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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best EDC Lighter

Why need the best EDC Lighter? What is the purpose of it? Well a good quality EDC Lighter can be used to create fire whenever required. You can…

  • Use it to lighting frills
  • Use it to create a campfire
  • Use it to light up candles on Birthday
  • Use it to singeing loose threads
  • Use it to sealing rope

Apart from these EDC lighters can do so many other tasks when it needs to create fire. Most people, who love hiking, camping and other outdoor trips, use EDC Lighters. Thus, the benefits of EDC lighters are many.

But the problem is, the market is full of options. As it has gained immense popularity in recent years, everyone is doing business with the product.

Among those humongous options, picking the right one is a severe task for an individual. So, we decided to analyze the market so that we can reduce the pain of our readers. Let’s get straight to the point:

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best EDC Lighter

1. Zippo Brass Lighters

2. Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Lighter

3. Zippo Chrome Lighters

4. Ralix Electronic Lighter

5. SPPARX Flameless Dual Arc Lighter

6. Kivors USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter

7. Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Lighter

8. Everstryke Match Pro Lighter

9. Z-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch Flame Lighter

10. Ultimate Survival Technologies UST Lighter

Reviews of the Best EDC Lighter

Our professional researchers already research tons of products, so this seemed easier for them. But when they visited the market, it becomes so challenging.

A whole lot of products are available in the market where most of those are useless. They practically used over fifty products and finally ended up with this ultimate ten. They also talked with the makers and current customers.

Our digital team also read reviews on the Amazon. After putting all those information together, we decided to share with you here. Let’s have a look at what we have got in this best EDC lighter review.

1. Zippo Brass Lighters

Best EDC LighterIn lighter industry, Zippo is one of the most reliable names. For years they have been making and selling high-quality lighters. They are leading the market with top quality products that are available at a reasonable price.

This Zippo Brass Lighter is another example of their quality. It is made in the USA with premium quality materials. The construction quality of the product is pretty amazing with high-quality metal.

The lighter is thoughtfully designed. It is windproof and ensures optimum performance. It works with Zippo premium lighter fluid that is not included with the package.

Meaning, you have to purchase flued separately. The price is acceptable for the quality. Pick before the stock turns out.

Key Features

  • Windproof
  • Comes with distinctive Zippo Click
  • All metal construction
  • Ensures optimum performance with Zippo fluid
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers good grip


2. Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Best EDC LighterOver time one has to refill the lighter. That is what I considered as one of the most irritating tasks. What if you found out that the fuel is finished on a camping trip?

That’s why I love rechargeable lighter so much. They will allow you to recharge within a few minutes. My first choice when it comes to rechargeable lighter is the Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc.

Wondering why? Here is my answer, the lighter is made of a premium quality material that ensures its longevity. Besides, the lighter doesn’t need flame, butane.

It is completely, and you can recharge it anywhere anytime. Also, it is windproof and environment-friendly. Overall price is acceptable for such quality. Pick before the stock turns out.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable electric lighter doesn’t require any flame, butane
  • Windproof and environment-friendly
  • Safety feature included
  • Will not light up when the lid is closed
  • Recharge via USB
  • No need to refill with lighter fluid


3. Zippo Chrome Lighters

Zippo Chrome Let’s talk about another fantastic Zippo Lighter. As we all know, in lighter industry Zippo is the most reliable name. They always come with quality and the Zippo Chrome Lighter is another example of their quality production.

This Zippo Chrome Lighter is made with all metal materials. So, there is no question about the durability of the product. It will withstand sudden fall perfectly.

The lighter is windproof, and it is environmentally friendly as well. Overall, it is a good product at a decent price. Pick before the stock turns out

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Full metal construction
  • Windproof
  • Offers optimum performance
  • Need zippo premium lighter fluid for high efficiency


4. Ralix Electronic Lighter

Ralix Electronic Looking for an easy to use EDC Lighter? I bet you will love the Ralix Electronic Lighter very much in that case. It is simple to use. Just charge it, click, light and repeat the process.

The construction quality of the lighter is exceptional with premium quality zinc alloy materials. It will never fall apart or melt like cheap plastic lighters. The look is elegant as well.

Also, the lighter feature indicator that shows the status of the charge. A fully charged lighter will support you for a week. It is ideal for cigarettes, candles and many more.

Key Features

  • Single Arch one Click Electric Lighter
  • Wind resistant
  • No gas or fluid needed
  • Elegant design
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Charge indicator included
  • A high-quality battery that supports for long


5. SPPARX Flameless Dual Arc Lighter

Best EDC LighterIf you ask me to pick one from this best EDC Lighter article, I will choose the SPPARX Flameless Dual Arch Lighter without any hesitation.

I guess this is the smartest option of the present time with double plasma beams. There are no fumes, no tension of refilling, no spilling or no flint in this lighter.

Besides, this one is as simple as heaven to use. The construction quality of the lighter is exceptional. It is made of premium quality materials for longevity.

Overall, the price of the product is reasonable as well. So, why are you waiting for? Pick quickly before the stock turns out. The clink of the product is given below!

Key Features

  • Comes with double plasma beams
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Windproof lighter
  • Strong construction


6. Kivors USB Rechargeable Electronic Double Arc Cigarette Lighter

Best EDC LighterWhat can I say about the Kivors USB Rechargeable Windproof Lighter? Maybe ‘Coolness overloaded’ will suit with this Chinese Dragon Loong Lighter.

The design of the lighter will force you to pick this one. In the black body, you will notice a cool dragon design of golden color. Though some other color options are also available, I prefer the black one.

Anyway, this lighter is made of Zinc Alloy material that provides a good look as well as longevity. The lighter is easy to use. You can light it up with a single click located on the side of the lighter.

Also, it comes with all the safety features. And of course it a rechargeable lighter buddy. Pick it quickly, or the stock will expire.

Key Feature

  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Comes with Double electric arc-superior firepower
  • 5 times faster than single arc models
  • Easy to use
  • Safety feature included
  • Windproof and flameless


7. Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash Plasma Beam Lighter

Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable The Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash and Wind Proof Flameless Butane Free Revolutionary Plasma Bram Lighter is another cool addition in our list.

The construction quality of the product is amazing like all the above products. It is made of premium quality materials. The look of the model is pretty unique as well.

The lighter features plasma wave technology that creates plasma wave hotter than fire. It is wind and splash proof also TSA approved. The price of the lighter is beyond everyone’s reach. So, pick before the stock turns out.

Key Features

  • High-quality construction
  • Comes with plasma torch technology
  • Windproof and splash proof
  • TSA Approved
  • No harmful butane
  • Easy to use


8. Everstryke Match Pro Lighter

Everstryke Match Pro If you want a classy lighter to present someone as a gift, you just need one that works well as well as looks good. In that matter, I suggest you consider the Everstryke Match Pro Lighter.

It is built to last and looks super cool. The lighter has the ability to burns over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. When you need fire, it will surely light up that’s for sure.

It comes with replaceable flint, and replaceable wick and all other necessary things are necessary for starting a fire. The lighter is suitable for any camping, survival or emergency use.

Key Features

  • Comes with built-in O-ring that keeps fluid secure
  • Waterproof lighter
  • Capable of 15000 long burning strikes
  • Can burns over 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable for any outdoor activities


9. Z-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch Flame Lighter

Best EDC LighterZ-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch Flame Lighter is another most reasonable product in this list made with quality. It is constructed with first-grade materials.

So, it can accidentally fall to the ground but will never break that’s a promise. Still, try not to drop it, a tool after all. Also, the look of the product is killer.

It will surely boost up your personality in the woods! It is a dual flame torch lighter that is wind resistant. No matter how crazy the wind is, this one is not going to give a shit.

The overall price of the product is acceptable for such quality. Hurry up, or the stock will turn out soon enough.

Key Feature

  • Wind resistant
  • Strong made with quality materials
  • Dual flame torch lighter
  • It is refillable with butane
  • Doesn’t create any mess
  • Fits most flip top style lighters


10. Ultimate Survival Technologies UST Brands Lighter

Best EDC LighterI am at the end of our best EDC lighter article. Let’s end the topic with one of the finest product available online and the local market.

Yes, I am talking about Ultimate Survival Technologies UST Brands TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter. It comes with amazing construction and user-friendly design.

Just push a button to start a fire quickly even in breezy conditions. Also, it runs with a powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than you expect. The lighter is windproof and flameless. Overall, it is a good product at a good price.

Key Features

  • Runs with powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Windproof and flameless
  • Easy to charge with any USB port
  • Easy to start with push button
  • Green indicator included for safety
  • Heavy construction quality
  • Attractive and easy to keep in the pocket


Choosing the Best EDC Lighters

All the ten products are made with quality materials. So, sudden fall will not break any of those lighters. Besides, those are highly effective for regular use or bring in any outdoor trips to start a fire immediately.

I am sure you already selected one from the best EDC lighter reviews above according to your budget. You will get a link below the product description. Click it and check the product feedback on Amazon too. You will understand why I said those the best of this time.

There are some facts you should seriously consider before shopping for an EDC Lighter. I want to share those facts with you too. Those will help you to choose one wisely according to your budget.

Consider Type

Lighters are available in different types, and all of the types has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. A lighter can be a soft flame, torch or electric. You have to know your preference at first. But the question is how?

Soft Flame: Well a soft flame lighter uses less fuel if you compare it with torch models. Those don’t burn as hot. You can use those like a candle if any situation comes where a torch or flashlight is not accessible.

Torch: Torch lighters are powerful than soft flame lighters. Those offers pinpoint accuracy and high temperature. If you are not careful enough, those can burn anything. If you need to operate a lighter in crazy wind, those are the ideal solution.

Electric: Electric arc lighters are familiarly known as plasma or tesla coil lighters. in recent days those lighters become more popular than the above two types. The best part of an electric lighter is that you don’t have to refill it. Instead, you have to recharge it with electricity.

On outdoor trips, if electricity is available, you are good to go with this model. Otherwise, those are not suitable for outdoor trips. You can carry those with a power bank if you like.

Fuel Source

The next thing you need to consider before shopping is the fuel source of the lighter. A lighter can use normal lighter fluid, butane or run on batteries.

If you purchase an electric lighter, you don’t have to think about the fuel source. Butane is odorless and ideal to use in soft flame or torch lighters. But the problem is, butane comes in pressurized canisters.

So, it is not simple to carry here and there; if you run out of fuel, this can create a problem. Normal lighter fluids are available everywhere and come in a compact package.

So, you can carry and refill whenever needed. But with an electric lighter, you don’t have to worry about those shits. You have an electric lighter, keep a power bank and go with the cable anywhere you want.

Besides, most of the electric lighters come with powerful batteries that can run up to a week. Fair enough, what say?


If the EDC lighter breaks easily, all the other features will seem meaningless. Who wants a product that breaks so easily? Nobody, I am sure! Remember, nothing last forever, and everything has an expired date in this universe. When the time comes, all things have to go.

Lighter is no exception. But Butane Lighter and Arc Lighter have a massive lifespan. But eventually, those will also wear out. That is the time you have to think about a new one. However, lighters with wick and flint tend to last longer and easy to carry in different places.

If you want your lighter to be long lasting, you should keep different lighters for different purposes. For example, you should keep one for regular use another one for your outdoor trips and another one for emergency situations.

That’s how you can enhance the lifespan of your lighter.  Also, while shopping, consider the construction quality seriously. All metal construction or Zinc Alloy made lighters are stronger than those plastic made cheap lighters.

EDC Lighter FAQs

What is the EDC Lighter?

EDC lighters refer to every day carry lighters that people use for completing various jobs. These lighters aren’t only made for smokers; they can deal with other fire-related tasks.

What is Inside of an EDC Lighter?

Some gas-type lighters come with Butane liquefied gas, which is colorless and highly flammable. Again, some EDC lighters feature hydrocarbon mixture that us, in essence, a volatile flammable liquid. And some lighters have charcoal fluid. People use these types of lighters to light charcoal in the barbecue grill.

Which is the Best Fuel for EDC Lighter?

Butane flammable gas is considered as the highest quality fuel. It is because it doesn’t clog lighters with impurities. For your information, if your lighter feature low-quality butane, it may ruin your lighter. So, make sure your lighter offers zero impurities or less than 15 parts per million.

Why Do People Consider the Clipper Lighter So Special?

Clipper Lighters feature removable flint system, for which smokers find these lighters appealing. Another reason behinds their popularity is they contain fewer impurities than other lighters. As a result, the clipper lighters become the prime choice for most people.

Is the Lighter Fuel Unhealthy?

Of course, the lighter fuel is unhealthy. Lighters come with hydrocarbons that don’t break down easily. As a result, you ingest gas and food, which may harm your health.

Is the Clipper Lighter Windproof?

All clipper lighters don’t have the windproof feature. But some brands offer lighters that have the weather-resistant facility. If your priority is windproof, then you may go with the weather-resistant clipper lighter.


Final Words

If you consider those above factors, you will notice all of the best EDC lighters, has those qualities. That’s why we place those in our ultimate list.

Anyway, I reviewed some fantastic EDC lighters also give you some useful buying tips. It’s your turn now. You can pick one from our list, or you can visit somewhere else. Just make sure the source is reliable.

Remember, lighter is effective as well as a dangerous tool. While using a lighter, never lose your focus. You can burn yourself. Always, keep all those emergency medicine kits with you.

I am wrapping up now. If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment. We are always here to listen to your view. If you have any suggestion about our blog feels free to share. We will also share some effective traveling ideas, tips, tricks, and products later on.




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