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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best ELK Calls

Elk is probably the loudest spoken big animal in North America. They make different types of sound to communicate with their large group. They warn their mates when they notice anything fishy.

In a way, we can say elk are the most cunning animal and chasing them is not an easy task at all. So you need to attract them in a tricky way.

During elk hunting, a hunter uses elk calls to attract elk which is one of the interesting and exciting things about hunting, especially in the rut.

Though you are not hunting during the rut, still there are some rules that you need to follow. You can make calls differently. Bugle of the bull elk is one of the great calls among all.

If you are planning to go for elk hunting, then it is essential for you to understand, what kind of sound elk can make considering the condition. Before start hunting, you need to check the best elk calls available in the market.

It might not be easy to choose your elk calls among the extensive collection in the market. Considering this, I am making this easy for you here in this article.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best ELK Calls


Best ELK Calls

1. Primos Hunting PS904 The Original Can Sidekick

  • Terminator” elk call cap
  • Two blue Terminator Elk reeds
  • Patented “Support Shelf” mouthpiece

Best ELK Calls

2. Primos Hoochie Pack Call

  • Tested for uneven environment
  • Real cow and calves sound
  • Lightweight

Primos Imaka Da Bullcrazy

3. Primos Imaka Da Bullcrazy Call

  • Natural tone
  • Thin reed
  • Squeezable rubber ball


4. Hardwood Elk Call

  • Patented Reel design
  • Hardwood structure
  • Finite volume & pitch control

Best ELK Calls

5. Carlton’s Calls by Hunters Specialties Mac Daddy Elk Call

  • Grant tube
  • Infinity latex
  • Camo pattern on the tube cover

Best ELK Calls

6. Primos Cow Girl Call

  • Soft rubber structure
  • Adjustable volume
  • Subtle sounds for close-in calling

Primos Hunting 912

7. Primos Hunting 912 Elk Call

  • Expandable hose
  • Blue “snap-on” reed
  • Protective cap

Hunters Specialties Carlton’s

8. Hunters Specialties Carlton’s Calls

  • Flexible ribbed tube
  • Adjustable reed band
  • Multi-functional calls

Best ELK Calls

9. Carlton’s Calls by Hunters Specialties Bull Getter

  • Large barrel
  • Adjustable band on reed
  • Usable at wet conditions

Best ELK Calls

10. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

  • Palate plate design
  • Realistic sound
  • Cow Elk Diaphragm Call

Reviews of the Best ELK Calls

Most companies claim progressive elk calls but sell those old jerk trash. So you need to be aware of those jerks. When I first started elk hunting, I was not aware of the best elk call available on the market.

It took a long time for me to understand what works and what doesn’t! It would either enhance my mouth or didn’t make the desired sound. Finally, after trying much time I was able to get hold of what works and how to go for it.

Well, there is a reason for sharing my experience as before start hunting I did not research appropriately. But here I am back to you to provide some of the best elk calls with premium features. But this time I did it with the support of my team. Let’s move forward without wasting your precious time.

1. Primos Hunting PS904 The Original Can Sidekick

Best ELK CallsIf you are new in elk hunting and looking for an easy to use with the most result, then Primos Hunting PS904 is what you can consider.

An easy to use Primos Hunting PS904 features a first-of-its-kind mouthpiece that allows you to produce bugles and cow calls efficiently with very low air pressure.

It includes ‘Terminator” elk call cap with extra reed compartment. Two blue Terminator Elk reeds that Snap-On to the perfect position and terminator grunt hose with camouflage cover and lanyard.

The terminator elk is a famed bugle call that comes with authentic nasal elk tone with perfect pressure every time. Its monopolized “support shelf” allows recreation of cow elk calls and bulges with accuracy and peace.

Instead of being a soft and solid cube, terminator feature is convenient for beginners who are just planning to start locating elk. You are getting this easy to use elk calls at a reasonable price. So be a part of this beautiful experience.


  • User-friendly especially for the beginners
  • Produce decent sound with low air pressure
  • Produce natural and vibrant calls
  • Comes with two diaphragm reed


  • A little bit big to handle
  • Need a lot of practice for using it properly


2. Primos Hoochie Pack Call

Best ELK CallsHoochie MAMA is established as producing perfect cow elk calls. They portray sound and consistency of cow elk precisely. Most exciting part is you can wear them around your neck.

Primos Hoochie is specially designed to excite the cows and calves by giving them the signal that another lost bull is around.

Whether you are professional, recreational user, or even random user this specific product of primos makes you comfortable while using. It is 100% designed and tested for the toughest environment.

Additionally, two calls are provided in a set creating herd talk. After observing some research, I had noticed that it works equally well for the beginner also. Price is also reasonable to make a deal before STOCK OUT!


  • Trustworthy and consistent
  • Sounds like real elk cow calling
  • A versatile package used for experts and beginners also
  • Requires only one hand to operate so easy to carry anywhere


  • It seems delicate sometimes


3. Primos Imaka Da Bullcrazy Call

Primos Imaka Da BullcrazySimilar to all other Primos calls Imaka Da Bullcrazy call to build manipulative sound to make your elk hunting easier. Primos design their product in a way that can endure the toughest condition.

This is why individuals trust primos for decades. This specific call is designed to attract the mature bull to the caller as its produce natural tone that puzzled bulls easily. If you are a beginner in this field, don’t worry as this is easy to use.

The best part of this calls is you can quickly change the angle to make a versatile and accurate sound, in return, you will be able to provoke more cow even for far distance.

To get more accurate sound, you need to squeeze the rubber ball along with the tube. As a result, you will be able to attract more bulls in close range. Above all, the price is very low compared to other so give it a TRY!


  • Works precisely in locating bulls
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Produces more fine sounds


  • According to few, the reed is thin that buckle under sliding teeth.


4. Hardwood Elk Call

Hardwood Revolutionary elk call made of hardwood brings innovation in the style of calls. A very user-friendly call designed in a way to make it easy to use.

If you are collecting calls that you can use for long, then hardwood elk call is the best choice for you. Hardwood elk calls are a massive leap in elk call technology.

Its simple mechanical feature gives you easy playability with finite volume and pitch control. It’s never stuck as the lid pulls away from the reed so as the pitch.

Its wide sound range is beyond imagination, the high end and accuracy matched for cow sound. Hardwood elk call is an ultimate collection of elk call with acceptability, dependability, durability, and realism.

The hardwood reel elk call to solve all the issue that we had with traditional calls. Though the price might be high for some people, I assure you that you don’t need to change the calls frequently. So, buy this exclusive collection of elk calls before stock out!


  • Easy to operate for anyone
  • Finite volume and pitch control
  • Produce any kind of realistic sound possible
  • Durable, dependable and can be used free hand


  • Price is a bit higher compare to other


5. Carlton’s Calls by Hunters Specialties Mac Daddy Elk Call

Best ELK CallsAn exclusive Carlton’s calls are being presented before you by hunter specialist Mac Daddy. It includes a mouthpiece with removable baffle, small removable grunt tube, infinity latex, and a cord with four loops.

You can use the baffle with grant tube for long distance bull call, or you can remove the grunt tube so you can use baffle for short distance nasal cow call.

This Carlton’s calls is very easy to use as it automatically produces the sound for cow and bull calls. You don’t have to use your tongue for a high and low node.

You have to control the air pressure; this is why beginners can also try this with a little practice. According to some reviews, elk seemed to be very curious and came right in a numerous hunt as it makes most authentic bugles and nasal cow calls.

An instructional DVD is included with the package. So, you don’t have to worry about the procedure of making calls. Most importantly, the price is reasonable. So, you must give it a try.


  • Grant tube for long distance elk bugle
  • Baffle for nearest elk cow
  • Easy to operate with more realistic sound
  • Infinity latex create authentic calls
  • Good camo pattern on the tube cover


  • The bulky tube gets in the way of archery tackle


6. Primos Cow Girl Call

Best ELK CallsPrimos is here with another quality elk calls in a simple outlook. It’s a bite and blows a call that is produced using a rubber. The tone starts in an inflated note and gradually moves with a shortened note which in return excite the cow elk.

Through it is easy to operate and looks simple but it is designed for the toughest conditions and situations.It supports a rubber construction with high-quality design.

You can set the volume and tone with ease by putting little pressure on call barrel. It creates the sliding note which is required for precise cow calling and works well for close-in calling.

If you are planning to try elk cow hunting, then you should give it a try. You are getting this with a meager price. I assure you, it won’t be a waste of money at all.


  • Flexible and easy to blow with great volume
  • Ensure reliability, ease of use with an effective quality product
  • Need little practice
  • Can adjust volume by squeezing the rubber


  • The pitch of this call is quite high


7. Primos Hunting 912 Elk Call

Primos Hunting 912If you are a professional elk hunter and accustomed to hunting on a regular basis then Primos hunting 912 bullhorn elk call is ideal for you. This is mostly used for its lightweight yet sturdy and solid construction.

Monopolize “Support Shelf” mouthpiece and superfluous hose of the bullhorn enable you to reproduce perfect bugles and cow calls with subtle tones.

It comes with a camo cover that helps you blend as well as a mouth cap to help keep it clean. It is loud enough to locate bulls with a little practice.

The hose can be expanded additionally from 7” to 24” to adjust the tones. You can fold the tube and collapse it down to a small size to fit easily in your hunting bag.

If your father, son, brother or husband is passionate about elk hunting then this bullhorn might be the best gift for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Father’s Day.


  • Lightweight and quality bull call
  • Easy to use and no additional moth reed
  • Patented “support shelf” helps to reproduce bugles and bulls with various tones.
  • Loud elk calls
  • Adjustable hose easy to carry


  • Decent reed but tinny overall.


8. Hunters Specialties Carlton’s Calls

Hunters Specialties Carlton'sHunter specialist always tries to build purpose-driven tools for dedicated hunters. They are dedicated to their customer of making more effective and efficient calls.

This tube elk call is a great long distance bull locator comes with a versatile elk calling combo. The “Fight’n Cow Call” is a small reed call that produces high-pitched sounds or very soft, subtle sounds of a cow elk.

Its adjustable reed band allows adjusting the tones. It puzzled bulls in the way of making bull do things they did not plan on doing that day.

For useful tones, blow softly into the open end of the plastic tube. A flexible ribbed tube used to channel sound in a different direction to provide more realistic, deep growling grunts.

You can draw the elk in shooting range with authentic calls, snorts, grunts, and wheezes. Tones can be adjusted by cupping your hand over the end.

You will get this multi-functional calls at a very reasonable price. The stock is limited. So, grab the offer before stock expires.


  • Can produce high and moderate pitch tone
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to blow and effective
  • Provide realistic sound in any direction


  • Need a lot of practice for creating perfect sound


9. Carlton’s Calls  by Hunters Specialties Bull Getter

Best ELK CallsHunter’s specialist is presenting another package of the bull getter, and mini bull getter elk call that is used for stubborn bull elk.

Both bull getter and mini getter have the original reed with a contended soundboard that keeps tone soft and subtle.

Bull getter produces a wide range stimulating sound that consistently calls bulls and works even when wet. Mini bull getter gives a similar sound to bull getter with a slightly higher pitch as it is small.

Tone can be adjusted with adjustable bands on the reed. Both the calls are pocket-sized for easy carrying. It works as a good locator for long distance bull. You will get this exclusive package at a very low price. So, enjoy elk hunting anytime!


  • Used for multi-purpose in hunting
  • Versatile sound can be created
  • Can be used in rainy season


  • So far not any remarkable complaint is found about this calls


10. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

Best ELK CallsThis Rocky Mountain Hunting call will horn like a satellite bull challenging the large group of bull. It makes a great versatile call for cow and bull interaction.

Mellow Momma palate plate diaphragm is designed in a way that you can put forward in your mouth, right behind your upper teeth. Diaphragm helps you avoid choking and gives you control of the latex.

It produces mews, chirps and nasal sounds of cows and calves. To operate a call, place the “palate Plate” in upward to the roof of your mouth, place the latex down and the open end of the diaphragm toward the front of your mouth.

It is considered one of the easiest mouth reed. Palate plate stopped the latex, so you don’t have to worry about the right note as it controls the note anyway.

Palate plate also makes the latex longer lasting and more comfortable to blow which make the tone more realistic. On top of that, you are getting the deal at a meager price. So don’t waste your time thinking twice and make a deal NOW!


  • Easier to obtain nasal sound
  • Control high screaming pitches
  • Better sound quality
  • More flexible
  • Easiest mouth reed


  • Need a lot of practice to create perfect sound


ELK Calls FAQs

What is an ELK Call?

ELK is an animal who has strong and far-reaching vocals. By taking this concept, an instrument named ELK call is formed for hunting. ELK call is usually a device that produces vocals quite similar to ELK and lures in prey during the hunt.

What Are the Best ELK Calls?

Though the market is full of various ELK Calls, you will hardly found a few of them good to serve you a better experience. According to our best ELK Calls review, here we have found 5- top-notch ELK Calls that are well capable of meeting your need very well. They are-

  • Primos Hunting PS904 The Original Can Sidekick
  • PrimosHoochie Pack Call
  • PrimosImaka Da Bullcrazy Call
  • Hardwood Elk Call
  • Carlton’s Calls by Hunters Specialties Mac Daddy Elk Call

How to Choose an ELK?

An ELK call helps a hunter to bring his prey walk right to him instead of finding. It makes hunting quite easier and hassle-free. Besides, selecting a wrong ELK call can vain all the attempts as well. So before choosing a specific ELK call, you need some essential consideration to make yourself confident about it. Here are some crucial factors of elk calls-

  • Accuracy
  • Adjustability
  • Ease and convenient

What Are the Advantages of ELK Calls?

There are some benefits of using ELK calls during hunting-

  • Instead of finding prey, ELK calls help us to attract animals and bring them walking toward us.
  • It makes our hunting process easy and quick.
  • Proper use of ELK calls, influence our hunting to a great extent. It makes our hunting session exciting and enjoyable. It enhances the success ratio of our hunt.
  • ELK calls are available in many forms. Anyone can easily purchase ELK calls
  • ELK calls are very affordable; they usually come at meager prices.

What Are the Types of ELK Calls?

Hunting ELK calls are available in 3-different types. They are-

  • Reeds: It produces sounds by being blown into when the air passes through it.
  • Bugle: It produces sounds by vibration when the air passes through it.
  • Manual: It produces sounds without being blown into when the air passes through it.



Final Words

I do believe that you don’t need a dozen elk calls hanging around your neck to get a better result in elk hunting. You need to check the features of all mentioned best elk calls and go for them that works for you.

Select your one by considering your ability and surroundings. Or else, I would suggest you give a try to all of them. It would be easy for you to know your ability towards elk hunting. After that, I am sure you will get your desire elk calls.

So, which elk call have you had the chance to use? Which one did you consider as the best elk calls available in 2018? If you have any different idea or suggestion, then don’t forget to inform below in comment box. Will catch you later with another interesting topic. Till then: Stay connected with us and share your thoughts about the blog.



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