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Last Updated on January 4, 2022

Best Duck Decoys

Hunting ducks is a hobby of many people who love to spend their time doing outdoor activities. You can call this a pastime too. But in the past, hunting ducks were very famous amongst the people as it produced food for them.

Even in the present, many people do duck hunting with the great passion. In this generation, duck hunting with best duck decoys is very popular. Hunters can enjoy their hunting trip if they have most realistic duck decoys with them.

In early 60’s, decoys were made of woods and natural paints. Thought woods are still in use to make duck decoys, but many latest technologies are being used to develop the structure of decoys and give them a realistic look.

Many decoys also have batteries and motors to give realistic motions. Many decoys performance depends only on the structure. But whatever the customization and structure are, the duck decoys are very important indeed.

Today we are going to have a discussion on the best duck decoys of 2018. We have done many types of research and found some duck decoys which can perform very well.

Those decoys are mentioned below with details. These are truly the best motion duck decoys you will find in the market. So, let’s have a look at these best duck decoys.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Duck Decoys


Best Duck Decoys

1. AvianX Top Flight Duck Back Water Mallard Decoy

  • Weight-forward swim keel design
  • Ultra-realistic paint scheme
  • Natural motion mimicker

Best Duck Decoys

2. AVIAN-X Top Flight Fusion Mallards

  • Realistic paint scheme
  • Swim keel design
  • Excellent poses

MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard

3. MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard Duck Decoy

  • Dual shaft drive motor
  • 6-volt rechargeable battery
  • PVC magnetic wings

Flambeau Storm Front Classic Mallard

4. Flambeau Storm Front Classic Mallard Decoys

  • 14” classic size
  • Secure strap weight location
  • UV technology

Best Duck Decoys

5. MOJO Outdoors Mojo Waterfowl Decoy Teal

  • Direct drive System
  • 16-hour runtime
  • Magnetically connected wings

Best Duck Decoys

6. AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy

  • Durable wood construction
  • Non-chip paint
  • Front weight keel design

AvianX Top Flight Flocked

7. AvianX Top Flight Flocked Duck Floater Decoy

  • Ultra-realistic flocking
  • Adhesive coating
  • Natural motion mimicker

Higdon Outdoors Standard Ringneck

8. Higdon Outdoors Standard Ringneck Decoys

  • Foam filling system
  • Weighted keel design
  • Short stringing slip

Best Duck Decoys

9. MOJO Outdoors Blue Wing Teal Motion Duck Decoy

  • Cutting-edge decoy technology
  • 3-piece pole design
  • Fast spinning wings

Best Duck Decoys

10. Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy

  • Ultra-realistic carvings
  • Thumb loop system
  • Pro-grade decoy

Reviews of The Best Duck Decoys

1. AvianX Top Flight Duck Back Water Mallard Decoy

Best Duck DecoysWe all know that is the company which is preferred by many experts who uses best duck decoys in hunting. This company always provides decoys with the latest features in the reasonable prices.

Now we are going to discuss a product that has the structure of mallards. The pose of this set of decoys is very realistic. Any duck will fall in trap thinking this product as a group of mallards.

The keel design is tested and proven very helpful. The painting is the main factor in decoys. The paint scheme used in this set is very good. It maintains quality and let the product look like real mallards.

If you worry about the paint durability, then you don’t have to in future. As the paint used here is very durable. You can use this product for many seasons.

This floating mallard decoys set has great movement on the water. They do perform well while floating on the water of ponds lakes etc.


  • Ultra realistic paint scheme is used to make this product. This is durable and lets you use this product without fade issue.
  • In paint adhesion makes the product look like a real group of mallards.
  • Weight forward swim keel design enables the product to float perfectly on the water and gives great movement.
  • Makes natural motion even in low breezes.


  • Thought the paint doesn’t fade easily, but it also gets scratches too.
  • The keel part is weaker than other parts. Maybe a problem for you.


2. AVIAN-X Top Flight Fusion Mallards

Best Duck DecoysThis product is very much live looking set of decoys in the current market. The poses of this product are very attractive. The company has chosen the poses very well.

Each decoy has separate pose. That is why a duck may assume this as a group of mallards which is real. The paint scheme is very good. It helps the product to look real.

The paint quality is also good. That is why paint is durable and lets you use this product for several seasons. Another amazing fact about this product is it can be used in any places such as rivers, ponds, lakes, etc.

This product can perform its best even in the roughest of waters. That is why you can be sure that this product will give you realistic motions when you left them on the water. The product can give you motion even in the slightest of the breeze.


  • The poses are great. 1 feeder drake, 1 feeder hen, 1 high head drake, 1 low head drake, 1 swimmer hen and 1 high head then make the set.
  • The set can easily mimic the real resting flock on the water.
  • In the paint, adhesion makes the paint durable and will provide service for several seasons.
  • The paint scheme is realistic and maintains top quality.
  • Weight forward swim keel design helps to give great motion while the product is floating on the water.


  • The only problem with this product is the paint. Though the paint is durable. But there is a slight chance of getting scratches.


3. MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard Duck Decoy

MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard If you want to enjoy the features of a MOJO product, but you also want something small, then this is the perfect product for you. As you see this product has the shape of a baby mallard.

The company also has told that this is the smallest of their decoys. But still, it has many amazing features and additions. This product comes with the battery which is quite unexpected.

It also comes with a powerful charger to recharge. And here, the surprising part is you don’t have to remove the battery to charge. You can recharge the battery even when the battery is inside the decoy.

The pair of wings is more durable than other products. It is made of durable rich material. The quality motor is also used to make movements. That is why the movement is pretty good and realistic. Thus, targets will surely get attracted and fell into your trap.


  • The size is 22 percent less than common MOJO decoys.
  • Has strong 6-volt battery to perform the great movement.
  • Contains charger and external port in the decoy body so that you can charge the battery without separation.
  • Battery bracket available to protect the battery and ensure not making any vibratory sound.
  • Factory installed remote receiver plug lets you control the decoy easily.


  • The paint is average in quality.
  • The attachment of the wings to the main body is not strong enough.


4. Flambeau Storm Front Classic Mallard Decoys

Flambeau Storm Front Classic MallardThis set of decoys contains drakes and hens. This is a very useful decoy set as it disappoints you rarely. One of the main facilities of this product is easy to setup system.

This facility helps you save your time. As we all know every single time is important. So, if you can save time by using this product, then you can get focus on other parts of the hunting trip.

The paint scheme used here is one of the best. It has the latest technology that gives realistic look and makes the hunting easy. The structure will force the ducks to come near this set and fall into your trap.

The painting scheme is mainly base on the UV system. It lets the outer part of the decoys look like real feathers. This is one of the cheapest decoy set having technologies that let this product look real and live.


  • Contains 3 active drakes, 3 semi-resting drakes, and 6 semi-resting hens.
  • Secure strap weight location helps you to set the product up easily.
  • UV technology is used in the color scheme.
  • The color scheme gives reflectivity that matches the reflectivity of real duck feathers.
  • Keel design is innovative.


  • Colors are not durable at all.
  • The material used to make the product has nothing special about it.


5. MOJO Outdoors Mojo Waterfowl Decoy Teal

Best Duck DecoysMojo decoy teal is one of the best support pole integrated decoys you will find in the market. The color combination is not bad at all.

Thought there nothing mentioned about the color by the company; still, the experts rated the color combination in top charts.

When you will see the structure very close, you will find out the strong design which lets this product play a vital role in your hunting trip. The weight of this product is not annoying.

You may think this heavy as it has a strong and complex structure. But the product is compact and easy to carry. The wings of this product are very useful. This pair is faster than other spinning wings in the current market.

That’s why it gives a very realistic feel. The product is the far better performer than other duck decoy sets. It can also be used with other sets too if you look for something special in your hunting trip.


  • Great battery life. The product can perform about 16 hours nonstop after getting fully charged.
  • Fast plastic wings are connected magnetically.
  • Looks like a real green wing drake.
  • Has 2 times faster wings than common spinning wings.
  • Has three piece support pole.


  • The wings of this product are not sturdy. The wings are sensitive.
  • The pole is shorter. It may cause you some problems if you intend to use this in deep(more than 2 feet) water.


6. AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy

Best Duck DecoysThis is a product made by Avian-X which has the combination of both classical and modern duck decoy structure. If you are looking for a set of decoys which can perform its task very simple and give you the best service at a reasonable price.

The manufacturer has put a lot of efforts to make this high-quality product. After going through many types of research and experiments, the product is certified by the experts.

The amazing fact is the product is made of woods. Woods are very much durable. So you can use this product for a long time. Not only the material but also the posture of the product is amazing.

The pose and structure give this set of decoys a realistic look. This pack of six has a great motion system. You will see this product giving great movement in the simple breeze too. Let’s not forget about the color as the color is also a good feature of this product.


  • Made of durable woods.
  • Pose like resting ducks. Makes them look real.
  • Non-chip paint makes this set of decoys look live.
  • Front weight keel design gives great motion which can attract ducks easily.
  • The rubberized molding material is also integrated to make this product more durable and useful.


  • A little bigger in size.
  • Cannot tolerate extreme abuses.


7. AvianX Top Flight Flocked Duck Floater Decoy

AvianX Top Flight Flocked All of you hunters wish for a duck decoy set which has facilities like realistic behaviors, color schemes, durability and many more.

Avian-X has brought a product which has all mentioned features included. But we all know that duck decoys are not hundred percent. But still, Avian-X tried to put all the features and make a duck decoy set which can satisfy you and stand top in all sectors.

This product has an amazing color combination which makes this product real and attracts ducks and mallards. The material used in the product is also durable indeed. Many expert hunters may not mention the fact durability an important one in this type of product discussion.

But still when you are thinking about the budget, then this product is very useful as you don’t have to buy a new set of decoys frequently as this can provide service for a long time. Not to forget about the motion. The motion of this product is also satisfying.


  • Ultra realistic flocking facility is integrated.
  • Perfect paint schemes to make the product look real and live.
  • Ultimate in coating adhesion helps the product to provide you best service in your hunting.
  • Weight forward swim keel design to make realistic motions.
  • The set includes only three drakes.


  • Little Oversized. If you concern for the portability fact more, then it may give you some problems.
  • Average material. The manufacturer has not mentioned anything attractive about this fact.


8. Higdon Outdoors Standard Ringneck Decoys

Higdon Outdoors Standard Ringneck Well, it will be satisfying if you get a duck decoy set has a bulletproof facility. It helps you in many ways. The company, Higdon has brought a set of best duck decoys which has bulletproof structure.

It makes this product very much durable. The product is capable of tolerating abuses and provides you with good service. The product is also easy to set up.

That is why your time will be saved, and you can quickly prepare yourself for hunting. The product gives you the facility to use shorter lines in shallow water. The size is also fantastic.

It matches the real size of a duck. That’s why you can easily carry this decoy set in your bag. This product doesn’t sink easily. It has the movement that makes the duck come near it.

The company has put a lot of effort into the details of the paint. They have given a very detailed combination of colors to the product. The color is also durable so that you can use this product for a long time.


  • The foam filling system makes this product bulletproof. That is why it can tolerate many cases of abuse.
  • The compact and realistic size lets make your hunting easy, and you can carry the product easily too.
  • Weighted keel system helps you to set up quickly.
  • Short stringing slip is also integrated so that you can use shorter lines in shallow water.
  • Realistic and detailed color combination given to the product.


  • The keel doesn’t have good structure and may fail after few uses. So users have to be extra cautious about this part of the product.


9. MOJO Outdoors Blue Wing Teal Motion Duck Decoy

Best Duck DecoysWhat actually we need from a duck decoy? Is it enough to look realistic? Well MOJO Outdoors has made a product that defines an ideal duck decoy.

Not just looks, but also the motion and movement are also important to make a duck decoy perfect. This product has a pair of the blue wing. These wings look very realistic. This feature attracts ducks perfectly.

The feature doesn’t finish here. The fast spinning of the wings makes this product behave like a real duck. Another feature of this product is the battery life.

The battery life is strong enough to provide you with service for a long time. As per as the company, the fully charged battery will last more than half a day continuously.

This product is a perfect choice if you choose size pond for hunting. This product catches the light and easily reflects back at the ducks. This makes easier to get you to target near you.


  • Made of durable materials. Can be used for several seasons.
  • Very light weighted. Easily portable.
  • 4 AA battery won’t be dead within 16 or fewer hours.
  • 3 piece pole design makes this product very much active and realistic.


  • The part connects the product with the pole is made of cheap plastic.
  • The wings may not perform movements smoothly after few years.


10. Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy

Best Duck DecoysIf you need a duck decoy set for using many seasons, then Avery’s duck decoy set is a perfect choice for you. The products main feature is its durability.

No matter what, the product is capable of providing you service for several seasons continuously. The ultra-realistic paints help the product to attract ducks and mallards easily.

This product is quite perfect for use in ponds, lakes. The product has good structure, and that is why it is durable than average products.

Another important fact about this product is its storage. You can easily pick this product up from the water and store it in the pack or bag to carry with you. This makes easy for you to maintain this product after using.

The poses are almost real. The positioning of the body parts of the decoys look very realistic, and the paint pattern also increases the possibility to attract your target.


  • Body postures and the paint scheme give the product a realistic look.
  • Very much durable. Can be used for several hunting seasons.
  • Thumb loop system helps you to pick up the product easily.
  • Wrapping and unwrapping decoy lines are not visible.
  • Poses of the body parts are perfect.


  • The material is average. But still, the price is high as the manufacturer ensures durability.


Duck Decoys FAQs

What Are the Best Duck Decoys?

Getting the best duck decoy is not always found easy yet. Our experts made a list of 10 best duck decoys in this article and provided a fair review on them. After completing the entire review here, we found the following 3- top-notch duck decoys as the best of our list. After reading our full review, if you are still confused to make the right decision, you can give any of the following duck decoys a try at once.
They are-

  • AvianX Top Flight Duck Back Water Mallard Decoy
  • AVIAN-X Top Flight Fusion Mallards
  • MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard Duck Decoy

How to Choose the Best Duck Decoys?

Taking an informed decision while making a purchase always help people to make their money worth. And to make an informed decision, it is necessary to have a firm knowledge of the product’s basic features. Therefore, here is some essential consideration regarding best duck decoys that will help you to find the best one for yourself. The factors are-

  • Species
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Line
  • Flyers

What Are Duck Decoys Used for?

A duck decoy resembles a real duck used to attract real ducks in duck hunting. This human-made object can be made of wood, canvas, or plastic yet. Usually, duck decoys come with very accurate paints and resemble various kinds of waterfowl yet.

How Many Duck Decoys Should I Use?

It ups to hunter preference. Usually, it is ok for small and confined water to use 6 to 36 decoys on the water. For the large water, this number can be increased as well. Even using too many decoys does not hamper or scare ducks yet.

Do You Need Decoys to Hunt Ducks?

Actually, it depends on individual preference. Though it is possible to hunt ducks without decoys, most duck hunters prefer decoys for duck hunting. Duck decoys help hunters to bring more ducks into their hunting range and make them able to hunt more ducks easily. However, duck hunting without decoys requires more planning to harvest your limit of ducks.



Final Words

Duck decoys are the main thing you will need to have a great time while hunting ducks. Hunting without a set of good duck decoys may cause you many troubles.

You may feed up and also go home. So, it is necessary to choose the perfect one. Though choosing best duck decoys are not so tough job. But still, you have to be very careful. Because all products don’t have all feature.

Some features might be missing. So, it’s up to you to choose the product which can fulfill your demands and produce the best result.



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