Best Hikes in South America

Last Updated on August 30, 2020

South America is one of the top goals for hiking lovers. South America is an addictive place to travel in. For hiking lovers, hiking in this country is such a dream, and it is the main reason that many travelers choose South America for their trip.

Best Hikes in South America

Amazonian rain forest could be most charming and Unique for all the hiking lovers. There are thousands of treks and High space hiking trails in South America. Indeed South America is a land of vivid colors, stunning landscapes. Now, we’ll discuss Top 10 hikes in South America.

Best Hikes in South America

Santa Cruz Trek, Peru

Santa Cruz Trek is one of the best hikes in South America. Peru’s Cordillera is the most beautiful concentrated recruitment of significant Peaks in the Western Hemisphere. The most communist path to the realization this mountain range is to hike the Santa Cruz Trek.

In all over the world, it is one of the best routes. Here are enough massive treks that receive you grave into this hill range but the Santa Cruz grant a small bit of everything in merely three to four days only.

Salcantay, Machu Picchu Trek, Peru

Salcantay, Machu Picchu Trek is one of the beautiful hikes in South America. In that place, there are no consent Boundaries. So, if you want to visit these hikes, then it can be completed except to favor of a guide. And it’s conducive for hikes lovers.

This journey sojourns with incredible landscapes whither underground Hurst bestows highland alpine definition. Salcantay Trek is one of the 25 best treks all over the world, and it’s rated by National geographic adventure magazine.

La Ciudad Perdida, Lost City Trek, Columbia

La Ciudad Perdida, Lost City Trek in one of the gorgeous trek in the world. Lost City Trek delivers scope to go on a horrific tour with the way of the ‘Tayronas’ on a campaign with the slum tropical rainforest and entire with material treasure. There is a beautiful civilization with catching engineering efficiency. Without a guide, you cannot visit this fantastic place. However, it’ll be a challenging journey, but indeed, it’ll be memorable.

Summiting Huayna Potosi, Bolivia

Huayna Potosi in a greener height hill rise above three day season with initial instruction. If you are secure accustomed, entirely suitable, and highly discerned, then there is a proper scope you will do it and feel an immoral realization within a lifetime. If you underrate the climb, then you have not past leastwise various days at the slope. You need the desire to climb this hill, Make no mistake, you have to be physically fit and mentally active.

The Colca Canyon, Peru

One of the fantastic canyons is Colca Canyon, and also, this canyon is the deepest canyon in the world. If you want to visit this canyon, be sure to take enough time to turn ancient to the elevation and take arrangement with you entirely. You have to be sure to manage and protect yourself from the sun at the sublime slope. It can be visited at any time of the year. After the rains cease, it’s looking more and more beautiful and safer.

Valley of the Volcanoes, Ecuador

Valley of the Volcanoes is one of the strangest Geological compositions of more than eighty inactive volcanoes. You will be glad to hear that there is a stunning moony landscape. The valley is inlaid by obsolete caves varying in shape. The best aggregate scene of the valley can be had from Anaro hill. The Valley of volcanoes is full of natural beauty. Its surrounded by plain landscape. Disowned of visitors, the valley of the volcanoes is adventure heaven.

Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Cotopaxi Volcano is Ecuador’s one of the active and longest volcano. It is one of the most famous volcanoes in South America. For hiking lovers, it will be the most enjoyable place. It has a close static probe that rises from a mountainous naive of about 3,800m. Also, it has one of the few equatorial avalanches in the world, which begins at the height of 5,000m. Cotopaxi means sparkling pile. Cotopaxi is generally delimitated in the traditional paintings.

Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited goals in South America. If you are looking for a fun-filled, then Inca Jungle Trek is for you. It is one of the most inspiring treks. The treks are mostly exoteric into backpackers owing to its available cost as well as the variety that it assemblies trekking with numerous other enjoyment functions. If you want to visit, then the bus journey will be comfortable for you. Seriously it will be the best adventure trip in your life.

The W Trek, Torres Del Paine, Patagonia

The W Trek is the Torres Del Paine’s most famous hiking route. It gives a great view of the granite towers. It is a ‘W’ shaped hiking trail that covers a distance of around 50 miles through Torres del Paine National Park. The best time to go to Patagonia in early March. The easiest route towards there is taking a flight to Punta Arenas and a bus to Torres Del Paine.

Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina is a region of Bahia state, in the Northeast of Brazil. It is the northern zone of the Espinhaco Range, has approximately 15,000 sq miles and surrounds 58 municipalities. It is filled with vast canyons with rivers and several waterfalls. The high altitude grasslands are known locally as Gerais. It runs from North to South in the middle of Bahia and is an extension of the Espinhaco Range System.


All over the world, South America has the best hikes. And it is the main reason that every year many tourists come here and visit South America. So, since we go, it’s crucial to know about South America’s hikes.  In South America, most of the trek is over 3500 meters, and the maximum point of the trail is at 5000 meters. So, prepare yourself and visit the best hikes in South America which are full of beauty and adventure.


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