The 10 Best Freeze Dried Food in 2023 – Review on Top Picks

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Freeze Dried Food

An outdoor activity takes a lot of energy. When you did a drastic job for a whole day, you need to pause and refuel yourself. A proper meal can refuel you perfectly and replace the energy that you’ve lost.

In that case, you need to carry types of food that is storable and portable. You should choose those types of food which are highly abundant in calories so that you will get instant energy for making your adventure great and hassle-free.

It is almost impossible and difficult to cook food while you are hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, or boating. In this perspective, the freeze dried food is the best option for your outdoor activity.

Quick Answer – Freeze Dried Food

1. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff

2. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

3. MREs Genuine U.S. Military Surplus

4. Mountain House Chili Mac

5. Mountain House Lasagna

6. Natierra Nature’s All Foods 

7. Mountain House Beef Stew

8. Mountain House Rice & Chicken

9. Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki

10. Rothco MREs Meals Ready-to-Eat

Reviews of the Best Freeze Dried Food

There is a lot of frozen, dried food on the market, but we have picked the best Freeze dried food for you. Our best picks are highly rich with calories and nutrition. They are all from the renowned marketer.

These best quality freeze dried foods are fully cooked, and no cleaning is needed. These foods are patented for quick preparation, and you will get the toothsome meal at a glance. So let’s take a look to our best freeze dried foods.

1. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff

Best Freeze Dried FoodMountain House Beef Stroganoff is a kind of a meal that you never want to miss while you are outside from home. Especially, when you lose your calories, then you must need some rich food but having a fresh, rich meal outside a little problematic.

In this perspective, The Mountain House Beef Stroganoff is the ultimate solution for you. This Stroganoff has a rich history, and it’s still serving the people incredibly.

This most popular meal has made with fresh pieces of tender beef with savory mushrooms and onions. All the ingredients have mixed with a high ratio so that you never forget the taste, and it’s refueled you instantly.

When you get tired, maybe you look forward to eating some fresh and easy making food; Mountain House Beef will make you active by high proteins and calories. Just pour the hot water, and your food will be ready at a glance.

This food is perfect for everywhere such as the top of the mountain, deepest ocean, in the desert, or camping in anywhere. It has the maximum proven shelf life.


  • Highly rich in calories
  • Fresh beef pieces with savory mushrooms and onions
  • Extended time shelf life
  • Super easy to prepare
  • Perfect for everywhere
  • Ideal for emergency use even in the home


  • Not good, if you on diet


2. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

Best Freeze Dried FoodThe Mountain House freeze dried foods are the high choice for camping, hiking, backpacking, and great for home use or any other emergencies too.

The Mountain House breakfast skillet is cooked that almost ready for eating, and it is freeze-dried. The ingredients are fresh and nutritious.

You will get the great taste because the ingredients have mixed proportionally with the perfect cooking method. The world best cuisine gives you the best breakfast or meals with easy preparation.

The delicious quick food provides you with instant strength so that you wouldn’t get bored wherever you go. The Mountain House Skillet has made with hash browns, fragmented fresh pork, scrambled eggs, peppers, and onions have made this package incredible in taste.

You need to add hot water and stir it for few seconds then wait for 10 minutes, and your food will ready for eating. The quick and easy preparation will save you precious time, and It is perfect for everywhere even on the battlefield. It has a great shelf life, and it keeps the taste at a constant level for many days.


  • Maximum shelf life
  • Great cuisine, great taste
  • Fragmented pork with scrambled eggs, peppers, and onions
  • Easy preparation
  • It takes less than ten minutes to be ready
  • 30 years taste guaranteed


  • There are no cons at all


3. MREs Genuine U.S. Military Surplus Assorted Flavor

Best Freeze Dried FoodThe MRE is the best premium quality meal with a different flavor that gives you the great taste and high calories with per meal kit. These premium grade meals are perfect for making in any situation.

It has a great shelf life so that you can store it for many days. In a survival situation, it can be the best survival kits because packs are waterproof, sand proof, little heatproof, and have the long shelf life so that it never gets down, and you won’t be hopeless.

On the other hand, in the camping, hiking, fishing, boating or any other recreational activities will be more enjoyable with these delicious foods.

It can be the best food for emergency purposes for its smooth and quick processes. The meals are high in calories, and you will get 1200 calories per meal. These packs are lightweight and easy to store.

All packages are sealed and protected perfectly. This classic brown bag military MRE is one of the most popular options for emergency use. These meals are effective and efficient so that you should not leave these meals before going to the backcountry.


  • Extremely long shelf life
  • Provides 1200 calories per meal
  • Perfect for hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating
  • Packets are sealed and protected from the environment
  • Super easy preparation
  • High calories provide instant energy


  • Packets need to protect from fire or extremely hot situation


4. Mountain House Chili Mac

Best Freeze Dried FoodThis is another great product from Mountain house. The Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef is fully cooked and then freeze-dried.

You should add the hot water, and you will get a hot, delicious and tasty meal in less than 10 minutes. You can add cold or general temperature water then it will increase the rehydration period about 20 minutes.

No cooking is needed so that you can get a hassle-free meal within a little time. The foods contents are protected with the stainless steel can which is coated with protective enamel for maximum protection, and almost 100% residual oxygen has been thrown-up.

The Mountain house chili Mac with beef meets stringent US Military criteria’s. It is the highest choice of food for emergency issues. The large shelf life will allow you to store the food for many days.

The meals are a great combination of ground beef, red chili beans, and elbow macaroni is diluted well with a chili sauce that has a spicy kick. This meal is extremely rich in proteins and calories.

Effortless preparation and you will feel the homemade food comfort. This Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef is excellent for extended backpacking trips as it easy to carry and longest shelf life.


  • Quick prep! Ten 1 Cup Servings
  • Just add boiling water for eating
  • Takes less than 10 minutes for fully prepared
  • Stainless steel cans ensure food safety
  • Longest shelf life
  • Great for long backpacking
  • Rich in calories and delicious


  • Don’t open the can until you get ready for eating


5. Mountain House Lasagna

Best Freeze Dried FoodThis is an excellent meal for a long time backpacking trips or even for quick camping trips. It is effortless to prepare and tasted amazingly great. It is lightweight and takes up less space.

It is a perfect meal which is extremely rich in nutrition.  Even after a long day of hiking, climbing, boating, or any other drastic activities; the two servings will be too much for you to finish.

This Mountain house lasagna has been made for quick preparation. The perfectly mixed ingredients give you the ultimate taste and make you stronger instantly.

The rich tomato meat sauces have been mingled with pasta and cheese that makes this meal extraordinary, and you will get a delicious Italian entrée.

When you want to take your meal, you open the can, pour the hot water, stir it for a while, and then wait for less than ten minutes. It has an extremely long shelf life so that it will never damage if you store it properly.

The great lasagna has tons of flavors, and you will never miss your homemade food. The fully cooked best freeze dried food has 30 years taste guaranteed.


  • You will get delicious Italian entrée
  • Pasta with cheese in a tomato meat sauce
  • Takes less than 10 minute
  • Longtime shelf life
  • Highly nutritious food
  • Perfect meal for hunting, camping, boating, fishing, or any outdoor activities
  • 30 years taste guaranteed


  • Do not open can or packs until you get ready for having


6. Natierra Nature’s All Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Bananas

Best Freeze Dried FoodThis is another excellent best freeze dried food by Natierra. It is a healthy and delicious food for all snacks lover. This food is treated as spicy and well –seasoned snacks.

All the food ingredients are from 100% organic sources so that you can rely on it beyond the questions. This toothsome and well-prepared food is highly nutritious.

This natural food can be the best snack in your kid’s lunchbox. This crunchy and delicious freeze-dried food produced from fresh bananas, and you will get all nutritional benefits.

It is perfect as your office snacks and also useful when you are on hiking, camping, fishing or any outdoor activities. You will feel better while having it because you know it’s come from 100% natural sources.

This food is covered with a highly protective packet so that it never loses its taste and keeps fresh and crunchy for a long time. By choosing this fair trade certified food, you are directly corroborating a good life for farming families by the fair prices, direct trade, community upliftment, and environmental stewardship.

You can make your time more exciting with this great snack, and it can be your great food for your everyday diet because there is no extra sugar added.


  • 100% organic food
  • It is treated as great snacks
  • Can be used as dietary foods
  • Healthy food & no extra sugar added
  • Best meals for school going kids
  • Delicious & nutritious


  • It is treated as highly rich food
  • Not for your proper sit-down meal


7. Mountain House Beef Stew

Best Freeze Dried FoodThis Classic dish is made from tender, and fresh pieces of natural beef mingled with potatoes, peas, and carrots in a sauce. It makes for 10 servings.

This mountain House beef stew is delicious food and fully cooked, and then freeze-dried before launching on the market. The shelf life of this food is incredibly long so that you can store it for many days.

This food is protected with stainless steel can for keeping it fresh and gaining better experience. No cleaning is needed while taking this food.

You should open the can then add hot water and stir it for a while, and you will have a spicy, toothsome and delicious meal less than the 10 minutes.

You can use regular water; in that case, it will take about 20 minutes for fully prepared. No cooking is needed. It takes less water than most of the frozen or dehydrated food items.

This food is high in calories and proteins so that you will get instant energy by having it after a drastic job. This food can refuel you everywhere, and you will never miss your homemade meal. This 10 can are great for emergency use.


  • Fresh, tender beef with potatoes, peas, carrots
  • Protected with stainless steel can
  • Delicious and toothsome meals
  • Rich in calories
  • Just add hot water & no cooking needed
  • Takes less than 10 minutes for ready


  • Do not open the can until getting ready


8. Mountain House Rice & Chicken

Best Freeze Dried FoodThis is one of the best meals from Mountain House. This meal is a simple combination of rice and, chicken and pimientos. The well-seasoned rice and chicken in a spicy sauce accented with pimientos have made this meal great in taste and rich in calories and nutrition.

It is the perfect meal after finishing drastic jobs. The foods contain high energy and make you diligent at a glance. You will get a proper sit-down meal feeling while having it, and you never miss your homemade food when you are staying in the backcountry.

This food is highly protected with stainless steel can so that it never loses its flavor and taste. The item is produced for ten 1 cup servings. No clean up needed so that you will get a hassle-free food very quickly.

Just open the can when you get ready, add hot water, stir it for a few seconds, and wait for less than 10 minutes, and you will have great toothsome food. The food has an extended time shelf life so that you can store it for many years by the store it properly.


  • Perfectly seasoned Rice and Chicken combination
  • Spicy and toothsome food
  • Quick preparation and takes less than 10 minute
  • Long shelf life
  • Perfect meal for all time and everywhere
  • Simple ingredients and nutritious
  • 30 years taste guaranteed products


  • Do not open until getting ready


9. Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki

Best Freeze Dried FoodFor many years, Mountain House has been a premier choice of hikers, campers, and backpackers. The Mountain house chicken Teriyaki with Rice is the perfect meal for the outdoor enthusiast.

The ingredients are mixed with an excellent cuisine ratio so that you will get a delicious meal and never miss your homemade food.

This meal can be treated as lunch or dinner which is fully cooked and freeze-dried. This food is covered with stainless steel can so that it is protected from environmental issues.

It has a great shelf life, so there is no worry about damaging this food. This portable food is perfect for camping, backpacking, travel, and emergency preparedness.

When you get ready for having it, open the can and add water, then you will have a savory, delicious meal less than the 10 minutes. If the hot water is not available, you can add regular temperature water or cold water.

In that case, the food will take a little extra time to prepare. You will get a hassle-free proper meal because no cooking and no cleaning are needed.


  • No cleaning & No cooking is needed
  • The perfectly seasoned meal, chicken teriyaki with rice
  • Fully cooked, add water
  • Takes less than 10 minutes for fully prepare
  • Perfect for camping, backpacking, travel, and emergency preparedness
  • 30 years taste guaranteed


  • Don’t open can until get ready for taking the meal.


10. Rothco MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box A

Best Freeze Dried FoodIf you want to go outside for several days, these items can be your best meal for making you diligent. These foods have come with 12 different meals per case.

These meals have been produced for serving as US warfighter rations. You can rely on these foods because they have achieved high rankings on all categories.

These foods will make sure your nutrition’s facts and give you the ultimate strength and helps to rich in your goal like a soldier.

Every meal has included water-activated ration heater, desert, snacks, beverage powders, entrée, and some accessory packs so that you will have a full package by having these items.

This great package is perfect for hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, long time camping, and especially for emergency food supply.

The case has patented with the innovative properties which give this food a long shelf life so that you can store it properly for many days.

It features some useful items such as coffee packs, matches, glue, wet wipe, tissue, and seasonings. You will get 1250 calories per meal so it will never let you down. No cleaning and no cooking is needed so you will have a hassle-free meal within a little time.


  • 12 different meals in every case
  • 100% quality maintained food
  • Features some useful accessory packs
  • Provides 1250 calories per meal
  • Included flameless ration heater for a hot meal anywhere
  • Long shelf life
  • Genuine US warfighter rations


  • Lots of items included so handle carefully
  • Don’t open pouches until getting ready for taking the meal


Final Words

Freeze dried food is greatly shelf-stable food and extremely easy to prepare and carry in the backpack. Whether you are going to be on the outdoor activity for days or a week; this food can be the best meal for your backcountry life. These foods contain lots of energy so that you will never get down even after finishing rigorous works.

All the foods preserved perfectly, so they never lose their flavor and taste. We hope this review will help you to pick your best freeze dried food, and you will have a delicious meal by having these foods. Now, get ready for your journey and warm wish for your next adventure.


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