The 10 Best Duck Calls in 2023 – Ultimate Reviews

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Duck Calls

Utilizing a duck call takes into consideration a touch of the creative act of spontaneity in your hunting game. Duck calls discharge different noises dependent on how they are utilized, and take practice to expert, however, are the absolute best hunting accessory for increasing your chances of sacking a duck.

A good duck call is a necessary part of your hunting gear arrangement. Besides, you can decrease the quantity of time if you invest in the right tools like a duck call.

Here, our specialist will speak concerning the ten best duck calls; you will get the best duck call for your circumstances available in the market today.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Duck Calls

1. Jase Robertson Pro Duck Call

2. Classic Commander Double Reed Call

3. Buck Gardner Double Nasty Duck Call

4. Duck Commander Camo Max Duck Call

5. Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

6. Mallard Drake Duck Call

7. Haydel’s Game Calls Double Reed Call

8. Ole Raspy Duck Call

9. Teal Hen Duck Call

10. GLORYFIRE Duck Call Lanyard

Reviews of the Best Duck Calls

We spent many hours investigating to review the top choices for this content. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned hunter in it for the excite of the pursuit, or you’re a photographer looking to get a close-up of their vivid plumage, the duck calls on this list are intended to create a diversity of sounds that will lure your topic close to your hunting blind or position.

They’re made of several different materials, from plastic to wood, and are priced to meet anyone’s budget. Here we are going to discuss ten best duck calls with their positives and negatives. So let’s read the article before taking the decision.

1. Jase Robertson Pro Duck Call

Best Duck CallsFor more than 40 years of building duck calls, Duck Commander keep on controlling parts of the calls to get the sound increasingly ‘ducky.

From the zenith of long stretches of rehearsing their exchange, they present to you the Jase Robertson PRO Series duck call. Presently it is one of the best duck call accessible in the market, to talk the dialect of duck.

Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Duck Call is the most straightforward blowing call we’ve at any point made, and it is staggeringly simple to utilize. You’ll seem like a professional in the blink of an eye. This call sounds precisely like a mallard hen.

The novel plan additionally gives it a puncturing top of the line for large water applications, alongside a delicate, rough low end for wrapping up. It is a great duck call! Highly recommend to anyone searching for a duck call for duck hunting.


  • Easy to blow, Easy to quack and cluck
  • Very soft tone great for that last pass
  • Same volume and range exactly as a Mallard Hen
  • The smooth and low-end properties allow blowing quietly
  • Friction fit system, Phil Robertson’s Patented Double-reed
  • Material: High-grade Wood with a Polycarbonate Insert


  • If more moisture gets into it, produce different sounds
  • Took a little practice for the exact sound of a duck


2. Classic Commander Double Reed Call

Best Duck CallsThe Duck Commander Classic Commander Duck Call offers a hand-tuned structure that the experts have been utilizing since 1972.

It includes high caliber wooden development with a cedar wood embed and poplar wood barrel that houses the licensed twofold reed framework that is legitimate and simple to blow.

The Classic Commander Duck Call is one of the unique Duck Commander calls. Duck Commander Classic Double Reed is made out of plastic.

The casing which holds the reed is made of wood, so it doesn’t freeze up as quickly in the cold, and you can call very loud. The quacks are sharp, and you can get a decent handle on the call.

It doesn’t take much air to make the reeds vacillate. Bolstering calls and laughs are simple. This is the ideal cheap call that effortlessly replaceable and still does all that you need.


  • One of the original Duck Commander duck calls
  • Classic design, classic construction
  • Wood chamber with cedar insert
  • Creates the natural sound of a Mallard Hen
  • Cedarwood insert, famous wood barrel
  • Double reed system, easy to blow
  • Brand: Duck Commander, Country of Origin: USA


  • To make the perfect sounds will take some time
  • The casing is made from wood


3. Buck Gardner Double Nasty II Polycarbonate Duck Call

Buck GardnerWhy get terrible, when you can get double frightful! Additional raspy, unadulterated duck sound and the scope of a single reed are altogether accomplished with this super-simple to blow double reed call.

The Buck Gardner Double Nasty II Polycarbonate Duck Call is a foundation of our duck call line and extraordinary compared to other moving calls, no doubt about it.

This call highlights Spit-Tech Technology. Buck says, “It’s a simple call to utilize, and it’s simple on the wallet.” The Buck Gardner Double Nasty II Duck Call is loud, additional raspy, and ensured not to stick because of our Spit-Tech tone board structure.

The reeds are fitted, and the tone board is hand sanded. It looked extraordinary with its polished complete and demonstrated in the field.

The Spit-Tech innovation enables the call to blow when wet from salivation, buildup, and even unplanned dunks in the water.

Each Double Nasty duck call is tuned by hand and tried by the staff of committed duck seekers in Memphis, TN. It is one of Buck’s unequaled top picks for any dimension guest, tenderfoot or prepared.


  • Quality polycarbonate at a high level
  • Easy to blow, gives a nice quack and affordable.
  • Mid-range Feed calls and Raspy bottom end
  • Tone board and double reed Combo
  • Double reed, mallard duck call


  • Sticks quite a bit in freezing weather
  • The color of the call (green) not looking great


4. Duck Commander Camo Max Duck Call

Duck CommanderAre you an expert or a newbie to the duck-hunting scene? The Duck Commander Camo Max Duck Call is tuned for you. They are made at Duck Commander in West Monroe Louisiana.

Made of high-impact ABS plastic, this call is extremely tough and durable. Yet though it’s plastic, it has a high-quality sound. It’s also built for the hardcore hunter who likes a multiplicity of calls with a specific application.

The Camo Max is a final finisher. A standout amongst other sounding calls which have a double reed call. It has an extraordinary mid-to low-extend condition that makes it best as a nearby in completing the call.

It uses the Realtree Max 4 camo example to keep the call and you stowed away in the visually impaired. There are no beautiful hues that ducks can flare off of.

It has a cord forest in it which is pleasant. You can likewise do haling call, feed call, quacks, rebound call it can do everything. We will insubordinately prescribe it to anybody!


  • High quality and handmade duck call
  • Small, simple and very easy to blow
  • Nice looking, lightweight and ultimate finisher
  • Realtree Max 4 camo pattern keeps hidden
  • Mid-to-low range tone for a close-in duck call.
  • Durable and long-lasting, affordable price
  • Easy to use for beginners and hardcore hunter


  • For great sound have to practice for 1/2 weeks
  • A little pricey for the quality


5. Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

Best Duck CallsDuck Commander Wood Duck Call creates an excellent portrayal of the call of the Wood Duck. Duckmen saying, “It will make them spitting feathers!”

It’s easy to blow, and – with training – will bring these beautiful and delicious flying creatures right onto your visually impaired or duck hole.

The plastic body of Duck Commander Wood Duck Call resists scratching, cracking, and cleans easily. Although the barrels bodies are made of plastic; the diaphragms, reeds, and soundboards are independently pressed, hand cut, and set by the guys at DC.

Likewise, each call is separately tuned by the Duck Commander Distribution Center. Along these lines, in such manner, these calls are unquestionable “separately carefully assembled,” but not “high quality” – at any rate not completely.

The call itself is exceptionally lightweight and fits effortlessly onto a call cord or into the pocket of a decent combine of waders. It sounds simple paying little mind to the climate conditions (hot, cool, stormy, muggy, and so forth) and the sound activities well.

Generally speaking, you’d be unable to locate a superior Wood Duck call that is so promptly accessible available – especially at this value run.


  • Realistic wood duck call available on the market
  • Easy to use, single reed, tough and durable
  • Three sound levels; Great for sitting or flying sounds
  • High-impact plastic, well finished
  • Confidence call for late season ducks


  • A bit difficult to learn how to use
  • Sometimes all calls don’t work the same


6. Mallard Drake Duck Call

Best Duck CallsThe Mallard Drake call is a piece of the Duck Commander Specialty Series. Manufactured mainly to lure call-shy, late-season mallards, this one of a kind consider produces the correct sound of the mallard drake.

It’s an extraordinary certainty call, and there are no reeds to stick or screech. This call helps in drawing in ‘off-ducks,’ as well as goes about as a certainty call when late season ducks get careful about regular calling.

The Mallard Drake Call, similar to the great mallard drake, doesn’t quack. He doesn’t talk much or say much. He creates a low, murmuring shriek. The Mallard Drake Call duplicates this sound precisely.

It engineered with high-effect plastic that can get hammered season after season. The dull green shade of the call additionally will disguise well with your apparatus.


  • Made of high-impact plastic, this is exceptionally durable
  • Easy to blow, produce Mallard Drake noises
  • Explicitly designed to attract “off ducks”
  • Late season birds that have become call-shy
  • Reedless call, Effective and accurate tone replication
  • Dark green color will camouflage well with your gear


  • Not a “Quacking” call (Mallard Drake doesn’t quack)
  • Hard to misplace dark green color


7. Haydel’s Game Calls Double Reed Mallard Call

Haydel's Game CallLure out prey with ease while hunting with this model DR-85 Haydels Double Reed Mallard Call. It is designed with a fully adjustable floating wedge, which provides you with the opportunity to achieve the ideal pitch required for your hunting.

Haydel’s Game Calls DR-85 Double Reed Mallard Call looks good with clear plastic and so easy to blow, sounds even better as a Mallard Drake.

Anybody will have the capacity to master it in no time. It empowers you to call with slight back pressure and requires very little air to make a good sound.

It is ideal for the duck hunter who is unfamiliar with others calls. It is a great call! Highly recommend to anyone searching for a goose call for duck hunting.


  • Great price, high quality, and great sound
  • Nice slim design and made of clear plastic
  • Good low tones and sturdy build
  • Solid construction and needs no tuning
  • Adjustable floating wedge for personal adjustment
  • Covering the full chromatic scale
  • Pretty easy to use as a beginner


  • First time can be difficult to tune
  • Affordable but not very high quality


8. Ole Raspy Duck Call

Ole RaspyThe Ole Raspy is one of the best quality duck calls considers that put the Duck Commander group on the guide as pioneers in the business.

Made in excellent Duck Commander style, this consider flaunts the licensed grating fit framework; a demonstrated dependable and compelling framework for this double reed call.

Duck Commander Ole Raspy Duck Call had of high-effect plastic for toughness and long-haul use, all around completed and looking so pleasant. It can deliver low and very raspy extraordinary sound sounds. Simple to blow sounds just to a genuine duck as it gets!

Incredible duck call for a novice or a superb addition to the lanyard of the skilled caller. The best close-mid range call has ever blown. This is your new pal and he’s joining to you in the duck daze this year!


  • Made of durable material (high impact plastic)
  • Double reed call, easy to blow
  • Perfect duck call beginner’s, also for expert hunters
  • Unique super and low raspy sounds
  • Patented, friction-fit system
  • Phil Robertson Approved, made in the USA


  • The reeds stuck together in very wet conditions
  • Need some practice for the perfect tune


9. Teal Hen Duck Call

Best Duck CallsThe Duck Commander is one of the last brand out there. Duck Commander has once again comes with the Teal Hen. It perfectly imitates the Green-winged, Blue-winged, or Cinnamon teal hen.

The Teal Duck Call has a design that is to be blown extra fast and is an excellent daylight call. Duck Commander Teal Hen Duck Call has unique, patented, a self-cleaning double-reed system that very nasally, squeaky, higher pitched call that teal hens are known for.

The DC calls sound the most realistic of all the calls. Produce dead-on blue-winged, green-winged, or cinnamon teal hen calls with the Duck Commander Teal Duck Call. Made for fast calling, this quality Teal Hen duck call is great for hunting after the sun is up in the sky!


  • Specifically intended for a teal hen sound
  • Also works on green-winged, blue-winged, cinnamon teal
  • Made of high impact plastic
  • Double-reed, friction fit system
  • Designed to be blown extra fast
  • Durable material, Phil Robertson’s Patented
  • Aid in attracting “Off Ducks”
  • Confidence call when delayed season ducks get wary


  • Can be difficult to tune
  • Affordable but not too high quality


10. GLORYFIRE Duck Call Lanyard

Best Duck CallsGLORYFIRE Duck Call Lanyard made in the US with premium military review 60 feet genuine nylon 550lb paracord to withstand the hardest situations which we have tried in the hardest conditions.

The survival paracord is anything but difficult to perfect, sturdy, shape and build up safe, beautiful and blur safe! GLORYFIRE Duck Call Lanyard highlighted with totally 11 movable loops those safely hold 11 calls in place.

Additionally accompanies Removable Clips, you can remove any loops according to your needs.  Simply embed your drop in the duck call groove and slide the bunch down to anchor your duck calls.

Holds every single measured call, Holds all sized calls, popular with Mallard Calls, Wood Duck Calls, Teal Calls, Goose Calls, and many others – won’t blast your assembles and shields them from drops into the water and mud.

Its vast size effectively fits around any neck, even with substantial massive garments, outrageous solace with a full, muscular neck strap.

Every one of duck call cords is high quality with cherishing care and consideration and wouldn’t create whatever wouldn’t be sufficient for our very own utilization.


  • Military Grade Nylon 550lbs paracord
  • Prevents calls from falling in the mud, water & worse
  • Completely adjustable 11 loops hold 11 calls
  • Removable Clips help remove any loops
  • Quick Release stainless metal Clip that won’t rust
  • Reinforced Kots designed to handle more weight


  • Just too long overall


Duck Calls FAQs

Why Do Hunters Use Duck Calls?

Hunters use duck calls to mimic the call of ducks in their area. Duck calls help hunters allure ducks; as a result, they can hunt ducks easily. The best fact regarding duck calls that hunters love is that these physical instruments come with reeds, which lets hunters adjust the tone and volume to attract different ducks. Considering these facts, you may now understand why hunters do use duck calls.

What Materials Does a Duck Call Feature?

Generally, duck calls are made from three types of materials. These are acrylic, wood, and polycarbonate. Acrylic duck calls can produce loud whistle, and wooden calls are softer than acrylic. And polycarbonate calls fall between acrylic and wooden. They are mellower than wooden calls.

How Can You Gain a Duck’s Trust?

The best way to make ducks trust you is to show up and feed them regularly. Besides, it will help if you try to make ducks come closer to you. After certain days, they will be more comfortable with you. You can reach them and touch them.

Single-reed Vs. Double-reed Call, Which is Better?

In essence, there is no rule for which is better between single-reed and double-reed calls. It depends on what suits you perfectly and works best in most situations. Anyway, if you compare their features, you will notice that single-reed calls are more versatile and have more range than double-reed calls. But beginners can’t easily use or master these duck calls. On the contrary, double-reed calls can produce very realistic sounds, and these devices are suitable for novices.

What is the Ideal Duck Call for Beginners?

It depends on lots of factors. First of all, beginners need to find out which duck call is easy to master. While choosing, they should also consider which type of duck they will hunt. After deciding that, they should select the duck call material from three different types: acrylic, wood, and polycarbonate. Finally, it is time to choose the call style from single and double reed. In short, duck calls that suit you well is ideal for you.


Final Words

The best duck calls are the ones that you can depend on to perform even in nasty climate, getting ducks rapidly. A decent duck call will convey them ideal to you. In particular, you should realize that achievement relies upon what sort of duck and the region where you are chasing.

We trust that you have effectively chosen which one is the best duck call. Our specialists dependably attempt to give you the correct data to assist you in picking the correct item. We trust this likewise helped you!


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