The 10 Best Fishing Rod Holders in 2023 – For Your Boat Fishing

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing rods are useful gear for every angler. A fishing rod holder frees up your hands to do other things while waiting. Besides, a rod holder is a storage option to keep them safe, ready and organized for your next adventure.

Cost, durability, mount type and adjustability, etc. are the factors to consider while purchasing a rod holder. Considering all these factors, our experts independently list up some of the best fishing rod holders on the market today.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Fishing Rod Holders

1. Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder

2. CANNON Downriggers Rod Holder

3. Woodlander Outdoors 2x Rod Holder

4. Smith Creek Rod Clip Fishing Rod Holder

5. Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder

6. Amarine-made Fishing Rod Holder

7. Scotty Rocket Pivot Rod Holder

8. Down-East D-10 Rod Holder

9. Amarine-made Sure Grip Rod Holder

10. AGOOL Fishing Boat Rods Holder

Reviews of the Best Fishing Rod Holders

Materials used in manufacturing and ways to mount options, there are of a lot of options for rod holders in the market to confuse you. So you need to spend some time to find the best rod holder.

In this article, we are going to explain you ten best fishing rod holders with their positives and negatives. Hope, you will find it helpful. Now, why we are waiting! Let’s read and find the best rod holder for you!

1. Scotty #230 Powerlock Rod Holder

Best Fishing Rod HoldersThe Powerlock Rod Holder is Scotty’s most value priced, popular, positive locking open style rod holder. It is solid, sturdy and easy to adjust. The Powerlock is designed with a universal cradle to hold any reel type.

Besides, it has a front locking ring to avoid rod loss. The Powerlock provides strength, resilience, and reliability as it is made of fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon.

This is the perfect multifunctional rod holder for a wide range of watercraft and rod setup. The Powerlock fits a large range of reels and rods. The adjuster knob is large and easy to handle.

There is a slot on the end and a key on the base you need to line up first. It is very secure. A just lift and half turn to separate the holder from the base.

It also includes 241 Combination side or deck mount, and you can mount on top or side of gunnels. With 360 degrees of horizontal rotation, it has fully adjustable up and down. It is available in black, grey and white.


  • Made of fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon
  • Provides strength, resilience, and reliability
  • Fits an extensive range of reels and rods
  • Easy to adjust
  • Includes 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds


  • Perfect for larger boats
  • A bit hard to detach


2. CANNON Downriggers, Rod Holder

Best Fishing Rod HoldersExtremely sturdy and well constructed. Once you install it on your kayak and you will love it! The shape of the holder is very well thought out. It is very durable and very versatile.

The provided socket can be mounted vertically/flat to handle many applications. If the provided one doesn’t work; there are also other optional mounts available.

This rod holder will serve you for 2-3 years under UV rays without hesitation. You can use this rod holder on trolling rods with baitcasting reels and on spinning outfits with different butt lengths.

The Cannon Rod Holder features a three-position configuration to deliver fast bait-cast or spinning rod pickup. The spring-loaded tension knob provides quick rod adjustment for rotating the angle of the holder in any direction.

Its 360degrees base can be top or side mounted. You can adapt this rod holder to fit with accessories including a 6″ extension post, flush mount adapter, rail mount adapter, and top or side mount adapter. Overall, this is a heavy duty rod holder at a light-duty price!


  • Well constructed with heavy ABS material
  • A three-position configuration
  • Spring-loaded tension knob
  • 360 degrees base
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and versatile


  • Does not include a backing plate


3. Woodlander Outdoors 2x Rod Holder

WoodlanderThis rod holder by Wooderlander Outdoors is perfect for any tracker boat versatrack system. This is very adjustable and securely holds both spinning and casting reels with its easy twist lock.

The brackets are manufactured of Aircraft grade aluminum and finished with ceramic paint for durable and robust performance. This rod holder features extremely sturdy design; the manufacturer claims that your fishing rod may fail but the holder will not!

This rod holder is easy to install, reposition and remove. The rods mount in the holder easily, and you will love its locking ring that holds the rods securely.

It comes with pre-installed Cannon Rod Holder which is 360 degrees adjustable horizontally or vertically. Perfect rod holder for all types of fishing. Overall, a great set of rod holders for the boat.


  • Made from Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Finished with ceramic paint
  • Pre-installed Cannon Rod Holder
  • Easy to install / reposition / remove
  • Tested on all types of fishing


  • No instruction
  • The size is way bigger


4. Smith Creek Wearable Fishing Rod Holder

Smith CreekThis is a wearable fishing rod holder to hold your fishing rod securely so that your hands are free to change a lure, to tie on a fly, bait a hook or show off that trophy fish you have just landed.

The Rod Clip keeps an outfit above the mud and salt. It also keeps grit out of the reel. This Smith Creek Rod Clip is crafted from the finest anodized marine grade aluminum materials.

This material ensures no corrosive and UV-resistant performance. This Rod Clip works with most rod sizes suitable for all types of fishing.

The single-handed operation offers to put easily in and out of the rod. This Rod Clip is excellent for trout fishermen with a fly rod.

Besides, salmon, steelhead, spin, bass, and saltwater anglers will also love this Rod Clip. This is a compact and lightweight rod clip so you don’t realize until you are using it.


  • Built from anodized marine-grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy in and out, easy to use
  • Custom-made and tested to over 50,000 pulls


  • Expensive
  • Too big and heavy


5. Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder

Best Fishing Rod HoldersIt is very well made, and it would last a lifetime. The Baitcaster/Spinning Rod holder is manufactured with fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon that provides strength, resilience, and reliability.

The Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder with Scotty Flush Deck mount is designed to hold a bait caster reel in a cushioned cradle. It has a slot at the front that allows a secure position for a spinning reel.

This item is great for fishing small species like bass, trout, and others. Perfect gear for lake boats and kayak fishing setups. This rod holder is an easily adjustable and portable fishing gear.

You can set it to any angle and you can rotate it as you like. The rod holder tilts up and down with 360 degrees of horizontal rotations.

It comes with the Scotty 244 Flush Deck Mount that has a sealed base for watertight uses with splash cover. The mount dimension is 4x2x2 inches and the bolting dimension 1.5/16 x 3.3/16 inches.


  • Manufactured with fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon
  • Includes Scotty 244 Flush Deck Mount
  • Sturdy, adjustable and portable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 360 degrees of horizontal rotation


  • It is not a flush mount


6. Amarine-made Clamp-on Fishing Rod Holder

Best Fishing Rod HoldersThese are quality, well-made fishing rod holders. They are strong, look excellent and will last a long time. They are 100% brand new Amarine made product.

The rod holder is made of marine grade 304 stainless steel and the clamp-on mounting bracket with marine grade 316 Stainless steel. The mounting bracket includes bolts for easy installation.

They have mirror finished stainless steel construction to suit today’s modern watercraft and for a sleek appearance. They are easy to install, and they clamp on well.

They can be easily mounted to vertical or horizontal rails. Perfect for adjustable with rails of 22mm to 25mm diameter. This rod holder can be tuned to 32 different angles.

The tube length is 230mm with 42mm inside diameter 52mm outside diameter. The width of this rod holder is 18.1×4.7×4.7 inches and weighs about 3.53 pounds.


  • Mirror finished stainless steel construction
  • Easy to install
  • Rubber insert
  • Adjustable for rails 22mm to 25mm
  • Can be adjusted to 32 different angles
  • Weighs 3.53 pounds


  • The fasteners seem cheap
  • Good for small bass fishing rods


7. Scotty Rocket Launcher Bottom Pivot Rod Holder

Scotty RocketScotty rod holders have an excellent reputation; they work without any issue. The Scotty Rocket Launcher is easily adjustable, swivels 360 degrees.

They don’t include mount, so you have the freedom to choose whichever mount suits you the best. The Rocket Launcher Bottom Pivot Rod Holder is simple but gets the job done.

The reinforced nylon composite construction ensures the supreme durability. It offers a variety of options, as well as the choice of a 9 inches stainless steel jacketed composite construction.

It is designed for medium to small fish species. The Rocket Launcher Bottom Pivot Rod Holder tilts up and down, as well as upright for rod storage while traveling.

It supports a wide range of reel and rod setups with an inside diameter of 1.70 inches. This solid rod holder has less missed strike opportunities and accommodates all fishing rods.


  • Reinforced nylon composite construction
  • Fully adjustable swivels 360 degrees
  • Perfect for medium to small fish species
  • Accommodates all fishing rods
  • Versatile for mounting


  • May not work well for salmon


8. Down-East D-10 Rod Holder

Down-EastThe Down-East D-10 Rod Holder is one of the best quality holders out there. Impossible to break, and can attach to any boat. The Down-East D-10 is equipped with a single clamp mount, and it has virtually infinite mounting options.

This Down-East rod holder is the best possible design, second to none. With proper care, its high quality can last forever. This all-metal fishing rod holder will hold rods up to 1-1/8 inches diameter including fly rods.

It is designed for light/moderate fishing. The Down-East D-10 will hold your rod like a clamp, and it will never fall out. It keeps the rod securely when a fish strikes.

The easily adjustable angle is very effective for making sure multiple lines stay untangled. Besides, it is effortless to remove the fishing rod from the holder, and just you need to lift the rod up.

It is a perfect option for species up to 25 pounds with 30 pounds line. The dimension of this item is 1.7x5x6.2 inches and weighs about 1.74 pounds. This is a decent rod holder at a reasonable price. It will last forever with proper care. You will not be disappointed!


  • All-metal rod holder
  • Designed for light to moderate fishing
  • Equipped with a single clamp mount
  • Easily adjustable angle
  • Can attach to any boat
  • Weighs about 1.74 pounds


  • Perfect for small diameter poles


9. Amarine-made Sure Grip Rod Holder

Best Fishing Rod HoldersWhether you are on a private or a public dock, this rod holder is easy to install and use. This Amarine made sure grip rod holder easily attaches to plastic and stays there stable.

Its metric M10x1.5 thread diameter plated steel stems are durable and robust. This is a perfect option for more massive rod handles with line weights over 25 lbs. This is an ideal rod holder for light fishing!

This is a heavy-duty and way cheaper rod holder than other models. For straight-down fishing, this thing holds the rod tip horizontally. Its V-shaped front allows right or left hook sets.

Its extended cradle is contoured which allows quick and sure grabs. Fully adjustable side-to-side and you can easily remove for storage. Overall, perfect fishing gear, perfect price!


  • Features durable Metric M10 thread steel stems
  • Designed to hold the rod tip horizontally
  • Provides hand clearance for quick grabs
  • V-shaped front offers left or right hook sets
  • Recommended for line weights over 25 lbs


  • Works perfectly for light fishing


10. AGOOL Fishing Boat Rods Holder

Best Fishing Rod HoldersThis rod holder is perfect for boat fishing. The Agool rod holder will make your fishing easy; it has a variety of installations.

It is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic; this durable material can withstand stress, and you can clean it easily. The installation process is also straightforward.

By adjusting the spring loaded cam lock, you can get the appropriate fishing angle. It tilts up and down quickly, and you can rotate 360 degrees as you need.

This rod holder includes stainless steel hardware that will make it stable, great for boats or kayaks. The Agool rod holder accommodates casting, spinning, and spin cast rod handles.

You can clamp to anywhere you want with its large clamp on opening. You can install it vertical or horizontal surfaces without drilling hole on your favorite boat with thumb screws.

This eco-friendly, anti-corrosion material made fishing rod is perfect for boats and kayaks, but need to check the boat board size before buying.


  • Made by black heavy duty ABS plastic
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Eco-friendly and anti-corrosion
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Easy to install
  • Weighs 2.01 pounds


  • A bit big
  • Slightly unstable on plastic


Fishing Rod Holders FAQs

Are Fishing Rod Holders Crucial While Fishing?

All anglers know how crucial it is to have fishing rod holders while fishing. These rod holders make fishing easier. Fishers can rest their fishing rods in the holders when they want to take a break. Another benefit of using a fishing holder is that it helps anglers place their fishing rods at the right angle.

Can I Use a Fishing Rod Holder on My Boat?

Of course, you can use your fishing rod holder on your boat. In essence, you can place it anywhere you want. You can keep the fishing rod holder on the ground or on the boat. Anyway, you need to be cautious about the design of your fishing rod holder while purchasing. It should have the ability to remain stable on shaking surfaces such as the boat, etc.

What is the Minimum Space Between Two Fishing Rod Holders While Placing Them on the Boat?

Usually, a wide boat will allow anglers to organize approximately ten to twelve different fishing rods. And the spacing between each of the rod holders depends on the fishing reels type. The appropriate space should be 6-8″. If anglers place their fishing rod holders following such space, they can avoid hassle while fishing on the water.

How Can I Build My Own Fishing Rod Holder?

Every angler can’t build their own fishing rod holders until they master the skill of making rod holders. That means only professionals should try to build their fishing rod holders. Anyway, the easiest way to build a rod holder is to use bent metal wiring. It is robust enough to keep your rod in place.

Also, you can use the PVC pipe to form the holder, and you may use metal bolts to make anchor points. Even you can select various materials to create a custom holder that suits your fishing reel.

Why Do I Need to Use a Fishing Rod Holder?

Fishing requires a lot of time and patience. Anglers need to hold their fishing rods for an extended period. As a result, they get tired. And to solve this problem, fishing rod holders were discovered. They facilitate the fishing experience. They help improve angler’s catches as well. That’s why experienced anglers always suggest others to use the right fishing rod holder. If you are aware of fishing, you may also use this fishing gear for the betterment.

Final Words

We try hard to make your outdoor adventure a successful one. We always try to present the best gear for your every outdoor sport and situations. If you’re looking for the best fishing rod holder, we hope you have already purchased a few of the items as mentioned earlier.

In one sentence, we only can say that these are the best fishing rod holder available at present in the market. Hope for the best, enjoy your fishing adventure!


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