The 10 Best Fly Fishing Flies in 2020 – Perfect for Fly Fishing

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Best Fly Fishing Flies

Before we start, let me provide you with some necessary information about Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing Flies. I want to present this article for them who are devoted to fly fishing as well as the curious new member. My goal is to reach each of you who wants to know more about fly fishing flies and available best fly fishing flies in the market.

So, What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a classical method of catching the fish from river and stream. Fly fishing is different from traditional fishing. In fly fishing, the fly (the lure or the bait) is very light weighted.

It is operated in moving water as well as in Stillwater which has enough strength to hold the cast in case of the big tide. In the old days, people used to prepare their flies by own, but now you don’t need to waste your time worrying and doing all these.

Here, I am resorting your problem with some running best fly fishing flies options. Let’s start:

Quick Answer – Fly Fishing Flies

1. Barnsley Fly Box+100 Assorted Fly Fishing Kit

2. Piscifun 12pcs Dry Flies

3. FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Flies Kit

4. PLUSINNO Fishing Lures

5. Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box

6. BH Copper John Fly Fishing

7. Barnsley 100 Assorted Dry Fly Fishing Flies

8. Croch 60pcs/120pcs Fly Fishing Dry Flies

9. YAZHIDA Fly Fishing Kit

10. LotFancy Fly Fishing Lures Kit

Reviews of the Best Fly Fishing Flies

If you are planning a fly fishing trip, then I assure you this article will help you to check different types of fly fishing flies that are available in the market.

You will find different varieties of flies out there, but you need to make your decision according to the water condition. Here I am going to make this simple for you.

Different types of Fly fishing flies are available in the market including dry flies, San Juan worm, wet flies, zebra midge, sow bug, Nymph, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, mergers, etc. All these types are unique in their way.

A set combination of flies available in the market to provide you with better fishing experience. Here I present some of our top picks of best fly fishing flies kits. I hope you will find it helpful.

Let’s start the review:

1. Barnsley Fly Box+100 Assorted Fly Fishing Fly Kit

Barnsley is highly recommended by a large number of customers for the verities they provide in a single fly fishing flies kit box. You will get numerous color, types to make you more interested in fishing.

Highly suggested for family and friends groups of a different preference. Barnsley provides in this specific box 100 assorted flies in 6”×3.5”×1” pattern.

It comes with rippled foam compartment on one side and 16 individual spring compartment on the other. It also offers you 50 dry and parachute flies and 50 Nymph, Wet, Scud, Streamer, Beadhead Nymph and work flies.

If you are planning to dap in trout, steelhead, and salmon, then this fly box is an ideal choice for you. An attractive pattern with classic hand-crafted “Wheatley” style box is made of fine grade aluminum.

Some prefer it for the assortment of quality price. Considering all these aspects, you must try this fly kit box and enjoy stress-free fishing.


  • Great quality flies in a single box
  • Available color and types varieties
  • Enough assorted flies for any freshwater river or stream
  • Holding box made of high-grade aluminum
  • 100 flies offer a vast range at a very reasonable price


  • Hard to pack outside the compartment
  • Have to be very careful while putting the flies in to avoid the chances of smashing.


2. Piscifun 12pcs Dry Flies

According to the experts, Piscifun provides the best deal in the market for the consumer. This set is highly recommended for drift boat angler, flats fisher in flowing water and deep-water.

I assure that you will appreciate these flies after having a great experience. Whether you are new fly angler or experienced one, this standard fly kit box will remain in your angler’s fly tackle box.

Various colors and hook allow you to have an option in any condition. Two types of lures are available in 10 different colors with five pieces for each color.

Perfect size with short flies approx. 1.5 cm/0.59″ and long flies’ approx 2.8cm/1.10″. Flies are light enough to carry and operate.

This specific box offers you 40 piece lure with a sharp, strong hook for trout fishing as well as any other species fish professionals sort wings of flies. The exciting part of this 40 piece flies cost a meager amount which can be affordable by anyone with the low budget.


  • Easy to draw gamefish’s attention
  • Suitable for flowing water
  • Assembled flies easy to maintain
  • A wide variety of color and hook
  • 40 piece sinking wet flies packed in a single box
  • Lightly weighted flies easy to carry
  • Attractive low price


  • Wings eventually come off after several uses


3. FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Flies Kit

FISHINGSIR offers a huge variety of homemade fishing lures in a single flies kit. Sometimes, it becomes very tough for an angler to carry plentiful flies with them, FISHINGSIR is here to make their job easy with their 100 pcs fly kit.

It is a must-have series for anglers. As reported by some experienced fisherman, this specific fly box works excellent for newbies also. It is a 100% homemade produced by professionals.

FISHINSIR 100pcs/boxes made with ABS plastic and sealed with silicone to keep your flies dry and elegant. You can carry this waterproof box anywhere, whether it is in the middle of the river or the rainy season a perfect pocket design that is easy to take anywhere.

They have a mixture of flies for example; wet flies, dry flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Steelheads flies, saltwater flies). Each color and types available in 5 pieces.

FISHINGSIR assure a strong lure that brings picky, large trout and high-pressured fish to the surface. They welcome you with any adventurous fishing. Price is also very reasonable compared to other available.

I would suggest you, forward this wonderful fly box to your close one. Don’t miss the opportunity to do an adventure with a very reasonable fly kit available in the market!


  • Large selection of flies with a trusted pattern
  • Attractive color wings with strong hook
  • Waterproof fly box
  • 100% homemade designed by professionals
  • Perfect choice for the beginner or addictive angler’s


  • Box size seems smaller that is problematic for the beginners to maintain.


4. PLUSINNO Fishing Lures

Spin fishing is another type of cases specially designed for spin fisherman. It meant to catch a lot of fish and a versatile kind of fishing if you are planning for different species apart from trout with astonishing results.

Above all, spin fishing gives an incredible fishing experience in a large area for big fish. The PLUSINNO fishing lure is here to make your journey a further.

This particular kit box comes with 16 pcs high-quality spinner lures with some assorted bright color and sizes. Its classic blade shapes ensure the probability to buckle the fish properly.

These premium sharp blades create vibration and flash that act as a small fish which attract the big fish easily. It is available in an attractive carry bag which is more convenient and easy to carry outside.

16 pcs metal-body lures comes with a sharp treble hook with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves that are specially designed for bass fishing and trout fishing.

Attractive blades are silver plated or painted which is considered as one of the top choices for fisherman. You need to check this as PLUSINNO is offering a tempting price. It would be the best gift for your father, bother, son in upcoming Christmas days, Father’s day, Thanksgiving days.


  • 16 pcs high-quality spinner lures set
  • Sharp silver plated blades available ina attractive feature
  • Flash and vibration of blades mimicked small fish and puzzled the big fish
  • Eye-catching carrying bag
  • Bright color to attract big bass
  • Light weighted metal body
  • Each trout bait comes with a single hook


  • Not always fit for ice fishing


5. Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box

Outdoor Planet offers another fantastic option for both the beginners and experts. This Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box is the epitome of class. It comes with 100pcs flies in 20 different patterns and colors.

It’s a must have a fly box with effective fish catching on river, stream, and lakes. Flies are bounded with durable and premium materials. Double side waterproof box allow you to hold different size flies in a single box.

It is easy to carry for its lightweight, and the set also fit in the pocket easily. Each hook length is about 15mm. The price is also in your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Pick it before the stock expires!


  • Waterproof double-sided box fit in your pocket
  • Specialized in trout fishing along with different fish
  • Prominent colors inspire your fishing experience
  • 20 variety pattern in a single box
  • Light weighted small box easy to carry and hold
  • Cinched with durable material


  • The design seems unrealistic in some cases.


6. BH Copper John Fly Fishing

In according to BH Copper John, they provide a number one pattern in the market for the reason that their kit catches more fishes than others. They follow the number one food source of trout’s that is Nymphs.

They believe that fish always attract to Nymphs than any other flies. This fly assortment covers a vast area of base and surface while bullying trout.

After several uses, it will still look brand new because of its unique texture. This specific fly is essential for summer, fall and winter fishing as well.

BH Copper John Fly is constructed with the highest quality material which is specialized for the tough situation. Its premium quality hook bounded with Daiichi brand hook which is one of the top hook manufacturers.

More durable in quality which offers a variety of 4 colors with 2 of each color available. It’s a great deal with the quality product.


  • #1 food source Nymphs is used
  • Can be used several times with the same quality fishing
  • 8 Copper John Trout of 4 different color
  • Strong wings and hook attached
  • For them who love to handle a lot of fish


  • A little bit expensive


7. Barnsley 100 Assorted Dry and Nymph Fly Fishing Flies

Barnsley is presenting another 100 assorted fly fishing flies kit which is highly recommended to have in fisherman fly box. You need to give a check of this box if you are planning for trout, steelhead or salmon fishing.

This package includes 50 dry & Parachute flies and 50 Nymph, Beadhead Nymph, Wet, Scud, Steamer & Worm flies. They are offering a lot of varieties for a fishing lover in color as well as the pattern.

A vigorous hook is attached to each fly. A large fishing group can share the box if they are planning to have an adventure altogether.

It’s a great deal for personal use as well as for the gift. The set is suitable for fishing in freshwater river and stream anywhere. You should give it a try; it is worth the price!


  • Huge variety of flies
  • Good for fishing in trout, steelhead, and salmon
  • A mixture of colors gives a huge option
  • 50-50 range of pattern
  • Must-have kit in every fisherman box


  • The small box feels annoying sometimes


8. Croch 60pcs/120pcs Fly Fishing Dry Flies

Croch stated that they provide 100% quality product with full customer satisfaction level. A huge variation of flies in a single box draws customer attraction.

Flies are well-made with sharp carbon steel hook and tied by professionals. Though it is a 120pcs box still, this kit is very light weighted and attracts the fish quickly.

Besides, they provide 21 different styles, six different hook size and five different flies allows for a different condition. This particular kit box is applicable to flowing water.

Its vivid color combination draws the attention of newbie as well as an experienced fisher. It comes in a waterproof tackle box with a standard size that holds the flies perfectly. The box is made with ABS material, and more durable compare to other.

I would suggest the newbie’s as well as old hand to give it a try and enjoy the experience of fishing. Croch is offering this huge box at a very reasonable price.


  • Quality flies hand-made by professionals
  • Light-weight flies draws the attention of fish
  • A Huge combination of color and hooks available
  • Applies for the various fishing condition
  • Waterproof tackle box holds the flies nicely


  • Lots of flies remain unused if you are not a regular angler


9. YAZHIDA Fly Fishing Kit

According to YAZHIDA, they are continually investing their resources in product design and development to deliver the best quality product to the customer. The YAZHIDA Fly Fishing Kit is an example of their class!

It is a premium quality product made of highest quality material. The flies are made of exceptional quality food grade materials which make flies flexible, light and floatable as well as ensure their long-life span.

The hooks attached is made of high carbon steel that makes them extra sturdy and resistant in case of a sudden move and large weighted fish.

YAZHIDA fishing kits come in a mix of colors that make flies more realistic and attached the small fish also the large one. They offer handmade 3D laser compounded flies that are a brilliant combination.

If you are planning to enjoy a relaxing and sporting adventure of fishing with your friend, then these realistic flies are the best option for you. Its 3D feature is good enough to puzzle the fish. You should not miss this quality product anyway.


  • Premium quality food grade silicone made the flies floatable
  • High carbon steel hook is a way much resistance
  • Very realistic 3D design puzzle the fish easily
  • Attractive color draw the attention of fish
  • Quality product for life-long use


  • A bit expensive but worth it!
  • Some find it a bit molded then tied


10. LotFancy Fly Fishing Lures Kit

LotFancy Fly Fishing Lures Kit is another most practical option of the present time with a lot of good quality features. 60 pcs lures included three different sizes.

This specific kit includes some popular fly fishing baits including wet flies, Nymph flies, dry flies, wooly bugger flies, streamer, minnow flies, caddies, wet pheasant flies, bead head flies, glo bug flies and many more.

LotFancy fly fishing lures are perfect for fishing bass, trout, salmon and other species. You can enjoy fishing in freshwater, saltwater, pond, lake, and river also.

Its high-quality material is enough for many uses as well as a vast amount of fish. Flies are available along with sharp stainless steel hook with verities of a bright color fly head.

Its beautiful feather is hand-tied by professionals that give the flies a realistic look. This product is highly recommended for beginner and addictive anglers. Its vibrant colors attract the fish ideally. Price is also reasonable for any fisherman.


  • Waterproof double-sided box which is sturdy and durable.
  • Attractive colors variation
  • A lot of options of flies
  • High-quality fly head and hook
  • Recommended for fun fishing


  • Fly box is some time unmanageable for beginner


Final Words

I hope you will find this guide helpful while shopping for the best fly fishing flies. Now it’s up to you to choose a fly fishing kit that suits your need. I would suggest you go out for an adventure and try each of them. They are not that pricey!

In the above discussion, I’ve tried the best to make your fishing experience easy by accumulating 10 of the most thrilling fly fishing flies kit of the present time. All of them are unique by their way. And they are well constructed too!

If you are living near a river or stream and planning to have fish for lunch or dinner, then order one of them and start fishing. You will not regret. It’s my time to say Goodbye. If you have anything to say, comment below. See you soon with lots of other tips and tricks. Till then:

Stay Happy!


Best Fly Fishing Flies


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