Best Hikes in North America

Last Updated on August 25, 2020

Hiking is generally a long walk on the trails. It is one of the most popular forms of break people take from their busy schedule. It is an adventurous activity as well. According to a recent study, hiking has taken the top spot as the most popular outdoor adventure activity.

The fun of hiking lies in the type of trails. There is no lack of trails in the countrysides all around the world. Unless the trails are a great one cannot get the exact feeling of hiking.

Best Hikes in North America

North America is known for some of the best hikes in the world. The landscape is vast and fascinating. It has trails for every skill level from beginners to skilled hikers. North America has everything from national parks, protected areas, peaks, volcano, glaciers, mountains, rocks, lakes, and canyons.

The trails allow hiking for a short period as well as hiking for a month or two. If one can adjust the schedule of five months, these trails are ideal for long hiking as well. We have made a list of best hikes in North America and briefly discuss those hikes below.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is 277 miles long which is 18 miles wide and 1857 meters deep. It has two rims, the North, and the South Rim. It has the most challenging trails even for the most skilled hiker. The South Rim is comparatively less challenging than the North Rim as the North Rim is more remote and private.

Summer is the proper time to visit the North Rim and Fall is the best for South Rim. The backcountry is an absolute delight to strode. Rim-to-Rim, Bright Angel, Hermit, South Kaibab, Rainbow Rim are some of the popular trails in Grand Canyon. Rim-to-Rim is the longest of them all and takes a week to complete.

Rainbow Rim is located on the North rim and connects five viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. Moreover, bright Angel is comparatively tricky to trail and strenuous as well. South Kaibab is an alternative to Bright Angel. Once you complete the Bright Angel trail, you can return or can enter the South Kaibab Trail. It is well defined and offers an easy day hike.

2. John Muir Trail, California

Named after a naturalist, John Muir Trail is known as the best long-distance trail in the world. It is 213.7 miles long and has an elevation of 14000 meters. It is located in the backcountry and designated wilderness areas of High Sierra.

The trail has been declared as the most famous trail of America and sees a huge number of hikers every year. July to September is the best time for hiking in John Muir Trail.

The trail can be completed within three weeks. It passes through Yosemite, King’s Canyons, and Sequoia. The hiking on the trail commences from Northern Terminus and ends on the tallest mountain of California, Mount Whitney.

3. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is in northwestern Montana. This trail is over 700 miles which has hikes for all skills. It provides both short and long trail opportunities. Summer months are the best to hike on Glacier national park trails. Especially in the first week of September.

It has mountains, lakes, waterfalls, active glaciers which work as the main attractions for the hikers. Cracker, Iceberg, and Avalanche lakes, Morning Eagle Falls, Grinnell valley and Glacier are some of the popular spots for hiking. However, Iceberg Lake and Grinnell glacier are the most famous of them all.

4. Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina

Great Smokey Mountains bestride and rise along the Tennessee and North Carolina border. It’s Great Smokey Mountains National Park is the largest protected area in the eastern United States. It has 850 miles of trails for hiking. It has wooded trails, historic structures, waterfalls, and a great scenic view.

Clingman’s Dome is its highest point. The Laurel Falls Trail is another great trail for hiking, and it is in front of the Laurel Falls. Clingman’s Dome and Laurel falls trails have short and paved paths, thus ideal for hiking. Alum Cave Bluffs, Andrew bald, and Charlies Bunion are some of the other popular ones. June to August is the best time for hiking in the Smokies.

5. Zion National Park, Utah

The location of Zion National Park is in southwestern Utah. This national park has Zion canyon which is 15 miles long and 800 meters deep. There are seven trails in Zion Canyon – Weeping Rock, Angels Landing, The Narrows, Taylor Creek, Kolob Arch, West Rim, and LaVerkin Creek.

All the trails are perfect for the hikers who are in a tight schedule. The narrows is known to be the best hike in USA and takes just a day or two to complete. Angle Landing is the best day hike trail, and it is not so difficult. It takes a couple of hours to complete. Spring is the best season to hike in Angel Landing.

Final Words

The above hikes are just a few. There are many other hikes which are as amazing and thrilling as the ones we mentioned. So, put your hiking shoes and get ready for some strolling, cantering, and trudging. Set up your schedule to go on the journey of hiking. Go on that adventurous journey prepared and have a brisk walk on the long trails of North American countrysides.


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