The 10 Best Fanny Pack for Hiking in 2023 – Ultimate Reviews

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

I want to throw a few questions to you before starting the best fanny pack for hiking article. Here:

  • Ever felt stupid taking a heavy backpack on a short hike?
  • Ever felt foolish for not taking anything on a hike?
  • Felt tired while carrying a huge pack?

If the answer is yes, I believe you don’t know about the fanny pack. And if the answer is No, I am sure you have one in your collection. Fanny pack is a handy little bag that is highly practical for a day hike. Those are comfortable to carry and pretty reasonable when it comes to price.

Best Fanny Pack for Hiking

One doesn’t always need a large backpack or suitcase for travel. Sometimes, we just have to have something that can keep all our essentials, nothing else. For that, a fanny pack is what support the most.

A quality fanny pack is reasonable, comfortable and practical, especially for a day hike. You can even carry them for long trips if you want. Those packs strap around the waist and don’t provide any discomfort.

So we decided to review some of the finest quality fanny pack today. Our purpose is to help you find the most effective one within your budget.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Fanny Pack for Hiking

1. Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

2. WATERFLY Hiking Fanny Pack

3. WATERFLY Fanny Pack

4. JanSport Fifth Ave Waist Pack

5. Day Tip Money Belt

6. EGOGO travel sport waist pack

7. Fanny Pack 5-Zipper Waist Bag

8. Everest Signature Waist Pack

9. AIKELIDA Running Belt

10. FREETOO Waist Pack

Reviews of the Best Fanny Pack for Hiking

Picking a fanny pack for hiking is an easy task and tough task. Wondering how? Well, it’s easy, visit the shop, pick one and pay the price! That simple! But when you want a quality product, the process is quite severe and confusing.

The market is full of options where majority lacks in quality. If you want a quality product, you have to research which is time-consuming. That’s why we are to present you some option which is the best in the market according to our experts, users and some professionals.

We made a list after deep market research. Let’s see the best fanny pack for hiking reviews quickly without wasting any more of your time:

1. Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack Hiking

Best Fanny Pack for HikingThe Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack is on top of our article. Though we don’t have any particular order, still it is in the first place due to some vital facts.

First of all the construction quality is fascinating with high-quality, water-resistant nylon and breathable mesh lumbar padding. Meaning, it is highly durable as well as comfortable.

The fanny pack features dual water bottle holders to keep a water bottle and also has two exterior front zipper pockets along with exterior side zipper pockets. Each pocket has plenty of rooms where you can keep your stuff well organized.

The pack also has two extra shoulder straps. You can carry it in 3 different ways such as hip back style, using shoulder straps and using the backpack straps. So, we can say it is a multipurpose option. Overall, the price is pretty good for such quality.


  • Made of nylon and mesh lumbar padding
  • Waist strap ranges from 33 to 50 inch
  • Has dual water bottle holders
  • Four pockets included
  • Offers three different ways to carry the pack
  • Ideal for any day trip


  • Not fully waterproof


2. WATERFLY Hiking Waist Bag Fanny Pack

Best Fanny Pack for HikingThe WATERFLY Hiking Waist Bag has safe and breathable strips that makes it different from the other products in the market. It is visible even in the darkest hour of the night.

The construction quality is strong with water-resistant nylon material making it a decent choice even in the rain. The fanny pack comes with stable water bottle holder that has elastic rope included keeping the water bottle secure.

Though many people said, the water bottle holder is not as effective as advertising. But I guess it is fair enough. Also, it has an adjustable buckle belt that is comfortable to wear.

You can adjust it according to your need. Besides, the buckle closure makes it easy to take on and off. The pack is easy to clean and definitely an ideal choice for the price.


  • Front side is water-resistant with premium quality nylon
  • Ideal to use even in the rain
  • Comes with two separate zipper pocket that offers enough room
  • Small front pocket to keep accessories that need quick access
  • Comfortable to carry with adjustable buckle belt
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Visible in night


  • Water bottle holder is slightly smaller


3. WATERFLY Fanny Pack

WATERFLYWATERFLY is one of the biggest names in this industry that makes and sells quality waist pack at a reasonable price. This WATERFLY Fanny Pack is another excellent example of their quality.

The pack is well-constructed with a premium quality water resistant material. That means, it can even serve you in heavy rain. It is durable and anti-abrasion.

The size of the bag is standard, and it has plenty of pockets with enough room. You will get five separate zipper pockets in total. 4 of the compartments in the main pouch will let you keep phone, keys, and cards separately.

Also, the pack has an earphone hole on the front side. If you are a music lover, you know how important this little hole is! It is well-ventilated and comfortable to wear. The price is also reasonable for such quality.


  • Smooth nylon waist belt included that is adjustable
  • Offers maximum carrying comfort
  • Made of premium quality water resistant nylon outer materials
  • Has earphone hole included
  • Comes with five different zipper pockets with plenty of rooms


  • The strap seems short for a big person


4. JanSport Fifth Ave Waist Pack

JanSportThe JanSport Fifth Ave Waist Pack is widely popular due to its excellent construction quality and practical performance. The fanny pack is made of durable 600 denier polyester materials.

The straps and zippers are also high in quality. If you need something long lasting, this is what you need to pick right away.

It is everyday and everywhere bag. The size is standard, and it is lightweight. Besides, it comes with comfortable straps and offers two different carrying style. That’s what makes it easy to carry in your everyday life or on any outdoor trips.

The fanny pack also has plenty of room in different pockets. You can keep everything well-organized. The color and prints are attractive as well. Overall, the price is not prohibitive as well. For hiking, this is an amazing fanny pack you can pick right away.


  • Made of 600 Denier Polyester that makes it durable
  • Attractive design with fun colors and prints
  • You can wear it on your waist or across the chest
  • Has two zipper pockets included with enough space
  • Lifetime-lasting ability with proper maintenance


  • Sometimes the straps feel loose


5. Day Tip Money Belt

Best Fanny Pack for HikingThe best part of the Day Tip Money Belt is the design which is attractive as well as user-friendly. The pack comes with separate pockets for mobile phone, key, and other little accessories.

Also, it has two pockets included with zipper. The rear of the pack has moisture absorbing mesh panel that makes it sweat resistant.

The bag is well-constructed with an excellent level of craftsmanship and highest quality materials. It is made of 100 blocking RFID and waterproof 210D rip-stop Nylon.

Meaning, it is designed to last several years without any problem. You can use the fanny pack for hiking, mountain climbing, camping, running and even in everyday use.

You can keep your money in it along with passport and other important documents. The price is reasonable for such quality. Pick quickly before the stock turns out.


  • 100% blocking RFID material, Waterproof 210D rip-stop Nylon
  • Comes with RFID blocking safeguards
  • Comes with smartphone pocket especially, and also a pocket with a key buckle, furthermore there are
  • Has two pockets with zipper.
  • Equipped with a moisture absorbing mesh panel that makes it sweat resistant
  • Stylish design and comfortable to carry around


  • The zippers cant meets the expectation. Still fair enough for the price


6. EGOGO travel sport waist pack

EGOGOThe EGOGO Travel Sport Waist Pack Fanny Pack is another excellent option not only for hiking but also for any outdoor activities. Besides, it is ideal for everyday use too.

The construction quality is amazing with rip-stop lightweight nylon. The zipper is also high in quality, and the strap is well-constructed. The product is made to last.

However, it offers three different compartments that have enough storage space. You can keep essential items well organized. You can even keep ID cards, keys, cash, camera, phone, and snacks whatever you want.

You will also get a practical water bottle holder on the right of the waist. The holder also has a strap to keep the water bottle in the right place. Also, in the small zipper pocket, you can keep little items like tissue paper. The price is pretty decent for the quality.


  • Made of rip-stop lightweight nylon
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Durable and sturdy strap for long time continuous use
  • Perfect for any outdoor trips
  • Has three compartments of different sizes
  • High-quality zippers.


  • After wearing for a long time, the waist straps loosen, so you have to readjust it again


7. Fanny Pack 5-Zipper Pockets Nylon Waist Bag

Best Fanny Pack for HikingThe Fanny Pack 5-Zipper Pockets Nylon waist bag is the example of quality craftsmanship. Excellent craftsmanship and premium quality materials make it one step ahead of its competitor.

If you maintain properly and clean it perfectly, this bag has the ability to serve you a lifetime. The bag offers five different storage compartments.

Meaning, you can keep every little thing near your hand. The zipper quality is amazing as well as the waist belt. The waist belt is adjustable according to your need.

The fanny pack is waterproof. You can use it in the rain. The design is light, compact and thoughtful. That makes it attractive and user-friendly.

Overall, it comes at a decent price for such kind of quality. So, the stock will expire soon enough. Don’t be late!


  • Plenty of storage space in 5 separate compartment
  • Made of superior polyester fabric
  • Light and compact design
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Waterproof material makes it ideal for use in the rain
  • Perfect gift for travelers
  • Ideal for any outdoor trip


  • Sometimes the buckles slide off


8. Everest Signature Waist Pack

Everest SignatureThe Everest Signature Waist Pack is another amazing option for the price. It is well constructed with high-class materials. The design is attractive and thoughtful.

That means the item will last several years without any issue and also makes you happy with its clean performance. However, the size of the bag is standard. It is not very heavy.

You can comfortably carry the pack with snap waist buckle and adjustable waist strap. The Fanny pack also offers three zippered compartments where you can keep all your valuable items.

The price is not prohibitive as well. It is a great product to have in your next outdoor adventure. Click the link below to see the full details of the product. Hurry up the stock is limited!


  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with three zippered compartments
  • Adjustable snap waist buckle
  • Attractive design with a variety of color options


  • The strap is a bit longer than expected


9. AIKELIDA Running Belt

Best Fanny Pack for HikingAIKELDA Fanny Pack is our last entry in this list. It is a lightweight waist bag which is incredible for the price. Though lightweight still the construction quality is durable.

The item is made of high-quality materials which is why you don’t have to worry about the durability. The pack offers plenty of space to keep your phones, cash, key, watch and so on.

It will provide ultimate protection from water, sand, dust, and dirt. The utility belt pouch is suitable for outdoor sports, workout sessions, running, hiking, hunting, jogging, cycling, traveling and so on.

The price is reasonable as well. If you need this one, you should link the link right away. Why? Because it is a popular product and the stock is limited!


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Durable and compact
  • Ideal for any outdoor trips as well as for regular use
  • Provide protection to your important items like phone, keys charger
  • Attractive design
  • Reflective stripe included for night safety


  • Not ideal for keeping a large and heavy phone


10. FREETOO Waist Pack

Best Fanny Pack for HikingFREETOO Waist Pack Bag is made of strong 1000D polyester with an excellent level of craftsmanship. So, it is strong, long lasting as well as soft and comfortable.

You can use it for walking, running, biking, hiking, traveling, festivals, concerts or any outdoor trips you like. The bag comes with five separate zippered pockets.

Each pockets different in size, but they offer enough storage space. In the large pocket, you can keep a standard sized water bottle. Besides, in a hidden zipper compartment, you can keep important things secure.

The zippers of the pack are also high in quality. It also features a flexible strap with a strong and reliable buckle that ranges from 30-42 inches.

You can even adjust according to your need. The adjustment process is easy. You will be allowed to use different wearing style as well. The price is acceptable for the quality.


  • Made of strong 1000D Polyester
  • Strong, long lasting and comfortable
  • Ideal for any outdoor trip
  • Tough and heavy duty zippers
  • Five different sized pockets for keeping everything organized
  • Flexible strap and strong buckle that is adjustable
  • Offers different wearing style


  • The strap should be a bit bigger for big waist size


Fanny Pack for Hiking FAQs

How Do I Pick a Fanny Pack for Hiking?

When it is about picking a fanny pack, many features come into play. Below we will discuss a few of them that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a fanny pack for hiking.

Multiple Compartments

The first feature regarding fanny packs that you need to notice is their compartments. Fanny packs tend to have multiple pockets to convey essential items. They feature easy access, a top-loading section, mesh pocket, internal pockets, zippered pockets, and so on. People use these pockets to store wallets, keys, water bottle, hiking knife, driving license, smartphone, and more.


The material of your fanny pack is another essential consideration. The fanny pack’s material, which is fabric, and indicates durability. As you will be dealing with an unpredictable environment that can often get harsh, you should have a durable and robust fanny pack.  In such a case, nylon or polyester can be a perfect choice. To check out its robustness, you can look for the denier count. The higher the denier count, the more robust the material will be. That stated some fanny packs contain 610D Cordura nylon. Thus, you may opt for a fanny pack that features such a material.


The next crucial feature is adjustability. Make sure your fanny pack comes with adjustable belts. It is crucial as it will let you go hands and shoulder free. You will feel more comfortable, especially in summer. That is why you need to pay more attention that your fanny pack doesn’t only feature a waist belt, but also it should be adjustable.

Why Are Fanny Packs Called Fanny Packs?

Different country’s people know fanny pack by various names. Some people call it a waist-bag. Others know it as a belt bag, moon bag, belly bag, and even as a bumbag.

People wear this fanny pack around their waist above the hips using a strap. Traditionally, they wear this pouch at the front above the buttocks. Considering this wearing method, people named it fanny pack as fanny and bum are the USA and Britain’s respective slangs. For such a name, many people avoid wearing fanny packs nowadays.

Are Fanny Packs Good for Hiking?

If you check the usage of a fanny pack, you will find that these waist bags are designed to convey all your essential stuff. You can carry items like masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, wallet, smartphone, keys, snacks, and more. As we know, most of these items are quintessential for hiking. Thus, it is evident that fanny packs are ideal for hiking. In essence, many savvy travelers and hikers use fanny packs to convey their stuff.

Are Fanny Packs Waterproof?

Although most fanny packs don’t feature waterproofing materials, you can get waterproof fanny packs from the market. These packs are comfortable, convenient, and excellent for keeping your essential stuff such as keys, phones, cameras, and other accessories dry.

Where Did the Fanny Pack Trend Start?

Fanny packs are one of the world’s oldest trend. These packs were first introduced about 5000 years ago.  It was a buffalo pouch, which people wore on the wrist or carried on the chest’s front. Later on, with time, the buffalo pouch was converted into a similar belted pouch. However, the modern version of the fanny pack appeared in the 1980s, and they were in vogue.

Final Words

A fanny pack is ideal for shorter hikes in stable weather. Depending on your preference you have to decide which one from the above list is right for you. I mean, there are options with different types to choose from. You can have large packs, medium packs or small packs according to your need.

Anyway, we already shared some of the best fanny packs for hiking where you will find every sort of options. All the products above are highly constructed with premium quality materials, thoughtfully designed and reasonably priced. They differ from each other in some features that’s all.

Now let me tell you in the comment section which product seems more suitable for you? Also, ask anything you need to know about the fanny pack. Our experts will surely solve all your confusion.

For now, I am leaving you here. Let me remind you; we will keep sharing some other effective tips, tricks, life hacks, and essential outdoor product reviews each week. Don’t miss anything and don’t forget to give us your feedback!



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