The 10 Best Fishing Coolers in 2019 – Experts Top Selections

Fishing is exciting, period! Even if you have the best rod, reel, line, and lures in your toolbox, you are not perfectly ready! Why? Where will you keep your prize without the cooler? You have to have one, and you have to have the best one. And then you are ready to hit!

But the question is how you will find the best one? Well, that’s the purpose of our today’s article. In here we will reviews ten of the best fishing coolers of the present time. All of them are outstanding for the price. Let’s begin the discussion without wasting your time:

Reviews of the Best Fishing Coolers

Finding the best fishing cooler is not an easy task as it assumes. The market is full of different options. Unfortunately, most of those are the piece of crap. If you need the best one, you have to analyze the entire market which is time-consuming.

So, we decided to lessen your effort. We researched the whole market for over a week and ended up with this ten. All of the products are amazing. Let’s see the reviews of best fishing coolers and decide which one is worth buying.

1. Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersIgloo provides good quality coolers since the beginning. Though the quality of their products is amazing still their products are affordable.

The Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler are on top of our list as it is one of the examples of their class. It is one of the large ice chests in the market available in 100 and 15-quart capacities.

So, it will perfectly suit in an intensive or group fishing day. The construction quality of the cooler is dreamlike with premium quality materials.

The tightly-closure lid and body feature Itratherm insulation. It will retain ice for at most five days. The cooler has a huge holding capacity. You can keep a lot of content chilled for a few days.

Furthermore, the cooler has a threaded drain plug included where you can easily attach a hose. That makes draining easier than ever. Besides, it is stain and odor resistant. Maintenance is super simple.

The design, size, and looks of the cooler make it suitable for boating and any other kind of fishing. You will get quick access to your contents without releasing any cold air, thanks to the quick-access hatch!

The handle with a tie-down loop will help you to attach it to your boat or truck. The lid has dual snap-fit latch included. Overall, the product is amazing! The price is not prohibitive as well. Give it a try before the stock expires.


  • Comes with reinforced swing-up handles and tie down loop
  • Features dual snap-fit latches for secure closure
  • Threaded drain plug included
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Ultratherm insulated body and lid


  • The components on the cooler are made from plastic, so it not as durable as some other products in the market


2. Engel Coolers ENG65 Roto-Molded Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersThe Engle ENG65 Roto-Molded Cooler is another excellent option for the price. It can hold ice up to 10 days which is more than enough, I guess.

If you are planning on taking a long fishing trip, it is one of the best options you can choose. The interior part of the cooler is lined with two inches of polyurethane insulation.

So, the temperature will never rise too high. The gaskets are composed of silicone material that forms a sealing layer around the opening to maintain the temperate perfectly.

The cooler remains shut tightly to prevent cold air from escaping. The outer part of the cooler has seamless rotomolded construction. So, it is without any doubt, solid and strong.

It will last quite a few years without creating an issue. You can use it years after years without any problem. It will hold up ice even after a long while.

The interesting part is that unlike any other coolers it is UV rays resistant. So, you can keep it on the sun. Still, it will not damage the color.

The cooler comes with a strong lid that can withstand any strong impact. Even an adult can stand on the lid. I promise you cannot be able to break it.

The bottom side of the cooler has a no-fuss drain plug that makes leaning, is easier than ever. On the bottom, you will also notice bottom feet that will keep the cooler stand in the right place. The price is acceptable for such quality. Give it a try before the stock expires.


  • Strong construction quality
  • Able to hold up ice up to 10 days
  • Remains shut tightly to prevent cold air from escaping
  • Comes with strong lid
  • Resistant to harmful UV rays


  • The lid clamps aren’t very robust


3. IceMule Pro Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag

Best Fishing CoolersIf portability is your highest priority, the IceMule Pro Insulated Backpack cooler is the top recommendation. It is the winner regarding portability with its user-friendly backpack style.

The cooler comes with double padded and ventilated straps that make it easier to carry and keep your hands free for balance. The large size of the cooler can hold 23 liters or 20 cans. So, the capacity of the cooler is huge.

The built quality of the cooler is outstanding with sturdy exterior fabric and tough interior layer. Meaning, the backpack cooler can withstand heavy impact like a true champion.

It is built to last. You can use it for quite a few years without any problem. The insulation keeps contents cold for over 24 hours. That means, it is ideal for one day trip.

If you are planning on a few day trips, this will not be a good choice. However, it is waterproof and works as a dry bag. The air circulation system is amazing with air vents.

You can add air whenever requires. You can even let air out for collapsible storage. The design is amazing. The price is not so high as well.


  • Portable design with comfortable carrying straps
  • Waterproof and floatable
  • Offers quick and easy access
  • Has plenty of storage space
  • Easy to pack and store
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Allows air addition and removal


  • The roll-top closure is splash-resistant not fully waterproof
  • The coarse mesh lining harness is uncomfortable


4. TOURIT Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler Backpack

Best Fishing CoolersTOURIT Leak-Proof Soft Sided Backpack Cooler another excellent option you can have for fishing, picnics, camping, hiking, and so on. The cooler is made of high-density insulation material materials that ensure its durability.

Besides, it is leak resistant and also lightweight. That means, water splash will never be a problem and one can easily carry it on the shoulder.

However, the backpack cooler also has a huge holding capacity. You can hold a maximum of 30 cans. The interior part of the backpack is amazing with anti-leaking fabric. It will keep food hot or cold for over 36 hours.

You will get one main compartment and two side pockets. The main compartment offers amazing storage space, and in those two side pockets, you can keep dry items.

The straps are comfortable as well. It is not only ideal for fishing but also for any other outdoor adventure. The price of the product is not prohibitive as well.


  • Leak-proof
  • Constructed with high-density materials
  • Easy to carry
  • Large compartment offers amazing space
  • Keeps food hot or cold up to 36 hours


  • A bit heavy and bulky


5. BISON COOLERS 24 Can Softpak Portable Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersWe all know the quality of USA made products! They are amazing can you deny it? I guess no. Anyway, The BISON COOLERS 24 Can Softpak Portable Cooler is another USA made cooler.

So, it is good. The Cooler is ideal for Hiking, Camping, Sports, Picnics, Fishing and any kind of road/ beach trips apart from fishing. It keeps ice for up to 24 hours even in 120-degree heat.

The beverage will remain cold with an inch of insulation. The construction quality of the product is out of the world with heavy duty 1000 denier vinyl shell.

The cooler is stronger than most of the soft-sided coolers. It is tear resistant, and UV ray will never be able to ruin its color. The size of the cooler is good enough to keep 24 cans and 10 pounds of ice together.

Carrying the cooler is not that tough. You will also get a free bottle opener with the cooler. Undoubtedly, this one is one of the best in the market for such a price. Give it a try; I am sure you will love to have this one!


  • Keeps ice for up to 24 hours in 120-degree heat
  • Tear resistant up to 375 pounds
  • UV protected
  • Solid and strong construction
  • Made in the USA


  • Shoulder straps could be better


6. AO Coolers Water-Resistant Vinyl Soft Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersThe AO Coolers Fishing Cooler is another amazing option for the price. It has soft sides and a tough vinyl exterior that is waterproof. The cooler can hold ice of a full day even in 120-degree temperature. Amazing, don’t you think?

The cooler is perfect for boating, parties, hunting, fishing or any other adventure events. You can carry it on the shoulder with removable shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap is comfortable and soft. The cooler has a side pocket that can be attached with the strap. So, keeping dry foods will not be a problem.

The insulation in the AO cooler is twice than other soft-sided coolers. So, it will surely keep your ice from melting. The interior side of the cooler is leak-proof.

You can easily put straight ice or ice packs inside the backpack cooler. Leaking will never be an issue. Overall, the price is reasonable for such quality. Give it a try before the stock expires.


  • Comes with removable shoulder strap
  • Features twice the insulation of other soft-sided coolers
  • Hold ice for 24 hours in 120-degree weather;
  • 36-can capacity
  • Perfect for fishing, boating, hunting, and other outdoor events
  • Tough and waterproof vinyl exterior
  • Leak-proof


  • Ice will not hold in hot climates (85-100 degrees) for a long period


7. Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersThe Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler is the epitome of quality coolers. Igloo always provides quality products at a reasonable price; the Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler is not an exception.

Indeed, it is one of the best for fishing and many other outdoor adventure events. This Igloo cooler comes in a three-size so that one can get the one according to his need.

The construction quality of the product is amazing with premium quality materials. It has a bolt-through body; comforting grip side handles with gasket heavy-duty backup plates that can work like a champ even under heavy loads.

The cooler can hold ice up to 7 days. For long fishing trips and tours, this is a great choice. Besides, it has UV inhibitors included that ensure it safe even in harsh sun ray.

The lid is super efficient that keeps everything fully protected and insulated. You will amaze to have it on your box. The price is not that high.


  • Bolt-through-body, comfort grip side handles included
  • Comes with dual stainless steel latches that ensures longer life and secure closure
  • Features UV inhibitors guard against sun damage
  • Fully foamed lid for maximum cold retention
  • Holds ice up to seven days at 90 degree temperature


  • A bit pricey for the quality


8. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersThe Coleman 100 Quart Marine Cooler will make your adventure pleasant with its class. It is another outstanding option of the present time.

The Cooler is perfect in every aspect. It has all the features included one needs from a cooler. The Coleman Costal Xtreme Series is made of highest quality materials that enhance its durability.

Surely, it will serve you several years without creating an issue. The cooler can hold 130 cans or more of your favorite canned beverage. So, the capacity is huge.

It can store ice for five days even in 90-degree temperature. The antimicrobial additive won’t allow of odor-causing bacteria. Besides, it will keep everything safe from harmful UV rays.

It also has two-way side handles and large tow hand that will allow you to carry it and pull it comfortably. Furthermore, terrain wheels will let it move smoothly over rocks or ruts.

The cooler is amazing in every possible way, and it is worth a try. The price is a bit high, but for such quality it is acceptable.


  • Has UV inhibitor that helps to prevent yellowing
  • Two-way side handles and large tow handle included
  • Strong construction with quality materials
  • Comes with all-terrain wheels for easier moving
  • Tray and cutting board included
  • Has huge storage space


  • Costly compared to other options of its kind


9. Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersThe Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler has everything one needs from a standard cooler. By far it is another most practically designed cooler of the present time with smooth wheels and comfortable handle.

That means, it is highly portable and you can carry it anywhere you wish. The Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler has a deep storage compartment in the lid that keeps every valuable item secure.

The construction quality of the product is outstanding with quality materials. It will surely serve you several years without creating any mess. Besides, you will also get enough storage space in it.

It is recessed, drip resistant drain plug included to keep water. It holds and keeps ice perfect for a long time. You will also get UV inhibitors that prevent any sun damage. The price of the product is reasonable too. I am sure you will love it.


  • Comes with recessed, drip resistant drain plug to keep water out
  • Features molded-in side cooler handles for lifting and carrying
  • UV inhibitors protect against sun rays
  • Includes two detachable fishing rod holders


  • A bit deeper handle would work like a champ


10. Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

Best Fishing CoolersLast but not the least; we have the Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler for you. It is constructed with a polyethylene material that makes it one of the strongest candidates of the present time.

The stainless steel screws keep the hinges in place. Besides, the cooler has wheels that roll even on gravel like a horse. The metal handle is also super convenient and comfortable.

The body and lit are ultra term insulated that makes it perfect for ice retention. It keeps ice perfect for over 36 hours. You can use the cooler for storing fish, beverage and many other foods in the large compartment.

Yes, it offers a huge storage space. Overall, the price is reasonable for such quality. I am sure you would love to have it on your next adventure.


  • Strong construction
  • Comes with Threaded drain plug
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Metal handles for easy carrying
  • Ultratherm insulation keeps ice well for long


  • Hinges could be a bit sturdier
  • The capacity is not quite as big


Final Words

I know in fishing, catching the fish is the most important thing. What if you catch a fish but it stale within an hour?   It will render all your effort. That’s irritating. That’s why it is important to have the best fishing coolers with you!

Above we listed ten of the most amazing fishing coolers. I hope you love to have any one of them. Pick the one that suits your needs. I am wrapping up for now. If you have anything else to know, feel free to ask. Many more will come!

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Best Fishing Coolers


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