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Last Updated on September 21, 2020

Challenging, Curious, and Adventurous minds are always thirsty inside to explore somewhere full of dangerous beauty. And if you are one of them, then Africa is one of the best continents for you to hike.

Unlike other hikes worldwide, in Africa, you will have some of the best hiking experiences of your entire life. Mount climbing, Trekking through difficult terrains of wilderness, hiking around Lava-lake (volcano), and more types of experiences, you may gain.

Best Hikes in Africa

In this article, we will provide you with a brief description of those hikes in Africa, where you should hike must. However, the list of the best hikes in Africa is literally endless.

Best hikes in Africa

Everything is best as per one’s choice and mentality. In the question of best hikes, you will obviously give priority to such hikes as you like. Some may like mountains; some may like the wilderness, even some may like the desert.

A pro hiker likes all types of hikes to fill the thirsts of soul. As per many types of research and experiences here, we are providing you with basic information about some of the best hikes of all time in Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The leading hike of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. To the mountain-loving hikers, Kilimanjaro is a dream hike. Besides, it is the most popular hikes in Africa. If you have enough strength, durability, and confidence only then you should start your hiking to the peaks of the mountain.

Because the hike is challenging for them, who are not used for hiking over the mountains. The 19336 feet of height makes the Kilimanjaro mighty. From where you will have a feeling that you are at the highest peak in Africa. The scenic beauty from the peak will amuse you.

Mount Kenya

The 2nd highest mountain in Africa is Mount Kenya. This highest mountain of Kenya, where you may hike over the icy and rocky routes of the mountain. We recommend climbing over the mountain, only the pro mountain climbers.

If you are not experienced, then the difficult terrains of the mountain are very dangerous for you. But you can enjoy a hike to the Point Lenana, a side peak of the mountain. From the point, you will have many awesome views around there. You also may enjoy the views of the glacial lakes. You may hike over there in the Mount Kenya National Park.

Ol Doniya Lengia

Think for once, you are hiking at the top of the volcano. What a feeling was that. In Tanzania, to the Maasia people, Ol Doinya Lengia is a sacred mountain. From where the awesome sunrise views will amuse you entirely.

The top of the mountain is much rocky and covered with volcanic ashes. The very first steps to the top the routes are quite easy to climb or hike. At the ending point, the routes become hard and difficult. You better hire a local guide to explore the mountain.

Danakil Depression

Between Ethiopia and Eritrea, there is a small desert called the Danakil Depression. This is one of the hottest and most incompatible places on the earth. It will be better you start your hiking after the evening when the weather is much cooler than day time.

The toughness of the place makes it more challenging to survive in hiking time. The best part is here to hike around the Erte Ale Volcano. At the night time, the views of active lava lakes will amuse you. With the help of a guide and camel riding the hike will be much easy. Remember that you have to carry a lot of water for this hike.

Fish River Canyon

The largest canyon in Africa is the Fish River Canyon, at Namibia. This is the toughest hikes in Africa. To the challenging and adventurous hiking minds, this canyon is a great hiking destination.

Remember one thing; you must need enough fitness and durability to hike over the canyon, because in the mid-way if you lost your strength, then there is no way out to return.

Blyde River Canyon

Located in Mpumalanga of South Africa, the Blyde River Canyon is one of the best hikes in Africa. More than a dozen hiking trails are flowing blowing along with the river. From every spot of those trails, you will have a unique sight of the region.

Simien Mountains National Park

One of the best and ultimate hiking destinations in Africa is the Simien Mountains National Park, at Ethiopia. This Park is an awesome hiking destination of the combined natural beauty of –rough mountains, wilderness, waterfalls, natural valleys, wildlife, and so on.

You better come as a multi-day hiker to explore the whole Park. From the peak of the simian mountains, you can enjoy the view from top to the bottom’s beauty of the Park.

In wilderness exploration, you may not only enjoy the wild green beauty but also watch the various wild animals like Ethiopian wolf, wild goat, wild cat, gelada baboon, and so on. And the beautiful sight of waterfalls will amuse your heart and soul. So pack your bag and start the hike at the Simien National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park

The most iconic facts of the Park are the falls and wild animals, which make the Murchison Falls National Park, one of the best-hiking destinations at Uganda, in Africa. With proper guidelines, you will enjoy the park hiking most.

Ameln Valley

In Morocco, you may have a day hike over the Ameln Valley, at the Anti-Atlas Mountains. From where you can take awesome landscapes and also can encounter wild animals like snakes, wild boar, lions. For day hikers, it is a better destination to hike.

Toubkal National Park

In the High Atlas Mountain range, this national Park is one of the best hikes in Africa. If you decide to hike in Morocco, then don’t miss to hike there. You may have the experience of hiking at the great Atlas Mountains.

At the region of you may visit the village of Berber people. You meet them and also can gather knowledge of their culture, lifestyle. Enjoy the hike over the Park to grab all these experiences.

Otter Trail

One of the most scenic hiking destinations of the Otter Trail in South Africa. The stunning and breathtaking sceneries of the trail will steal your heart. The views from the shoreline, the sandy beaches, waterfalls, rocky cliffs, wilderness all are just awesome. You may see the whales and dolphins in the sea. And also may encounter the wildlife in your hiking time.

As we said before, the list is countless, but there are more other types of hikes you may find in Africa. All are also best. But here in our article we just provide brief information about those hiking destinations, where you must hike if you are going to hike in Africa.

Some more best hikes are- Rwenzori Mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mount Mulanje in Malawi, Livingstonia a small town in Malawi, Robberg Peninsula in South Africa, Sentinel Peak Hike in South Africa, Mount Nyiragongo in the D.R. of Congo, and so on. All the hikes, as mentioned above, are best as per their own features and hikers choices.


Africa is one of the continents where the number of hiking destinations is uncountable. From the endless list, it is not so easy to find the best hikes. Here we mentioned and wrote about those hikes where hiking is mandatory for a hiker in Africa. So without wasting a single moment, you should go for hiking over those hikes.


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