The 10 Best Diving Gloves in 2020 – The Definitive Review

If you are a scuba diver and you have to spend a lot of time underwater. Then you should protect yourself from the harmful effect of cold water. Because a temperature of only a degree can be damaging to your body.

Most of the people spend on only neoprene suit to keep them away from water. But, what about the hand where you start to feel the cold at the beginning?

Here, you will definitely feel the importance of best diving gloves. They will help to explore any temperature of water while keeping your hand warm.

Diving gloves build a layer of protection that protects our hand from external damages. Also, they provide an extra level of comfort like other dive equipment. Take the time to protect your hand, and that’s why we decided to make it simpler for you. Read on to know more.

Reviews of the Best Diving Gloves

While diving we often forget to protect our hand and most importantly our fingers. Here, dive gloves play an essential role to avoid the loss of heat.

They also protect your hand from punctures, scratches, or any skin abrasions. If you are about to buy a pair of gloves, then you might be thinking all gloves are the same.

But after a lot of research, we found that they are entirely different than typical ones. This review is load with all the information you will ever need to know. We believe that by the end, you’ll be a glove master and will know about the best diving gloves for your style of diving.

1. NeoSport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves

Best Diving GlovesThis all-purpose neoprene gloves from Neo Sport are the best among all. There are several reasons to put it on first of the list. They are superior for their glued and sewn construction with a durable and cyclone palm design.

These gloves are constructed from a soft 3mm neoprene material. They have a hi-grip palm that gives you a secure grip on a variety of surfaces. Hi-grip palm protects your hand from cold weather.

This easy-flexing glove delivers abrasion and thermal protection without sacrificing dexterity. It’s Velcro-elastic, and gator elastic hook at wrist assure a reliable fit.

Where gator elastic fits easily over dive suit for a secure seal, they are designed for flexibility while providing durability and protection. Its sewn and glued provide absolute water integrity.

Neo Sport uses several testing techniques before bringing them to the market. So, they are an ideal option for scuba diving, kayaking, and boating. You can also them while cleaning material in ponds, aquarium, and lakes.

In an extreme situation, NeoSport gloves will keep your hand warm. So, what are you waiting for! Pack them into your backpack for next diving.


  • Provides thermal and abrasion protection
  • Glued and sewn
  • Fits well
  • High-grip texture palm
  • Versatile
  • Gator elastic closure


  • A bit bulky


2. Darkfin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves

Best Diving GlovesIf you want to move with speed underwater, then these Darkfin gloves are an ideal option for you. These lightweight gloves will allow diving safely without any hassle.

They have been designed for improving your strength in the water. Darkfin webbed power swimming gloves are made with a 3-D profile. It increases the surface area by 70% to conduct your bare hand.

This ultra-thin glove will feel like a thinner second layer on your hand. It allows you to pick all the small objects that you could do with a bare hand. Also, you can adjust small dive equipment or press the small button.

You can enjoy diving for long because this extra thin layer will keep your hand warm. This exclusive rear web design has no grip or stitches on the surface. Also, it has no seams and straps over the surface of the gloves.

The process of opening and fixing the gloves is a lot easier. Darkfin recommends spraying an amount of silicone lubricant spray on hand before attaching the gloves. To remove, grab the glove at the wrist and peel the glove inside out. The whole process takes about 10 seconds.

This webbed loves should fit perfectly so choose the right size for you. Also, make sure to keep them away from sunlight. These comfy gloves are available at a compatible price. Grab yours before stock out.


  • Ultra-thin so lightweight
  • For high-speed dive
  • Keep warm for long
  • Webbed
  • Fits well
  • Simple and solid construction


  • Not suitable for extreme cold water


3. U.S. Divers Comfo Grip Cold-Water Diving Gloves

Best Diving GlovesA pair of gloves from U.S Divers is designed for the divers who want to stay safe while exploring the Pacific. U.S divers researched a lot from its diving heritage to produce this comfort grip gloves for divers comfort.

They last long for their 3mm neoprene construction. The construction ensures extra warmth even in extreme cold. The pre-curved fingers in the gloves minimize fatigue and make them comfortable to wear.

It has rubberized texture palm that provides secure grip underwater. It allows the divers to hold any diving accessories comfortably. Also, the hook and loop closure secures the gloves tightly in your waist.

The gloves have a sleek black exterior on the other side which gives it a classy look. This overall construction makes it durable than others. Also, the price is reasonable to take them along on your next deep sea excursion.


  • 3mm thickness
  • Pre-curved that reduce fatigue
  • Secure grip
  • Keep warm even in extreme cold
  • Fit perfect


  • Palm grips are not very effective like others


4. Tilos 1.5mm Reef Gloves

Best Diving GlovesTilos gloves are superior in every aspect as they provide great dexterity. They are attractive, and it is very easy to move with them.

This 1.5mm mesh reef sporting gloves will protect you underwater in any situation. It has curved fingers that will prevent hand strain and keeps your fingers in position.

The gloves have reinforced Amara palm that protects you from rocks, lobster and any other hard surface. The Velcro wristband comfortably fit with the dive suit.

This adjustable hook and loop wristband allows you to adjust them easily. They also ensure ease of entry of hands on it. Also, the Lyra panel in the gloves provides extra stretch and comforts.

The Velcro straps made the gloves durable, and it assures the comfortable handle. Which means you have a great range of motion than others. The most exciting part is they are available at a low price.


  • Adjustable hook and loop fastener
  • Maximum stretch and comfort
  • Quality sporting gloves
  • Comfortable


  • Gloves take a long time to dry when getting wet
  • Also, do slip when wet


5. H2ODYSSEY Max Webbed Paddle Glove

Best Diving GlovesAnother webbed gloved by H2ODYSSEY in the list to add some speed to your swim. The large webbed finger will give you feelings like an amphibian.

This 2mm thick gloves will protect you from cold weather. The Lyra stretch on the back will fit with the shape of your hand. The attached webbed finger will allow you to move through the water with speed.

These gloves are an excellent option for the professional diver. The reason is the combination of more sturdy construction with webbed fingers. It sharkskin palm protect from the outer hard objects.

The Velcro strap assure the secure grip while holding the diving equipment. This glove is also available in a variety of sizes. Overall, it’s an excellent option for the whole family. Also, the price is low among others in the list.


  • Thick but durable
  • Secure Velcro strap closure
  • Sharkskin palm
  • Webbed fingers


  • It may fall apart with heavy use
  • Not ideal for snapping pictures


6. Seavenger Abyss Reef Gloves

Best Diving GlovesThe Seavenger Abyss is the first trendy design in the list with forfeit style. It is a must have for your next adventure.  Seavenger gloves are constructed with Amara leather that lasts against rough rock and lobster.

It has 1.5mm neoprene and meshes combo along with adjustable waistband. Which assure a comfy fit for easy movement while diving.

The Lycra panel insertion in the gloves maximizes the skill for ultimate elasticity. It also secures grip while not restricting the movements. The thumb and palm reinforcement ensure the strength on hand.

The thick neoprene rubber maintains the body heat in cold water while providing comfort. The overall reinforcement ensures that you are ready to go for toughest challenges.

In spite of the trendy design and solid construction, they are super flexible. Above all, gloves are so endurable that you’ll forget to have them on. The price is also very reasonable compared to the features.


  • Endurable and flexible
  • Made to use for long
  • Classy design
  • Maximize dexterity
  • Secure grip
  • Reinforcement reduces hand fatigue
  • Preserves heat


  • Not an ideal option to hold small objects
  • Size alignment is not right so it doesn’t fit well


7. Cressi High Stretch Premium Neoprene Diving Gloves

Best Diving GlovesWhether you are heading for a snorkeling trip or swimming, you won’t regret having Cressi on your hand. These are the real diving kit for all aged people. Cressi is a well-known brand in the diving industry.

Cressi comes in a variety of thickness for a range of temperature. They are available at 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 5mm. This high-stretch gloves made from single-lined soft neoprene.

The whole surface is covered with a non-slip finish of tiny rubber dots. Which provides excellent grip in every situation. The outer anatomical shape is adjusted to the natural position of the hand.

The inside of the gloves is covered in Metallitewhich makes it easy to put on. Gloves are sewn and glued for providing strength and durability. The five finger structure attaches to the hand accurately.

These gloves protect from abrasion and small objects. They are so flexible that you won’t feel like wearing anything. Also, the semi-bent finger ensures the comfort and flexibility. Like other Cressi product, the price is within your budget.


  • Single-lined soft, high-stretch neoprene
  • Non-slip finish
  • Available in multisize
  • Sewn and glued for strength
  • Durable
  • High stretch gloves


  • Cannot use in wreck diving


8. Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access Glove

Best Diving GlovesThese simple yet effective Hyperflex gloves are designed to provide extreme protection and warmth. Hyperflex men’s gloves are equally effective in both cold and warm water.

The gloves have 5mm neoprene thickness which is thick enough for a glove. They are still very comfortable and flexible. On the palm surface, it has horizontal micro-blocks that assure positive traction on boards and bars.

It is 100% sealed seams, glued, blind stitched that provides the gloves the finest outlook. They also add warmth and durability. The overall minimalist design makes the gloves more durable.

These gloves are very reliable and easy to clean. Simply rinse them in cold water and dry in the shade instead of sunlight. Though it doesn’t have the wristband, they fit comfortably over dive suit.

Also, Hyperflex gloves can be used for all purpose such as paddle boarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc. the price is also within your range.


  • Solid construction
  • Strongest grip
  • Crucial warmth in all-weather condition
  • Multi-functional
  • Durable and reliable
  • 100% sealed seamed


  • A bit bulky so hard to handle
  • May leak water as the wristband is absent


9. NeoSport 1.5-mm XSPAN Glove

Best Diving GlovesThis premium lightweight glove brought to you by NeoSport. These high-quality gloves have a good finish which is suitable for the cold and mild condition.

It’s the best option for professionals as well as for them who wants thermal protection. This 3mm thick glove has a wristband that fit snug means not too tight.

NeoSport uses the XSPAN technology which ensures you get quality gloves. Its exclusive ultra-soft material made with four-way stretch neoprene.

This super stretch neoprene ensures the flexibility and comfort underwater. The material is also durable at a time. The gloves have a high grip on palm and fingers. So you can easily hold the diving equipment.

This NeoSport glove is the best option for kayaking, jet skiing, and other water sports. The price is also reasonable so don’t think twice. Give them a try!


  • Fit perfectly
  • Ultra soft material
  • Made with 4-way super soft neoprene
  • Maximum flexibility
  • The high grip on palm and fingers
  • Used for multi-sports


  • The neoprene is a bit spongy means may absorb water


10. Premium Neoprene Scuba Diving Adult Gloves

Best Diving GlovesThis Cressi tropical is an excellent option for all experienced level divers. It is made from two soft and light material that is ideal for use in warm water. The glove looks stylish, and the construction is solid.

This five finger glove is made with 2mm thick neoprene and Nappa leather. The palm and fingers are well-covered with gray Nappa leather. It becomes soft once the gloves come upon contact of water.

The upper surface of the glove is prepared from a thin 2mm neoprene with a Velcro wrist closure. This large Velcro area protects against abrasion and allows easy adjustments.

The closure provides high sensitivity and skill on fingers. The leather and neoprene on the gloves is scratch resistance. So, you’ll get the protection against solid objects.

The gloves will also protect your hand from extreme temperature. The sewn seams lock the gloves in a way that stands against odds. A correctly fitted wristband allow fitting over dive suit while blocking the water.

In a word, this is one of the versatile and sturdy gloves that made with advanced technology. This is the lowest priced gloved in our list which maintains the quality at a time.


  • Durable soft and light material
  • Perfect for moderate temperature
  • Easy adjustment
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance in the palm
  • Dexterity and flexibility in fingers
  • Lightweight


  • The Velcro strap requires frequent re-closing


Final Words

Dive glove is one of the handiest pieces that complete your diving wetsuit. They not only keep you warm in cold water but also give protection from abrasion, cuts, piercing, and other injuries. So it is most important to choose an appropriate dive gloves for your next trip.

In our review guide of best diving gloves, we covered with all the information. Take time to go through over the review and understand exactly what you need from diving gloves. We hope you could figure out your demand and reach a conclusion.

That’s all for the diving gloves, and we will be back with another interesting topic. If you have any queries, then please let us know in the comment box.

10 Best Diving Gloves

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