The 10 Best Fish Finder Under 300 in 2019 – Top Models Reviewed

Where is the damn fish???

No worries you don’t have to pull your hair anymore in the quest of fish! A quality fish finder will tell you the location of the fishes, their size as well as the movement and dept accurately. But fish finders are costly, what to do? Who told you that? It’s a myth. Fish finders can be found even under 300!


I am damn serious. Here in this article, I’ve put together ten best fish finder under 300 dollars. All of them are made of quality materials, and they perform like a true champion. Do you think I am joking? Well, I am not. Just keep reading you will reveal the truth.

Reviews of the Best Fish Finder Under 300

The market is overloaded with a wide variety of fish finders. Unfortunately, many of them are costly, and a decent amount of fish finders are cheaply constructed. That’s why people often feel confused while shopping for fish finders. Some ended up with something that is anything but a fish finder.

To clear all your doubt, we are here to present the ten best fish finder under 300. Hope, at the end of the article, you will be well informed about each of the product. Let’s start:

1. Humminbird 410210-1 Helix GPS G2 Fish Finder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The Hummingbird is one of the most reliable brands in this industry. The 410210-1 Helix-5 powered by Humminbird is one of the best in the market today.

The combination of down imaging and side imaging sonar makes it one step ahead of its competitors. Thisbest fish finder under 300 dollars consists of a CHIRP sonar technology that can scan a maximum of 1000 feet deep.

The fish finder is fully waterproof.  There is a 15mm transducer included in the fish finder that mounts easily. With this device, you will be able to know the temperature as well as the status under 1500 feet. The powerful GPS technology makes it easier to navigate your way.

The unit has 5-inch ultra HD LED-backlit display with an 800×480 resolution that can spread images over a wider area also able to split them into two halves.

The alarm setting is also included along with ID+mode that will allow you to know the size of the fish. The device comes with UniMap charts. After considering everything, I can say, this is one of the most delicate fish finders to have!


  • A powerful battery that offers 7 hours plus run time
  • MicroSD card slot includes
  • Offers clear imagining
  • Has screenshot and sonar recording functions available
  • PC software included


  • Function buttons are small
  • Has to purchase many optional items


2. Garmin Striker 4 with Fishfinder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer is the second entry on here due to some solid reasons. The fish finder can show you everything you need to see.

It will clearly show you what is in the water around your boat with high-frequency sonar. It provides a detailed representation of objects, structure, and fish.

The device is straightforward to use with a keyed interface with dedicated buttons. You will get waypoint map that is easy to view, mark and navigate to locations like brush piles, stumps, and docks

The Garmin Striker 4 offers a maximum depth of 1600 feet in freshwater and 750 feet in saltwater. You can use this in every type of water. The product is available in different display sizes. The display is compelling and easily readable in sunlight. I am sure you will love to have this one on your next fishing trip.


  • Available in different display sizes
  • Ideal for ice fishing
  • Effective waypoint map included
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers near-photographic image


  • the screen/keyboard unit is not water resistant


3. Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

Best Fish Finder Under 300The Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit is the twin brother of the above product I mentioned. Both are similar in terms of built quality and performance.

The only different thing is that the high product doesn’t have a Portable Kit where this one has. Like the above product, this too is made of top quality materials. For sure, the Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit is a long-lasting device.

The device comes with a keyed interface that has a dedicated button included for easy using and installation. The device has chirp sonar included that delivers a continuous sweep of frequencies for a wide range of information.

The device includes a waypoint map that is easy to view, mark and navigate to locations. The product is available in different sizes. The price is below 300 dollars. The Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit is the perfect choice for avid anglers.


  • Features keyed to interface with dedicated buttons
  • Easy to use and install
  • Available in different screen sizes
  • Waypoint map included
  • Easy to carry around


  • Not ideal for ice fishing


4. Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The 7-inch large and powerful LCD Monitor makes the Eyoyo Portable Fish Finder a step ahead from its competitor. The screen can show HD 800×480 pixels.

Besides, there is sun-visor included on the screen that will let you read in sunlight. The construction quality of the device is fantastic with class materials. It will surely last several years without any problem.

The camera that is included with the device is powerful and excellent as well. The HD 1000TVL camera offers a 1000TV line that is way better than the 800TV lines camera.

The Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder comes with 12pcs IR LED Lights to see in the dark. That means it is an excellent choice for night fishing.

Carrying the device will not be a problem as it comes with a waterproof and robust carrying case. The battery is powerful and offers up to 8 hours of continuous working time.

Overall, the fish finder is a fantastic choice for both professionals and beginners. The system of operating is simpler than ever.


  • Large and easy to read LCD monitor
  • Features HD 1000TCL camera produces clear images
  • Solid construction
  • Ideal for using in the dark with 13pcs IR LED lights
  • Offers waterproof carrying case
  • Delivers up to 8 hours working time


  • The viewing angle of the screen is minimal


5. Deeper PRO Smart Portable Fish Finder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The best part of the Deeper Pro Smart Portable Sonar is its powerful Wi-Fi signal that will let you sync with your smartphone anytime, anywhere. The device is compatible with both iOs and Android.

The fish finder can find ideal fishing spots quickly. You can see the location of fishes, their size, depth and also underwater structure in this fish finder.

Also, it will let you know the water temperature. The device can cast up to 330ft and scan down to 260ft. I guess it is decent for both experts and novice fishers.

The construction quality of the product is good enough. It is solidly made with top grade materials. The product will serve you better for a few years. If you maintain it correctly, it can even support you for a lifetime. The price is as usual below 400 dollars!


  • Solid construction with quality materials
  • Versatile and wireless
  • Ideal for avid anglers
  • Casts up to 330ft and scans down to 260ft
  • Runs with dual beam sonar frequency
  • Can sync with smartphone anytime anywhere


  • Battery life may not so good compared to other


6. ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder is here to make your fishing journey convenient than ever. If you struggle to find out the potential fishing areas and locate the fish and its size, don’t bother much, this is the solution for you.

The construction quality of the product is fantastic with top class materials. It will surely serve you better several years. The LED light beacon is included in the device so that you can work at the darkest hour of the night.

The battery is powerful and runs for so long without any interruption. The sonar can read down to a depth of 135′ which is surprising for a product in such price range. The battery is rechargeable. You can check the charge of the battery with the indicator light.


  • Features LED light beacon
  • Strong construction with quality materials
  • Comes with sonar fish identifier technology
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Available Free app on iOS and Android
  • Offers accurate reading down to a depth of 135.’


  • Bluetooth range is not good enough


7. Garmin Striker Plus 5cv GPS Fishfinder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The Garmin Striker Plus comes with several new features and tech along with a user-friendly attribute.  Surely the fish finder will enlighten your fishing experience by finding out potential fishing areas.

The body of the fish finder is solid and compact. You can hold it in your hand and carry it anywhere without any problem. Evidently, the product will last and serve you better for a few years.

There is a built-in GPS included that marks waypoints correctly. In the device, you can create and store maps up to 2 million acres. The display of the Garmin Striker Plus is large and easily readable in direct sunlight.

Overall, the product is perfect in every possible way. You will love to have with you on your next fishing adventure. Grasp this fish finder and catch more fish quickly!


  • Has built-in GPS included for marking waypoints
  • Can create and store maps with 1′ contours for up to 2 million acres
  • Long lasting and easy to use
  • Robust design for using in harsh condition
  • Sunlight-readable display included


  • No instruction included


8. HawkEyeFishtrax 1C Fish Finder

Best Fish Finder Under 300Are you looking for reason and convenience? Then the HawkEyeFishtrax 1C Fish Finder is waiting for you. With a VirtuView ICON display, the device will provide the sonar information correctly.

The HawkEye Fish Finder features five levels customizable affectability, an audible fish alert and an illuminated show. That means, with this device night fishing is on.

The device is suitable for medium anglers looking to find appropriate fishing areas. There is automatic sonar included on the device that offers 10-level affectivity modification, multi-level profundity extents and zoom base.

In work mode, the device identifies fish, the movement, position and also overall depth of the water in the HD shading snow. The price of the product is under 300 dollar as well.


  • Comes with a dominant display that is readable in direct sunlight
  • Highly portable and boat mountable
  • Sturdy constriction
  • Features Dual-frequency FishTrax intelligent Sonar
  • Offers Ice-Mode Digital Flasher Portrayal


  • The screen is small


9. Garmin STRIKER PLUS 4cv TM transducer

Best Fish Finder Under 300The rugged design of the Garmin Striker Plus makes it the best in the market today. The built quality is solid with top quality materials. The device is ready to dive in any weather.

Nothing can be able to damage it in any way. The size of the device is compact. That means it will fit perfectly in the grasp of your hand. You can carry it anywhere without any dilemma.

The display monitor is 4.3 inches, and it can display in the direct sunlight. With the CHIRP the device can provide crystal clear image. You will never miss any detail if you have this one on your hand.

The fish finder has Quickdraw contour map-creation software included making comprehensive maps of the fishing ground. A million acres of map making will never be a problem. The GPS that is included with the product is powerful enough to navigate and pinpoint the previous position.


  • Powerful built-in GPS included
  • Strong design for harsh environment
  • Can create routes and view boat speed with the GPS
  • Has Built-in Garmin quick draw contours mapping software
  • Includes transducer


  • No carrying case included


10. LUCKY Portable Fish Finder

Best Fish Finder Under 300The LUCKY Portable Fish Finder is the final product today but does not consider it as the least option. It worth a million! Just kidding! A product under 300 dollar cannot be worth a million; however, it works better than many expensive fish finders in the market today.

The portable fish finder comes with a 2.4 inch TFT color screen that can detect and display underwater contour, water depth, temperature and also fish size.

You will get two user modes. In simulation mode, you can try all functions, and in wireless mode, you can go fishing. With the wireless sonar sensor and attractive fish lamp, detecting fishes seem more comfortable than ever.

There is a transparent replacement cover included so that you can see even in the dark. You will get a 60m wireless operating range and 45m depth detection.

The fish finder is ideal for ice fishing, river fishing, sea fishing and what not! You will notice different settings for detecting sensitivity, screen brightness, depth range and so on. Also, the depth finder and sonar sensor are rechargeables with a USB cable.


  • 2.4-inch color LCD Screen included
  • Powerful wireless sonar sensor with an attractive fish lamp included
  • Has a transparent replacement cover included to see the sensor in the dark
  • Lots of settings for detecting sensitivity, screen brightness, depth range, zoom, depth alarm, fish alarm, a fish icon and so on
  • Rechargeable depth finder and sonar sensor
  • Comes with a USB cable for charging


  • Hard to read in direct sun


Final Words

See, quality fish finders can be found in a low price range. Right products always come at a reasonable price is not true at all. I’ve proved that above as I reviewed ten best fish finder under 300. You can pick any of the fish finders above according to your need.

Still, if you want to search more, you can. But you will never find anything better than these ten, especially in this price range. Now the decision is yours to make. You can pick one of the best from the above list, or you can go for a cheap model.

For that, you’ve to compromise the performance which is not recommended. For precision and accuracy, the above ten will be the best solution for you.

I am wrapping up now. If you still have anything to know, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you with the correct answer. Keep visiting our blog and tell us your opinion so that we can improve. Tell us openly about anything. Many more are coming soon.


Best Fish Finder Under 300


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