The 10 Best Hiking Sandals in 2023 – For Great Performance & Style

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hiking Sandals

Summer is knocking on the door, and it’s time to get ready and hit the trail. Are you all set for next summer hiking? Do you have everything packed in your backpack? If yes then what about your footwear?

Yeah! This is an essential portion that we often forget to consider. Since you have to walk for long, so you need something comfortable.

Your regular boot will be too hot for summer hiking; contrariwise lightweight shoes don’t provide enough grips. Well, in that case, you need a pair of hiking sandal.

Hiking sandals are more lightweight yet comfortable, reliable, and most importantly they are protective. It might not be your top choice for hiking, but nothing is better than hiking sandal in the well-worn trail or the tropical climate. Especially, they help your feet to breathe.

So, you need a pair of best hiking sandals? You’ve come to the right place. To provide you with the best, we’ve collected some feedback from experienced hikers and several reviews. Here we present a list of best hiking sandals.

Quick Answer – Hiking Sandals

1. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

2. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandals

3. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

4. Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

5. Teva Men’s Omnium Closed-Toe Sandal

6. Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

7. Teva Men’s Katavi Outdoor Sandal

8. VENSHINE Mens Sports Sandals

9. Northside Women’s Santa ROSA Sport Sandal

10. SUNROLAN Alivin Men’s Athletic Closed-Toe Sandals

Review of the Best Hiking Sandals

Although people always think that hiking is all about carrying a heavy backpack and wearing heavy boots. But this is not entirely true as your gear selection should be based on the route and climate. As we mentioned before that we’ve come up with our best hiking sandals selections.

Before making a list we’ve checked the following features like a lightweight or not, ventilation, quick-drying upper, versatility, washable or not, and affordability. We believe you’ll get the best. Without wasting your precious time let’s have a brief look over them.

1. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

Best Hiking SandalsWhere comfort meets versatility, there this classic water shoe from KEEN stands for. This KEEN Newport sandal is popular among hikers and adventurers due to its sturdy design and affordable price.

The great making combines with the high-tech features to make the sandals more reliable. It walks a fine line between sandal and shoe; the sandal is open from everywhere except the toe.

Since your toe will be covered so during water activities, it’ll protect your toe from underwater rocks. The razor-shaped resistant sole comes with a better grip that assures excellent traction. The sole also features a multi-directional lug pattern.

This ergonomic design includes a webbing upper; which is made from washable polyester. This polyester webbing features the odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield with natural odor control.

This upper features a bungee lacing system to assure the optimum lock. Besides, it includes compression molded EVA midsole, breathable midsole, and removable PU footbed.

Above all, these water-resistant sandals will assure maximum comfort, excellent stability, and incredible traction. So, you can cross the stream and focus on the routes thoughtlessly. The price is also reasonable.


  • Robust making
  • Washable polyester webbing
  • Breathable
  • Fantastic traction
  • Removable insole
  • Quick-drying
  • Extremely supportive
  • Secured fit
  • Stability


  • Take to put ON and OFF
  • Not entirely durable, but worthy with the price


2. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandals

Best Hiking SandalsThough ECCO is not popular like others once you wear them in challenging hills, you’ll definitely fall for them. The unique tread pattern of ECCO Yucatan sandal makes them the best pair of boots.

The Yucatan sandal is made from a combination of heavy-duty rubber and leather. The straightforward design gives a stylish look while providing maximum support.

The design includes a Nubuck leather upper with two sidebars. It has 3-point adjustability with a hook-n-loop strap to keep your feelings in place — also, the neoprene lining for a soft and comfortable fit.

It features a molded EVA footbed that has a soft microfiber cover. It assures better cushioning and maximum stability. In the side, it has a durable rubber outsole for providing grip in various terrains.

ECCO follow the RECEPTOR technology which ensures the dynamic support from the ground. The sole has dual flex channels for additional strength — also, the forefoot propulsion plate for additional torque, midfoot and 20o shank for optimal landing.

Needless to say, these Yucatan sandals include all the features to take on a hike or a hard climb. The price is also compatible with the features. So, give it a try!


  • Sophisticated design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good support
  • High technology sole
  • Optimum traction from ground
  • Adjustable strap
  • Versatility
  • Secured fit
  • Breathable


  • Less upper coverage
  • A bit heavy than others


3. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

MerrellIn case you are looking for a dual-purpose hiking sandal which looks like shoes. Then Merrell men’s all out blaze sieve shoes are the better option for you.

The combination of Leather, textile, and synthetic makes the sandals durable enough. These open best hiking sandals are designed especially using around the water.

The sandal features a synthetic sole that assures optimum traction even in the water. It has flex channels all over the soles to provide maximum strength. The upper part includes several holes for breathing purpose.

Your feet won’t get sweaty and slippery at all due to the quick-drying facility. It holds your toes perfectly. Also, it’ll completely cover your feet to protect them from rocks and harmful insects.

The high technology lacing system is included for a secure fit and better support. It features hollowed lugs that make the sandals lightweight and easy to wear.

Once you wear these blaze sieve water shoe, then forget about wearing anything on your feet. You are getting them at an affordable price.


  • Suitable for both dry and wet condition
  • Great Vibram sole
  • Quality material
  • East to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Dependable support
  • Greater traction


  • Looks a bit bulky; better as shoe than a sandal


4. Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

MerrellSimilar to the previous one but this one is for all women enthusiast out there. These multi-purpose shoes are the better option for both the dry and wet condition.

This Merrell women shoe looks sturdy, and also you’ll feel the strong making as well. The combination of leather, synthetic, and textile makes it a horse for the long race.

It features a synthetic sole along with flex channel in the gap. This sole is entirely slip-resistant which assures the maximum traction. Whether it is wet ground or dry, you’ll feel the same grip over them.

The shoe has one-inch heels as the shoe designed for women. The upper leather and textile part is waterproof and dries quickly after getting wet. The Vibram outside sole help you to keep your foot in place.

The overall assembly makes the shoe more lightweight. These dependable characteristics assure maximum comfort in long day hiking. Nothing could be better than this protective shoe for women travelers. The price is also reasonable.


  • Waterproof
  • Quick-drying
  • Best for water-based activities
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable
  • Good tread for hiking
  • Complete protection
  • Maximum support
  • Different color option


  • Not entirely breathable
  • The shoe doesn’t look stylish for women but dependable


5. Teva Men’s Omnium Closed-Toe Sandal

Best Hiking SandalsTeva is well-known for combining high functionality and superb stability in their footwear. This Omnium closed-toe sandal is an exceptional example of the hybrid sandal.

The sandals are equipped with synthetic and mesh material. This hybrid sandal is exceptionally breathable and ultra-light. You can comfortably wear them for hiking in both dry and wet condition.

It features a spider rubber sole make it ready for any surface. Besides, it includes a quick-drying material on the upper side for better comfort. The sandal is closed in toe-side to assure the better fitting.

Apart from that, it has a bungee lacing system along with the hook-n-loop strap to keep your foot in place. Its compressed shock-absorbing heels make sure the safe landing without any fatigue.

The sandal has integrated toe protection from the lower side to protect your foot from the external rock. Also, the non-marking outsole has a smoother texture.

Furthermore, zinc technology is used in the sandal fight with the growth of bacteria and fungus. The price is reasonable as well.


  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Versatile enough
  • Quick-drying synthetic
  • East to put on/off
  • Better support
  • Ultimate toe protection
  • Soft midsole
  • Better grip
  • Breathable
  • Bungee lacing system
  • Odorless


  • Doesn’t have enough arch support
  • Take a long for drying


6. Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

Best Hiking SandalsOne of the sleekest and simple designs on the list by Teva. This Teva men hurricane sandal is designed for action, not for decorating in the shoe case. This hike-ready quality sandal is one of the affordable options until now.

These sturdy sandals will provide equal support along the sand as well. The combination of ShocPad technology and Durabrasion rubber provides shock-absorbing power.

It’s polyester webbing in the upper part is washable and absorbs an excessive amount of water. The sandal has a nylon strap to assure the comfortable fit. Also, the lugged outsole and nylon shank protect your feet from rough edges.

The rubber insole is extremely durable which provides maximum grip over the unsafe place. It features an EVA-foam midsole with lightweight cushioning for extra comfort.

Overall, the unique, simple design makes this pair suitable and assures maximum rigidity and stability. Indeed, it’s an excellent option for who love to be as simple as possible. This is probably the lowest priced sandal in our list.


  • Compact design
  • Rubber sole with optimum grip
  • Secured fit
  • Robust construction
  • Durable and flexible
  • Smooth midsole
  • Stability
  • Adjustable straps
  • Versatility


  • No toe protection is available


7. Teva Men’s Katavi Outdoor Sandal

TevaTeva brings a quality sandal for those who look for street-worthy style sandals for their next hiking trip. This pair offers maximum support and stability in any weather condition.

Katavi outdoor sandal is equipped with mixed material for better performance. It has a mesh upper that perfectly seams to assure maximum strength.

Its pull-on nylon shank protects your feet from any unwanted rocks and water. Like others, its adjustable hook-and-loop straps to keep your feet in place. This open-toe sports sandal is extremely durable.

This Teva Katavi includes a durabrassion rubber outsole assure ultimate protection. Additionally, the sandal has approximately 1.25 inches heel. The rubber midsole will provide soft touch in your feet.

In a word, there is no better competitor in the market when it comes to quality and classic design. So, you can confidently choose your one, and the price is also meager.


  • Quality material
  • Robust construction
  • Street-worthy style
  • Stability
  • Maximum comfort
  • Adjustable
  • Perfectly seamed


  • Limited color option


8. VENSHINE Mens Sports Sandals

VENSHINEThe most stylish design in our list compared to others. This VENSHINE hiking sandal is one of the smartest options for hikers who look for a classic design.

Unlike others, it has a unique bungee lace capture system which adds as an extra. This classic design is made from a combination of leather and fabric. This material combination is exceptionally comfortable.

Its premium genuine leather also assures durability and maximum performance. Besides, it has a hydrophobic mesh lining on the upper side that helps proper air circulation.

The sandal also includes a reinforced and round toe protection to keep your feet safe in tough terrain. The light color midsole has a compression-molded EVA foam to assure more comfort.

The rubber outsole has a multidirectional lug pattern and razor-sipping for stability. The black rubber sole has enough grip to hold you even in the slippery surface. It is slightly curved in the front side which is attached from the front.

Additionally, this sandal is designed to provide excellent arch support. This stylish design is available at an affordable price that anyone can afford. So, give it to try.


  • Attractive design
  • Perfectly seamed
  • Unique capture system
  • Vibrant color
  • Bungee lace system
  • Better grip
  • Complete protection
  • Excellent arch support
  • Comfortable and safe


  • Limited color option
  • Not so durable as others


9. Northside Women’s Santa ROSA Sport Sandal

Best Hiking SandalsAnother multi-purpose two in one collection in our list after Merrell shoes. We are talking about Northside Santa rose sandal, designed for women hiker. This unique collection will not only protect your feet also assure a stylish outlook.

It is made from a perfect combination of textile and synthetic. Where the upper part nicely constructed through Nylon and mesh. This is probably the first closed toe shoe that has a proper balance of lightweight performance and style.

Like others, it includes a synthetic sole with maximum traction. Whatever, the weather is hot or rainy or cold, this pair will assure optimum comfort in any case.

Your feet will not get sweaty due to the closed toe design. It will keep moisture away as it is incredibly breathable — the elastic lacing system with a stylish lace keeper for a secure fit.

The cushioned brushed EVA footbed is entirely shake-resistant. The colorful net just above the outsole for better air circulation. Considering all, you must admit that these sandals are made for tough terrain.

You are getting such multi-purpose sandal at the lowest possible price. What could be better than that! Hurry Up!


  • Multi-purpose sandal
  • Reliable performance
  • Better color combination
  • Elastic lacing system
  • Protected fit
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Easy to wear
  • Stable


  • No arch support is provided
  • Not very comfortable in the water; becomes heavy


10. SUNROLAN Alivin Men’s Athletic Closed-Toe Sandals 

Best Hiking SandalsThe last one on the list is also for the fashionable hikers; who look for a stylish option within budget. This SUNROLAN Alivin Athletic shoe can even endure the pressure of long day run.

Unlike others, these sandals are made from pure leather with a rubber sole. The material is completely waterproof so follow the routes whatever comes in between you and your hiking.

This rubber sole with a flat heel is perfectly designed that assures maximum grip. Besides, the upper front and middle part include a hook-n-look closure for an adjustable fit.

Also, it has a heel and ankle strap to make it easy for you to wear on and off the sandal. The sandals feature a high-performance rubber outsole for stable walking.

These soles are flexible enough to endure any uncertain shock. Its traditional lace system ensures the snug and secure fit even in extreme pressure.

Apart from protecting your feet, this SUNROLAN Alivin sandals will make sure your feet look elegant. You can also use these sandals for regular uses. The price is reasonable as well.


  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Quality leather material
  • Robust construction
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • Secured fit
  • Sufficiently strong
  • Very supportive
  • Unique style
  • Extra toe protection
  • Excellent capture system
  • Versatility


  • The footbed is a little hard; little uncomfortable


Hiking Sandals FAQs

What to Inspect While Buying Hiking Sandals?

Although buying a pair of hiking sandals is quite simple, many hikers consider it a challenging and confusing task. Anyway, following some easy steps, anyone can purchase the best hiking sandals. Below we will reveal those steps to get a pair of accurate hiking sandals.

First, you need to check out its materials, especially the midsole and outer sole. For the midsole, experts recommend users to ensure their hiking sandals have Eva midsoles. It is a spongy material that assures optimum comfort. Apart from that, it prevents your feet from sweating.

In terms of the outer sole, some hiking sandal manufacturers use specialized rubbers. These rubbers will deal with the traction and help users walk comfortably.

Next, you should look for is adjustable straps. You will find this feature lifesaving when hiking. These straps will let you adjust the sandal’s fit and help you relieve your feet’s pressure. They also enable you to wear socks.

Another essential feature is shock resistance. It will let you hike further while staying comfortable. Thus, make sure your hiking sandal can absorb shock while hiking on rough terrains. They should come with arch support and gel padding systems to offer maximum comfort while absorbing shock.

Now it is time to check the durability. Hiking sandals will tolerate lots of stress as you walk on rough terrains. Thus, this hiking stuff needs to have durable materials to survive these conditions. After checking the durability, you need to move onto inspecting whether your sandals can resist water or not. You don’t know the hiking environment, you may experience dry weather, and even you may hike in swampy areas. If your hiking sandals have the water-resistance feature, you can comfortably conduct the hike.

Lastly, you should check out the design and budget of hiking sandals. Look for a design as per your gender, and select a pair of sandals that meets your budget.

Are Sandals Good for Hiking?

It depends on your consideration. If you consider a few facts, you will find that sandals are more comfortable for hiking. In essence, they are better than hiking boots. If you wear boots, you have to wear socks the entire day. It may lead your feet to sweat even though your boots are highly breathable.

As you know, wet feet can be a cause for experiencing a miserable hike. But if you wear sandals, your feet can breathe and get sunlight. So, we can say that sandals are ideal for hiking.

What Are Brands for Good Hiking Sandals?

We don’t recommend users to trust blindly any sandal brand. Instead, we suggest checking the sandal’s quality and other essential features no matter which brands are manufacturing these sandals. However, based on the research and expert recommendations, some brands show promising results. Here they are.

We will keep Keen Footwear first on our top priority list due to its quality and services. Respectively, we will name several other brands like Merrell, Teva, Chaco, Kamik, ECCO, Columbia Sportswear, and more.

Are Teva Sandals Good for Hiking?

Teva sandals can be an excellent choice for hiking. This brand always makes the most functional sandals. They nearly feature all types of designs and colors to fit all hikers. Plus, they use the most rigid materials to make their sandals highly durable. That’s why this Teva is renowned as the top hiking sandal brand.


Final Words

Money could buy anything but not the best if you failed to choose the right one. Our motive is to make your adventure enjoyable and comfortable. Since it is the call of the wild, so everything is unpredictable. Whatever is the situation, you need to be entirely prepared.

We believe all our listed best hiking sandals will accompany you wherever your routes take you. Wrapping up for today will be back to you with another exciting topic. Till then stay healthy and stay connected!


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