The 10 Best Hand Held Metal Detectors in 2023 – Top Models Reviewed

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Hand Held Metal Detectors

Since crime is increasing with the time, the necessity of hand-held metal detectors is increasing as well. With the time, you will see the use of hand-held detector everywhere.

In the airport, jails, shopping mall, nightclub, educational institute, or any social function. Whenever people heard about metal detector, they think you are searching the hidden treasure.

In earlier days, people used to use a metal detector device to find lost objects. Later on, as the technology improved, different industry and sector installed a metal detector.

With the increasing demand, you would like to have metal detectors but are sure which detector to go with! Here we present a buying guide that will go into details on ten best handheld metal detector available in the market.

Quick Answer – Hand Held Metal Detectors

1. Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointing Metal Detector

2. Garrett Pro Pointer II Two Metal Detector

3. Garrett Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector

4. Garrett 1165190 Super scanner V Metal Detector

5. Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector

6. Pinpointer Metal Detector

7. Handheld Metal Detector Security Wand

8. Pinpointing Probe Metal Detector

9. SAFEBAO Portable Security Metal Detector

10. Quimat Metal Detector Pinpointer

Reviews of the Best Hand Held Metal Detectors

Let’s start with the details of what to look for a metal detector. These devices come in different design, size, and shapes. Choose them according to your application requirements.

The feature that we should consider before buying are; audio tone alert, a visual indicator, and vibration alert. Make sure to buy a perfect sized hand held detector. The small size of this device could be intrusive rather than the traditional one with a longer handle.

Well, keeping all these in mind let’s start the review. So, you can pick out the best hand held metal detector for your application. Experts mostly recommend all the listed metal detector and those are within your budget. Let’s get started!

1. Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointing Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsThe latest evolution of the popular Pro-Pointer AT is ideal for them who find hunting a fun task. The Pro-Pointer AT delivers all-terrain flexibility for locating metallic target easily.

It is a fully waterproof metal detector which is submersible to a maximum depth of 20 feet. It comes in an attractive orange color to provide clear visibility underwater.

With its three finest sensitivity level, you can detect small objects and nuggets. You can easily retune with a quick button press for precise pointing of larger targets. This retune button provides you multiple options to detect anywhere.

If you sit idle for 5 minutes, then the pinpointer will emit periodic warning alarm. After 60 minutes of no button press, it will turn off the machine to save batteries.

A ruler in inches and centimeter is attached into the side of pinpointer to measure the target depth. Also, a lanyard attachment loop is molded into the side of pinpointer.

For power, retune, sensitivity adjustment, and stealth mode a single button is provided. You can easily operate it even with gloves. It is also very comfortable to hold.

This unique waterproof collection is available in reasonable price. Now, you can turn a day at a beach into a memorable underwater treasure hunt.


  • Maximum sensitivity
  • Waterproof and fully submersible
  • Fast and easy retune
  • Single button operation
  • Lost pro-pointer alarm


  • Need to change the battery frequently


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2. Garrett Pro Pointer II Two Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsGarrett Pro Pointer II is one of the toughest recovery pouches. This two metal detector Pinpointer is bundled with a treasure diggerpouch and a woven belt holster.

This pinpointer II provide better performance with shiny design to assist those hard-to-find objects. Like other Garrett detector, pinpointer II features a lost pointer alarm, auto on-off option, and lanyard attachment clip.

Also, the fast retune proficiency allow to swiftly tune out the detection of wet sand, saltwater, and highly mineralized ground. Its proportional audio/vibration pulse rate indicates target pin-point detection at 3600 side scan.

A scraping blade is provided to go through the soil for automatic tuning. For hunting in low light, you can turn on the LED light. Twice the battery life with its 9V battery.

A woven belt holster ensures the water resistance. You can clean the entire unit underwater. Besides, you are getting all the component in a single bag. The price is also fit any budget. So we must say it’s a great deal for everyone.


  • Audio/vibration pulse indicator
  • LED light for low light use
  • Auto on-off
  • Faster retune capability
  • Water resistant


  • Chances of losing equipment’s since many things available in a single bag


3. Garrett Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsGarrett Pro-pointer AT bundled with a Garret Camo Pouch, woven belt hostler, and a 9V battery. You will never want to leave for hunting without this because of one-touch ease of use.

This fully waterproof detector is submersible up to 10 feet underwater. Similar to other Garrett detector, it includes three level sensitivity, faster retune, single button on/off, lanyard attachment, and lost pro-pointer alarm.

Additionally, this detector has attached scraping blade to dig the soil for the hidden target. A sealed battery cover to protect the battery from the water. A LED flashlight to hunt in low light with a waterproof speaker.

In a word, you will get all the feature of Pro-Pointer AT with an additional Camo pouch. So you can store the detector in the pouch.

For this extra, you don’t have to pay a lot. The price is reasonable like Pro-Pointer AT metal detector. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!


  • Submersible to 10 feet
  • Gorgeous orange color
  • Easy to operate
  • Single button operation


  • Beeping sound is way too loud for public


4. Garrett 1165190 Super scanner V Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsGarrett super scanner is the most well recognized hand-held metal detector. It was originally designed to use for the Olympic Games in 1984.

Whether you are in a rough environment, or if you are a recreational user this hand-held detector will reach your expectation. With its ultimate sensitivity, you can detect objects from 9″ distance.

A large 8” scan surface with digital microprocessor technology detects all kind of metals. It will notify you the detection with a sharp audible alarm and a bright red LED.

A momentary push button helps temporarily eliminate the detection of nearby ambient metal. It has an option to secure internal sensitivity adjustment with a selectable vibrating alarm.

Its waterproof, rugged handle has a high-impact ABS case that ensures its durability. This is why Garrett super scanner is highly recommended for toughest and roughest uses. Instead of being roughest, the price is reasonable like other Garrett.


  • Ultimate sensitivity
  • Approved for all kind of metal objects
  • Self-regulating
  • Rugged waterproof handle
  • Both audible and silent vibration


  • Sometimes it unable to detect small objects


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5. Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsThis SuperWand metal detector from Garrett is super slim and provide even sensitivity to detect metals with extreme accuracy. From airport to any event, this lightweight detector is on top choice for security scanner.

An extended scan surface with optimum sensitivity provides you easy scanning from head to toe. The surface ensures the detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous weapon.

It operates on dual alarm mode with one touch. Three-way switch (on, off, silent) can be handled with an only single button. Like other Garrett, it has a fast returning and an automatic on/off.

Installed digital microprocessor technology rejects periodic sensitivity changes and 360o detection coverage. An extended space allows any size hand to fit with the finest grip.

Overall, it’s a package of posh design with rugged construction. Though it provides you all ultimate feature, the price is unbelievable. So, don’t miss the chance. Grab your one NOW!


  • Extended scan surface
  • One-touch operation
  • Optimum 360o detection coverage
  • Sturdy yet durable


  • Battery life is not extended.


6. Pinpointer Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsWhen it comes to finding treasure anytime anywhere, then you must look for a device with better portability, sensitivity, and outlook.

Well, in that case, we would tell you RM Ricomax Pinpointer is exactly what you are looking for! A small size lightweight design with a holster is easy to take anywhere.

The overall length is only 10.8 inch. It’s an extremely nice design with three kinds of indications. These indications notify you in every rough scene.

With the bright Led flashlight you can find any metaleven in darkness. The pinpointer on the top of the device will warn you from 3.5 inches away. You can take the detector with you in sand beach, garden, and lakeside.

This pinpointer will delight your kid’s curiosity to find treasure. As it is fun to use this detector, so it’s a perfect Christmas gift for kids.

The most interesting part of this device is the price. The price of this detector is cheap so it won’t be a waste of money at all. Of course, your investment is fully guaranteed.


  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Single button operation
  • Accurate detection with the highest sensitivity
  • Excellent gift for the kids
  • Bright Led light


  • The detector is not fully waterproof
  • Too loud for secret using purpose


7. Handheld Metal Detector Security Wand

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsPyle Handheld metal detector is a well-known name in the security sector worldwide. Whenever the situation needs a reliable scanner or detector, then the Pyle is the one you should rely on.

Adjustable high sensitivity allows the pin detection at 4″ and 20mm steel bar at 2.7″ depth. You will get both audio and vibration detection with a LED light alert.

With high and low sensitivity settings it allows you to maximize the scanning ability. Its lightweight and comfortable handle grip allows you to use it for a longer time. Also, the detector comes with a belt clip so you can hang the detector anywhere.

A rechargeable battery operates on 9V standard but consumes only 270mW-50mA power. Also, the detector works at -20 t 90-degree temperature.

Concisely, it has all the necessary feature that we need to use for safety, security, indoor/outdoor events. It’s a great deal for the price. So check the store before Stock Out.


  • Comfortable lightweight handle
  • High sensitivity to small and large hidden objects
  • Two kinds of alert option
  • Battery assume a low power


  • Vibration sounds unskilled


8. Pinpointing Probe Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsTry your fun outdoor detecting with Tryfun whether you are professional detector or enjoy to search for the hidden object in beach or backyard. This Pin-pointing probe metal detector is what you need to have a look at.

An ultra-portable device comes with a small size pinpointer and holster. Like other exclusive detectors, it has a high sensitivity to any metal. Three sensitivity level with LED indicator ensures its high sensitivity.

Though the battery is not included the pinpointer is powered by a 9V alkaline battery. It has an alarm outlet on the side of the detector. The single button allows the user to turn out the detection quickly.

With 360o side scan detection is it can cover large areas and pinpointing tip allow the detection precision. The device is partially waterproof so it would be better to use the waterproof bag in water.

Along with the large object, it can precisely find the extremely small object. Though the detector provides you versatility, it’s the best choice to use in a fun way.

For this reason, its great gift for kids to boost their curiosity to the world. We would suggest you give it a try as the price is very reasonable. Believe us you won’t feel cheated.


  • Highly recommended for small objects
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Easy to operate and carry anywhere
  • High sensitivity


  • As it is partially waterproof, so you need to keep it dry


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9. SAFEBAO Portable Security Metal Detector

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsSAFEBAO brings a portable metal detector, and a security scanner at a very low price compare the market. It is also offering all the feature even when it is less expensive.

With the high sensitive detect surface you can detect the objects at the height of 10-30mm above the area. Whenever it detects something, it will notify you worth a warning tone and red LED light.

You can adjust the sensitivity through an adjuster hole using a screwdriver. You need to use a rechargeable battery, and the battery is not included. Please make sure to turn off the power while charging.

It can detect the handgun at 0-8 inch, pen knife at 0-6 inch, and a razor blade at 0-4 inch distance. This handheld detector is perfect for use in security purpose. As the price is low, you can keep it with you always.


  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Best detection range
  • High sensitivity to illegal goods
  • Clear audio alert


  • Not sensitive enough to metal attached with wood


10. Quimat Metal Detector Pinpointer

Best Hand Held Metal DetectorsQuimat Metal detector Pinpointer is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It is effortless to carry anywhere and easy to handle because of its small size.

A compact design with improved detection of small objects. Because of its smart outlook, it is widely used by both professional and recreational. It includes a single power button with both audible and vibrating alarm.

The sensitivity works in three different LED indicators. The pinpointer on the top of the device will suspend the alarm after detecting about 10 seconds. An exclusive scraping blade is attached with 360o side-scan detection area.

Also, woven belt holster is included to carry it anywhere. The pinpointer is waterproof while the handle is not. Above all, like other detectors, the price is also very reasonable. Check this out NOW!


  • Compact small size
  • Highly sensitive especially for small objects
  • Easy operation with a single button
  • Lightweight so easy to carry


  • Not too reliable for rough condition
  • Partially waterproof


Final Words

Now you know that metal detectors are portable and used to pinpoint the location of target metals. When planning for shopping, the buyer should do research carefully on the market. At this point, as you best guiding friend we tried to provide you the best.

After perfect market research, we conclude to the above mentioned ten best hand held metal detectors. Now the decision is up to you. Make your decision considering your needs. If you have any alternative suggestion and queries, then please don’t forget to inform us below in comment box. Until then….

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