Best Hikes in Central America

Last Updated on September 2, 2020

Hiking is one of the most favorite outdoor activities in Europe and North American regions. It is usually a vigorous walk for a long time, which is usually done on the trails or in the countryside. This kind of activity, at first, developed in the 18th century to get pleasure in a remote location for a long time.

Before knowing about hiking in Central America, we have to know about this region. Mainly, Central America consists of six countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, and Panama. Again, Mexico actually is a part of North America.

Best Hikes in Central America

So, many people may surprise to know that Mexico isn’t included in this list. Central America is an Eden with a lot of mountains, including an incredible 110 volcanoes. Even only Guatemala has 37 of them.

In Central America, you will find large forests without mountains. It is difficult to find out which tracks you go for hiking. Besides, the other fact is Central America isn’t a place of snow and high -mountains. So, many people don’t consider it as a hiking destination.

But, hikers will have to like Central America for its variety and calmness. It offers the hikers a lot of opportunities to enjoy hiking in mountains and forests. There are tropical rainforests with lots of species of wildlife. Also, some lakes and volcanoes are the main beauty of Central America.

Best Hikes in Central America

There are many options in this region for hiking. You find downhill jungle paths and rugged volcano trails in this region. The beautiful and diverse locations of this region might confuse you to choose the best for hiking. Some are given below.

Volcano Concepción – Nicaragua

Nicaragua is famous for its volcanos and lakes. Here, you can hike to the top of the live volcano that is surrounded by a lake. If you reach the top of the volcano, you will be able to experience the volcano’s vent and have hot air burst out from the volcano. This is one of the most critical hikes, but you can see the beauty of it.

 Acatenango Volcano Hike – Guatemala

ACATENANCO is the third highest volcano in Guatemala. It has been inactive since 1972. You can see the impressive scenarios of the whole country, climbing to the top of this volcano. You can also experience the beauty of the world’s most constantly erupting volcano Fuego. If you want to go to the summit of this volcano, you have to go through many diverse ecosystems. You have to go through a cloud forest until you reach the volcano.

Darien National Park- Panama

The Darien Jungle joins Panama and Colombia. There are many hiking locations on the Panamanian side of this jungle in the Darien National Park. The Darien region of Panama has the most eco-diverse places because it is in a distant location and comparatively unfamiliar from the outside world.

Besides, it is the home of the local Kuna people with hundreds of species of wildlife and lots of poisonous insects. If you want to experience the adventure of place, then the Darien National Park is one of the best locations for you.

Corcovado – Costa Rica

Corcovado National Park is the place where you can hike for a long time. If you want to experience wildlife by yourself closely. Corcovado National Park is one of the hiking places for you. The traces will show you the way to the deserted beach and vigorous tropical rainforest.

Here, different kinds of animals have increased the beauty of this park. Monkeys jump from one branch to another, ant-bears ramble the whole jungle and macaws fly through it. After all, this National Park is indeed a paradise for nature lovers.

Volcano Rincón De La Vieja Summit, Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja is a large, lively volcano with 9 active vents. It’s situated in a national park in Costa Rica Guanacaste region. When you walk through a vigorous tropical rainforest, you have to come across warm springs, waterfalls and steam craters. There is also a huge diversity of plants and wildlife seen along this trace.

Especially spider monkeys are often seen here. The crater trace of sixteen kilometers will take you to the pick of the volcano where you can moisten of the beautiful views. You can also see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean if the day is clear. For the best experience, you have to go there between December and April.

Cockscomb Basin, Belize

You can take the opportunity of having a hike in the world’s only jaguar reserve area in Belize. There are many trails around the reserve area where you have the chances of experiencing wildlife from near. You can see Jaguar as well as many other cats like Puma, Jaguarundi, and Margay. Besides, this will be the paradise of birdwatchers because there are over 300 species of birds there.

San Pedro Volcano – Guatemala

San Pedro Volcano is one of the best places for hiking. There are a few places to hike you can choose, but the San Pedro Volcano is one of the most famous. You arrive at the top of that after hiking for 3 to 4 hours. There you can get impressive beauties of nature and the surroundings of lake volcanoes.

Telica Volcano – Nicaragua

The TELICA Volcano is Nicaragua’s most active volcano. If you want to see the fantastic beauty of this volcano, you have to camp out there at night. The most impressive view of the crater is to see the red-hot lava getting up from the earth. You will also take a fantastic picture in the morning, keeping the volcano in the background and share it with your buddies.

Final Words

Central America is the best place to explore and hike. Vigorous jungles, hidden waterfalls, lurid mountains, and unseen natural beauties made this part of the world a dream for hikers. You can enjoy the wonders of nature in this region when you are on hiking.

In fact, Guatemala and Nicaragua have the best locations in the region. But, you should experience almost all the places as much as possible. The most exciting places are the volcanos of Guatemala. So, you can spend your time with your family, friends, or yourself in those unique places.


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