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Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best Front Derailleur

The Best Front Derailleur Review: Conscious bike riders always have a look about his or her bike gears. If somebody doesn’t know about the best bike gears; he still faces trouble and interruption while riding.

There are some very technical gears on the bike, but the derailleur is one of the most critical mechanical gears for the bike. There are two kinds of derailleur have on the bike; the front derailleur and the rear derailleur.

A front derailleur has played the vital role to run the bike properly, so you must buy the best derailleur from the market for your bike. We also recommend to read the below best front derailleur review, and it will help you to choose the best derailleur for your bike.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Front Derailleur

1. SHIMANO FD-9000 

2. Shimano FD-A073 Deore

3. Shimano 105-5800  

4. SHIMANO 6800 Ultegra 

5. SRAM Force 22 




9. SHIMANO FD-4600 Tiagra


Reviews of the Best Front Derailleur

A derailleur is the most technical part of your bike, it will give you the shifting to the chainrings, and you get the control and comfort ride as you needed. Otherwise, which derailleur you should buy and which you should not; it will also be more apparent to you.

Here, we have discussed some best quality front derailleur from the best-renowned maker in the entire world. Now, pick your best front derailleur and go for the ride you have dreamt.

1. SHIMANO Dura-Ace FD-9000 Front Derailleur

Best Front DerailleurThe front derailleur is the kind of a system which shifts the chain on bikes to the chainring, and the great Shimano front derailleur does it perfectly.

Shimano has launched some of the best derailleurs on the market, and the Dura-Ace FD-900 11 is one of them. The well mechanized and efficient front derailleur provides either a shorter stroke at the lever and decreased effort.

The best front derailleur generates the perfect shifting with light energy, and you can get the hassle-free rides. This significantly featured derailleur has come with the finest mechanism with the new design.

This derailleur has the utmost equal shifting across the range. If you depressed with your existing derailleur like a bad dream, so you should switch to the Shimano derailleur for gaining the best experience.

It is specially built for the smooth, noise-free, and apparently for the long run. This model is proven in the drastic rides, so you will go for the DH, FR or any types of the trips you prefer.

This model has come with one available color, and with either a braze-on or clamp. The Shimano Dura-Ace FD-9000 11-Speed front derailleur’s increases concentration pre-eminently on one area; usability.

This is because of a lighter action and a little lever stroke.  The Derailleur claims the maximum percentage reduction in shifting effort compared to 7900, and it is a huge improvement.


  • It has the 43 percent lighter action
  • Smooth and noise free shifting
  • Very little lever stroke
  • It has the 28.6/31.8mm or 34.9mm clamp
  • Provides hassle-free ride
  • Precise construction, polymer-coated shift cable


  • No more color option


2. Shimano FD-A073 Deore 9-Speed Multi-Clamp

Best Front DerailleurThis product comes with very the reasonable price. It gives a very flawless and smooth performance. It is patented with nicely and innovatively, so the installation process is straightforward as most of the Shimano derailleur on the market.

It brings the amazing result when it works with the MTB. The durability of the device is incredible. The multi Clamp derailleur also comes with 9-speed construction and its spacious pivots generates an uncompromising building that assures demonstrative shifting and extended pivot life.

It has the 50mm chain line and angled clamp bolt position. The device has the highest swing construction that means low pivot. It is assumed with multi-clamp for the frames.

This model comes with the steel cage, which gives it more accurate shifting and durability. It very smoothly works with the between the tire and FD inner chain guard, so you never face any interruption while riding. The derailleur has the total 48 gear teeth.


  • Multi-clamp design
  • Top swing and 34.9mm light ingress clamp design
  • Excellent appearance within the tire and FD internal chain guard
  • Perfect 50mm Deore bike chain line
  • Best for MTB and affordable


  • A bit pricey


3. Shimano 105-5800 Front Derailleur

Shimano SpeedThis is another Shimano’s revolutionary product has launched on the market. Shimano 150 FD-5800 11 speed front derailleur has arrived to meet your needs.

It is successfully designed to make your ride experience better than before. The superb construction quality will enhance the products lifetime.

It is sturdy, more durable, and apparently for optimal performance. You will be satisfied to use it, and it will ensure your maximum safety. You don’t need to worry about its longevity; it’s proven through the real experience.

The design is beautiful and appealing with some color option. This device will increase your bike performance by its super shifting capability. It is lightweight and mechanically well sound, so it works perfectly.

You will never face chain drop problem for its newly designed low trim position. The perfect spring mechanism helps to shifts the chain smoothly and never produced the annoying noise.

It has some super feature, such as the 11-speed drive train, which shifts more precisely and enhances the brake power and better control. So grab this product and get a hassle-free bike ride.


  • Patented with redesigned swing-arm
  • Provides effortless and smooth shifting
  • No chain drop for low trim action
  • Lightweight and generates optimal performance
  • Affordable against its super quality performance


  • Installation is a bit technical


4. SHIMANO 6800 Ultegra 11-Speed Front Derailleur

Ultegra 11-Speed The Shimano Ultegra 6800 front derailleur is a wholly redesigned Derailleur. It is more efficient, creates a shorter stroke at the lever and generates very smooth shifting attempt completely the full range of the cassette.

The new design has come with more compact, lighter, and extreme durability. It has the equal shifting ability, so you never detect a shifting interruption while riding.

The mechanism of the device is compatible with more extended longevity, and it correctly reduces the shift effort. It has featured with support bolt as like as the Di2 unit, which can adjust the device with the frame with more strongly.

The Shimano Ultegra 6800 front derailleur assembled 11 speeds to the Ultegra family with uplifted accomplishment over 6700 Ultegra.

It is also featured with the braze-on model with new support bolt for more durable contact with the frame. The Shimano will be more precise to use ST-6800 shifter and polymer cables.

You can upgrade 11 speeds Shimano derailleur for better performance and better control. The cage has patented with a rivet instead of a screw holding it together.

After the successful installation, it will be more confident in riding at any situation. This device has been pro-proven and tested through the real test field. This Ultegra series has also come with advanced technology and latest chain treatment.


  • 11-speed more advanced technology
  • Designed for optimum performance and long run
  • Tested in the real field
  • Long pull arm
  • Braze-on model and Support Bolt
  • Generates equal shifting


  • There is no installation instruction


5. SRAM Force 22 Front Derailleur

Best Front DerailleurThe SRAM Force 22 front derailleur is one of the most precise bike gears on the market. The front derailleur has arrived with the amazing feature which will make glad the cycling enthusiast.

It will give the bikers liberty to change quickly with no trim no interruption of the falling chain. The Yaw rolling front derailleur cage is an immaculate solve to a difficulty, which frets drive trains for the decades.

The SRAM force 22 front derailleur truly spin round to keep up a coherent angular momentum with the chain but the multiple shifts using the trim. For this reason, shifts would be the more direct and more precise.

It has also come with some innovative feature and design that makes the derailleur more durable, and efficient. This is a revolutionary design that effectively manages perfect chain array while still generating the crisp and punchy actuation, which SRAM bikers have raised used to.

The SRAM force 22 yaw front derailleur has been noticeable up-gradation. Perfectly complete with new laser-etched graphics, this looks more convenient to look. This derailleur is available in the braze-on model.


  • Most precise derailleur on the market
  • Chain keeper can be removed
  • Patented with Yaw derailleur trim mechanism
  • Real 22-speed FD
  • Adjusts with X-glided chainrings
  • The slim spring mechanism alleviate frame interface
  • Accommodates flexibility and inflexible stiffness


  • Only suitable with SRAM 22 shifters
  • Pretty pricey


6. SHIMANO XT FD-M786D Direct Mount Derailleur

Best Front DerailleurThis Shimano XT FD-M786D is traditionally styled and direct mount double mechanized (bottom-swing) front derailleur. This model has arrived with the more polished and precise mechanism.

It is featured with the wide link construction for enhanced durability and stiffness. The patented angled adjustment screws are easy to adjust with the screwdriver so that you can get easy access and installation.

The cage is for HG-94 chain generates light action and unfailing shifting. The dual pull mechanism helps the shifting cable to be pulled from the top and the underneath.

This device is constructed to direct mount is secure and indefeasible. This FD has come with some of the super featured design.

It is strictly equivalent to the Braze-on FD-M786 part; economize for the deficiency of a clamp. This model has been designed for flawless operation with two chainrings.

Its cage length and shaping are more definite to the tiny diameter distinctive between the big and small rings on a 2×10 Dyna Sys drivetrain. If you want to assemble a 26/38t or a 28/42t crank, it will be the best one; you would like to prefer.

This model is specially constructed for the use with Shimano’s XT double crank-set and directional 10-speed HG-94 chain, and the highest chain-ring size is 42 teeth. This model also is used with the top or the underneath pull cable routing.


  • Works amazingly and Shifts flawlessly
  • Serves for double changes and provides unfailing shifting
  • Light action, produces more strength
  • Flawless operation with two chainrings
  • Durable, precise, and compatible for more extended use


  • A bit pricey


7. SHIMANO FD-M590 Front Derailleur

Shimano FD-A073This is another of Shimano’s best affordable and precise derailleur on the market. The Shimano tourney triple FD is very well for bikers, especially who are thinking about their first journey by bike into the road.

It is designed to make your first step great into the street. You don’t need to get hesitated to assemble this gear in your bike. The true construction of this derailleur will increase your performance, and you will get a hassle-free ride.

This model will help you to be an expert rider. This model is simple in design, and also you will get the high value of your money. The Shimano offers you great strength and durability, and A1 quality product.

This Shimano tourney FD A073 is compatible with 50T chainrings. It has arrived on the market with the multi-clamp band and easy assembly. It has incredible chainring which is for 7-speed drivetrains.

It has the dual front index amazing shifting that will help you to get more control with your bike. This model is patented to use with triple chainsets, and its plated steel chain cage gives the utmost durability and longevity.

This is a traditional styled Front derailleur which has comes to meet your desire and amusement. This Shimano tourney FD A073 is an MTB look product, and it is perfect for casual riding on the paved streets.


  • Multi clamp band will allow you to assemble and durability quickly
  • Light operation and very smooth shifting power
  • Amazing 7-speed drivetrain
  • Patented with steel cage for optimum strength
  • SG-X chainring compatible and 50T chainring
  • Affordable and quality products for smooth riding feelings
  • It is suitable for multi-fit for the 28.6 And 31.8 mm Seat Tubes


  • Don’t go off-road riding with it!


8. SHIMANO FD-M311 Altus Front Derailleur

Altus Mountain BikeThe world-renowned name Shimano has launched this product for your cycling recreation and on the other hand economic satisfaction also. You will be glad to have it because it’s super quality and smooth shifting capacity as well.

This model has also come with the multi-clamp to fit 28.6-34.9mm frames and also gives you a strong feeling and more control to ride with it.

It has assumed with sturdy steel chain cage for accurate performance, and 7/8 speed construction gives it a lighter feel and precise control.

This model has also adopted with the total 48 teeth. You would be happier to use this; its multi-clamp design will be compatible with your existing bike.

The dual pull construction helps you to be used with the top and bottom cable routing and its low-friction wide linkage decrease shifting endeavor and enhance firmness.

The model is compatible with the 7 or 8 drivetrains, which will allow you to better rides and you will get more confidence and energy while riding. It is an ideal exchangeable gear with the best value of your money.


  • It has a compact top swing construction
  • Dual-pull construction
  • The multi-clamp band is suitable for all frame dimensions
  • Ideal with the 7 or 8 drivetrains for amusement off-road use
  • It is patented with total 48T gear.
  • Affordable than its quality material and performance


  • If you aren’t expert; don’t try to install with force


9. SHIMANO FD-4600 Tiagra Front Derailleur

Best Front DerailleurThe Shimano Tiagra front derailleur is another surprising bicycle gear on the market. This is startling front derailleur for biker enthusiast. It will deliver the highest performance and give pleasure to the rider.

This model is sturdy, durable and provides the more comfortable ride for the bikers. It generates more power with light effort and gives you the utmost control while riding.

This front derailleur is get-at-able for double or triple chainrings, with precise different cage design.  This model is assumed with 10-speed drivetrains, which delivers the sport-level ride for the bikers.

It is also patented with an extra wide pivot link that helps to enhance rigidity while decreasing flex for improved shifting feedback.

The Shimano Tiagra front derailleur generates more precise and quick shifting, so you feel more relax and comfort while riding. Its aluminum links and bands also create top firmness and save weight while the durable steel cages affix the structural integrity.

The Shimano Tiagra is lightweight and 66-69 chainstay angle, and it is also featured with the bottom pull cable routing. It is appropriate for sport and health conscious riders.


  • Wide pivot link that generates torsional firmness
  • Steel chain cage provides accurate shifting
  • 2×10-speed drivetrain
  • Smooth shifting with very light action
  • Specially made for the sport and health conscious rider
  • Aluminum inner and outer links


  • Its riveted, not screw


10. SHIMANO FD-TX50 Tourney Front Derailleur

FD-TX50 Tourney Here is another notable derailleur from renowned Shimano. The Shimano FD-TX50 tourney front derailleur has made for your riding satisfaction, and it is designed with some of the unique features which made the device great and gives optimum performance capability.

It delivers the necessary power and strength to make your ride more comfortable and relaxed. This derailleur has an actual shifting capacity with minimal action.

It has been featured to be mounted with any size seat tube. This derailleur is suitable with 6/7 speed drivetrain that gives you more controlled and appropriate riding.

This derailleur has been also developed to adjust with 42/32/24 tooth chainring settings. The top swing dual pull construction is featured light action and suitable with either top or underneath pull frames.

This model shows the outstanding performance with double-chainring cranksets. It has no difficulty to set up with your bike. This derailleur will provide you maximum output as you expect.

It will raise your riding experience with its optimum rigidity. You will be happy to use this derailleur, and you would never think about your money.


  • Featuring dual pull design
  • Suitable with the top and bottom routing
  • Very well for Double-chainring cranksets
  • Highest quality and great value of money
  • Compatible with a mountain double or triple
  • Strong, durable, and provides utmost shifting


  • Make sure that your crankset is suitable for it


Front Derailleur FAQs

How to Choose the Mountain Bike Derailleurs?

If you want a new shifter, you probably need to know which front derailleur will be best for your mountain bike. Here are some factors regarding front derailleur that may help to make an informed decision yet. They are-

  • Electrical or Mechanical
  • Compatibility between the shifter and front derailleur
  • Gear Ratios
  • Weight
  • Tuning and adjusting
  • Clutches

What is the Front Derailleur?

Front derailleur is the chain shifting mechanism on the bike that comes with more than one front chainring. Though front derailleur comes in various models, the general design and main functionality of all front derailleur are the same. We usually attached front derailleur with our bike through clamp or bracket.

Is Front Derailleur Necessary?

If you need more than one gear in front, than front derailleur is necessary to hold the chain on the crank. Whereas, bike having single gear in front does not require front derailleurs yet.

Do You Adjust the Front or Rear Derailleur First?

You should adjust the front derailleur first before changing the rear one. When your derailers need adjustment, it is recommended to check the overall alignment first. Then start adjusting from the front derailleur and the rear.

Why is My Derailleur Not Working?

The reason that causes derailleur malfunction is the cable tension and limit settings. Poor adjustment is the most obvious reason behind derailleur malfunctioning. Correct cable tension helps the shifters to pull derailleur at the proper place.



Final Words

We have tried to show you the best derailleur’s for your bike. All of the discussed derailleurs have amazing features and innovative technology to make sure your bike safety and obviously for giving you a great ride with the best derailleur.

The gears will ensure your bike safety and increase your riding performance. So don’t deal with the poor quality bike components, which will give you a bad feeling like a nightmare.

The quality products always ask for a little more money, so don’t hesitate to grab the best front derailleur which is waiting on the market to give you the pleasure.


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