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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Fishing Fillet Knife

So you are here for the best fishing fillet knife? If yes, let me reveal the naked truth. The entire market is full of various fishing fillet knives. Unfortunately, most of those are rubbish.

People often end up with crap while shopping for a fishing fillet knife. Today, we are here to share some amazing fillet knife reviews so that you can choose the right one next time.

We have tested quite a few fishing fillet knives. We talked with manufacturers and also read thousands of reviews on Amazon. You should even know that we are going to give you an honest review of each ten products. We will discuss the pros and cons without any hesitancy. Let’s start:

Quick Answer – Fishing Fillet Knife

1. American Angler Electric Fillet Knife

2. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

3. Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet

4. American Angler PRO Fillet Knife

5. Bubba Blade Tapered Flex Fillet Fishing Knife

6. Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife

7. Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife

8. American Angler Curved Electric Fillet Knife

9. Kershaw Clearwater 9-In Fillet Knife

10. Elk Ridge ER-146 Fillet Knife 12.25 Overall

Reviews of The Best Fishing Fillet Knife

As I mentioned earlier most of the fillet knives in the market are crap. Still, there are quite a few good options available out there. But the question is how you can decide which one is worth buying and which one should ignore right away?

If you want to evaluate by yourself, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. That’s why we have put together some most excellent option for you to choose from.

All the products are worth for the money I will understand after going through the reviews. Let’s start the best fishing fillet knife reviews right now.

1. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeLike always, we want to start the review with the most efficient product. So, the American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife is the one we pick.

It will make fillet easier than before with a PRO series motor that boasts 2X more Torque than any other fishing fillet. Big bones are not a problem for the champ!

The built quality of the American Angler Pro is exceptional. It is designed to last. It comes with superior Drive Train components for longevity. Besides, another most important thing in a fishing fillet is the grip in which the manufacturer made it revolutionary.

The knife comes with advanced airflow design that will keep the knife cool for hours even if you use continuously for a long while.

The most exciting news is that this knife is compatible with all variations of American Angler Replacement Blades. So, you can easily get the perfect blade for perfect fillet experience. For the value, this is one of the smartest choices one can make. Be smart to pick this one before the stock expires.


  • Comes with Pro Series Motor that offers 2x more torque
  • Superior Drive Train Components included
  • Has 4X more lifespan than any other electric fishing fillet knife
  • Perfect for big bones cutting
  • Advanced airflow design
  • Compatible with all variations of American Angler Replacement
  • Suitable for a lot of fish cutting


  • A professional level tool need some practice to use properly
  • A bit costly but worth for the quality


2. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeRapala is one of the most well-known names in fillet knife industry. For years they are selling fantastic quality fillet knives.

And This Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is considered the most effective products according to a lot of current users. All the users of the products are highly satisfied with its efficiency.

A fillet knife of an exciting kind must have a good quality motor, comfortable handle, sharp blade and user-friendly design. Rapala designed that product by ensuring those facts. That is why it offers three times power than most of the electric fillet knife in the market.

The knife is made of premium quality materials with a razor sharp blade that can cut through anything. The blade of the product is dishwasher safe as well.

Besides, the size of the knife is standard, and it is comfortable to hold. The power cord is long enough. It is a good product at a reasonable price. So, the stock will end quickly. If you need one, you better hurry.


  • Long lasting product with first class construction
  • Comes with a superior motor that offers impressive power
  • Comfortable and relaxed grip
  • Long power cord provides plenty of reach area
  • Standard size
  • Dishwashers safe reciprocating blade included


  • The Handle is a bit larger that feels a bit awkward for the first few uses


3. Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeThe Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet is considered as one of the Best fillet knife for saltwater fish according to its current users.

It comes with a quintessential fillet blade that is made of a full-tang Swedish stainless steel blade. The blade is useful for heavy cutting.

Entire construction quality of the knife is amazing. You already know the blade is powerful, but the question is how about the handle? Is it able to provide a maximum level of balance and comfort while using?

Rapala never disappoints their customers, so the handle they made is exceptionally well built with reinforced birch varnished handle. You will get the highest level of balance, comfort as well as strength.

Also, it comes with an excellently made sheath. The sheath is made of high-quality leather. Inside the leather sheath, you will see a polymer that offers an extra layer of protection.

With the knife, you will also get a sharper from Rapala. The price is also beyond the reach of everyone. So, why are you waiting for? Pick before the stock turns out.


  • Well-made knife with first class materials
  • Comes with a high-quality sheath
  • A ceramic sharpener included with the knife
  • A full-tang Swedish stainless steel bladethat cuts like a beast
  • Reinforced birch varnished handle included for comfort
  • Made in Finland


  • The knife is excellent, but the sharpener with the product is not very high in quality


4. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeThe American Angler has a long-lasting legacy of making products for fishers. They always believe in the satisfaction of their customers. That’s why they never compromise with the quality and performance.

All the electric fishing knives of this brand are thoughtfully designed and powerful. This American Angler Pro Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife is no exception.

This knife is the combination of revolutionary design, precision engineering, and perfect craftsmanship. That’s why many experts have declared this one as the toughest electric fillet knife of the present time.

With 110volt power, it ensures smooth and consistent filleting performance. The knife is flexible and comes with hollow-ground blades.

So from the knife, you will get reciprocating 2-blade action that provides precision and maneuverability. Like the above American Angler product, this one is also compatible with all their replacement parts. The price is good for such quality.


  • Comes with large 8 feet polarized power cord for decent reach area
  • Powerful and flexible hollow-ground blades included
  • Offers universal compatibility
  • Provides 110-volt power
  • Smart venting and cooling fan design
  • Comfortable handle


  • If you use for long, the motor sometimes get a bit hot


5. Bubba Blade 7 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Fishing Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeThe Bubba Blade 7 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife is the BOMB! Indeed, it is with amazing cutting ability. Big fish, big bones is not a problem for this champ.

The knife comes with the highest quality construction. The blade is made of full tank stainless steel materials. The blade is also Ti-Nitride coated which is why it is rust resistant and suitable for prolonged use.

Overall, the dimension of the knife is 13 inch, and the blade is about 7 inch. So, the handle size is standard. The handle of the fillet knife is exceptionally made with premium quality materials. It offers a non-slip grip that is comfortable and secure to hold.

In terms of security, it gets the highest mark. The handle comes with all the essential safety guards to keep your finger safe. The price of the product is reasonable as well. As a whole, this is a fantastic product to purchase. Be quick to get one, or the stock will expire soon.


  • Non-slip grip handle included
  • Safety guards protection included
  • Razor sharp blade made of a super thin 8Cr13MoV blade
  • Flexible and maneuverable
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Comes with a sheath with and a belt loop


  • The handle feels a bit large to some users, but it’s not mainly a drawback as some other users find the handle appropriate


6. Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeLet’s have a look on the review of Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife, considered as one of the best value fillet knives for fishing. The construction quality of the knife is strong.

It is specially designed for the long game. This stainless steel fillet knife comes with patterned high-friction. The blade is strong enough to remove bones.

The users will get the highest level of comfort from the handle. The handle provides a firm grip and perfect balance for security and precision in cutting. The handle doesn’t absorb odor as well.

The thickness of the blade is 0.05 inches, and the length of the blade is 3.5 inches. In total it is an 8-inch fillet knife for fishing. The standardly sized knife is available in two different sizes.

You are allowed to pick from your preference. It also comes with a suitable quality plastic sheath and belt clip. Carrying it will not be a problem for sure.


  • Stainless steel blade included for massive performance
  • High-friction handle offers a perfect grip
  • Suitable for removing bones
  • Available in 3.5-inch and 6.1-inch blade lengths
  • Comes with strong Plastic sheath
  • Includes belt clip as well
  • The blade is razor sharp, sturdy and corrosion resistant


  • The blade is a bit stiff


7. Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeYes, this is our third Rapala product in this article. I have nothing to do if Rapala makes such fantastic fillet knives for fishing. As you already know, with their fantastic quality, Rapala is one of the most reliable names in knives industry.

All of their products are designed to provide satisfaction to their customers. And the Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife is another example of their excellent work.

I love the sheath comes with the product. It is amazing to look. The sheath is made of high-quality leather materials that are simple to clean and provides an elegant feeling while carrying. I guess the sheath of the knife is unique from all the other knife sheaths.

Well, I didn’t list this one just because of the sheath but for its mind-blowing quality and efficiency. The design of the knife is thoughtful.

It comes with a razor sharp blade with tang construction. Also, the handle is pretty comfortable to hold and provide amazing balance. In general, it is a highly recommended product for fish filleting.


  • Extra thin blade included for incredible flexibility and control
  • Razor sharp blade can deal with anything
  • Effortless filleting with PTEE non-stick coating
  • Fantastic leather made sheath
  • Ideal for fisherman’s as well as for chefs


8. American Angler Curved Electric Fillet Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeBelieve me; I am not obsessed with American Angler or Rapala! I am not their brand ambassador either! What to do if they provide the quality everyone wants?

Like all the American Angler products, this one is also well made and ensures the highest level of efficiency. The knife is made of freshwater grade stainless steel materials where the blade is curved.

This American Angler Curved Electric Fillet Knife is here to make your filleting easier than before. It is ideal for saltwater fish, and many users declared it as one of the best fillet knife for salmon.

The handle of the knife is comfortable, and the blade is razor sharp. While using the product, you will get the balance as well as strength. This knife is even able to deal a 100LB Tuna or an armor-plated Redfish! So, hurry up before the stock turns out or ready to regret.


  • Comes with a heavy-duty blade for toughest cutting
  • Blade stays sharp for long
  • Ergonomic American Angler Handle included
  • Safety features included
  • Compatible with all American Angler replacement parts


  • A bit pricey


9. Kershaw Clearwater 9-In Fillet Knife

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeKershaw Clearwater Fillet Knife is one of the largest in the market with massive strength. It is made of high-performance stainless steel blade covered with satin finish.

The blade has an impressive cutting ability. It is ideal for filleting larger fishes and salt-water fishes including tilapia, salmon, snapper, tuna, carp, eel, bass, catfish, cod and what not.

The blade bends perfectly without breaking. Now, let me tell you about the handle. The handle is soft-textured provides a comfortable grip with a copolymer rubber cover.

Also, you don’t have to worry about any sudden slippage problem. Also, the ABS sheath comes with a belt holster for convenient carrying need. The price is reasonable for such quality.


  • Fixed blade included made of 420J2 stainless steel
  • The blade is resistant to corrosion
  • Feature an ABS sheath with a belt holster for convenient carrying
  • Soft textured, co-polymer rubber grip
  • The handle is non-slip
  • Best fillet knife for saltwater


  • Fitment into the sheath is a bit clumsy


10. Elk Ridge ER-146 Fillet Knife 12.25 Overall

Best Fishing Fillet KnifeElk Ridge ER – 146 Fillet Knife is the last option in our article but not the least. It is an example of fantastic craftsmanship. It is a large fishing fillet knife made of the highest quality blade and comfortable handle.

The blade is made of stainless steel materials that can offer the toughest cut without much effort. Overall, the size of the knife is 12.25-inch. So, it can easily cut big fishes.

Also, the handle offers impressive grip and balance. It is a perfect option to present someone as a gift because of its fantastic look. The price is reasonable as well.


  • Comes with full tang design
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality leather case included
  • Large sharp blade


  • Not as sharp as it should be


Final words

Can you imagine a fisherman or a chef without a fishing fillet knife? I don’t think so! A fishing fillet knife has one purpose of preparing and filleting fish. What if the one you have cannot serve adequately? What if the blade is dull? A WASTED INVESTMENT, I guess.

That’s why I already gave you those reviews. Now the question is which one from the above list will suit your need? That depends on your preference. But here are few facts you should consider before shopping:

  • You should know the blade size and your requirement before shopping. Small blade for small cutting and a large blade is for large jobs.
  • Blade material is another most vital thing you should consider. The material of fillet knife must be rust proof. Stainless steel is regarded as the ideal solution.
  • The grip must provide perfect control and command over the chopping job.
  • A flexible fillet knife will do critical jobs effectively. So, it can be another important priority of yours.

After considering those factors, you are ready to go. Anyway, we have discussed some of the best fishing fillet knife reviews based on in-depth analysis, customer feedback, quality, and uniqueness.

You can pick from the above list, just have to click the link above the product. Or you can choose from any other trusted sources. Just make sure the source is reliable. I am wrapping up for now. See you soon someday. Thank you!


10 Best Fishing Fillet Knife



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