Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

Last Updated on August 17, 2020

To experience a real sport on your next vacation, plan a trip to the Caribbeans. Obviously, I am not talking about relaxing on hammocks hung on palm trees, rather, plunge into the deep oceans and experience the rich vegetation of coral reefs and marine life the underwater world has to offer.

Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

And if you are wondering which spot to choose from the numerous Caribbean Islands, we have listed down the best diving spots the Caribbean has to offer that will leave you with the most unique experience.


Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

Just a short flight from Belize city lies a coastal village named Hopkins that has become the go-to place for scuba divers from all around the world.

With its rich ecosystem of coral reefs, unparalleled marine life, and crystal clear water, the place is surely going to amaze any visitor and make you want to come back. The village is also home to several resorts- including the Hamanasi, a 5-star resort- dedicated to scuba diving.

Belize’s southern barrier reef gives you a unique experience in diving by giving you the chance to swim with whale sharks that migrate here-surely something for the lionhearted divers out there.

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The place is also home to eagle rays and sea turtles. To let you in on a secret, the southern side is much less dense with diverse than the north, providing you an unrivaled diving experience as the fishes are less likely to cower away from dive boats here.

The place is also famous for the Blue Hole, which used to be a cave thousands of years ago, but as the ocean began to rise it flooded.

Now, it’s an underwater cave that measures 1000 feet in diameter on the surface, 410 feet in depth, and is home to one of the largest dripstones you will find anywhere.

Another favorite spot for divers in Belize is the HalfmoonKewel- its crystal clear water and the rich and diverse marine life gives you a feel of swimming inside an aquarium while diving- surely something that you don’t want to miss out on.

The numerous opportunities for scuba diving surely make Belize a strong contender for being the best diving spot in the Caribbean.

The Duane, Key Largo Florida

Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

This diving spot hosts a World War II US Marine ship that used to patrol the coasts of Florida during the war. The location is approximately 1 mile South of Molasses Reef.

This one of a kind shipwreck has now become a famous spot for divers from all around the world, making it one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean.

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You will get to experience different compartments of the ship like the wheel, the ammunition storage, and the hull that is covered with beautiful coral reefs.

Not only that, the wreck site is home to different animals like jewfish, cobia, big amberjacks, barracuda, angelfish, etc, which will surely add an extra dimension to the overall experience of the dive.

Nassau, Bahamas

Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

The capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau is not only a popular cruise ship stop but also home to a rich ecosystem of coral reefs. This is mainly why the island attracts millions of tourists every year, including some top Hollywood celebrities.

So you might just bump into one of your heroes from Hollywood whenever you visit the island. Despite the clear blue water, and the rich marine life, Nassau is famous for the unique wreck spots around the shores of the island that divers can explore.

The Bond Wreck is a spot where a 100 feet long freighter had sunk, but what makes it special is that it was once used in one of the many Bond films that were filmed in the Bahamas.

Then, divers can swim off to another wreck site which hosts a Royal Airforce Vulcan bomber; most of which has now eroded and all that is left is a coral-covered skeleton of it. Both the wrecks can be found within shallow water level and are so near each other that they can be visited in a single dive.

Sunk off the coast of Nassau, Anthony Bell used to be a 90 feet long tugboat, the remains of which is another wreck site to visit for the numerous scuba divers visiting the Bahamas.

From the engine room to the bow, the divers can identify and maneuver through the different compartments of the boat and can be part of a thrilling experience in the process.

The tongue of the Ocean, also known as the 6000 feet wall is literally a huge wall that forms a rim, below which is a 1-mile long plunge to the sea floor.

The place has copious amounts of colorful coral reefs that is sure to enchant you with their beauty, and the abundance of marine creatures- from giant purple tube sponges to turtles and triggerfish- is sure to make you want to come back over and over again.

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Lastly, Shark Dive is a spot for scuba diving in Nassau where the divers get to experience swimming with the sharks. Planning to back off already?

Don’t, because the sharks are harmless. So get your GoPros and diving gears ready to film your thrilling encounter with 6 to 8 feet long sharks, underwater!

The Aquarium, British Virgin Islands

The Aquarium is situated in the Southwest of Virgin Gorda. Appropriately named, this diving spot will surely make any diver feel like they are inside an aquarium because of the all the colorful marine creatures and vegetation around- chromis, french grunts, angelfish, parrotfish, Moorish idols, chubs, snappers, sergeant majors- the list goes on.

Additionally, the detailed architecture of the spot with all the small caves and boulders around gives you a feeling that everything was designed to be placed there. With all the beauty the spot has to offer, the place has earned a reputation of being one of the most scenic places to visit and one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Best Diving Spots in the Caribbean

If you are out in the Cayman Islands, and more specifically visiting the Grand Cayman, then you cannot miss out on diving into the Stingray City- a spot that has become famous among the tourist divers especially because of the extremely gregarious stingrays around.

These stingrays will let you feed them, play with you and even take selfies with you! Only a 25-minute boat ride from the shore, this spot provides a very intimate and unique experience with the large stingrays all around- surely an opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

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Final Words

Whether it is the colorful fishes, the lush coral reefs, or the ancient wreck sites, each diving spot will surely provide you with a unique experience of the Caribbeans.

So waste no time, and plan your next vacation in the Caribbean islands to experience a magical journey with the mystic creatures of the Caribbean waters.


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