter to mount the light on the scope


4. Nitecore P30 Hunting Light

Nitecore P30If anyone is interested in getting a super bright hog hunting light, this one is made for him. With advanced CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, it can generate 1000 lumen beam. It also features five levels to control the brightness, which results in better visibility.

This Nitecore P30 light enables the user seeing the animals within 676 yards. It uses green and red filters for emitting both green and red light, respectively. Its ergonomic design allows better user control for improved performance.

The user can precisely control the functionalities using the dual-switch interface. The tail cap power switch is used for starting and terminating the beam flow where the side switch is responsible for managing some modes and brightness level.

Moreover, the light is coupled with a pressure switch that supports quick control over the view. The complete hunting kit contains lanyard, holster, clip and battery magazine, LumenTac offset and clip along with with the flashlight, 2-colored  filters, and RSW1 pressure switch.

You will receive high clearance mounts which can mount the light to the weapon. The torch requires LumenTac CR123A batteries to operate.  The kit also includes the rechargeable battery and its i2 smart charger.


  • Super bright 1000 lumen beam with five brightness levels
  • Up to 676 yards visibility
  • Contain both green and red filter
  • Ergonomic design for controlled and convenient use
  • Comes with a complete mounting kit


  • More expensive than other hunting light


5. Comunite 501B Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight

Best Hog Hunting LightsWhen it comes to quality, you can hardly find anything like the this Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight. An animal’s eyes are not sensitive to the red and green range of the light as a human, so you can use this light to detect them.

The 1000 lumens output light will not alert them of your presence. Its aircraft-grade 6061T aluminum construction forms a non-slip structure. Besides, it uses Aluminum Alloy as mount material. It also prevents water damage due to its IP65 waterproof design.

As a result, it can withstand abrasion, pressure, and long-time usage. The battery-powered flashlight operated by a Lithium battery having an average life of 10 years. Both 18650 battery and the wall charger will be included with the light.

The product also comes with one mount and one remote pressure switch. It has two interchangeable tail switches. You can use it mounted on your rifles or just like a regular flashlight. Because of the compact design and light-weight figure, it is convenient and easy to use.

It hardly requires any maintenance. You will get a one-year after-sales return service with full customer service tracking. Overall, it is ideal for any outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking.


  • High-quality Cree XM-L T6 LED flashlight
  • Two interchangeable tail switches
  • Sturdy structure with a waterproof finish
  • Includes a single mount, battery, charger and a single remote pressure switch
  • 1-year after-sales return facilities


  • The focusing power of the beam is weak and not adjustable as well.


6. Ulako Green Light Hunting Flashlight Torch

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe Ulako hog hunting light supplies sufficient power and facilities for an enjoyable hunting experience. This adjustable green light can be used as both spotlight or floodlight according to the needs of the users.

The single-mode light can illuminate up to 300 yards so you can see everything correctly within this range. Its high-quality aluminum alloy body comes with O-rings. The sturdy design also has a waterproof and shockproof finish.

Such properties don’t allow light loss and enhance their performance. It is equipped with a quick-release mount which helps to mount the light on the telescope, or gun. It can be fitted from 25mm to 30mm tubes.

It features a total of two Switches. The tail-cap On/Off switch starts or stops the light emission. The other one is the light momentary-on switch. The zoomable flashlight also includes Picatinny mount, Li-lion18650 battery, and its charger.

The high-performance 2600mah  battery doesn’t have any memory effect.  This battery, with a full charge, can last for four hours.  You can also power it by 3 x AAA battery which is not included in the package.


  • It can be used either spotlight or floodlight
  • Single-mode  zoomable flashlight
  • Illuminate up to a long-distance ( 300 yards)
  • waterproof and shockproof design with an aluminum alloy structure
  • Comes with quick-release mount, remote pressure switch, battery, and charger


  • The quality of the charger must be improved


7. WINDFIRE WF802 Predator Hunting Light Kit

WINDFIRE WF802 The WINDFIRE light features good quality Cree green LED. The LED can light up to 250-300 yards with 350 lumens green beam. The product doesn’t have any lens or filter. As a result, the light quality becomes excellent due to zero light signal degradation.

Therefore, you can easily find your game and hunt it conveniently. The 6061T Aluminium body of the tactical flashlight makes it long-lasting, shock-resistant and water-resistant. It is powered by Lithium-ion batteries.

You will get two 18650 3.7V Lithium-ion battery along with the double-channel charger for the batteries. Don’t forget to carry the spare battery when you want to hunt for an extended time. You can charge and reuse the batteries up to 500 times.

The charger stops charging as soon as the batteries get fully charged. As the light weighs only 1.4 pounds, it is easily portable. The complete hunting kit contains one pressure switch and one scope mount.

Except for the pressure switch, it also features an On/Off push-button switch. The plastic mount is used for attaching the light to scopes, rifles or lasers.


  • 350 lumens CREE light is portable and easy to use
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • Equipped with On/Off push-button switch, pressure switch and bike mount
  • Comes with battery, spare battery, and charger
  • Quick-release mounting facility


  • You have to give a lot of pressure for activating the pressure switch


8. Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250

Elusive Wildlife The Kill XLR250The XLR 250 gun light hunting light consists of High-quality aircraft grade aluminum which can endure any environmental condition. Such construction makes the product highly robust and durable. The LED module produces pure beam illuminating more than 500 yards.

The bright light gets reflected from the hog’s eye even if it is far away from you. It features multiple brightness levels- high, medium, and low. You can control the intensity of the light by selecting the level you want.

It requires 1 Lithium-ion battery for proper functionalities. Again, you will receive a two-channel smart charger along with 2600 and 18650mAh rechargeable batteries. It doesn’t use any colored lenses or other filters.

Therefore, the light it produces is 100-percent pure and loss-less. It gives you a choice of either on/off switch or pressure switch. Its tactical switches come with velcro backing and locate at your desired position.

The kit contains a Kill Light mount which enables quick attaching of the light to scopes and gun. Besides, it includes a barrel mount kit with a rail mount. The low profile rail mount delivers comfort and ease for Picatinny style attachment.


  • Lightens up to a long-distance
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • It can be mounted on scope or barrel
  • High-quality Aviation grade aluminum structure
  • unfiltered beam prevents light degradation


  • The mounting system may become unusable after a few uses.

9. ULTRAFIRE Green Hunting Flashlight

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe ULTRAFIRE hog hunting light features the latest XP-E2 Green LED for emitting super bright green beam. The single-mode hunting flashlight delivers maximum 650 lumens brightness, enough for identifying and killing the target.

With the 100-degree wide-angle light, it can show the reflection from the fog’s eye within 256 yards distance. The light it emits is completely loss-free as it doesn’t get filtered. High-quality aviation-grade aluminum along with matte anodized is used for its construction.

The smooth finish and durable construction results in reliability, impacts, and scratches resistance. Even if after using for a long time, it will look like a new one. As it is waterproof, you can use it in heavy rain without worrying about its damage.

Once you buy a flashlight, you don’t have to worry about its functionalities and lifetime. It keeps providing its services up to 100,000 hours. It features a tail-cap switch which helps to activate or terminate its operation.

This product is powered by a 18650 3.7v battery. You have to buy it separately because it doesn’t come with the light. It is overall 6.2-inch long and weighs only 6.6 ounces. These characteristics make it easily portable to carry to any place you want.


  • 650 lumens bright green flashlight with XP-E2 Green LED
  • 256 yards lighting distance
  • Aviation-grade aluminum ensures durability
  • 100,000 hours service life
  • Waterproof, impact and scratches resistant


  • No battery and charger are included in the package


10. VASTFIRE 350 Yard Green Hunting light

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe VASTFIRE predator hunting light is a single-mode flashlight with focus adjusting system. If you are a regular hunter, you should know the importance of the adjustable focus for improving the hunting process.

With 200 yards zooming out and 100 yards zooming in facilities, it will give you the best visibility you need. Its high-quality aluminum alloy protects it from impacts and scratches. It prevents water penetration; therefore, there is no fear of water damage.

This predator light archives power from a 18650 battery which supplies high power for smooth and efficient operations. The VASTFIRE Customized battery has 2600mah capacity, and it can last for at least five hours when fully charged.

The battery, battery protector tube, 3 AAA batteries cylinder, and USB charger are part of the package. You will receive the product coupled with two mounts. The scope mount is made of plastic which is used for 1inch to 30mm scope or sight attachment.

The other is Picatinny or weaver medium profile with which you can attach it to rifle, barrel or shotgun. Besides, it includes a dual control remote pressure switch which can be continuously or momentarily activated according to different tactical requirements. It comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Single-mode hunting light with adjustable focus
  • 2600mah battery lasts for at least 5 hours
  • Includes scope mount, Picatinny and pressure switch
  • Scratch and impacts resistant, waterproof
  • Compact design, light-weight


  • Less user control facilities compared to similar flashlights

Hog Hunting Lights FAQs

What is the Best Light Color for Hog Hunting?

The green light is considered best for hog hunting. It allows for better contrast at night that makes hog hunting easier. Hogs barely notice this color due to their visual spectrum.

Can Hogs Notice the IR Light?

Hogs can’t see IR light at all. A hog’s vision is different from other animals; it can see better during the day than the night.

Do Hogs Find the Light Scary?

Suppose you use bright light while hunting, it will surely scare hogs. As a result, you may lose your prey, or the pig may become aggressive. Thus, it is essential to use low-intensity light, especially when it is about hog hunting. It will ensure that you won’t spook the animal.

What Colors Can Hogs Detect?

Some people believe that hogs are colorblind, which isn’t right, either. Although they struggle to see some colors, they notice bright colors. Hogs can easily detect the color blue than the green and red spectrum.

How Far Can a Hog Hunting Light Reach?

Many hunting lights feature infrared illuminator, which can cover the distance between 10-20 yards. On the contrary, some top-quality hog hunting lights can reach a maximum of 30 yards distance.

Green Vs. Red, Which is Better for Night Vision?

In terms of visual acuity, green is comparatively better. It ensures excellent illumination at low light levels. Anyway, no matter which color light you use, at high output, both red and green lights can kill your night vision. So, you need to use the least amount regarding light illumination to avoid such a problem.



Final Words

If you want to get the best hog hunting lights, you must make up your mind about what kind of features you are looking into them. Make your budget plan. Then keep searching for the specific one which will satisfy most of your requirements and don’t cross the budget as well.

We hope you can easily find it on this list as we have collected the information of top 10 hunting lights. Our researches are based on the sales figures, product quality, and thousands of customer review. So we guarantee that any of them will be worth buying.


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