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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hiking Sunglasses

No matter whether you are a hiker, skier, golfer, fisherman or outdoor enthusiast, everyone needs to keep safe his/her eyes from sun’s damaging rays.

If you want to avoid the dangerous intensity of reflected light which causes glare and reduces visibility, you must need the best hiking sunglasses.

The market is full of different styles and sizes from different brands. But which one is best for you? In this article, we will discuss the ten best hiking sunglasses from where you can choose your desired one. So let’s read on!

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Hiking Sunglasses

1. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

2. AKASO Polarized Sunglasses for Men & Women

3. Duduma Mens and Womens Polarized Sunglasses

4. BLUPOND Polarized Anti-Glare Copper Lens DAYTIME 

5. BATFOX Polarized Sports Sunglasses

6. F-sport 2016 Newest Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

7. AKASO Polarized Sunglasses for Men & Women

8. OUTERDO REVO Polarized Glasses

9. YQI Polarized Sports Sunglasses

10. Bertoni Glacier Polarized Sunglasses

Reviews of the Best Hiking Sunglasses

For enjoying the beautiful nature during hiking, you need a sunglass to ignore the elimination of glare from the objects surrounding you.

A plethora of options is waiting to make you confused while you are on the market. Nothing to worry about! Here, we have made a list of top ten best hiking sunglasses from well-known brands.

In this article, our experts have tried to discover the advantages and disadvantages of these products. We hope, this well-researched list will help you to pick the best one. So, let’s check and pick one that fits you most!

1. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Hiking SunglassesThe Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses have a clean, lightweight design and ventilation that is ideal for hiking, climbing, running, training, and beyond.

The bendable frame of this sunglass is made of a flexible composite material which is almost unbreakable. The Duduma HD Polarized lenses of this glass filter out 99% of reflected glare. So the sun won’t bother your eyes at all. They are super comfortable around the ears too.

The combination of revolutionary exclusive materials and advanced design technology made this sunglass superlight; It weighs only 0.9 ounces. The glasses will also provide cover for about 90% of your peripheral vision and thus helps to prevent snow blindness.

Wearing this sunglass for a few hours, you won’t feel eye strain or a headache. You have no risk to try, Duduma offers a lifetime warranty, and you can return or get refunded for any reason!


  • 100% UV protection polarized lens
  • Durable frames and lens for both men and women
  • TR645 frame for the comfortable fit
  • Polarized black lens sunglasses
  • The super light DU645 frame
  • High definition polarized sunglasses optics
  • Full-Rimmed design for Men and Women Sunglasses


  • Not good for heavy driving


2. AKASO Polarized Sunglasses for Men & Women

Best Hiking SunglassesEveryone needs sunglasses while enjoying the nice outside weather. The AKASO Polarized Sunglasses provides 100% UV protection, and they are lightweight and comfortable.

This sunglass will cut glare from water, snow, sand and will increase visual acuity. Its full-rim frames are extremely impact-resistant, stylish and flexible enough to accommodate most faces. This is the perfect sunglass for fishing, driving, hiking, running and casual at its price range.

The AKASO Polarized Sunglasses also features rubber nose pad and ear contacting point for comfort and friction, 8 base lens curvature, medium fit and coverage and mirrored lenses for some models.

With the purchase, you will get one pair of AKASO polarized sunglasses, one microfiber cleaning cloth, one polarization testing card and one protective EVA case. The manufacturer is also offering lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee and 30-day hassle free return.


  • Medium fit and coverage
  • Rubber nose pad and ear contacting point
  • 8 base lens curvatures wrap comfortably
  • Classic full-rim flexible frame
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Ensure glare-free vision
  • A scratch-resistant layer on both surfaces


  • Tint on the dark side


3. Duduma Mens and Womens Polarized Sports Sunglasses

DudumaIf you are looking for cool and protective polarized sunglasses, this is the ultimate sunglasses designed for you. From now you can enjoy super bright colors and crystal clear views without any distortions.

From now, you can forget about the glare with these polarized sunglasses. You can also shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce eyestrain, itchiness, redness with these sunglasses.

The manufacturer claimed that this is the most modern Polarized sunglass on the market! The Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses are made from quality Polarized lenses and ultra-resilient framing.

Its unisex black frame is for both men and women. This sunglass will also impress you with its lightweight nature and fashionable design. This Polarized sunglass is backed by a 30 days money back guarantee policy!

Overall, this is also a high-quality sunglass for fishing, climbing, biking, golf, baseball, hunting, motor racing, hiking, beach excursions, running, and more.


  • Increase visual comfort
  • Eliminate squinting and eye fatigue
  • Aesthetically pleasing frame
  • Premium quality Polarized lenses
  • The combination of flattering lines


  • Not that much comfortable for people with large heads
  • Lack of more color options


4. BLUPOND Polarized Anti-Glare Copper Lens DAYTIME Driving Sports

BLUPONDBLUPOND offers a wide range of sports accessories, sports sunglasses, and sports apparel. All of their products are designed to enhance customers’ performance and expand their limits.

They come up with the Daytime Driving, TAC Polarized Copper-Tinted Lenses to enhance your daytime street vision with the most advanced anti-glare technology.

The sunglasses are designed with 100% l UV400 protection to diffuse harmful light from vivid outdoor experience. So, now you can guard your eyes against harmful environmental elements, such as UV rays, glares, and bright headlights.

The Anti-Glare Copper Lens Daytime Driving Sports Sunglasses by BLUPOND are built from the strongest polycarbonate materials, reinforced hinges, a protective coating together with shatterproof lenses for strength and durability. Due to super-light and ultra-thin polarized lenses, they weigh only 26 grams.

The package includes an EVA protective sports case, Microfiber cleaning cloth, Screwdriver for minor adjustments, Glasses clip for convenient car storage, Sunglasses pouch, and Gift box. You can purchase this Knight Visor Driving Glasses with confidence for you and your loved ones for safety and clarity.


  • Wraparound Knight Visors with the lightest lenses
  • Protect from unexpected reflections
  • Keep safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Protect eyes from bright headlight glare
  • TAC Polarized Copper-Tinted Lenses
  • Complete with integrated nose pads and rubberized support system
  • Specifically designed with copper tinted lenses


  • Not make for night driving


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5. BATFOX Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Hiking SunglassesThe Polarized Sports Sunglasses by BATFOX is highly recommended by its users. The main lens is REVO Polarized that restore true color and eliminate reflected light and scattered light.

The Lens is made of Shatterproof Unbreakable PC Material that is durable enough for long time using. All the lenses have 100% UV400 protection coating that can block 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. The frame is made of flexible and unbreakable TR90 Memory material.

The polarized PC Lenses provide UV400 protection by filtering 100% of all UVB, UVC, UVA, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. 18-layer coating lenses give brightness and contrast for the clear view under any circumstances.

Its water-resistant treatment feature repels water droplets and preserves clarity of vision. Its sleek polycarbonate frame is durable and lightweight for all-day comfort and protection. Anti-slip breathable silicon leg and adjustable silicon nose piece provide ultimate comfort and best fit.


  • Anti-glare Polarized Lens
  • Transparent Coated Lens
  • Suitable for both twilight morning and dim lighting conditions
  • Silicone nose pads
  • 18-layer coating lenses
  • Sleek polycarbonate frame design
  • Restore true color and protect from scattered light


  • Specially designed for sports only


6. F-sport 2016 Newest Outdoor Sports Fashion Sunglasses

Best Hiking SunglassesF-sport sunglasses are lightweight, convenient and perfect for Cycling, Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Golf, Skiing, Driving, Traveling, etc. They feature three interchangeable lenses.

The functions of these tens are: Yellow lens is bright and clear, and called night vision lens. Clear lens absorbs infra-red radiation. Polarized lens is anti-glare and provides UV400 protection. All the lens blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. They are suitable for the different environmental condition.

Its curvilinear flexible frame design with durable, shatterproof PC Frame and adjustable legs is perfect for wearing on all kinds of face. They also feature anti-skid rubber for ears and enlarged silicone nose-pad, let your ears and nose feel comfortable.

The accessories included: A soft cloth for cleaning the glasses, one polarized lenses testing card. a black pouch, a removable rope to hang the sunglass in the chest.

You will also get one black hard box to protect the glasses, and 2 narrow lanes to keep the lens in place. Overall, with this reasonable price, you will never regret buying these sunglasses.


  • Anti-glare, UV400 protection
  • Suitable for overcast and rainy day
  • The super light TR90 frame
  • Great fashion frame design for sports
  • Soft Rubber Nose pad
  • Cool curvilinear flexible frame
  • High-quality hard box to protect the glasses


  • Not very durable

7. AKASO Polarized Sunglasses for Men & Women

AKASOAKASO high-performance products combine perfect vision with optimum protection. the supreme quality of these glasses provides you with exceptional comfort and durability.

These HD TAC lenses offer superior visual clarity, restore true,  extremely impact-resistant and 100% UV protective. These polarized sunglasses are essential for outdoor activities fishing, hiking, cycling, like driving, running, skiing, snowboarding, boating, golfing, and many more.

The properties of the frames, flammability, and biocompatibility have been assessed following FDA regulations. The core element of this sunglass is the polarizing light filter. The lenses block all harmful UVB, UVA, and UVC light rays.

They are light, flexible and impact resistant.  It has shock-absorbing layers, and a scratch-resistant coating on the outer surfaces completes the lens structure. If they don’t meet your expectation, you can return them within 30 days.


  • Lens with 9 layer protection
  • HD TAC lenses are 100% UV protective
  • Perfect vision with optimum protection
  • Indispensable for outdoor activities
  • Extremely impact-resistant
  • 100% UV 400 Protections
  • Ensure glare-free vision


  • Doesn’t shade the ground enough

8. OUTERDO REVO Polarized Glasses

OUTERDOThe Polarized Glasses, Photo-chromic Sports Sunglasses by OUTERDO REVO are great for motorcycling, biking, hiking, golf, diving, skiing, fishing, traveling and able to protect your eyes from fierce sunlight in the summer.

The manufacturer used premium materials and unique design of OUTERDO lens/frame to make this sunglass for uncompromising protection against high-velocity and high-mass impact.

They also come with anti-skid rubber for ears and soft silicone nose pad, let your ears and nose feel comfortable while wearing.

Transparent sunglasses change lens color in different weather conditions: stronger sunlight they become darker, in the explosive sun the lens indicates black, in cloudy days it changes into gray, and at room or night they transparent.

They are available in 3 pairs of the tinted coated lens- yellow, blue, and white.  All of them have 100% UV400 protection coating and blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays.

This product also covers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Its TR90 stress-resistant frame material is both lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection.


  • Three Interchangeable lenses ensure restore true colors
  • The High Polymer Material TR90 Frame
  • Soft silicone nose pad
  • Professional Ergonomic Design
  • Ensure high visibility
  • Semi-rimless architecture protect eyes
  • Eliminate color distortion


  • Tough to get the lenses in and out


9. YQI Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Hiking SunglassesIf you are looking for an ideal sunglass for running, racing, hiking, skiing, fishing, motorcycles, cycling, hunting, or for other outdoor activities, the YQI Polarized Sports Sunglasses are for you.

These sunglasses are made of high-quality polycarbonate material, and they come with 5 interchangeable lenses. These sunglasses are suitable for any weather conditions, and they can greatly reduce your eye’s fatigue. They are perfect for snowy days, sunny days, rainy days, and even hurricane weather.

The YQI Polarized Sports Sunglasses feature 3D ergonomic design. That means it has come up with the curve that fits your facial contours, an eyeglass neck strap, adjustable soft nose pads, and non-slip rubber legs to make you feel comfortable.

Its polycarbonate lenses and frames are scratch-resistant, durable, impact-resistant, and unbreakable. These are high-quality PC (commonly known as astronautics) lens are 100% UV400 protective, anti-fog, and ideal for running or cycling.

It has another waterproof coating to the main lens; you can wear it even in the rain. Available frame colors: Red and Black. Available Lens color: True Red / True Blue, Transparent, Yellow, Blue, and Polarized. Single pair glasses weigh only 30g.


  • 3D ergonomic design
  • High-quality polycarbonate material
  • Waterproof coating to the main lens
  • Adjustable soft nose pads
  • 5 interchangeable lenses
  • Lens width -134mm and height -41mm
  • Non-slip rubber legs


  • Lens changing need extra time

10. Bertoni Glacier Polarized Sunglasses

Best Hiking SunglassesBertoni is a well known Italian brand. They are always appreciated because of their technical discoveries for lenses and materials plus comfortable and well-fitting designs.

The Bertoni Glacier Polarized Sunglasses provides maximum protection against wind, hard sunlight and bad weather with leather side shields.

Its polarized antireflection lens decreases reflections of horizontal surfaces like water, snow, and ice with 100% UV protection. Its curved, wrapping, flexible arms hold securely, keep the sunglasses from slipping and also provide a comfortable fit.

The Bertoni Glacier Polarized Sunglasses are available in 2 different polarized lens versions: Polarized Brown (VLT 14.1%, blocks 86%) and polarized smoke with blue mirror coating (VLT 12.1%, blocks 88%).

Bertoni always follows the FDA and CE regulations with a strict quality control when choosing the best lenses and materials. The unique and indispensable photochromic characteristic of these lenses that changes in light allows Bertoni to stand out in these disciplines.

You can also pick from their wide range of models that suit all kind of sports: motorcycle sunglasses, cycling, running, skiing, parachuting, fishing, horse riding, shooting and many others. The pack also includes elastic cord, the soft pouch made of microfiber for cleaning, cartoon case.


  • Two different polarized lens versions
  • Polarized antireflection
  • 100% UV protection
  • Maximum protection against wind
  • Flexible arms
  • Providing comfortable fit


  • Cheap plastic crap


Hiking Sunglasses FAQs

What Are Hiking Sunglasses for?

Hiking sunglasses represent one of our best allies when we carry out sports activities in nature. They will become the protective shield of our eyes at all times against any external agent. And therefore, it is essential to know how to choose them well.

The functions of hiking sunglasses are:

  • Protect our eyes against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun (UVA and UVB).
  • Protect ourselves from external physical elements such as dust, insects, or strong gusts of wind may affect our visibility.
  • Improve our visibility of the environment by reducing reflections in conditions of high sunlight.
  • As a general rule, the level of exposure to sunlight increases by 10% for every 1,000 m we ascend (the higher the altitude, the less thickness of the ozone layer in the atmosphere, which acts as a natural filter). If we also consider snow or ice elements on the ground, we must include reflection (these reflect between 80 and 90% of the radiation they receive).
  • The intensity of the solar rays is multiplied by 1.5 to 2,000 m and 2,5 to 4,000 m of altitude concerning sea-level conditions. Besides, in high hiking, even if the sky is cloudy or there is fog, we will continue to be exposed to increased solar radiation (the mist can filter around 50% of the radiation).
  • For all this, it is so important to be equipped with the right specific hiking sunglasses, especially if we are going to move through high hiking terrain.

What Requirements Must Hiking Sunglasses Meet?

It can give the impression that many difficult parameters characterize hiking sunglasses; nothing is further from the truth. You must take into account the following 3- essential characteristics:

  • Lens category
  • Lens type
  • The level of protection

Lens Category

It is a value between 0 and 4 representing the level of visible light absorption, that is, the luminosity or the lens’s ability to transmit light through it. That NO radiation. It is essential to be clear about this because a very dark lens does not necessarily mean high protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. The one in charge of providing this protection is the lens material itself, not its tint.

Category 0 (zero) sunglasses have an insufficient light absorption capacity (between 0% and 19% of light), while category 4- sunglasses absorb up to 98% of sunlight. The choice of one category depends solely on the type of activity for which the sunglasses need to be used. For reference:

CATTVLRecommended Use
143-80%Ideal for dim or very low light conditions
218-43%Good for cloudy, not so bright or sunny conditions
38-18%Sunny conditions, mountaineering, Max. Cat. Recommended for driving vehicles
48%Bright and sunny conditions, High mountains, progression in glaciers

High hiking (backcountry skiing, hiking, etc.), where the sun’s incidence is very high, and there are significant phenomena of light reflection on snow or water, it is essential to have category 4- hiking sunglasses.

Activities in less severe environments, such as hiking or trekking in the middle of the hiking, category 3- hiking sunglasses will enough for us.

You must bear in mind that sunglasses with categories 1 to 4 are not considered suitable for night driving; Category 4 not even for daytime driving. It is always interesting to have the right sunglasses for driving and change them for category 4 when you reach the hiking.

Lens Type

There are 2- types of lenses highly recommended for sports activities in high hiking:

  • Photochromic Lenses
  • Polarized Lenses

These lenses’ characteristics can found both together in the same model of sunglasses. Besides, most models of hiking sunglasses offer the possibility of mounting a wide variety of lenses. You can mount lenses from the simplest that are neither polarized nor photochromic to those that have both characteristics.

Polarized Lenses

The polarized lenses are designed to allow or block the passage of light, depending on the incidence angle. This function is especially useful for eliminating reflections as light spreads in all directions when light reflections hit the eyes by bouncing off some surface that can even amplify their effect. This type of lenses is, therefore, those that provide the “anti-reflective” characteristic to sunglasses.

At the level of use, polarized lenses provide a visual improvement in contrast and an overall feeling of higher quality when observing the environment, characterized by a greater intensity in the perceived colors. This effect is especially noticeable in snowy conditions and increased sunlight.

Photochromic Lenses

The photochromic lenses are those that automatically adapt to changes in light intensity. They are capable of darkening when the amount of light is more significant and clearing in less light conditions. And they achieve this property thanks to the chemical treatments that are applied to make them react in a certain way to the sun’s ultraviolet light.

They can adapt light changes more quickly and have a higher category and higher their price yet. However, as a general rule, the best sunglasses only with photochromic lenses usually move between 0 and 3 types, without ever reaching 4. Therefore, their use in high hiking is not recommended. They are also not considered suitable for driving, as the vehicle’s windshield cancels the lens’s reaction to light.

Photochromic lenses are the most exciting type of lens for sports activities in which sunny areas alternate with darker ones (passing through forests, tunnels, etc.), such as cycling, both road and hiking, and trekking. You will not notice the changes in the light; You will not see everything too dark or too bright when you walk through this type of environment. They also work very well if you usually do activities on cloudy days or at dusk.

The Level of Protection

There is no turning back here; our hiking sunglasses must have a filter with 100% UV protection, which is ultimately the most important property that is required.

What Else Should You Take Into Account When Choosing Your Hiking Sunglasses?

The choice of the category, type, and level of protection of the lens is crucial. As you have seen, it is determined exclusively by the kind of activity you will carry out and the environment in which you will move. However, there are other additional aspects that you should not overlook when choosing the right hiking sunglasses:

That they are light and adapt comfortably to the shape of your face, ears, and nose, every person has a different physiognomy, so not all sunglasses are comfortable or valid for everyone.

That has moldable or adjustable temples, instead of fixed. In this way, we will achieve a perfect adaptation and avoid that our glasses can fall to the ground and even lose them when performing specific movements or actions.

That they have adequate ventilation to prevent the lens from fogging up under humid conditions, especially in winter; some models incorporate specific treatments on the lens to avoid fogging. They provide the right field of vision and preferably that the frame elements do not interfere with it. Compatibility with the use of a helmet or a cap.

As they are modular, they allow us to change the type of lens. Modular sunglasses are a fascinating choice if we carry out activities in environments with different light conditions and requirements, and we are looking for multipurpose glasses that serve us all.

Bring an optical adapter if you want to place a prescription lens inside while maintaining the glasses’ protection.

How Much is a Pair of Polarized Sunglasses Worth?

You can find a vast catalog of polarized sunglasses in the market of all kinds of materials, models, designs, and filters. Among the brands most recognized for their excellent value for money are Ray-Ban, Occffy, VertX, Rivacci, Cressi, Attcl, Clandestine, Eyelevel, and Carfia.

It is possible to buy models for a price from 20 to 40 euros, the low-end price. The Occfy models come for 20 euros, or Caffia glasses are around 21 euros. The high-end ones have an approximate price between 400 to 500 euros, as is the case of Rayban, Oakley, or Oakley Standard Issue glasses.

Which Brand of Polarized Sunglasses is Better?

Currently, many brands and manufacturers are dedicated to the manufacturing of this type of glasses. However, you have to know how to choose to get quality products among the best brands, Rayban, Oakley, Cressi, Polaroid, or Hawkers, and so on.

What is the Difference Between Polarized and Regular Glasses?

The main difference between polarized and regular sunglasses is the reduction in glare in the perceived image. Other differences would be:

  • Higher color contrast, we can see a sharper image.
  • More excellent protection against UV rays.
  • More significant reduction in eye fatigue, which brings with it greater concentration.
  • They have more flexible and resistant frames.
  • They have a more striking design, with lenses of different colors.
  • Polarized glasses are recommended for people with high sensitivity to light.
  • They are a bit more expensive than traditional sunglasses.


Final Words

As hikers, we should think about protecting our eyes. Your eyes are the most delicate parts of your body, so investing in the best hiking sunglasses makes sense.

From frame materials to lenses, the technology of sunglasses is complex! And there are a many options to confuse you. So, choosing the best sunglass is not a simple job. That’s why we have done the research and come up with this article. We hope you found this article helpful.


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