The 10 Best Goose Call in 2023 – Top Picks Review

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Goose Call

Whether you are a new or professional hunter, you know that utilizing a goose call will help make your chase unmistakably almost certain of being fruitful. A good goose call is an essential part of your hunting gear arrangement.

Besides, you can reduce the amount of time if you invest in the right equipment like a goose call. So, the best goose calls are the tools you need for your next hunt. Here, our expert will talk about ten best goose calls available in the market today.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Goose Call

Best Goose Call

1. Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call

  • Polycarbonate structure
  • Short reed design
  • Patented ditches

Best Goose Call

2. Primos Canada Goose Flute Call

  • Unique flex-end hose
  • Patented reed system
  • Lanyard included

Buck Gardner

3. Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call

  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Hand-shaved reeds
  • Dual O-rings

Zink Power

4. Zink Power Clucker PC-1 Polycarbonate Goose Call

  • Single reed design
  • Polycarbonate material
  • 2.4 ounces weight

Best Goose Call

5. Faulk’s Canada Goose Call

  • Large zebrawood barrels
  • Lanyard included
  • Cherry and walnut wood construction

Best Goose Call

6. Flambeau Outdoor BR189 Long Honker Goose Flue

  • O-ring seal
  • Minimal air pressure call
  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo


7. Rich-N-Tone Calls Goozilla Call

  • Polycarbonate construction
  • O-rings
  • 0.32 ounces weight


8. Primos Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call

  • Ton of volumes
  • Tulip-shaped reed
  • Minimal air pressure call

Best Goose Call

9. Faulk’s Honker Call

  • Walnut wood structure
  • Hand-tuned
  • 2.4 ounces weight

Best Goose Call

10. Buck Gardner Grey Ghost Polycarbonate Goose Call

  • Diamond wood barrel
  • Polycarbonate insert
  • Hand-shaved reed

Reviews of the Best Goose Call

Do you know geese use about two dozen notes and sound to communicate with each other? That’s why you will find the best goose call for beginners models which can create multiple sounds. Besides, there are different quality calls available in the market.

Before start shopping, you need to know how they work and which the best quality is. Here we are going to discuss ten best goose calls with their positives and negatives. So let’s read the article before making the decision.

1. Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call

Best Goose CallPrimos Honky Tonk Goose Call is one of the best Honky Tonk available in the market, to speak the language of geese. The Honky Tonk is crafted with a short-reed call, which duplicates all of the sounds of Canada geese.

The patented Reed framework gives you a chance to dismantle the call for cleaning and set up it back together effectively without fail.

Primos Honky Tonk Goose Call looks good with black color and so easy to blow, sounds even better. Anybody will have the capacity to master it in no time.

It empowers you to call with negligible back pressure. To shield the call from staying, because of dampness, it was created with the patented ditches on the sounding board.

Also patented “ditches” in the sounding board keep the call from sticking, even in terrible climate. These quality attributes make the Honky Tonk an absolute requirement for all Goose seekers.


  • Short Reed Goose call, Easy-to-blow
  • Patented ditches will stop the call to stick
  • Call with minimal back pressure
  • Product dimensions 5″ x 2” x 10″
  • Item weight 3.2 ounces
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Color: Black


  • Took a little practice for decent sound


2. Primos Canada Goose Flute Call

Best Goose CallPrimos Canada Goose Flute Call is the high-quality call at a reasonable price available in the market. Primos use quality materials to make it 100% perfect and tested for the toughest environments and situations.

Regardless of whether you are an expert, recreational client, or even easygoing Primos Canada Goose Flute Call will fit the shape for a wide range of individuals.

The unique flex-end hose of Primos Canada Goose Flute Call creates mechanical back pressure building it the easiest flute to blow.

Patented Reed System allows you to obtain the call apart and reassemble with ideal retuning every time. If you happen to create the inside wet, it is easy to disassemble to fresh and reassemble it.

It is perfect for the goose hunter who is unfamiliar with flute-styled calls. This is an excellent honker call! Highly recommend to anyone searching for the best goose call for beginners for goose hunting.


  • 100% perfect for goose hunter
  • Quality materials are used to make it
  • Duplicates the loud sounds of Canada goose
  • Perfect for recreational, professional
  • Unique flex-end hose produce automatic back pressure
  • Product Dimensions: 5” x 1.8″ x 13”; Weight: 1.6 ounces


  • Can’t make plenty of different sounds
  • This call gets the job done, but not super loud


3. Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call

Buck GardnerBuck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call is as yet the most effortless working goose call at any point made. Each call has a shaved reed for quick get and is hand-tuned to guarantee execution that far surpasses the cost.

Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call makes sharp clucks and great honks which produce great sounds. Extremely simple to use and produces loud hails as well as soft clucks.

It takes less air to use than other calls available in the present market. Buck Gardner calls is lightweight and have not had any problems with freezing.

Buck Gardner calls is made from extra tough polycarbonate construction and very easy to take apart, clean and set up back together. The call works great and handles well for beginners. You can choose it for goose hunting!


  • Extremely easy to blow and get good sound
  • Hand shaved reed & hand tuned
  • The brass band are featured with this call
  • Can produce loud hails as well as soft clucks
  • Color: Bourbon /Clear
  • Great call for the price
  • Extra tough polycarbonate construction


  • Will take some time of practice for good sound
  • First time dissembling will take some time


4. Zink Power Clucker PC-1 Polycarbonate Goose Call

Zink PowerZink Power Clucker PC-1 Polycarbonate Goose Call has a short reed for a cackle that is sharp and has high volume to enable you to bring in numerous types of geese.

The Power Clucker has a standard pitch to attract different types of geese and particularly Canada geese better. One thing is without a doubt; this polycarbonate goose call will make you an appreciated voice for geese until that previously shot.

Polycarbonate formed after one of a kind custom acrylic namesake. Equipped with the “gentle blow” sound structure to allow even the novice caller to produce quality sound.

The difference between this and other available call is the ability and quality to progress complex calling sequences by getting right tones, breaks, and inflection. Better guts, acrylics, and smoothbore designs cost money. You can choose it for happy goose hunting!


  • Made from Polycarbonate
  • Short, single reed design
  • Straight bore mouthpiece
  • Works for many species and situations
  • Easy to blow and get high sound
  • Nice looking and lightweight
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Color: smoke; Weight: 2.4 ounces


  • Need some practice for quality sound


5. Faulk’s Canada Goose Call

Best Goose CallIf you are a goose hunter, you should have a quality Goose call to complete your hunting! But it is difficult for someone to choose or collect good quality of goose call.

Faulk’s Canada Goose Call is desired one! Faulk’s Canada Goose Call is originally designed by the World Goose Call Champion Patin Faulk.

This best goose call for beginners made of walnut and very simple, hand-tuned call, easy to blow to create sharp and effective mellow tone.

Proven and tested successfully in calling for all species of geese, especially for Canada Geese. Its extra big zebrawood barrels, included lanyard, keep the great tone and impressionable gift.

Faulk’s Canada Goose Call is reasonably priced, and the outer finish set is perfectly smooth and attractive. Whatever you are a beginner or expert goose hunter, it is perfect for everybody. This goose call would be the best choice for you!


  • Small, simple and easy to blow
  • Made of cherry and walnut
  • Great sound, simple to operate
  • Eliminate carrying two calls
  • Comes with double lanyard
  • Tested and proven in calling Canada Geese
  • Extra large zebrawood barrels


  • Made from wood
  • Takes a lot of air to blow


6. Flambeau Outdoor BR189 Long Honker Goose Flue

Best Goose CallFlambeau Outdoor Long Honker Goose Flue has been a most wanted of Goose hunters for a few decades! Like the life systems of a gooseneck, the long tone channel enhances the common profound, empty sound of Canada’s goose call as gaseous tension goes through the length of the flute.

The Long Honker of Flambeau Outdoor Long Honker Goose Flue spends significant time in effectively sung voluminous sounds and rich single or triple cackles.

Dunked in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades for a characteristic mix over a coat since this enormous kid will be kept out and on-the-prepared for hailing honkers. O-ring seal holds the tone channel securely and eliminates air leaks.

This polycarb adaptation delivers somewhat more keen sound and more volume than the Walnut form, which is somewhat smoother. Work incredibly for beginners and simple to blow. It is gladly made in the U.S.A.


  • Easy to blow and operate
  • Mellow tones of the Canada Goose
  • Minimal air pressure call
  • O-ring seal holds the tone channel securely and eliminates air leaks
  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo finish
  • Pleasant product for the new hunter
  • Dimensions: 13.5” x 2” x 2”; Weight: 4.8 ounces


  • It takes a lot of air to work


7. Rich-N-Tone Calls Goozilla Call

Rich-N-ToneWhether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner to the Canada goose-hunting scene, the Rich-N-Tone Calls Goozilla Call is designed for you.

The user-friendly goose call features great back pressure and high-quality volume so you can create a center of attention of geese, even those distant geese to your location.

Goozilla is fabricated and intended for the obstinate, in-your-face waterfowler who requests genuine, predictable sounds and execution, even under the most extraordinary chasing conditions.

Goose sounds can be effectively be duplicated with the RNT Quackhead Goozilla goose call short reed because of its unpredictably planned arrangement of guts and inherent the-drag back weight.

Each call is separately tuned and tried to guarantee that you are blowing the most elevated quality, best, madly sensible creation bring in the field.

The polycarbonate construction of Rich-N-Tone Calls Goozilla Call is durable for long-lasting use. You can choose it for great goose hunting!


  • An excellent beginner goose call
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Good for loud low honks
  • Simple to learn calls
  • O-rings that seal the barrel and the insert
  • Long lasting, durable construction
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


  • Pitch was a bit high
  • Takes a bit of air to blow


8. Primos Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call

PrimosMost calls have a reed of same thickness from end to end. Through an extraordinary procedure, Primos Hunting has ”shaved” the reed of the Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call – 826 with the goal that the tip of the reed is a lot more slender and tulip-formed.

This enables the call to be blown with significantly less pneumatic force while giving you an ideal sound. It is truly simple to utilize; it doesn’t require plenty of tongue traps.

Primos Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call – 826 additionally has a ton of volumes which is required for substantial fields or bogs. You will be stunned at the sounds you can get from the Shaved Reed Speck from warbles to the puncturing hail call.

The super boisterous call requires little air. Tulip-formed reed is from 6/1000” to 14/1000” thick. How simple this call is to utilize! Just unpacked it and gave it a shot!


  • Quality materials used
  • Intended and tested for the toughest environments and situations
  • The reed much thinner and tulip-shaped
  • Require little air, super loud perfect sound
  • Tulip-shaped reed from 6/1000in to 14/1000in thick
  • An outstanding goose call for everybody
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


  • Sometimes not all calls work the same
  • Have to practice some time to get proper sound


9. Faulk’s Honker Call

Best Goose CallFaulk’s Game Calls is a privately-owned company, built up more than 50 years back by “Failure” Faulk’s dad, an expert guide and World Champion Goose Caller.

“Failure” took in his gifted exchange working at his dad’s side and in the expert, rivalry won the titles of Internation Champion Duck Caller and double the title of World Champion Goose Caller.

“Failure” resigned undefeated and proceeded with full time in the amusement call business until his father, September 1994. The family keeps on maintaining the business with a similar expert touch that has made Faulk’s Honker Calls requested by experts, guides and sportsmen the world over.

Faulk’s Honker Call is a simple-to-blow call that anyone can use. It is perfectly designed for Canada geese everywhere and constructed from the finest walnut, hand-tuned and individually tested. Dependable call at an incredible cost and prescribe it to anybody.


  • Nice Honker call, sounds good, easy to use
  • Perfect for Canada Geese
  • High-quality sound at a great price
  • Hand-made call of walnut wood
  • Faulk’s Honker Call
  • Call anyone can blow
  • Weight: only 2.4 ounces


  • Had to do some practice for well-pleased sound
  • Items color is not great


10. Buck Gardner Grey Ghost Polycarbonate Goose Call

Best Goose CallThe Buck Gardner Gray Ghost Diamond Goose Call is only the call you require this chasing season. This quality goose call has a solid polycarbonate embed and a precious stone wood barrel that makes shrill sounds and pulls in geese.

The long barrel rushes to react making it an incredible fit for cutting-edge seekers. The Buck Gardner Gray Ghost Diamond Goose Call is potentially the most straightforward blowing Canada goose call accessible, making it an excellent alternative for learners and also prepared seekers.

It offers a lot of low-end control and boisterous volume calling when required. It produces lighting quick twofold cackles and has a higher pitch for boisterous, ringing sounds that emerge from the group when chasing constrained feathered creatures.

The broken-in guts and hand-shaved reed are super-responsive and get with negligible pneumatic force. Try not to go on your next chase without the Buck Gardner Gray Ghost Goose Call.


  • Quality goose hunting call
  • Durable polycarbonate insert
  • Diamond Wood barrel
  • Shorter barrel makes high pitched sounds
  • Quick to respond
  • Brand: Buck Gardner
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A


  • It does not come with a case
  • Half is wood other side is poly


Goose Call FAQs

What Are the Criteria to Choose a Goose Call?

Some factors have a significant impact on the quality of the goose call. So, before going for a goose call, we need to look for the following attributes first. Such as-

  • Sound Quality
  • Material (Wood or Plastic)
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustability
  • Variety of sound
  • Durability

What Are the Types of Goose Calls?

Usually, a goose call is driven by air through placing the goose call against the mouth and blow into it. Generally, goose calls come in 3-main types, such as-

  • Flute
  • Short Reed
  • Long Reed

Which Materials Are Used to Make Goose Calls?

Goose calls are usually made of 3-different materials. They are-

Wood: As wood is usually affected by temperature, so the contraction or expansion of wooden goose call sometimes creates problem yet.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate goose calls are ideal for softer and raspier tones. It is best suited for such an area where there is an opportunity for the echo.

Acrylic: Acrylic goose calls are best for creating sharper and louder sounds. With practice, you can produce soft to loud sounds by acrylic goose calls.

What Are the Different Types of Tones and Sounds Produced by the Goose Calls?

Goose calls usually produces various tones and sounds. Some common tones are-

  • The cluck
  • The Double cluck
  • The Hiccup
  • The Spit Note
  • The Quick Spit
  • The Train

Which Brands or Manufacturers Are Best for Making Goose Calls?

In the case of goose calls, though the market is full of various brands and manufacturers, some brands have achieved a good reputation for their improved quality, uniqueness, and technical designs. These manufacturers are-

  • Team Grounds
  • Primos
  • Flambeau 
  • Rich-N-Tone
  • Faulk’s Honker
  • Buck Gardner


Final Words

Your next goose hunt can be your most successful hunting event if you choose a good quality goose hunting call. Most importantly you should know that success depends on what type of goose and the area where you are hunting.

We believe that you have already decided which one is the best goose call for beginners. Our experts always try to give you the right info to help you to pick the right product. We hope this also helped you!


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