The 5 Best Hog Feeder in 2023 (Review) – Selections by Expert

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hog Feeder

Hog population is exploding nowadays, and it becomes a threat to both land and wildlife. Generally, hogs eat crops, and they cause damage to the grounds. As a result, farmers need to face production losses.

On top of that, they need to repair their lands as well. That’s why farmers consider hogs as the enemy. And they decide hunting down hogs. Besides farmers, general people who don’t cultivate lands are a bit angry at pigs too. Because these hogs carry several diseases like leptospirosis, brucellosis, etc.

So, people all over the world try to control the hog population by hunting. And they use hog feeder, which is one of the most effective tools for hunting hogs. As we know, pigs think with their stomachs, so they will come out in the open to feed themselves.

Although some people use hog feeder for hunting them, they couldn’t be successful. Because they use the wrong feeder. So, experts always recommend hunters to use the best hog feeder for hunting.

Quick Answer – Top 5 Best Hog Feeder


Best Hog Feeder

1. Brower 11H Supplement Pig Feeder

  • 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Adjustable feed gate
  • weather-tight trough lids

Best Hog Feeder

2. Behlen Country 70120048 Economy Hog Feeder

  • Dual feed gate
  • Heavy Galvanized Steel
  • 103-pound of ground feed

Brower 2HF Dry Lot Supplement

3. Brower 2HF Dry Lot Supplement Hog Feeder

  • Adjustable feed gate
  • Feeds up to 8 hogs
  • Keyhole slots for hanging

Miller CO Single Door

4. Miller CO Single Door Hog Feeder

  • Mountable on wall or rail
  • Easy loading top-door
  • Galvanized steel

Best Hog Feeder

5. Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder

  • Adjustment control trough feed
  • 72-Pound of Ground Feed
  • Integrated-control system

Reviews of the Best Hog Feeder

While choosing the best hog feeder, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to check its building materials. Because it refers to the durability. In general, high-quality hog feeders are crafted from heavy-gauge steel.

After checking that feature, you can move onto checking its joints. Inquiring the joint of your outdoor hog feeder is essential because hog can attack your feeder during hunting. And it may get broken if your feeder features weak joints.

Then you should look at other significant features like the feed door, feeder lid, holding capacity, size, and finally the budget. If you want to know more information about hog feeder, then you may read through the article of the top five hog feeders that can match your need.

1. Brower 11H Supplement Pig Feeder

Best Hog FeederThe Brower is a well-known and reputed brand for its excellent craftsmanship. The brand always comes with high-quality products that can fulfill the user’s requirements. So, like Brower’s other products, the Brower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder has noticeable features.

The hog feeder is highly durable as it is made of 20 gauge galvanized steel. The significant feature of the feeder is it can hold 1.5 bushels of feed. That means this feature is enough for feeding four hogs. And users can use it for pigs from four weeks old to sows.

The Brower 11H Hog Feeder features an adjustable feed-gate for fast feed flowing. Also, the gate has a 1inch-wide feed saver lip. The feature allows the hogs to get their feed easily. The pig feeder has the top covers which lift from the back for easy filling of the feed.

Apart from that, the hog feeder comes with the trough lid, which is heavy weather-tight. That means it keeps rain, moisture, and pests out. And it keeps the feed fresh as well. The size of the hog feeder is 12-Inch wide x 20-Inch long x 19 1/2-inch high. Overall, it is a perfect feeder that you can use for hunting.


  • Features heavy-duty steel
  • Can hold 1.5 bushels of feed
  • Weather resistance
  • Has an adjustable feed gate
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • The attachment system could be better


2. Behlen Country 70120048 Economy Hog Feeder

Best Hog FeederIf you are inquiring for a large hog feeder for a short hunting trip, then we recommend you to check the Behlen Country 70120048 Economy Hog Feeder. Like the other superior quality feeder, it is also sturdy and durable.

Because it is manufactured from heavy galvanized steel for ultimate durability, and it will remain robust even after attacking of several hogs. As the stuff features steel material, you can comfortably use the hog feeder for years without facing any trouble.

Besides being durable, it is pretty lightweight. And for that, it comes in small size. Though it has a small structure, it can hold approximately 103-pound of ground feed. That means it can easily handle more hogs.

The Behlen Country 70120048 Economy Hog Feeder comes with the trough-feed control. It allows you to save the feed. With the help of this feature, you can control the flow of the feed. In summary, it can be ideal for hunting a group of hogs.


  • Made of heavy galvanized steel
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Suitable for short hunting trips
  • High quality
  • Affordable price


  • Features weak joints


3. Brower 2HF Dry Lot Supplement Hog Feeder

Brower 2HF Dry Lot SupplementThe Brower 2HF Dry Lot Supplement Hog Feeder has all the features that can satisfy any hog hunter’s need. It comes with most of the significant facilities. The primary facility it provides is the durability.

The hog feeder is made of heavy 20 gauge galvanized steel. It ensures optimal durability. With durable construction, it will go through many rough conditions. Another noticeable feature of the hog feeder is it can hold approximately 3.7 bushels.

And it can feed up to eight hogs at the same time. Besides this feature, the hog feeder also has the feed-gate which is adjustable. It allows you to control the flow of the feed as per your wish.

Also, this feed-gate helps the feed to flow fast. Aside from that, the hog feeder comes with keyhole slots for hanging. You can attach it with trees for hunting.

Although the manufacturer has made the feeder for hunting purpose, it can be useful for confinement too. Its overall size is 23-Inch wide x 20-Inch long x 36-Inch high. In a nutshell, it can be valuable equipment for hunting hogs.


  • Made of 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Durable construction
  • Can handle more than eight hogs
  • Feed gate and keyhole slots are integrated
  • Suitable for confinement uses
  • Fairly priced


  • The design could be better


4. Miller CO Single Door Hog Feeder

Miller CO Single DoorThe Miller CO Single Door Hog Feeder comes with fantastic features. As it meets the requirements of most hunters, so many hunting enthusiasts have rated it as the best hog feeder available in the market today.

The hog feeder is made of double galvanized steel for optimal durability. And so, users can use it for years without facing up with any difficulty. The significant feature of the hog feeder is its holding capacity.

It can hold 50 pounds of feed; as a result, it can easily handle a decent number of hogs. Besides that, the Miller CO Single Door Hog Feeder features a feed door which is specially designed to keep moisture, rodents, and bugs out. Besides keeping these things out, the feed door also allows easy access for the hogs.

The hog feeder features a feed-saver lip which ensures saving of the feed. That means you don’t need to worry anymore about your feed may get wasted. Overall, it is a robust piece of metal that can hold an adequate amount of feed for a group of hogs.


  • Made of double galvanized steel
  • Features feeder lid
  • Can keep moisture and bugs out
  • Easy to load feed
  • Suitable for several purposes
  • Good value for the price


  • The joints are not so strong


5. Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder

Best Hog FeederThe Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder is suitable for small hog operation. If you want a high-quality hog feeder which doesn’t cost you much, then you may go with this stuff.

The primary feature of the hog feeder is its size. As it is small, so users can conveniently transport and install it in their desired place. Although it has a small construction, it can hold 72 pounds of ground feed, which is a pretty large amount.

Another noticeable feature is its building- materials. The hog feeder is comprised of heavy galvanized steel; as a result, it ensures maximum durability. Besides making it durable, the galvanized steel helps the feeder to stay sturdy even after attacking of several hogs.

And for that, you can use this feeder for years without facing any trouble. Lastly, the hog feeder comes with an adjustment control feature. With the help of the function, you can control the flow of the feed. That means it allows you to save the feed. In summary, it is a suitable hog feeder that you may use for your next hunting trip.


  • Has heavy galvanized steel construction
  • Can hold 72 pounds of feed
  • Features integrated-control system
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Superior quality
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Can’t handle a large number of hogs


Buying Guide of the Best Hog Feeder

When you look for the right hog feeder, you need to check several factors. Here we are going to describe those facts that you should contemplate before selecting your desired one.


​The first fact you need to consider while choosing the hog feeder is the capacity. That means you need to check how much feed your feeder can hold. Traditional hog feeder can hold feed for two to four pigs when high-quality feeders can hold a decent amount of ground feed. In this article, we have listed hog feeders for outdoor which you can use for feeding two to eight hogs at once.

Mounting Options

Next feature you should check before purchasing the hog feeder is the mounting system. Most traditional hog feeders come with mounting holes that you will find in their back. With the help of these holes, you can mount it to the wall, or you can securely fasten it to something substantial.

While installing, we recommend you to keep it stable and upright as the hogs will eat from the feeder. By mounting in this way, you can prevent your feeder from being severely damaged

Feed Gate and Feeder Lip

The most significant feature of a hog feeder is the feed gate. And it will be a folly decision to buy a hog feeder without inquiring the feed gate. A suitable feeder always comes with an adjustable feed gate. It allows users to control the flowing of the feed.

In the same way, the feeder lip controls the feed flow so that it can’t spill all over the ground. That means this feature will save your feed. After that, you need to check the lid, whether it closes securely or not. The lid is a vital feature as it helps to keep moisture, rodents, and bugs out of the hog feeder.


​The last feature you need to inquire about is the materials. Mainly, hog feeders are manufactured from two kinds of materials which are steel and polycarbonate. The benefits of steel are apparent. It is sturdy and durable. Most hog feeders feature galvanized steel that adds rust protection.

On the contrary, poly feeders tend to be less durable than steel. They can get damaged by the hogs easily as they are made of polycarbonate or related plastic materials. But the benefits of poly feeders are they are lightweight and come at a reasonable price.


Finally, it is time to think about your budget. As you know, high-quality stuff demands a high price. So, we recommend you shouldn’t go with the cheap hog feeder for hunting.

Although sometimes some superior brands offer excellent products at an affordable price range, most people can’t grab that offer as they aren’t aware of it either. But they can get the chance of buying the best stuff at an affordable price if they research thoroughly and take the expert’s suggestion before deciding on the purchase.

Hog Feeder FAQs

How Can I Get Pigs to Come to the Feeder?

If you want hogs to find your new setups, you need to set your feeder on top of the trail or a hog wallow. It will make hogs come into the feeder regularly. You can also try the super baiting technique. To apply the method, you have to spread corn or an extra bag of hog-wild around the feeder in all directions. It will allure them and make them come to the feeder regularly.

What is the Working Mechanism of a Hog Feeder?

Generally, the hog feeder works the following two mechanisms. One is mechanical-flow feeding, and another is the gravity-flow feeding. The Mechanical-flow feeding requires hog’s interaction with the feeder for the feed flow. On the contrary, gravity-flow feeding uses gravity for delivering feed to hogs.

How Much Feed Does a Hog Eat Per Day?

A hog can eat approximately six to eight pounds of feed per day. As you know, hog’s food contains corn and soybeans. So, after feeding from its mother for four to six weeks, an average pig can eat 700 to 900 pounds of food until they finish weight.

What Kinds of Foods Should I Not Feed to Hogs?

There are lots of foods that you shouldn’t feed your pigs. These foods are raw potatoes, celery, parsley, onions, avocados, unripened tomatoes, etc. Except for these foods, pigs can eat almost anything you plant.

What Are the Best Foods to Feed Hogs?

The most common food to feed pigs is farm grains. You can use corn-based feeds as they contain carbohydrates and fiber. So, these foods are highly digestible. They will ensure the tremendous growth of your pigs.



As we know, hog hunting is a challenging task. So, a hunter needs to use the best hog feeder. All of the hog feeders mentioned above have excellent features. They come with functional feed-holding capacity. All of them are made from ultra-tough and heavy gauge steel. For that, they ensure ultimate durability.

These hog feeders feature the weather-tight lids, and some of them have adjustable feed gate. So, undoubtedly, they can meet the needs of every hog hunter. We hope that you find this article helpful and you can select your desired one from the list of the top five hog feeders.


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