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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Dog Sling Carrier

We know how much you love your pet. And you want to take them wherever you go. Besides, sometimes your little pet simply wants to stay by your side. A sling carrier is a perfect solution for such situations.

A sling carrier allows you to keep your pet close to your body; thus you can easily hug, touch, and talk to them. Overall, a best dog sling carrier will keep your pup safe and comfortable, and you will have a new fashionable accessory.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Dog Sling Carrier

1. RETRO PUG Pet Sling Carrier Bag

2. Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Pet Sling Carrier

3. i’Pet Hands-free Dog Cat Sling Carrier

4. TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier

5. Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling

6. Ondoing Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier Bag

7. Dogloveit Reversible Carrier

8. BreaDeep Pet Carrier Sling

9. PYXAGE Dog Carriers

10. BIG WING Pet Sling Carrier

Reviews of the Best Dog Sling Carrier

As a pet owner, you need a sling carrier to keep your small companion with you while you are out and about. A sling carrier comfortably holds your pet whilst allows you to perform other tasks. But which one is the best dog sling carrier?

The market is full of options. Most of the available models are bulky, not adjustable and comfortable. Here, we will talk about ten best dog sling carrier which is comfortable, lightweight and durable. Let’s read the article to make your decision easy!

1. RETRO PUG Pet Sling Carrier Bag

Best Dog Sling CarrierThe RETRO PUG sling bag is one of the safe and comfortable dog sling carrier in the market. Made of waterproof, superior material that keeps your pet warm and dry even in harsh weather conditions.

Comes with a double safety device that is leash ring and safety mesh net. It prevents your pet from accidental popping out. If you are fear of shoulder aches, this shoulder strap combo set will keep your pet for long trips without worries.

Besides, you can adjust your pet to the height you want comfortably; they call it `3-second strap’. Anyone can control the strap very easily in accordance with their body type.

It is deeper and the entrance is wide, you need to pay attention to the size of your pet and the bag carefully before purchasing it. In case of a tiny dog, you can also insert padding into the bag.

The round-type bottom also keeps your pet stable. The front pocket and the pocket of the shoulder strap can keep the simple belongings. You can wash is easily by hand and water.

You can also use a washing machine, but it may deteriorate the waterproof function. The RETRO PUG Pet Sling carrier bag comes with 30-day money back guarantee plus a lifetime free replacement warranty.


  • Made of high-quality waterproof material
  • A double safety device for safe & secure carry
  • Keeps your pet dry from rain
  • A lifetime free replacement warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • The strap is a bit short
  • Waterproof materials make it a bit hot


2. Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Pet Sling Carrier

Best Dog Sling CarrierAs you prefer to travel along with your pet, this sling carrier is a lightweight and comfortable option for you. The material is excellent, and it is a nicely made product.

The Chico reversible pet sling carrier is made of durable, lightweight fabric. It has a perfect combination of convenience and style. It is also warm enough to carry your pet cat in during the cold seasons.

The shape will also work well to keep your pet secure in the bag. Its hands-free design is ideal for everyday walk, hiking, cycling and weekend outdoor adventure

This sling is great and your pet will love it! And there is plenty of room to spare also. The adjustable strap makes it nice too. It also features a safety collar hook for extra security.

This sling carrier is machine washable, easy to clean and store. It measures 9 inches depth and can hold pets up to 12 pounds. It is also available in multiple color and style.


  • Made of durable, lightweight fabric
  • Safety collar hook for extra security
  • Hands-free design
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 9 inches depth & holds pets up to 12 pounds


  • Can hurt your shoulder
  • It is a bit deep for small pets


3. i’Pet Hands-free Reversible Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier

i'Pet Hands-freeThis reversible sling dog carrier is the perfect combination of style and convenience. It is made of machine washable soft cotton fabric and polyester which ensures safety and comfort.

This hands-free sling-style carrier rounds over the shoulder while your pet rests in the bag on the opposite hip to keep your pet secure and comfortable.

It has external security hasp to stop pets sudden jumping out. As you and your pet want to stay together, this is a perfect dog sling carrier for daily walk and weekend outdoor adventure.

If you live in a cold climate area and your pet is not heavier than five pounds, this sling carrier would be a great option for you. The size is 18.5Lx9Wx7.8H inches. This sling dog carrier holds pets up to 12lbs. It is available in pink, grey and blue.


  • Made of soft Cotton fabric and Polyester
  • Reversible and hands-free sling-style design
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 18.5Lx9Wx7.8H inches
  • Holds pets up to 12 pounds


  • It is not adjustable


4. TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier

TOMKASPet lovers adore reversible sling pet carriers, and it features reversible design for a multipurpose two-way look. This sling pet carrier bag is made of breathable soft fabric which is machine washable.

The material is thick enough to offer your pet softness and make your fur-kids feel at ease. It is very convenient to carry your pet whether you are hiking, traveling, walking, outing, or on weekend adventure.

This pet carrier is secure enough to hold your pet easily. Attaching the security lock to the collar ring will prevent unexpected pop out of your pet. You can move the belt to adjust the size of the opening. The available size is 23.6 x 11.8 inches with capacity of10 pounds (5 kg).


  • Made of machine washable, breathable soft fabric
  • Reversible design
  • Security lock to the ring for safe and secure carry
  • Size: 23.6×11.8 inches
  • High capacity 10 pounds


  • Good option for winter
  • Too long for short persons


5. Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling

Best Dog Sling CarrierWell made, very comfortable, and soft. Exactly what you want for your pet. Its reversible double-sided design gives you more time to relax still carrying your fur baby.

It is made of high-quality breathable fabric and heavy-duty materials for long-lasting, durable usage. It has thick padding for comfort and durable buckles on the strap so that you can adjust quickly and comfortably.

This is an ideal sling carrier to take your four-legged best friend to go for a long distance walk or into a theme park without hurting your shoulder. This versatile sling carrier is spacious enough to carry all dog breeds.

The dog sling carrier can be adjusted for all heights, if you are more than 6’0″ or less than 5’0″, it does not matter. You can also easily adjust the thick padding and durable buckles on the strap.

Its soft and comfortable external security hasp prevents sudden jumping out of your pet. This reversible sling dog carrier is available in beautiful deep ruby and fits all sizes. It is machine washable, easy to clean and store. Ideal gift for the dog owners!


  • Made of breathable fabric with heavy duty materials
  • Comfortable thick padding and durable buckles
  • Machine washable, easy to clean and store
  • Waterproof double-sided stylish design
  • External security hasp
  • Available in multiple colors


  • The strap is not adjustable
  • Not a good option for big puppies


6. Ondoing Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier Bag

Best Dog Sling CarrierIf you are looking for a comfortable, well-made carrier, this pet sling is perfect. This sling carrier is well made and very light to wear.

This small dog sling carrier bag is made of strong Oxford cloth with soft Mesh fabric for durability, breathability and long-lasting performance.

It features a zipper opening. It has a convenient drawstring which is adjustable according to your pet’s size. It also features a small pocket for cell phone, treats, etc.

This sling carrier has a broad strap, and you will love it. The 9cm wide padded shoulder strap that provides extra comfortability and softness.

This is a great choice for hiking, walking, traveling, cycling and other outdoor activities with your pet. The size of this sling carrier is 48 x 28 cm and available in multiple colors. It is suitable for pets under 6kg. This sling dog carrier is available in various colors.


  • Made of strong Oxford cloth
  • Mesh fabric for durability and breathability
  • 9cm wide padded shoulder strap
  • Hand- free design
  • Suitable for pets less than 6kg
  • Available in different colors


  • The bottom is not very rigid
  • The zipper is not of the best quality


7. Dogloveit Reversible Carrier

DogloveitIf you are you always on the move and want to carry your beloved pet with you, this sling carrier would be a favorite option for you.

This amazingly flexible shoulder sling slouch pouch will reduce your pets walking whilst you can take your favorite pet with you safely. This reversible sling dog carrier bag is for comfortable traveling.

It is convenient and practical, and it is ideal for everyday use. It is comfortable enough to wear to the front across your chest, towards the side, slouched or over your back. Besides, it is available in a huge range of colors.

This sling dog bag is perfect for carrying Maltese, Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians in luxury. Its handy reversible option allows convenience and fashion versatility.

The thick padded shoulder strap and soft edges on the sides provide maximum relief for your pet and you. By attaching hook and collar, you can lounge your pet safely right with you.

It provides extra security when needed. This sling carrier features a removable thick base padding for quick and simple maintenance.


  • Made of denim
  • Durable and easily washable
  • Hands-free design
  • Available in a range of fashionable colors
  • Size: 21x13x6.7 inches
  • Suitable for the majority of smaller pet


  • It is so deep for small pets


8. BreaDeep Pet Carrier Sling

BreaDeepThis pet carrier by BreaDeep is a perfect for sling carrier for you beloved Chihuahua, Teacup poodle, Maltese, Pomerania, Yorkie, other puppies, and other small dogs & cats.

This sling carrier features a breathable mesh top and durable PU leather bottom, and the sling bag offers a comfortable and safe place for your puppy to look around or even sleep.

This sling carrier comes with a secure and convenient design. The inside hook connects to your pet’s collar to prevent your pet from jumping out. The contraction rope is also adjustable according to the pet’s head size.

This sling bag keeps your little pet close your body. The hands-free style is perfect for walking, traveling, cycling, and other outdoor activities. The sling carrier is available in two sizes.

The S size for small pets up to 6.6 pounds in weight and M size for small pets up to 13.2 pounds in weight. With the purchase, you are getting 12 months warranty. If you don’t like it, they are ready to process the refund or send you a replacement within 24 hours.


  • Material Mesh fabric, sponge and PVC.
  • Durable PU leather bottom & breathable mesh top
  • Two available sizes: S & M
  • Suitable for small pets
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Hand-wash only!
  • Not a good option for cats


9. PYXAGE Dog Carriers

Best Dog Sling CarrierNow you can always keep your little friend close to you worry free. The outside part of the sling is made of durable cotton fabric.

A cute polka dots inside lining makes this carrier purse breathable, cozy and comfy for your best friend. It fits most small adult breeds.

The sling is suitable for dogs up to 12 pounds (5.5kg) and 14 inches (35cm) in length. Its hands-free feature lets you pack your little pet like a baby kangaroo in a pouch.

Its adjustable strap purse with buckle ensures comfortable travel. Besides, the harness and collar snap hooks provide the safety and keep your dog’s body close to you.

This puppy sling carrier is spacious enough to take your little friend out on an adventure. The dog carrier can be washed by machine or hand in warm water.

You can also iron on the exterior of this sling carrier avoiding the inner liner. This dog carrier front pack features a pocket on the strap, and you can hold your phone or small accessories there. It also includes a bag of treats or a collapsible dog bowl.


  • Made of sturdy cotton fabric
  • Polka dots lining makes it breathable, comfy and cozy
  • A pocket on the strap to hold your phone
  • Includes collapsible dog bowl
  • Fits dogs up to 12 pounds and 14 inches in length


  • This not a good option for small dogs


10. BIG WING Pet Sling Carrier

Best Dog Sling CarrierThis pet sling carrier features a breathable mesh design and it is built with high-quality waterproof PU leather that ensures comfort and safety.

This pet sling carrier offers you a secure feeling, make your pet love your pet happy to travel with you. This sling carrier is suitable for your cats, dogs, and other pets from the little one up to 13.2lb.

This hands-free pet sling is perfect for your daily activities, you can take care of your pet during the road trip, strolling, shopping, exploring, daily walking, cycling, motoring, and weekend adventure.

The manufacturer claimed that this sling carrier is specifically good for nervous, disable, or elder ones. It is more convenient and more suitable for you and your pet.

This dog carrier is machine washable. It has a tether inside to prevent a sudden jump out of your pet. Your pet’s head remains exposed, and you can secure the adjustable neck to fit your pet.

Moreover, the wide shoulder strap is quite comfortable for you to wear. By maintaining a good relationship between you and your pet, it will you to maintain a good heart health! With the purchase, you are also getting the one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • High-quality waterproof PU leather
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Adjustable neck opening
  • Wide shoulder strap for your comfort
  • Suitable for pets up to 13.2lb
  • Size 17.71×5.11×11.02 inches


  • The shoulder strap is not adjustable
  • The zipper is not of good quality


Dog Sling Carrier FAQs

How to Make a Dog Sling Carrier?

Dog carriers are common items for pet owners, and sling carriers are the most popular accessories. It keeps your dog safe and keeps your hands free while on the trip. They are ideal for young dogs and dogs who might have trouble walking a long way.

Instead of wasting a lot of money on dog sling carriers, you can also make it on your own. Overall, dog slings are great for your doggie, but they aren’t easy to make. Building the right dog sling depends on your dog’s size and weight. Though slings are great for a little puppy, before making a sling, make sure you can bear the weight on your hands and back.

You can give your puppy a cozy space by sewing a piece of fabric in a few areas. You should take a piece of cloth measured to cross your body and cross your back. Sewing the two ends together, so one side of the cloth has a supportive spot to lay on your body. You can use different textures to make your doggie and yourself more comfortable.

If you want to skip sewing, don’t worry! Dog sling carriers often only need a few cuts to make one easily. You can create a dog sling carrier in a moment by cutting the at-bottom shirt’s part. While not as stable as you do alone, there are ways you can customize it to suit your dog better! It’s better to use more oversized shirts to make the dog wait in a bigger bag.

When I Use a Dog Sling Carrier?

If your dog loves to be with you, or you love to take him wherever you go, a dog carrier sling may be ideal for both. A sling is a dog carrier for little dogs and kittens, typically can hold up to 16 pounds, max. These carriers curl across your shoulder and waist, diagonally around your stomach, like wearing a cross-body bag and keeping your dog in its cradle-like position.

Besides, many small breeds have characteristics that are very close to their parents. Leaving the house will make them nervous, particularly as puppies. A dog sling takes your dog to all of your tours and activities like- shopping or taking photos with keeping your hands free.

A sling may also be beneficial for dog owners who don’t like walking long distances, particularly in heat or cold, or those with a medical condition that prohibits them from walking comfortably.

How Do You Use a Dog Sling Carrier?

The usage of a sling is helpful for both dogs and their people in several cases such as:

Sick or Injured

When your dog is under the weather or recovers from injuries, a sling holds them near you. It would be best if you track them continuously while traveling. Your dog is not limited to a single place away from you.

For Senior Dogs

With a dog carrier sling, you and your dog will walk every day without thinking about being exhausted or sore. The sling lets you carry him with you quickly, and they will always have your face. This is particularly useful if you have a few dogs who need to wear leashes on the sidewalk.

For Dogs with Disabilities

A dog’s standard of life will never be diminished by disease. A sling lets the dog discover the planet. Bringing a disabled dog to be fresh or public areas may be challenging. With a dog sling carrier, the door is open to offering your dog life opportunities; otherwise, he or she would be neglected.

To Protect Small Dogs from Wildlife

Owing to their size and weight, little dogs are frequently casualties of wildlife assaults. Big prey birds, including eagles and hawks, bear them quickly. Coyotes are more apt to target small dogs than bigger dogs.

Are Sling Carriers Good for Dogs?

Actually, it depends on the material quality of the Sling Carrier. A sling carrier that is made of breathable cotton is a good option for Dogs. They offer the right amount of airflow to avoid overheating and make your dog extra comfortable yet.

Are Sling Carriers Safe for Dogs?

Yeah, if it’s right for your dog’s physical condition and health status, then a sling carrier is safe for dogs. A dog sling helps your dog to get relax properly and also treats your dog carefully.

Are Puppy Slings a Good Idea?

Whenever you travel or go for outdoor activities like walking, hiking, biking, or any other physical activity, a sling carrier allows your puppy to have rest on your shoulder. Therefore your dog does not need to walk himself. As you cannot treat a puppy in any way you want so, if you want to keep your small dog safe and secure, Puppy Slings can be a good idea indeed.

Final Words

A dog sling carrier is the best solution to keep your pet close to you while you are on the move. Here, we have tried our best to provide you with available information about the best products in Amazon.

All these above-mentioned dog sling carriers are from famous brands, and the users highly recommend them. We talked about the positives and negatives of the sling carriers to make your decision easy. We hope you have already decided which one is the best sling carrier for your beloved furkid!


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